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within five years erect


by the by-laws, orders and regulations of the

company shall be committed to them; and the They shall said President, Directors and Company shall,

within the space of five years, erect, or cause to the bridge. be erected, in a permanent and workmanlike

manner, a good substantial bridge of wood, iron, or such other materials, as to them shall seem adequate and proper, over the said river Schuyl

kill, as the place fixed on as herein mentioned. General de The said bridge to consist of one or more arch the bridge. or arches, with stone abutments, and one

more pier or piers, if necessary, to be at least thirty-six feet wide, with railing on each side thereof, with foot-ways at least five feet wide, either raised or railed off, for the commodious passage of foot passengers.

Seo. VIII. And be it further enacted by the Penalty for authority aforesaid, That if any stockholder, pay the reafter thirty days notice in two of the public newsquisition on

papers printed at Philadelphia, one whereof shall be in the English, and one in the German language, of the time and place appointed for the payment of any portion or dividend of the said capital stock, shall neglect to pay such proportion at the time so appointed, and for the space of forty days thereafter, every such stockholder, or his assignee, shall, in addition to the dividend so called for, pay at the rate of five per centum per month for every delay of such payment; and if the same and the said additional penalties shall remain unpaid for such space of time, that the accumulated penalties shall become equal to the sums before paid on account of such shares, the same shall be for


feited to the company aforesaid, and may and shall be sold by them to any other person or persons willing to purchase, for the best price that can be obtained therefor..

Sec. IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the President and Di- Accounts of

all receipts rectors of the said company shall keep fair and and disbursejust accounts of all monies received by them be regularly from the said Commissioners, and from the sub-kept. scribers to the said undertakings, and of all penalties for delay in the payment thereof, and of the amount of the profits on shares that may be forfeited as aforesaid, and of all voluntary contributions, and other monies received for account of the erecting or freeing the said bridge, and also of all monies by them expended in the prosecution of the said work; and shall, at least once in every year, submit such accounts to a To be subgeneral meeting of the stockholders, until the ally to the said bridge be completed, and until all the costs, charges and expences for effecting the same shall be fully paid and discharged, and the aggregate amount of all such expenses shall be liquidated and ascertained; and if upon such liquidation, or whenever the whole capital When and stock of the company shall be nearly expended, ber of shares it shall be found that the said capital stock is creased. not sufficient to complete the said bridge, according to the true intent and meaning of this act, it shall and may be lawful for the said President, Directors and Company, at a stated or special meeting, to be convened according to the provisions of this act, or their own by-laws, to increase the number of shares to such extent,


five years.

as shall be deemed sufficient to accomplish the work, and to demand and receive the monies subscribed for such shares in like manner, and under the like penalties, as are herein before provided for the original subscription; and if, after the

said bridge is completed, it shall be found that Surplus monies to be re. more monies shall remain in the hands of the funded.

Treasurer than are necessary for the payment of all charges and expenses incurred in and about the erecting the said bridge, the surplus shall be returned, as part of the dividend due and payable to the stockholders respectively.

Sec. X. And be it further enacted by the auThe property thority aforesaid, That when a good and complete cestea din othe bridge is erected over the said river Schuylkill, for twenty- at or near the city of Philadelphia, at the place

deemed most convenient, as herein after mentioned, the property of the said bridge shall be vested in the said President, Directors and Company, and their successors, during and unto the end of twenty-five years, to commence from the time when the bridge is completed ; and

the said President, Directors and Company, Their power and their successors, may demand and receive

toll from travellers and others, agreeably to the following rates, which shall be written or printed, and published or placed in or near the said bridge, for the information of passengers, viz. for every coach, landau, phæton, or other pleasurable carriage with four wheels, drawn by four horses, the sum of twenty cents, and so in proportion if more horses are added, and for the same carriages with two horses, the sum of twelve cents; for every loaded waggon with

to take toll, and rates chereof.

four horses, the sum of seventeen cents, and for every carriage of the same description drawn by- two horses, the sum of twelve cents; for every chaise, riding chair, sulkey, cart, or other two wheelcd carriage, or a sleigh or sled with two horses, the sum of ten cents, and so in proportion if more horses are added to the number herein mentioned, and for the same with one horse, the sum of six cents; for a single horse and rider, the sum of two cents; for every

horse or mule without a rider, the sum of one cent; for every foot

passenger, the sum of one cent; for every

head of horned cattle, the sum of one cent; for every living sheep or swine, the sum of half a cent; but the said tolls shall be from time to time so regulated, that no more than three fourths of the tolls demandable in other cases shall be taken for the transportation of the produce of the country, and for those laden with manure half toll; empty carriages of burthen to pass for half toll, and a proportion of the foregoing tolls to be added to the sums chargeable for carriages of burthen laden with more than two tons, wood and stone not to be considered as lading entitling carriages to diminution of toll: Provided always, That nothing in Proviso, as to this act contained shall extend to authorize the

private rights

property, said company to erect a bridge, without consent gation of the of the owners of the ground on each side of and contiguous to the said river, where the said bridge may be erected, or to erect the same in such manner as to injure, stop or interrupt the navigation of the said river by boat, craft, or vessels without masts, and when the said tolls


and the pavi-


Fund established for re

may be redeemed be

shall exceed fifteen per cent. net annual “profit, demption of the excess shall compose a fund for the redempand render. tion of the bridge, so as to render it free, save ing it free.

that there shall always be a small toll or other revenue for keeping it in repair; this excess shall be laid out in bridge stock, or other productive funds, and the dividends of annual pro

duct shall be also added to this fund; and all Private dona: private donations for freeing the bridge shall purpose. also be received and invested in like manner ;

but if, by the operation of the fund herein proposed, there shall be a sufficient sum to free the

bridge at a period less than the said twenty-five The bridge years, then it shall be redeemed and become

free, on the stockholders being paid the apfore the expir praised value thereof, and of the profits thereof twenty-five for the residue of the said term of twenty-five fund is sufi- years, which may then be unexpired; and if ;

the said fund shall not be adequate to the puror afterwards pose last mentioned, the Legislature may at the of the Legi. expiration of the said twenty-five years, declare terme upon it a free bridge (providing at the same time the

means of keeping it in repair) and the company shall be obliged to take such sum of money therefor, as shall be allowed on a fair appraise

ment by indifferent persons; the like apAppraise. praisement shall take place, when the sinking ment of the fund is adequate to the redemption of the

bridge and the establishment of a revenue, if a toll be not thought more eligible, for keeping the bridge in repair; but if the said bridge shall not be redeemed and paid for as a free bridge, before or at the expiration of the said term of twenty-five years, the said corporation may and

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