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Of tin.

dozen.. Of brass or bronze, gross weight.

-pound.. White metal

Corduroy. (See Velvet, letter T.)
Cloth or cassimere

Linen or cotton..
Cloth, or cassimere, of wool or cloth for ladies, to 52 inches wille

-yard.. Wool or cotton, mixed, ordinary, to 52 inches wide.

Same, medium fine.
Woolen, fine
Same, superfine.

.do.. Same, to 72 inches wide

.do. Summer, or grain of gold, to 36 inches wide. Beaver, for overcoats, to 52 inches wide.

.do... Towels, linen or cotton mixed, to 45 inches long

dozen.. Same, to 54 inches long.

.do.. Same, of linen, grained or raised

do.. Same, cotton, to 45 inches long

.do. Same, cotton, to 54 inches long..

.do.... Same, larger, will be appraised in proportion. Shawls, cotton, plain or stamped, up to 6 quarters square

.dozen.. Samne, larger Cotton, felted, to 6 quarters

.do.... Same, larger.

.do.. Merino or swan-skin, ordinary quality, to 6 quarters square Same, larger Linen or cotton mixed, different texture and of superior quality to those men. tioned, to 6 quarters squaro.

..dozen.. Same, larger ... Silk and hemp, or silk and cotton, to 6 quarters Same, larger Silk crape, plain, damasked, or embroidered, with weight of paper

Of any other stuff of pure silk not specified, with weight of paper.
Of muslin, or lawn of cotton, gross weight..

..pound.. Of cotton bandana, twilled in imitation of silk, or other similar stuff, gross weight.......

-pound.. Of madapolan or coquillo Linen, white or colored, ordinary, to 30 inches long.

.dozen.. Same, fine

..lo.. Same, mixed, will be appraised at half the foregoing, according to class, of cam. bric, or batiste, of pure linen, plain or embroidered, with or without

Same, mixed, half the duties of the foregoing class.
Silk, pure, to 40 inches, with weight of packings

Silk, mixed, to 40 inches, with weight of packings
Letter, all.kinds, gross weight.

.. pound..
Cotton, all kinds, gross weight.
Linen, pure or mixed, gross weight
Linen, for cigarettes, gross weight.
Colored, for posters, gross weight.
Of china, gross weight.

Colored, for flowers, gross weight
Gilt or silver, gross weight

do... Thick card (marquilla)

do... Straw, brown, filter, or manila, gross weight.. Blotting, gross weight.

S. Doc. 231, pt 5-424


$0 103 2 10


07 12 60 2 80


103 1 40

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Shoes :
Low, calf or patent leather, for men..

Same, or of any other fabric, for women..
Same, silk, for women
Or slippers, of cotton or linen thread, without embroidery or ornaments, all
sizes ....


[blocks in formation]

Shoes :
Same, of woolen fabrics, stamped or embroidered, all sizes

-pair.. Sam of leather, simple, and without any ornament, for men and Same, superiors, ornamented or lined with silk

do.. Of rubber. with or without soles, for men and women.

dozen pairs.. Same, to 22 centimeters long in the interior, for cbildren.. Zinc, in plates, gross weight..


[blocks in formation]



Art. 20. The following drugs and medicines shall pay 70 per cent. on their appraise


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