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1 School of Design, San Fran. Samuel Purdy, sec`ry

14 years. Satisfactory examcisco, Cal. Art Association; Vir.

ination and tuigil Williams, direct'r.

tion fees. Yale School of the Fine Arts Professor John F. Weir, $178,000 7 6 Over 15..

director. 3 Art Schools of Chicago Acad. Charles Peck,cor.sec.;

Fees, examination, emy of Design. J. F. Gooking, di

and regular atrector.

tendance. 4 Illinois Industrial University J. M. Gregory, LL.D.,

이 5

Open to all stu. president of univ'ty.

dents of the uni.

versity. 5 Maryland Institute Schools Professor D. A. Wood

77,000 8

Membership in inof Art and Design. ward.

stitute and tui.

tion fees. 6 Art School, Baltimore, Md... A. J. H. Way and C. D.


Payment of tuition. Sauerwein.

fees. 7 Boston Art Club ..... Charles A. Barry, sec


Membership 8 Lowell School of Practical Charles Kastner....

Proficiency in freeDesign, Boston, Mass.

hand drawing, &c. 9 Massachusetts Institute of Prof. William R. Ware,

16 years. Satisfactory Technology, department S. B.

amination. of architecture. 10 Massachusetts Normal Art Walter Smith, State

Proficiency in eleSchool. art director.

mentary drawing. 11 Worcester County Free In- Professor C. O. Thomp. 120, 000 0 0 16 years. Satisfactory examstitute of Industrial Science.

ination. 12 St. Louis Art School...... Conrad Diehl......

0 1

Payment of tuition. 13 Manchester Art Association. Joseph B. Sawyer, sec.

Membership 14 Brooklyn Art Association... Wm. H. Husted, sec... 125, 000 0.

Desire for improve

ment. 15 Cornell University, course A. D. White, LL. D., 30,0001

Passing examinain architecture and me. president of univer

tion. cbanic arts.

sity. 16 Ladies' Art Association, N.Y Mrs."J. B. Collin, cor


Membership ..... responding sec'ry. 17 National Academy of Design L. E. Wilmarth, di- g250,000 6

Proficiency in elerector.

mentary drawing. 18 The Palette Club, N. Y..... Hon. Clark Bell, pres.;

0 1

Membership in the Charles N. Miller,

corres secretary.
19 Cooper Onion Art Schools, Professor J.C. Zachos, 630,000
N. Y.

1. Woman's Art School ... Mrs. Susan N. Carter..

Responsible refer

ence as to char

acter, &c. 2. The Free School of Sci- F. G. Tisdale, jr., Ph.

Over 15.. Letter of recomence and Art, (draw. D., director.

mendation. ing classes.) 20 College of Fine Arts of Syra- Professor Geo. F. Com.

Satisfactory examcuse University. fort, dean.

ination. 21 School of Design of the Uni. Thomas S. Noble....

6 14 years . Responsible referversity of Cincinnati,

ence. 22 Toledo University of Arts Charles J. Shipley..... 25,000 .. 2

Payment of fees.. and Trades. 23 Franklin Institute drawing J.B. Knight, secretary


Payment of fees... classes, Philadelphia, Pa. of institute. 24 Art classes of the Pennsyl. Jolin Sartain, secretary|g500,000 7 9

Proficiency in elevania Academy of the Fine of the academy.

mentary art stud. Arts, Philadelphia, Pa.

ies. 25 Philadelphia School of De. Miss E. Croasdale .... 25, 000 9.... 13 years. Satisfactory refersign for Women.

ence, payment of tuition, and daily

attendance. 26 Pittsburg School of Design Hugh Newell......

Payment of tuition for Women.

fees and regular

attendance. a Evening, weekly, and daily schools.

Drawing free; wood carving, $10 per term; clay modelling, $5 per term. c Modelling, painting in oil and water-colors, pastel painting, photography, &c., are also taught in the Day School of Design; cost of tuition from $12 to $80 per annum. About sixty of the pupils reported are in the day school..

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Drawing, painting, perspective; theory

6 Arts of design ; painting, sculp

} 100 and history of art.

ture, and architecture.


12 History of Italian art... Drawing, painting, sculpture, and archi- a25, 40,100

5 Sculpture, painting, architect- 3 tecture,

ure, and decoration. Drawing, water-colors, wood-carving, clay (6) 2 courses. History and styles of architect. 4 modelling, architecture, history and prin

ure and principles of art. ciples of art. Industrial drawing in male night-school of


A course on perspective ..... 5 design.c Thorough courses of elementary study of

6 drawing and painting. Life school, free to members.


