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ber of claims allowed includes six accounts granting repayment of $3,931.35 received in connection with sales of Indian reservation lands and repaid from Indian trust funds.


In homestead cases, 5,057 entries were approved for patenting. The number of other actions required were as follows: For original homestead entries, 7,084; second homestead entries, 1,286; leaves of absence and extensions of time, 2,320; amendments, 514; appeals, 13,538.

Special agents investigated and reported on 1,850 homestead cases, of which 932 reports were adverse and 918 favorable. Sixty-three, hearings were held in Government contests.

Homestead contests, including Government contests, were considered in approximately 1,500 cases, and altogether hearings were had in about 125 cases.


Actions were taken on timber and stone sworn statements in 126 cases, and 20 timber and stone entries were approved for patenting.


Oil and gas leases.—During the year 1,104 cases were acted upon. For the same period there were delivered to the lessees 49 leases embracing 25,895.22 acres, granted under section 14 of the Leasing Act; and 1 lease under section 17 of the said act, embracing 38.60 acres.

One lease of 120 acres was sold under section 17 of the act, bringing $50 per acre, or a total bonus of $6,000.

The offering of lands comprising the Fort Morgan Military Reservation, Ala., under the provisions of the act of May 23, 1934 (48 Stat. 796), brought a bonus of $1,234.75, and an oil and gas lease was issued November 1,1934, comprising 493.9 acres.

Two leases were canceled in entirety and eight leases were canceled in part.

Oil and gas prospering permits.—April 23, 1935, the Secretary granted a general extension of time on oil and gas permits to August 1,1935, and on May 4,1935, instructions were issued to suspend action on all applications for oil and gas prospecting permits then pending, or thereafter filed, pending legislation to amend the Leasing Act.

During the year ended June 30,1935,1,523 oil and gas permits were granted. Eight permits were reinstated. There were 269 assignments acted upon, and 2,384 actions were taken on applications for extension of time. Over the same period 271 permits were held for cancelation and 307 were canceled; 385 applications were rejected in entirety and 516 in part. There were 11,595 other actions taken.

Coal.—During the year there were issued 73 coal-prospecting permits covering 46,397.39 acres, 35 licenses involving 1,372.64 acres, and 28 leases for 3,416.52 acres. The total number of cases disposed of was 2,376.

Potash, sodium, sulphur, and phosphate.—There were no potash permits or leases issued during the year under the act of February 7, 1927 (44 Stat. 1057), action on applications therefor having been withheld pursuant to departmental orders nos. 799, 817, 854, and 914. Eight potash permits were extended, 4 expired by limitation, and 4 were canceled. There were issued 1 sodium lease for 120 acres and 14 sodium prospecting permits involving 23,964.31 acres. Seven sodium permits expired by limitation, 1 sodium lease and 1 sodium permit were canceled. There were four sulphur permits issued during the year, involving 2,211.26 acres. There were 430 cases disposed of during the year involving the above minerals.

There was a total of 155 leases, licenses, and permits for coal, sodium, etc., issued during the year, involving 77,482.12 acres.

Royalties and rentals.—Receipts for the year under the Mineral Leasing Act of February 25, 1920, were from oil and gas, $3,596,598.95; from coal, $273,723.23; from potash, $48,981.90; from phosphate, $4,391.88; and from sodium, $956.48, making the total receipts $3,924,652.44.

Mineral entries.—There were approved for patent 102 entries.

Mineral applications.—There were 226 mineral applications disposed of during the year.

Mineral contests.—Exclusive of oil-shale, Boulder Dam and Reservoir project, and the San Gabriel Canyon claims, there were 249 mineral contests disposed of during the year.

Miscellaneous mineral cases.—There were 569 miscellaneous mineral cases disposed of during the year.

-Oil-shale claims under patent proceedings.—Five mineral entries for 28 claims were approved for patent during the year.

Proceedings against mining locations.—Final action has been taken on all the reports, except two, submitted on mining claims in conflict with the right-of-way for reservoir purposes in the San Gabriel Canyon, and all cases except one contest have been disposed of in the Boulder Dam and Reservoir project. In the Metropolitan Water District appropriate action was taken on 560 field reports.


Six railroad right-of-way applications were approved during the year and 53 stock-watering reservoir applications were disposed of. In addition, in other cases, 395 right-of-way applications were approved and 48 canceled. One thousand seven hundred and forty-two other actions were taken.


There are 35 Federal reclamation projects in 14 Western States, 21 of which are operated in whole or in part by irrigation districts and water users' associations. There are, in addition, five Indian reclamation projects, the irrigation features of which are under the supervision of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. , ...

