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Eldredge & Bro..

Philadelphia, Pa


1 25




J. B. Lippincott..


1 50

Jansen, McClurg & Co. D. Appleton & Co.

Chicago, III New York, N. Y


75 25



Tacitns : Germania, Agricola, and Dialogus do Oratoribus, with notes by | 16mo.

Prof. G. Stuart.
Smith's Guide to French Conversation, revised and abridged by Prof. F. A. 16mo.

German Grammar, by Prof. J. A. Schmitz, A. M., and H. J. Schmitz

Primer of Political Economy, by A. B. Macon and J.J. Lalor.

The Vatican Decrees, in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance, a political expos- 8vo

tulation, by Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M. P., with replies of Archbishop
Manuing, Lord Acton, and Rt. Rev. Monsignor Capel.
A reply to the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone's Political Expostulation, by Rt. 12mo..

Rev. Monsignor Capel, D. D.
Money and the Mechanism of Exchange, by W. Stanley Jevons, M.A., F.R.S 12mo.
Principles of Political Economy, by John Stuart Mill. New edition. 2 vols. 8vo
Currency and Banking, by Bonamy Price.

Political Economy, by J. E. Cairnes, LL. D

12mo. A Shorter Course in Civil Government, by Calvin Townsend

16mo. Protection and Free Trade, by Isaac Butts

12mo Politics as a Science, by Charles Roemelin..

A New Monetary System, by Edward Kellogg. Edited by Mary K. Pat: 12mo.

Fifth edition.
Principia; or, Basis of Social Science, by R. J. Wright
Social Science and National Econoniy, a text book for colleges, by Prof. R. 12mo.

E. Thompson.

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Commentary on Psalms, by James G. Murphy, LL. D.

8vo Future Punishment, by Prof. Samuel C. Bartlett, D. D..

16mo. An Inquiry into the Reality of Divine Revelation. _2 vols.

Christian Belief and Life, by Andrew P. Peabody, D.D.....

Ecclesiology, by Rev. E. J. Fish, D. D

The Royal Law of Love, by James McCosh, D. D., LL. D

Notes on the Gospel of John, critical and explanatory, by Melancthon w.. 16mo.

Jacobus, D. D. New edition.
Testimony of the Evangelists Examined, by Simon Greenleaf, LL. D. Royal 8vo..
God's Word Through Preaching, (Yale Lectures on Preaching for 1875,) by 12mo..

Rev. J. Hall, D. B.
Conditions of Success in Preaching Withont Notes, by Rev. R. S. Storrs, D. D. 12mo.
The Jewish Tabernacle; its History and Significance. By Rev. E. Atwater.

Introduction to the Study of the Gospels, with notes, by B. F. Westcott, D, D Avo
Dictionary of Religious Knowledge. Edited by Rev. Lyman Abbott, assisted 8vo

by Rev. T. J. Conant, D. D.
Binney's Theological Compend, improved, by Rev. Amos Binney and Rev.

Daniel Steele, D. D.
Commentary on the Old Testament, vol. 4, by Rev. Milton S. Terry, A. M... 12mo.
Whedon's Commontary on the New Testament. Vol. 4.


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XV, 1074

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TABLE XXV.-Publications, educational, historical, &c., for 1875, 80.-Concluded.

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Religion as Affected by Modern Materialism, by James Martineau, LL. D.


Introduction by Rev. H. W. Bellows, D. D.
Philosophy of Trinitarian Doctrine, by Rev. A. G. Pease.


The Philosophy of Natural Theology, by Rev. William Jackson, M. A., F.S. A Sm. 8vo..... xviii; 398
Prayer and its Relation to Modern Thought and Criticism, by I. S. Heart- 12mo...

ley, D. D.
Systematic Theology, by Charles Hodge, D.D., LL. D. New and cheap 8vo

edition. 3 vols.
Speaker's Commentary, vol. 5, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations. By W. Royal 8vo..

Kay, D. D., and R. Paype Smith, D. D.
New Testament Commentary, vol. 9, Hebrews. By Robert Milligan. Crown 8vo..

Needed Phases of Christianity, by James H. Fairchild, D. D


The Apocalypse Revealed, from thọ Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg. 2 vols.. 12mo...
Justification by Faith; or, The Lutheran Doctrine of the Inner Life. By 16mo.

