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The Council of Public Instruction has directed the publication of , a revised Manual of the Educational Statutes and Regulations, comprising “The Education Act,” and such portion of “The Towns' Incorporation Act,” and other Acts as relate to the management of schools in Incorporated Towns, together with the Comments and Regulations of the Council of Public Instruction.

The Public Schools of the Province of Nova Scotia, are to be conducted agreeably to the provisions herein published.

By Order of the Council of Public Instruction,
A. H. MacKAY,
Superintendent of Education and Secretary C. P. I.

Halifax, o
18 February, 1921.




This consolidation of the Education Statutes up to the year 1920, is made by the Education Department for the convenience of school trustees and teachers. It is not a statutory or legal revision.


N 1. This Act may be cited as “The Education Act.” 1911, C. 2, S. 1.



2. In this Part, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires,

“Council” means Council of Public Instruction;

“Superintendent” means the Superintendent of Education;

“District Board” means Board of District School Commissioners;

“District” means any locality for which a district board is appointed;

“Trustees” means the trustees of a school section;

“Teacher” means a person holding a legal certificate of qualification for teaching a public school;

“Municipality” means any locality under the jurisdiction of a municipal council;

“School section” or “section" means a locality the public school or schools of which are managed by a board of trustees or commissioners;

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