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TABLE XXI.-Statistics of orphan asylums, soldiers' orphans' homes, infant asylums, miscellaneous charities, and industrial schools for 1875; from replies to

inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education.

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1864 1864 Sister Harriet

(1861 1868 A. R. Holderby

1867 1867 Mrs. A. E. Peck bam, (matron).

18541853 Miss C. A. Harmon, (matron).

1854 Rev. James Croke

1868 1868 Mrs. H. M. Chandler, (matron)
1863 1867 Lydia R. Ward

1864 1864 Myra J. Davis.

1865 Rev. Thomas S. Potwin

Sister Rose

R. C
1862 Sister Anastasia

R. C
1833 1833 Mrs. L. A. Kingsley


R. C
1870 1871 Rev. Joseph Carr

M. E. South..

Non sect..
1786 1739 Andrew I. Hughes.

1849 1848 Mrs. Harriet C. Bigelow.

1872 1849 Sister Mary Joseph.

R. C
1869 1869 George P. Moog,

Evang. Luth..
1871 1870 Jane Trueblood, (president board of Friends..

George Reyer...

German Prot.
1867 1867 Rev. B. Hartmann and Sister Hortenso R.C
L850 Sister Eugenia, (superior)

1864 1863 John Georg Rembold

Evang. Luth.. 1866 1866 Mrs. Thomas Carney, (president)

Non-sect. (1850 1850 Rev. Nicholas Ryan



1 Church Home for Orphans*

Mobile, Ala 2 Orphans' Home of the Synod of Alabama

Tuskegee, Ala
3 Sacramento Protestant Orphan Asylum*.

Sacramento, Cal
4 Ladies' Protection and Relief Society*

San Francisco, Cal.
5 St. Vincent's Male Orphan Asylum

San Rafael, Cal
The Good Templars' Home for Orphans*

Vallejó, Cal
? Bridgeport Protestant Orphan Asylum

Bridgeport, Conn & Fitch's Orphans' Home

Darien, Conn 9 Hartford Orphan Asylum..

Hartford, Conn 10 St. Catherine Orpban Asylum*

Hartford, Conn 11 St. James's Orpban Asylum*

Hartford, Conn 12 New Haven Orpban Asylum.

New Haven, Conn 13 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum*

New Haven, Conn
14 Orphans' Homo..

Decatur, Ga
15 Female Orphan Asylum

Savannah, Ga
16 Union Society, or Bethesda Orphan Home

Savannah, Ga
17 Chicago Protestant Orphan Asylum

Chicago, Ill
18 St. Joseph's Male and Female Orphan Asylum

Chicago, Ill
19 Uhlich Orphan Asylum....

Chicago, Ill
20 Asylum for Colored Friendless Children

Indianapolis, Ind.
21 German Protestant Orphan Asylum*.

Indianapolis, Ind.
22 St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum...,

Rensselaer, Ind
23 St. Vincent's Malo Orplan Asylum

Vincennes, Ind. 24 German and English Asylum for Orphans and Destitute Andrew, Iowa

Children. 25 Kansas Orpban Asylum and Home for Friendless Children* Leavenworth, Kans. 26 St. Thomas's Orphan Asylum*

Bardstown, Ky

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271 Convent of the Angel Guardian* Highlands, Ky., (near New. -11866Mother M. of St. Scholastica

28 Baptist Orphans' Home
Louisville, Ky., (First street, 1870 1869 Miss Mary A. Hollingsworth.

corner St. Catherine:)
29 German Baptist Bethesda

Louisville, Ky 1872 1871 John Frod. Dohrmann

Baptist 30 Orphanage of tho Good Shepherd*

Louisville, Ky 1869) Sister Sarah Clayland

Protestant.. 31 St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum*

Louisville, Ky 1847 1847 Sister Paconiia.

R. C 32 La Teche Orphan Home

La Teche, La.. 1866 1864 L. H. Seelye...

M. E
33 St. Alphonsus' Orphan Asylum

New Orleans, La., (4th and St.
Rov. Mother M. Austin Carroll.

R. C
Patrick streets.)
34 Home for Jewish Widows and Orphans
New Orleans, La, (Jackson 1855 1854 L. Shænberg

and Chippewa streets.)
35 Female Orphan Asylum of Portland *

Portland, Mo. 1828 1828 Abby S. Barrett, (secretary)

Protestant 36 Baltimore Orphan Asylum

Baltimore, Md 1798 1798 Mrs. Barnard

Non-sect. 37 Hebrew Orphan Asylum*.

