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The number of actions taken involving homestead entries of ceded Indian lands was 3,486, with 140 patents issuing. Many of the actions related to payments.


During the year 4 leases for aviation purposes, containing a total of 2,127.03 acres, were issued and 2 such leases, containing 1,280 acres, were canceled. One hundred and sixteen actions were taken in other cases. One lease for grazing purposes, involving 9,000 acres in Alaska, was canceled.


After years of uncertainty as to the exact location of a portion of the boundary between Texas and New Mexico, resulting from the shifting of the course of the Rio Grande River, the boundary in dispute was fixed by decree of the Supreme Court of the United States (276 U. S. 558). The act of June 16, 1934 (48 Stat. 975), provides a means by which the Texas title claimants to lands in New Mexico may obtain title from the United States. A great deal of correspondence relative to these claims has been received and answered during the year.


The amount received during the year in settlement for coal trespass was $6,042.48; for timber trespass, $11,985.70; and for grazing trespass, $152.10. Altogether there were 929 actions taken in trespass cases.


Nine applications by States, counties, or towns were considered for park projects under the Recreational Act of June 14, 1924 (44 Stat. 741).


The following statement shows the number of actions taken, and patents issued, in each of the cases indicated: Entries and sales of abandoned military reservation lands, 82 action, 10 patents; cash and credit entries, 70 actions, 21 patents; applications and entries subject to Arkansas drainage laws, 246 actions, 4 patents; sales of ceded Indian lands, 53 actions, 14 patents; homestead entries by Indians, 13 actions, 1 patent; military bounty-land warrants, 42 actions, 3 patents; cemetery applications, 4 actions; park applications, 5 actions, 4 patents; preemption claims, 44 actions, 2 patents; private land claims, 131 actions, 10 patents; scrip, 41 actions, 9 patents; soldiers' additional entries, 285 actions. 44 patents; town-lot entries, 364 actions, 168 patents; town-site entries, 15 actions, 2 patents; trade and manufacturing site applications, Alaska, 15 actions, 1 patent; 5-acre tracts, Alaska, 6 actions.


One new stock driveway was established and 10 existing driveways modified; additions to wildlife refuges amounted to nearly 5,000 acres; and 2 withdrawals aggregating 23,350 acres were made for national-forest classification. A total of approximately 658 orders of withdrawal, or restoration of lands from withdrawal were prepared or received and noted on the tract books.

The tables which follow give the estimated total areas in outstanding withdrawals and classifications as of June 30, 1935, other than the general withdrawals made by Executive orders of November 26, 1934, and February 5, 1935:

Withdrawals other than mineral urithdraicals and classifications

Stock driveways

Recreational area withdrawals

Air-navigation sites

Carey Act withdrawals

Carey Act segregations

Reclamation withdrawals

San Carlos irrigation project


Fort Hall irrigation project


Fort Peck irrigation project,


Booneville Dam, Oregon-Wash-

Water-power reserves (non-

Reservoir and well sites

Public water reserves

Los Angeles water supply '— Mizpah-Pumpkin Creek grazing district

Grazing withdrawals (not including withdrawals under

Taylor Grazing Act

Grazing districts under Taylor
Grazing Act

Total area
June S0, 19S5
9, 761,196

284, 604

219, 611
21, 919, 957

136, 860

114, 720

204, 720

79, 080

5, 223,178
254, 130
492, 848
866, 365


3, 425, 840
65, 272, 989

Oregon-California and Coos
Bay unrestored timber land_

For forest exchange with New

For game and bird refuges

For national-forest purposes

For national parks and monu-

For New Mexico-Arizona In-
dian consolidation

For agricultural experiment

For flood and erosion control

For State game refuge classi-

For recreational classification.

For Irrigation-power classifica-

For archeological classifica-

Cooperative lookout stations

For miscellaneous purposes

Total area


June S0, J9J5

1, 245, 832

681, 000 162, 705 157, 903

3, 943, 413 1,134, 972

309, 734

10, 750

44, 000 43, 793

30, 880

11, 297 727


Total 116,128, 603

1 Includes Owens River-Mono Basin grazing district.


A summary of the outstanding mineral withdrawals and classifications as of June 30,1935, is as follows:


The area of the withdrawn oil land, shown above, includes 13,578 acres withdrawn as a helium reserve. The figures given include much land which has been patented with or without a reservation of minerals. The areas so patented have not been computed. However, some or all minerals have been reserved in patents aggregating 38,915,684.62 acres issued under the stockraising and other laws, for lands not withdrawn or classified as valuable for minerals, as well as for lands so withdrawn or classified.


The following tables show the facts as to entries made, patents issued, etc., during the fiscal year:

Original entries, fiscal year of 1935

[merged small][table][merged small][table][merged small][table]

i Entries made In General Land Office for land In States without district land offices. The original entries were 35 in Alabama, 1,856 acres; 136 in Arkansas, 9,666 acres; 12 in Florida, 762 acres; 1 in Indiana, 2 acres; 1 in Kansas, 389 acres; 9 in Louisiana, 537 acres; 6 in Michigan, 331 acres; 43 in Minnesota, 2,391 a ores; 9 In Mississippi, 453 acres; 13 in Nebraska, 1,816 acres; 29 in Oklahoma, 2,191 acres; and 1 in Wisconsin, 40 acres.

The above 3,458 original entries inctude in addition to the three main homestead acts, 17 forest, 1,389 acres; 168 reclamation, 17,251 acres, and 6 Kinkaid homesteads. 599 acres. The final entries likewise include 47 forest, 4,247 acres; 221 reclamation, 21,504 acres; 8 Kinkaid, 1,628 acres, and 16soldiers' additional homesteads, 449 acres. The finals include 65 commuted entries, 4,438 acres.

[merged small][table]

The above final entries Include under relief act of Feb. 14,1934, 5 entries, 880 acres.

Other entries, fiscal year of 1935, Indian land included

[table][merged small][merged small]

Class, number, and area of patents issued during fiscal year ended June 30, 1S35

< Includes 3 Kinkaid Act patents, 502 acres.

'41,003 acres.

'42,583 acres.

1 4,810 acres.

1 No area to be reported.

Area patented with coal reserved, 10,544 acres; with oil, gas, phosphate, etc., reserved, 25,228 acres; with all minerals reserved, all of stock-raising homesteads and 2,075 acres under other acts.

The "special acts" above include 3,021 acres of exchanges to consolidate Indian reservations and allotments, and 10,081 acres for quieting titles in Indian pueblos, all In New Mexico; and 27,611 acres of exchanges for consolidating a national monument in Arizona.

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