S. W. Harkey, D. D.
Inquiry into the Usage of Baptizo, and the Nature of Christic and Patristic


Baptism, by James W. Dale, D.D.

G. P. Putnam's Sons

New York, NY

A. D. F. Randolph & Co..

Reformed Church Board of

Scribner, Armstrong & Co.

Chase & Hall

Cincinnati, Ohio
Pratt & Brattle.

Oberlin, Ohio
J. B. Lippincott & Co

Philadelphia, Pa
Lutheran Publishing Society .do
William Rutter & Co.


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TABLE XXVI.-Improvements in school furniture, apparatus, ventilation, &c., patented in

the United States for the year ended June 30, 1875.

[blocks in formation]

Pitkin, A. P.....

Hartford, Conn.... 164,983 Heating and ventilating public buildings. Andrews, H.

New Haven, Conn.. 158, 452 Parallel ruler. Andrews, H. L...

Chicago, Ill

164, 248

School desk and seat. Cogger, W. B ...

Chicago, Ill

164, 268 Hinge for seat arms of school desks. Jackson, D

Chicago, Ill

164, 173 Blackboard rubber. Presbrey, G. H.

Sterling, ill.

162, 099 Hinge joint for school desks. Lichtenberg, J

Fort Wayne, Ind.

159, 335 Map exhibitor. Gilchrist, F.M

Greenfield, Ind.. 158, 271 School desks. Fry, H.R.

Marion, Ind..

164, 160 School desk. Grant, G H.

Richmond, Ind

164, 547

Blackboard eraser. Walker, J.B

Louisville, Ky

154, 357 Blackboard rubber. Knight, J. A

Auburn, Me.

157, 996 Map drawer and exhibitor. Barbarick, J.H

Casco, Me.

161, 732 Slate frame. Bushfield, S. B....

Baltimore, MD

a6, 221

Slate frame. Haskell, W.0...

Boston, Mass..

157, 326 School desks. Peabody, W. B. 0.. Boston, Mass.

161, 982 Drawing board. Ross, J.L.

Boston, Mass.

153, C19 School and lawn seats. Soper, P. O.

Boston, Mass.

151, 928 Parallel rule. Choate, G. W

Newton Centre, Mass 161, 862 Slate pencil sharpener. Kelsey, 0... Worcester, Mass .... 163, 320 Heating and ventilating apparatus for

buildings. Shields, C. J.......

Adrian, Mich ....

158, 444

Slate frames. Baldwin, F. S.....

St. Louis, Mo..... 159, 244 Calculating machine.
Moore, C. C.....

Elizabeth, N. J.... 156, 491 Pencil holder for slate frame.
Birmeli, D.......
Greenville, N. J. 163, 912

Letter and picture block.
Weissenborn, E.

Hoboken, NJ

153, 408 Eraser. Miller, W.A.. Paterson, N.J. 164, 019

Slate frame. Taylor, D.C......

Brooklyn, N. Y 156, 959 Alphabet boards and block,
Baade, W.F., and Sangster, Buffalo, N. Y... 156, 868 Alphabet case.

A. W.
Baade, W.F., and Sangster, Buffalo, N. Y. 157, 113 Alphabet case.

A. W.
Couch, S. W.

Cold Spring, N. Y... 159, 800 Window ventilator. Lawrence, J. M...

New York, N. Y... 157, 690 Adding machine.
Poznanski, J.....

New York, N. Y... 163, 886 Slate pencil attachment.
Holland, J
Cincinnati, Ohio.. 159, 513

Pen and pencil case.
Jones, G. E

Cincinnati, Ohio. 155, 449 Geographical map.

, Brinkerhoff, A. W

Sandusky, Ohio

a6, 200

Inkstand. Cramer, F.

Toledo, Ohio

152, 726 Device for teaching music. Holman, C.J.

Toledo, Ohio

153, 826

Adding machine. Baldwin, F.S.

Philadelphia, Pa

153, 522

Adding machine. Barker, G. R....

Philadelphia, Pa

155, 406 Building ventilator. Blair, J.B..

Philadelphia, Pa 26, 510 Pencil rubber eraser. Chinn, R. I.

Washington, D. C... 155, 606 Wagner, G.....

Washington, D. C... 160, 066 Window ventilator. Daguin, E.