Baltimore, Md 1872 1873 Rev. Abraham Hofmann

Hebrew 38 St. Anthony's Asylum *

Baltimore, Md 1860 1854 Sister Mary Rosamunda

R. C 39 St. Mary's Femalo Orphan Asylum

Baltimore, Md
1818 1818 Sister Aloysia Daly

R. C
40 St. Peter's Asylum for Female Children*
Baltimore, Md., (Madison ave). 1850 1850 Mrs. Ellen Binney

P. E
41 St. Vincent's Male Orpban Asylum
Baltimore, Md., (23 N.Front st.) 1840 1840 Brother Jaines..

R. C
42 Shelter for Orphans of Colored Soldiers and Friendless Baltimore, Md

1868 Julia Valentino

Colored Children.*
43 The Orphan Asylum of St. Paul's Church*

Baltimore, MD

P.E 41 Boston Female Orphan Asylum

Boston, Mass. 1803 18001 Alice E. Bartlett.

Non-sect 45 House of the Angel Guardian.

Boston, Mass.. 1851 1855 Fr. Justinian

R. C. 46. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum.

Boston, Mass..

1843 1845 Mary Vincent McEntee, (superior). R. C 47 Scamon's Orphan and Children's Friend Society

Salem, Mass. 1841 1839 Mrs. Bradbury

Non-sect. 48 Worcester Children's Friends' Society

Worcester, Mass 1849 1849 Jamerson White, (matron)

Non-sect. 49 Protestant Orphan Asylum ..

Detroit, Mich

1836 1836 Mrs. Lewis Allen, (first directress) Protestant 50 St. Anthony's Male Orphan Asylum

Detroit, Mich 1867 1867 Sister Mary Gertrude.

R. C 51 St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum.

Detroit, Mich
1871 1848 Sister Mary Edmond.

R. C
52 D'Evereux Hall.

Natchez, Miss.
1858 1848 Brother Symphorian

R. C
53 Orphan Asylum of the Infant Jesus

Hathaway. Mo
1867) F. W. Udo

Evang. Luth 54 Episcopal Orphans' Homo.

St. Louis, Mo. 1845 1843 Mrs. S. J. Fife, (first directress).

P. E 55 German St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum

St. Louis, Mo.
1850 1850 Sister Angela.

R. C
56 Home of the Good Shepherd

St. Louis, Mo.
1871 1849 Mother Mary, (superior)

R. C 57 St. Lonis Protestant Orphan Asylum..

Webster Groves, Mo 1834 Miss Anna L. Blood, (secretary).

Protestant 58 New Hampshire Orpbans' Home.

Franklin, N. I
1871 1871 Mrs. A. R. Mack

59 Children's Ilome*

Jersey City, NJ
1864 1864 Mrs. Mary Lockwood

60 Orphan Asylum*.

Newark, NJ
1849 1849 Mrs. Van Vleck..

Union Evang 61 Paterson Orphan Asylum Association for Orphans, Hali | Paterson, N.J

1864 1863 Mi's. H. Hennien

Orphans, and Homeless Children.*
62 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum.

Sonth Orange, N.J
Sisters of Charity.

R. C
63 Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children.

Auburn, NY
1852 1852 Mrs. Jane C. Rogers.

Non-sect 64 Davenport Female Orphan Institute

Bath, N. Y 1863 1863 Elias Child

Non-sect 65 Howard Colored Orphan Asylum Society,

Brooklyn, N.Y.
1868 1866 Rev. W.F. Johnson

66 Orphan Asylum of the Church of the Holy Trinity Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y

1860 1861 M. May

R. C
67 Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, N. Y

1835 1832 Mrs. J. B. Hutchinson, (first directress) Non-sect.. 68 Buffalo Orphan Asylum*.

Buffalo, N.Y. 1835 1836 Mre. Healy.

69 Evangelical Lutheran St. Johu's Orphan Home.
Buffalo and Sulphur Spring, 1865 1864 Rev. Christian Volz

Evang. Luth.
* From Report of Commissioner of Education for 1874.


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TABLE XXI.-PART 1.-Statistics of orphan asylums-Continued.

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70 Orphan Ward of Church Charity Foundation

Buffalo, N. Y

1859 1859 Mrs. Susan Graham 71 German Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum

Buffalo, N. Y

1874 1874
72 St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum.

Buffalo, N. Y

1049104€ Sister Robertine
73 Ontario Orphan Asylum

Cavandaigua, N. Y

1863 1803 Mrs. Annie Biegler 74 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum.

Canandaigna, N. Y.

