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-Isola Bella, and Palaces-Bonaparte's Laurel Tree-

St. Carlo Borromeo, and his Colossal Statue-Milan-

Observations-Triumphal Arch-Festival dell' An-

gelo Custode-La Scala, Opera, and Signora Pallerini 110


Milan-Summary of Ancient History, and Modern Go-

vernment-Cathedral, Statues, &c. and sumptuous

Subterranean Chapel of St. Carlo Borromeo-Church

of San Celso, and Miracles---Academy of Arts-Raphael

-Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper-Full-dressed Vir-

gin—Streets of Milan— Theatres-Infamous Column 127


Como-Cathedral – Lake of Como-Pedlars-Queen of

England and her Villa- Pliny's Villa and intermitting

Fountain - The Sommariva and Lodi Palaces-Lake

by Moonlight-Plains of Milan-- Amphitheatre-Co-

ronation of Napoleon-Extraordinary Echo Grand

Corso-Expenses to Genoa ..

... 142


Pavia-Monastery of La Certosa-Sumptuous Chapels-

Battle of Pavia-University-Bridge over the Tessin,

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and Ghibellines--Summary of the History of the

Medici-Lorenzo the Magnificent-Conspiracy of 1478

-Murder of Giovanni-Bull of Sixtus IV.-Death of

Lorenzo-Government by Savonorala, the Preacher-

Popes Leo X, and Clement VII-Medicean Arms-

Succession and Fate of the various Medici till extinct

in 1737 - Successive Governments by Austria and

France-Fæsulæ, and Antiquities-Church of St. Law-

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Mozzi Palace—Benvenuti's Picture—Poggi Palace-Mi-

chael Angelo's Adonis--Boboli Gardens—The Grand

Duke at the Play_Countess of Albany, and Alfieri-

Florence Sculpture—Bartolini, and Charges upon send-

ing two Vases to England-Departure for Rome-

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