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L. D. Buchannan, John L. Buchanan, J. T. Campbell, Camp, Canfield, Chamberlain, Churchill, Clark, Davidson, Farnham, Futrall, Garrett, Gove, Greenwood, Hagar, Hansom, Hinsdale, Hoitt, Howard, Lyte, Marshall, McDonald, McFarland, Montgomery, Palmer, Parker, Parr, Penny baker, Richards, Rickoff, Sabin, Sheldon, Stout, Strauss, Taylor, A. R. Taylor, S. S. Wilkinson.

A communication was read from Edward G. Howe, of Washington Heights, Ill., asking that private schools have representation on the next programme. Referred to the appropriate committee.

An official invitation from the Legislature of California was then read, asking the Association to meet in that State in 1888. Proposals from several railways to grant reduced rates to the Association, if the meeting be held in California, were presented.

Mr. Allen, of New York, wished to know if these rates were to include the Eastern States, and spoke of the discrimination against members from New York, as shown this year.

Mr. Richards, of Washington, presented an invitation from Cincinnati.

Mr. Sheldon presented invitations from Saratoga, Chautauqua, and Newport.

Mr. Hoitt, of California, spoke of possible steamer connections between New York and the Southern Pacific Railway.

Mr. Buchanpan, of Missouri, moved that the time and place of the meeting for 1888 be left to a committee consisting of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the first and second Vice-Presidents, and Messrs. Sheldon and Holcombe.

Mr. Allen moved that the place of meeting be San Francisco, provided half-rates or lower can be secured from all principal points in the United States.

Mr. Hoitt spoke of the probable rates at hotels.

Mr. Campbell, of California, said that from six to nine thousand accommodations could easily be secured.

Mr. Allen again urged that members from New York should have consideration and fair treatment.

Mr. Sheldon spoke in favor of leaving all details in the hands of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Allen thought the Executive Committee of the present year might have protected the members from New York. And spoke in defense of Mr. Pierson, Trunk-Lines commissioner.

Mr. Hinsdale, of Ohio, urged the adoption of Mr. Sheldon's suggestion, and favored meeting in San Francisco.

Mr. Hoitt spoke again in favor of a Pacific-Slope meeting.

Mr. Rickoff, of New York, moved that the communications .from the Legislature of the State of California, and from the several railroad com

panies that have made propositions for half-fare rates, together with Mr. Allen's resolution, be received and referred to a committee of five, consisting of the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and Vice-Presidents Sheldon and Holcombe; with power to determine the time and place of the next annual meeting of this Association ; with instructions that they select the city of San Francisco, provided that satisfactory arrangements can be made therefor.

Mr. Strauss, of Arizona, asked if this would give the committee any power to designate any other place in case of failure to make arrangements with San Francisco.

Mr. Sheldon thought the committee would have power to meet such an emergency

Messrs. Campbell, Hoitt, Young, and Strauss again spoke in favor of the motion of Mr. Rickoff.

The motion was then unanimously passed.

The Secretary then stated that his first impulse was to decline reelection, on the ground of very pressing duties as one of the faculty of Kansas State University ; but that at the request of others he would continue to act until he had time to fairly look over his work for the coming year. In the mean time he asked the Board to elect an assistant secretary, to take his place in case his own resignation should become imperative.

Mr. Campbell moved that, instead of allowing any question of resignation to come up, the Secretary be authorized to employ any reasonable assistance that he might need during the coming year. Carried.

Mr. Taylor, of Kansas, introduced a motion calling for a public statement concerning the delays and embarrassments in the local railroad arrangements of the present session; but on explanation from Mr. Sheldon the motion was withdrawn. The Board then adjourned, subject to the call of the President.







[blocks in formation]

3,665 00

$3,666 13

The Board of Trustees, having examined this report of Edwin C. Hewett, Treasurer, compared the several items with the vouchers therefor, and found them correct, hereby certify their approval of the same.

N. A. CALKINS, Chairman.

Z. RICHARDS, Secretary. July 19, 1887.

FROM JULY 1, 1886, TO JULY 1, 1887.



By Expenses of Special Committee on Place of Meeting for 1886, $17 76
Printing Letter Heads, Envelopes, Circulars,

25 75 Engraving and Printing Life-Member Certificates,

25 00 Expenses of Incorporation of N. E. A.,

3 75 Printing Programmes of Meeting at Topeka,

56 50 Stenographer for Topeka Meeting,

100 00 Printing Certificates of Annual Members, Letter Heads, 30 50 Printing Amended Constitution,

15 60 Cartage and freight on Vols. of 1884,

4 94 Printing Labels for Vols. of 1886,

4 50 Transportation of Vols. of 1884 from Boston to Washington, 16 65 Printing and Binding 2000 Vols. of 1886,

1,206 13 Distribution of Vols. of 1886 to Members,

256 59

$1,763 67 Expenses at Topeka,

30 50 Printing Circulars and Distribution of same in several States,

49 02 Expenses of Departments,

70 43 66 Board of Trustees,

45 90 “ President, for Stenographer, Postage, and Telegrams, 133 71 Expenses of Secretary, in publishing Vol. of Proceedings for 1986,

$100 68 Expenses of Secretary, for Stenographer, Telegrams, Express, Stationery, and Travelling,

182 47

283 15 Expenses of Treasurer,

SO 75 Transfer of four Life-Directorships to Permanent Fund, 400 00 Transfer from surplus to Permanent Fund,

100 00 One Life-Membership (A. R. Taylor) credited on account of Life-Director,

20 00

520 00 Amount transferred to Permanent Fund,

675 00 Balance in Treasury, July 1, 1887,

14 00

$3,666 13

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