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reasonable numbers as not to incommode the passage to the left of the side on which they are driven. The toll collector shall decide finally on questions as to number and description.

III. The toll collector or collectors shall decide on the exemptions from toll, or its increase, as mentioned in the toll list according to the quantity of lading or its absence. Any driver of a carriage of burthen, refusing a search, or by any contrivance or means, obstructing or deterring from such search, by the toll collector, or misrepresenting the true state of his carriage, shall pay the penalty imposed on offences against these rules and regulations. Refusing to pay, or evading payment of toll, is to be considered a penal offence.

IV. No carriage of burthen laden with more than five tons, nor any such weight, by whatever means intended to be moved or transported, shall be permitted to pass over the bridge. The weight of any article or lading so intended to pass, shall be truly ascertained, and correct information thereof given, by the party desiring its

passage. The toll collector may refuse such passage until the weight be correctly ascertained, or the order of the President and Directors, or their Bridge Committee be obtained.

V. Passengers in carriages of pleasure or burthen, shall follow the carriage first entering the bridge in a single

line. Any attempt to pass, or violently or unnecessarily to urge or force on a preceding carriage, is a penal offence.

VI. Any disorderly conduct practised on, or by riders of, saddle horses, or any other person or persons in disturbance of passengers, and especially of drivers of horses, cattle, or any other animals, or by such drivers, in annoyance of other passengers, is and are liable to the penalty herein prescribed ; as are those who by riotous and disorderly conduct, vociferations, alarming cries or sounds, or other improper behaviour or mode of disturbance annoy passengers in carriages or on horseback, or terrify horses, cattle, or other animals passing the bridge.

VII. No shallop, craft, or vessel with fire on board, shall approach the bridge, so as to create well founded apprehension of danger to the superstructure. The toll collector, or the person or persons having charge of the wharf or wharves, is or are to decide on such questions, and give directions accordingly. Disobedience thereto is a penal offence, and the owner or owners, the master and navigator of such vessel or vessels is, and are held responsible, as the owner, master and navigators of any craft, shallop or other vessel also are, for injuries to the bridge, by running foul of the wood-work, through design or negligence.


VIII. Smoking segars or carrying fire on or over the bridge is hereby prohibited. Nor shall any passenger or unauthorized person open or shut the side windows of the cover, when, as the case may be, they, or any of them, are or is open or closed; such closing or opening must be left solely to the discretion of the watchman, or person appointed for that purpose.

IX. No filth or ordure, animal excrements or other offensive matter or thing, shall be wilfully cast or dropped by any person or persons on the bridge and its approaches.

X. The collector or collectors of tolls, or the watchman, may order any person or persons unreasonably loitering or inconveniently or dangerously remaining on the bridge, to pass the same without delay. In case of neglect or refusal, such person or persons on the bridge, or one or more being found, attended with suspicious circumstances, under or near the superstructure, and ordered to remove, shall be considered, on refusal, as offenders against these rules and regulations, and liable to the penalty herein prescribed. Such suspicious persons, after being warned and directed to depart, may be apprehended as the law directs, and carried before a Justice of Peace of the county, or the Mayor or any Alderman of the city, to be dealt with according to law.


Carriages of heavy burthen shall pay as loaded, which contain any thing more than feed for two days journey; and carriages of light burthen, shall pay as loaded, if not wholly empty.

XII. Loading, if not wholly produce, is not entitled to diminution of toll. If loads of any description exceeding two tons, their weights shall be truly declared by the driver previously to passing.

XIII. Injury done to any part whatsoever of the bridge property, will subject the offender to the payment of thirty dollars, as well as being liable to damages sustained by such injury, agreeably to the act authorizing the incorporation of the company, which is hereby referred to, and also reference is had to the supplement thereto, for the information of those who may desire to examine the same. And all offences therein mentioned, and not herein described and enumerated, are considered as parts of these rules and regulations.

XIV. No guns or other firearms shall be discharged on or near the bridge. And the toll collectors and watchmen are hereby authorized and required to take every legal measure to bring offenders to justice, who, in violation of this regulation and the laws of the Commonwealth, thus annoy passengers and endanger the bridge. A

uitable reward will be given, when such offenders are convicted as the law directs.

XV. The penalty for each and every offence herein mentioned is declared and ordained to be thirty dollars, payable to the Treasurer for the use of the Bridge Company. But the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Bridge Committee, appointed by the President and Directors, may remit either in whole or in part, any penalty herein imposed, according to the circumstances of each particular case.

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