1854 1854 Sister Mary Paul 75 Thomas Asylum for Orphan and Destitute Indian Children Collins, N. Y

1855 1855) B. F. Hall 76 Orphan House of the Holy Saviour

Cooperstown, N. Y

1870 1871 Susan F. Coopor 77 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum and School

Dunkirk, N. Y

1858 185€ Sister M. Anastasia Donovan 78 Southeru Tier Orphans' Home

Elmira, N. Y

1866 1866 George Beers 79 Hudson Orphan and Relief Association

Hudson, N. Y

1846'1846 Miss Elizabeth Jones
80 Wartburg Orphans' Farm School of the Evangelical | Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

1869 1866 G. C. Holls
Lutheran Church.
81 Children's Fold, (The)

New York, N. Y

1871 1867 Rev. Edward Cowley, (president).
82 Colored Orphan Asylum

New York, N. Y., (143d street 1838 1837| Orvillo K. Hutchinson

and Bouluvard.) 83 Hebrew Orpban Asylum

New York, N. Y., (77th street 1832 1822 Jacob Cohen.

and 3d avenue.)
84 Leake and Watts Orphan House

New York, N. Y

1843 William H. Guest 85 Orpban Asylum Society of the City of New York

New York, N. Y

1807 1800 George E. Dunlap..
86 Orphans' Home and Asylum of the Protestant Episcopal New York, N. Y

1859 1851 Jane luglee, (matron)
87 St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum

New York, N. Y., (Avenue A 1859 185€ Sister Hyacinthe, (superioress).

and 80th street.) 88 St. Stephen's Home *

New York, N. Y

0 1960 Sister Francis Xavier..
89 The Society for the Relief of Half-Orphan and Destitute New York, N. Y

1837 183: Mrs. J. M. Campbell, (matron)
90 Poughkeepsie Orphan llouse and Home for the Friendless Poughkeepsie, N. Y

1857 Mrs. J. M. Færrar, (matron)
91 Rochester Orphan Asylum

Rochester, N. Y

1838 1837 Mrs. Lucia Clements, (matron) 92 St. Mary's Opban Asylum for Boys

Rochester, N. Y.

1864 1864 Sister Xavier 93 St. Patrick's Orphan Girls' Asylum*

Rochester, N. Y.

1845 1841 Sister M. de Pazzie.. 94 Society for the Relief of Destiiute Children of Seamen Staten Island, N. Y

1851 1846) A. M. Drew 95 Onondaga County Orphan Asylum

Syracuse, N. Y

11845 18471 Mrs. H. M. Woods.


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96 St. Joseph's Asylum*

Syracuse, N. Y 11872 1872 Sister Beata McFaul.

R.C. 97 St. Vincent de Paul's Orphan Asylum

Syracuse, N. Y. 1860 1852 Sister Satiana White.

R. C 98 St. Vincent's Temale Orphan Asylum.

Troy, N. Y 1863 1848 Sister Sarah Agnes

R. C 99 Troy Catholic Male Orphan Asylum

Troy, N. Y 186-41852 Brother Candidus...

R. C 100 Troy Orphan Asylum ...

Troy, N. Y

1835 1833 Mrs. Mary A. Greenman, (matron) Protestant 101) Utica Orphan Asylum

Utica, N. Y 1830 1830 Miss Hinsdale, (watron)

Non-sect. 102 Oxford Orphans Home

Oxford, N.C. 0 1873 John H. Mills

Non-sect. 103 German Methodist Orphan Asylum

Berea, Ohio 1864 1864Christian G. Lieberherr

Meth. Epis. 104 Cincinnati Orphan Asylum Cincinnati, (Mt. Auburn,) Ohio 1833 1833 Mrs. A. J. C. Wilson, (matron)

Non-sect. 105) German General Protestant Orphan Asylum.

Cincinnati, Ohio 1849 1849 Mario Pfaeifflin, (matron)

106 Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum.

Cleveland, Ohio.
1853 A. H. Shunk

107 Orphan Asylum, I. O. B. B

Cleveland, Ohio.
1868 1868 Louis Aufrecht

108 Montgomery County Children's Home

Dayton, Ohio
1867 1867 Mrs. Anna Grady, (matron)

Non-sect. 109 Ebenezer Orphan Asylum...

Flat Rock, Ohio 1868 1866 Charles Hammer

Evangelical. 110 Washington County Children's Home.

Marietta, Ohio 1866) S. D. Hart

Non-sect. 111 Oberlin Orphan Home*

Oberlin, Ohio 1873 Linus H. Seelye..

Meth. Epis. 112 German Evangelical Lutheran Orphans' Asylum

Toledo, Ohio. 1860 Charles Beckel

Evang. Luth.. 113 Protestant Orphans' Home.

Toledo, Ohio 1867 Miss J. A. McConnel)

Non-sect. 114 McIntire Children's Home

Zanesville, Ohio 1865 1865 Mrs. Ann W. Ely, (matron)

Non-sect.. 115 St. Joseph's Asylum*

Allegheny, Pa 1853 1853 Sister Mary Zita..

R. C 116 Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Lutheran Church Germantown, Pa.

1860 1859 Rev. G. F. Gardner

Evang. Luth. 117 Home for Friendless Children of the City and County of Lancaster, Pa.

1860 1360 Miss Ellen Spence, (matron)

118 Emmans Orphan House.

Middletown, Pa.
1839 1835 William A. Croll..