Relating to art. Practical designing......

8 Free-hand, mechanical and architectural 200

A series on ornament, composi- 9 drawing with the history, theory, and

tion, and the theory of archiscience of practical architecture.

tecture. Industrial drawing, painting, and designing. ao Several Architecture and building con- 10

courses. struction, machine drawing,

geometric drawing, perspective. Free-hand and mechanical drawing, color


11 ing, &c. Drawing from casts and painting from still


12 life. Geometrical and machine drawing; also

2 "Color as produced bylight, "and 13 casts and life studies.

“Dyeing textile fabrics.” Free. Sketching and painting.. Free.

14 Free-hand, mechanical, architectural draw.

18 Architecture ing, &c. Figure-painting and drawing; life class...

Essays on drawing, painting, 16

perspective, &c. Antique and life schools, schools of paint. Free.

Annual course ou art subjects. 17 ing, anatomy, and perspective.

Free. Drawing from the life

0 Several.





Drawing, painting, engraving, and photo

0 3 courses. Anatomy, history of art, and graphy.

perspective. Free-hand, mechanical, and architectural

0 drawing, drawing from life and cast, clay

modelling, &c. Architecture, painting, engraving, free- 100 6 courses. Æsthetics, history of fine arts, 20 band drawing, modelling, and photogra

mythology, archæology, and phy.

art literature. Painting, drawing, designing, wood-carv

0 Weekly. Relating to art. Free.. 21 ing, tile aud«hina painting, enameling,&c. Free-hand, geometrical, and architectural

9 Weekly. Mechanic arts

22 drawing Mechanical, architectural, free-hand, and

29. Science and mechanic arts. Free 23 miscellaneous drawing.

to members. Chiefly the human figure, with composition, Free.

Free lectures on art, anatomy, 24 chiaroscuro, color, perspective, &c.

modelling, perspective, &c. Industrial and fine art....


Comparative anatomy, history of 25

ornament, architecture, decorative art, color, perspective,

&c. All branches of art

Ornament, color, anatomy, bot- 26


30, 50

any, &c.

d Free to citizens of Massachusetts, $50 per annum to others. e Free to students of Worcester County and to twenty Statė students; others, $100 per annum. f Per month. g With site.

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6 Art School, Baltimore, Md..
7 Boston Art Club, Boston, Mass
8 Lowell School of Practical Design, Boston, Mass.
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, department of architectare...
10 Massachusetts Normal Art School, Boston, Mass ..
11 Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, Worcester,

12 St. Louis Art School, St. Louis, Mo.....
13 Manchester Art Association, Manchester, N. H.
14 Brooklyn Art Association, Brooklyn, N. Y.
15 Cornell University,course in architecture and mechanic arts, Ithaca,

N. Y. 16 Ladies' Art Association, New York, N. Y. 17 National Academy of Design, New York, NY 18 The Palette Club, New York, N. Y . (Cooper Union Art Schools, New York, N. Y.:

1. Woman's Art School 191

2. The Free School of Art....... 20 College of Fine Arts of Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y.. 21 School of Design of University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.. 22 Toledo University of Arts and Trades, Toledo, Ohio ... 23 Franklin Institute drawing classes, Philadelphia, Pa.. 24 Art classes of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Phila

delphia, Pa. 25 Philadelphia School of Design for Women, Philadelphia, Pa 26 Pittsburg School of Design for Women, Pittsburg, Pa.


(t) 600 1001

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* Wany.
† A few.

I A number.
a Four sets.
o Sets of lithographic models as ased in the École des Beaux-Arts.

c Also 293 medallions, 100 Braun's autotypes of old masters, and a large collection of chromo-lithographs and photographs.

d Four of the casts are of statues. The school has also 35 modern paintings, 2,000 photographs, lithographs, &c., and a set of drawings donated by the life school at Paris. e These are "informal;" three" formal” exhibitions were given in 1874. s Number not reported'; value of library, about $2,000.g Also 3 oil paintings and 152 autotypes.

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w | Number.

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5 2 gold and 3 silver medals for excellence in Annual...

1 drawing and painting.


2 Annual and quar- | 3

terly. 0


4 7 Peabody prizes, 3 of $100 each and 4 of $50 Annual..

