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to $107,744.16. This sum is invested as follows: Bonds, $82,839.16; stocks, $16,645; and cash on deposit, $8,260. During the year the sum of $50,000 was appropriated from principal, which added to the balance unpaid June 30, 1934, totaled $52,997.50, which was paid in full during the year.

The income from this fund during the year was $5,112. Added to the balance from previous year of $6,007.77, the total available income amounted to $11,119.77. The sum of $5,815 was paid, leaving $5,304.77 accounted for in cash on deposit. Of this balance of $5,815 there were unpaid appropriations of $2,450, leaving $2,854.77 available for appropriation.


(john W. Finch, Director)

The Bureau of Mines is primarily a field organization, and although its administrative offices are in Washington its investigations of methods of producing, treating, and utilizing ores, fuels, and nonmetals and its safety training are conducted in the country's principal mining centers and, as needed, at individual establishments.

The Bureau comprises four branches, which were designated Technologic, Economics, Health and Safety, and Administrative during the past year.

The Technologic Branch covers a broad field of research on problems affecting the mining, metallurgical, and petroleum industries and includes the Mining, Metallurgical, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Experiment Stations, and Explosives Divisions.

The Economics Branch compiles and issues data on various economic problems, including statistics on the production and value of minerals. During the fiscal year 193<5 it consisted of the Coal, Mineral Statistics, Petroleum Economics, Kare Metals and Nonmetals, and Common Metals Divisions, but on July 1, 1935, was reorganized as the Economics and Statistics Branch and will include the Coal Economics, Petroleum Economics, Metals and Nonmetals, Foreign Mineral Service, and Mineral Kesources and Economics Divisions.

The Health and Safety Branch, which studies and endeavors to reduce hazards to workers in the mineral industries, during 1935 functioned in two divisions, Safety and Demographical, the Health Division having been recessed due to lack of funds. On July 1, 1935, the Demographical Division became the Section of Employment Statistics of the Economics and Statistics Branch. Some of the activities of the Health Division will be revived as funds permit.

The Administrative Branch has two divisions—Office Administration and Information. It handles routine administrative matters, such as personnel, clerical assignment, and multigraphing, and is responsible for the editing and distribution of publications and motion-picture films. The Assistant to the Director of the Bureau also acts as chief of the Administrative Branch.

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