Lutheran 119 Bethesda Elomo...

Philadelphia, Pa

0 1859 Miss A. W. Clement and Miss A. P. Non-soct.

Lawton. 120 Burd Orphan Asylum of St. Stephen's Church

Philadelphia, Pa

1862 1862 Rev. G. J. Burton, (warden and chap. Prot. Epis

lain.) 121 Church Home for Children, (Angora)*

Philadelphia, Pa 1857 Miss Purdy.

Prot. Epis 122 Foster Home Association*

Philadelphia, Pa 1846 1839 Miss S. H. Davidson

Non-sect. 123 Girard College for Orphans

Philadelphia, Ba 0 1848 William H. Allen, (president)

Non-sect. 124 Jewish Foster Home and Orphan Asylum

Philadelphia, Pa 1855 1855 Mrs. J. Levy, (matron).

Hebrew 125 Northern Home for Friendless Children and Soldiers' Or. Philadelphia, Pa

1854 1854 J. W. Walk and A. Harshberger, M. D Non-sect. phan Institute. 126 Philadelphia Orphan Asylum..

Philadelphia, Pa 1816 1814 Mrs. Maria Lodor, (matron)

127 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum*.
Philadelphia, Pa., (1720 Race 1807 1807 Sister Mary Gonzaga

R. C
128 “The Shelter," for colored orphans..
Philadelphia, Pa., (44th and 1829 1822 Elizabeth Clement, (matron).

Haverford streets.)
129 The Southern Home for Destitute Children*
Philadelphia, Pa., (S.E. corner 1857 1849 Miss Phillips, (matron)

12ch and Fitzwater streets.)
130 Union Temporary Home for Children*.

Philadelphia, Pa
1857 Atherton Blight ..

Non-sect. 131 Western Provident Society and Children's Home*

Philadelphia, Pa 1857 1850 Mrs. John Irwin, (president)

Non-sect. 132 St. Paul's Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum

Pittsburgh, Pa.
1840 1836 Sisters of Mercy.

R. C
133 The Orphans' Home of the Evangelical Lutheran Church" Rochester: Pa.

11864 Deaconesses of the church.

Evang. Luth. 134 Home for Friendless Childrena.

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 1862 1862 P. H. Fithian

Non-sect. 135 Bethany Orphans' Home

Womelsdorf, Pa 1865 1863 Rev. D. B. Albright.

Reformed 136 Children's Home..

York, Pa. 1865 1865 Miss Ellen V. Stewart, (matron)

Non-sect. 137 The Orphans' Farm School.

Zelienople, Pa. 1857 Rev. D. L. Debendarfer

Lutheran 138) Providence Association for the Benefit of Colorod Children*| Providence, R. I

1839 1839 Abby Guild.

Non-sect. * From Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1874.

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TABLE XXI.--PART 1.--Statistics of orphan asylum --Continued.

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139 St. Aloysius Orphan Asylum*.

Providence, R. I 140 Thornwell Orphanage..

Clinton, S. C 141 State Orphan Asylum

Columbia, S.C.
142 Carolina Orphan Home*

Spartanburg, S. C
143 Church Orphans' Home*

Memphis, Tenn.
144 Leath Orphan Asylum

Memphis, Tenn.. 145 Protestant Orphan Asylum

Nashville, Tenn 146 Providence Orphan Asylum

Burlington, Vt. 147 Jackson Orphan Asylum..

Norfolk, Va.
148 St. Paul's Church Hone

Petersburg, Va
149 St. Mary's Orphan Asylum*

Elm Grove, Wis
150 Milwaukee Orphan Asylum

Milwaukee, Wis.
151 St. Rose's Orphan Asylum.

Milwaukee, Wis.
152 St. Æmilianus Orphan Asylum

St. Francis Station, Wis 153 National Home for Destitute Colored Women and Children Washington, D.C 154 Cherokee Orphan Asylum

Locust Grove, Ind. T

1836 1835 S. M. Climaces 1873 1875 Rev. William P. Jacobs. 1869 1868 Miss M. A. Gibson. 1872 1872 R. C. Oliver. 1870 1868 Sisters of the Order of St. Mary. 1852 1852 J. M. Peabody 1847 1845 Mrs. Barbara Corbett, (matron) 1866 1854 Sister Mary Magdalen 1856 1861 Mrs. Mary Smith 1874 1875 Sister Anna. 1869 1859 Sister M. Salesia 1852 1850 Miss Maria P. Mason, (matron) 1850 1851 Sister Camilla 1850 1846 C. Wapelhorst. 1863 1863 Miss Eliza Heacock, (matron). 1871 1872 Rev. W. A. Duncan.

R. C
R. C
Prot. Epis
R. C
R. C
R. C
Non sect.

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* From Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1874.

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