During the year 280 original reclamation homestead entries and 227 assignments of such entries were received, and 288 reclamation entries were approved for patenting. ..'• . • ;


Five private irrigation companies were approved during the year as dependable sources of water supply for desert-land entries.


During the year 90 entries were approved for patenting under the desert land act.


Carey Act withdrawals and segregations amounting to 35,040.09 acres were considered on which either final or interlocutory action was taken.


During the year 69 applications were received under the Pittman Acts of October 22, 1919 (41 Stat. 293), and September 22, 1922 (42 Stat. 1012). Action has been taken in all but 23 cases.


During the year, under the swamp-land acts, there were approved and patented to the States 2,564.39 acres, and claims for 151,128.87 acres were finally rejected. New claims were asserted during the year to 244,198.45 acres.


New indemnity selections embracing 715,3(56.23 acres were received during the year, and selections amounting to 219,526.67 acres were approved and title conveyed to the States. Selections involving 13,903.84 acres were canceled. New quantity grant selections embracing 3,774.41 acres were approved and certified to the States and there were canceled selections involving 49,894.45 acres.

Exchange selections embracing 14,036.88 acres in lieu of Arizona State lands were approved and certified under the act of May 23, 1930 (46 Stat. 378), as amended by the act of February 21, 1931 (46 Stat. 1204).


Railroad and wagon-road listings and selections received, together with those on hand, amounted to 124,562.38 acres; 11,723.38 acres were certified or patented in lieu of such grants; and 50,000 acres of selections were rejected.


Transactions concerning revested Oregon & California Railroad and Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands for the fiscal year follow:

Restored to entry, etc.—Revested Oregon & California Railroad grant lands comprising 6,549.75 acres were restored to homestead entry, and 689.65 acres were reclassified as timber land.

Forty acres of the reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands were reclassified as timber land.

Timber sales.—Fifty-seven sales of timber on the revested Oregon & California Railroad grant lands were made during the past year, involving 4,591.20 acres of land, containing 174,539,000 feet board measure of timber, for which the sum of $276,161.56 was received. Total sales to June 30, 1935, 971, involving 120,437.60 acres, containing 2,808,963,980 feet board measure of timber for which a total of $6,623,207.08 have been received.

Two sales of timber on the reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands were made during the past year, involving 80 acres of land, containing 2,355,000 feet board measure of timber, for which the sum of $4,142.50 was received. Total sales to June 30, 1935, 103, involving 17,620.78 acres, containing 701,532,000 feet board measure of timber, for which a total of $1,623,164.84 has been received.

Extension of time.—Under the provisions of the act of May 19, 1930 (46 Stat. 369), authorizing the Secretary to extend the time for cutting and, removing timber from said revested and reconveyed lands in Oregon, 16 extensions have been granted, involving 3,780.55 acres. Two applications were finally denied.


There are a number of acts under which applications were filed during the year for color of title claims. Most applications received were filed under the act of December 22, 1928 (45 Stat. 1069), under which 30 patents were issued for a total of 857.27 acres, for which the sum of $4,913.77 was received. Two hundred and eighty-five other actions were taken in color of title cases under other acts.


Various acts of Congress provide for exchanges of lands in private ownership for public lands of the United States. During the year title was accepted to 165,452.30 acres, under the act of March 20, 1922 (42 Stat. 465), in aid of consolidation of national forests, and title to 18,419.32 acres was accepted under the act of May 14, 1930 (46 Stat. 278), in connection with the Petrified Forest National Monument in Arizona. Title was accepted to 440 acres under the act of April 21, 1904 (23 Stat. 211), and to 2,159.2 acres under the act of May 23, 1930 (46 Stat. 378). Forest lieu selections under the act of June 4, 1897 (30 Stat. 36), were considered in 99 cases, with 5 patents issuing. An application involving privately owned lands in the Chaco Canyon National Monument was also considered.


Twenty-four actions were taken and one patent issued on applications for change of entry under the act of January 27, 1922 (42 Stat. 359).


Extensions of time were granted on 2 contracts involving timber on the former Nett Lake Indian Reservation, Minn., and 1 contract involving timber on the former Red Lake Reservation was canceled in aid of a plan by the Office of Indian Affairs for a land program for certain Indians in Minnesota.


There were 553 cases of fee and trust allotment applications considered under the act of February 8, 1887 (24 Stat. 388). and 180 trust patents and 257 patents in fee were issued.


Consideration was given during the year to 1,621 non-Indian claims filed under the act of June 7, 1924 (43 Stat. 636), 893 of which were patented.

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