Paris, France 157, 584 Drawing pen.


a Reissue.




Academies and seminaries: 11; 19; 32; 53; 62; 68; 75; 88; 106; 119; 120; 132; 143; 154 ; 163, 164; 176;

194 ; 215; 227, 228; 236; 248; 281; 300, 301; 322; 336; 349 ; 362; 3€2; 390 ; 400; 410; 417; 429 ; 445 ; 456 ;

474; 490; 513, 514; sumniary, lxiii-lxxiii.
Alabama, State of:
Statistical summary-enrolment and attendance, 5; teachers and their pay, 5; school districts and

schools, 5; income and expenditure, 5.
School sistem of the State-constitutional provisions, 6, 7; provisions of school law, 7, 8.
Elementary instruction-school privileges enjoyed, 8, 9; summary of schools, 9; cost and time of

tuition, 9; economy in administration, 9; serious financial trouble, 9. (See also Table I.)
City school systems, 10. (See Table II.)
Training of teachers-normal schools, 10, 11; teachers' institutes, 11. (See Table III.)
Secondary instruction--public high schools, 11 ; private secondary schools, 11 ; preparatory school of
college, 11. (See also Table VI.)

Superior instruction - University of Alabama, 11; other colleges, 11, 12; colleges for women, 12;

statistics of universities and colleges, 12. (See Tables VIII, IX.)
Scientific and professional instruction-science, 12, 13; law, 13; medicine, 13; theology, 13; statistics

of schools for scientific and professional iustruction, 13. (See Tables X, XI, XII, XIII.)
Special instruction-Alabama Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind, 13. (See Tables XIX,

List of school officials, 14.
Alaska Territory of:
Area, 463; cliniate, 463, 464; number and classes of inhabitants, 464, 465; educational and legal status

of the people, 465, 466.
Albany, New York: Schools of, 293, 294.
Alexandria, Virgiuia: Schools of, 427.
Allegheny, Pennsylvania: Schools of, 359, 360.
American Geographical Society: Meeting of, 529.
American Institute of Instruction : Meeting of, 536–538.
American Philological Society: Meeting of, 535, 5:36.
American Social Science Association: Meeting of, 531-534.
Anderson, Henry James: Obituary of, 315.
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Schools of, 212.
Argentine Confederation: Education in, cxxxvi.
Arizona, Territory of:
Statistical summary-school population and attendance, 467; teachers, 467; schools, 467; income and

expenditure, 467.
School system, 467, 468.
Elementary instruction-condition in 1875, 468, 469; progress, 469. (See Table I.)

List of school officials, 469.
Arkansas, State of:
Statistical summary-school population and attendance, 15; teachers and their pay, 15; school ses-

sions, 15; income and expenditure, 15; school fund and school property, 15.
School system of the State-constitutional provisions of, 15; provisions of the school law, 16.
City school system-of Little Rock, 18. (See Table II.)
Training of teachers-normal department of university, 18; Pine Bluff Normal Institute, 18; teachers'

insitutes, 18. (See Table III.)
Secondary instruction-public high schools, 18; private secondary schools, 19; preparatory schools

of colleges, 19. (See Tables VI, VII.)
Superior instrnction-Arkansas Industrial University, 19; Arkansas College, 19; Cane Hill College,

19; St. Jolin's College of Arkansas, 19; Evening Shade Male and Female College, 19; statistics of

universities and colleges, 20. (See Tables VIII, IX.)
Special instruction-Arkansas Institute for Education of the Blind, 20; Arkansas Deaf-Mute Insti-

tute, 20. (See Tables XIX, XX.)
List of school officials in Arkansas, 20.

Museums of, Table XVIII, pp. 892-903.

Relation of, to education, cx, cxi.
Atchison, Kansas: Schools of, 131.
Atlanta, Georgia : Schools of, 73.
Attendance on public schools:
In California, 24; in Connecticut, 47; in Iowa, 116; in Kentucky, 140; in Maryland, 173; in New

Jersey, 278; in Rhode Island, 376; in Tennessee, 396; in Utah Territory, 512.
Statistics of: (See Table I, pp. 548–555; summary, xxvi-xxix, and statistical summaries for each

State in appendix.)
Compulsory, 453.
Austria-Hungary: Education in, cxxvii, cxxviii.


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