5 each; al so, 22 gold medals awarded by in.


Monthly e

7 2 in 1873–74..

8 2 Prizes given by Boston Society of Architects, Annual..

9 $50 each.


10 Annual..


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1001, 000 401 (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)




24 50 (t) (t) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) (*)

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16 500 4 Silver and bronze medals


27 0

Monthly and annual. 18 (TM) / (+) i10 For drawings from cast, from still-life, orna. | Annual.. mental drawing, and wood engraving,

19 6 For ornamental drawing, mechanical draw. Annual.. ....

ing, &c. (*)


120 751 411 Gold and silver medals..


21 201 497 383 2 One of $50 and one of $15.

Semi-annual 500 0


23 (*) (*)

24 (*) (*) (*) (1) For best work in all stages, one gold medal; Annual..... 25

also, sets of art books.
(*) (*) 81 4 gold and 4 silver medals...



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70 286.

49 (*)

h An extensive collection.
i Eighteen medals were also awarded.

j Thirteen ladies and 43 gentlemen, students in the College of Liberal Arts, also receive instruction in drawing in this college.

k Also 14 oil paintings and 47 autotypes.
1 The art-classes are discontinued until the completion of the new academy building.
m Artisan night class of 25 males.

TABLE XIX.-Statistics of institutions for the deaf and dumb for 1875; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education.

NOTE.-x indicates an affirmative answer and also the branches taught.


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1 Alabama Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind Talladega, Ala 2 Arkansas Deaf-Mute Institute

Little Rock, Ark
3 Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind.

Oakland, Cal..
American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb

Hartford, Conn
5 Whipple's Home School for Deaf-Mutes....

Mystic River, Conn.
6 Georgia Institution for the Deaf and Dumb..

Cave Spring, Ga. 7 Chicago Deaf-Mute School

Chicago, Ill.. 8 Illinois Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb.. Jacksonville, Ili 9 ) Indiana Iustitution for the Deaf and Dumb

Indianapolis, Ind 10 Iowa Institution for the Deaf and Dumb

Council Bluffs, Iowa.
11 Kansas State Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb

Olathe, Kans..
12 Kentucky Institution for the Education of Deaf-Mutes.. Danville, Ky
13 Louisiana Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb Baton Rouge, La.
14 | Institution for the Colored Blind and Deaf-Mutes a

Baltimore, Md
15 Maryland Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb Frederick, Md.
Boston School for Deaf-Mutes

Boston, Mass.
17 Clarke Institution for Deaf Mutes..

Northampton, Mass. 18 Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind*.

Flipt, Mich 19 | Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Faribault, Minn

Blind. 20 Mississippi Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

Jackson, Miss
21 | Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

Fulton, Mo
22 St. Bridget's Institution for the Deaf and Dumb.

St. Louis, Mo 23 | Nebraska Institution for the Deaf and Dumb

Omaha, Nebr 24 Class in Articulation in Cayuga Lake Academy.

Aurora, N. Y 25 Le Couteulx St. Mary's Institution for the Instruction of Buffalo, N. Y.



1860 State

J. H. Johnson, MD
1868) Directors E. P. Caruthers
1860 State

Warring Wilkinson, M. A
1817) Directors Edward C. Stope, M. A
1869 Private

Zerah C. Whipple
1846 Trustees. Wesley 0. Connor.
1875 B'd education, P. A. Emery, M. A., D. D.
1839 State

Phi.ip G. Gillett, LL. D.
1844 State

Rev. Thomas MacIntire, LL. D.
1855 State

Rev. Benjamiu Talbot, M. A
1866 Trustees Louis H. Jenkins, M. A.
1823 State

Jno. A. Jacobs.
1855/ Trustees. J. A. McWhorter, M. A
1872 Corporation. F. D. Morrison
1867 State

Charles W. Ely, M. A..
1869 School board. Miss Sarah Fuller.
1867 Pvt. corporat’n Miss Harriet B. Rogers.
1353 Trustees. Egbert L. Bangs, M. A.
1863 State

J. L. Noyes, A. M..
1871 Trustees John L Carter, M. D.
1851 State

William D. Kerr, A. M., superintendent..
1860 R. C. Orph. B'd
1869 State

R. H. Kinney, M. A 1871Private

Charles Kelsey, A. M 1853 Sisters of St. | Sister Mary Anne Burke.





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