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For the use of Churches, Schools, Homes, and Hospitals,



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[In this Edition the Compiler has availed himself of the suggestions of various critics, including those of the late Rev. THOMAS Binney, who it is well known was favourable to the use of a Liturgical Service.]



not prepared for any particullar Church either Conformist or Nonconformist. Excellent as the Anglican Liturgy is, there is a strong and increasing desire amongst many of its admirers for such a modification as will relieve its irksome repetition, and furnish variety. The compiler ventures to think that a little blending occasionally of parts of the “Biblical Liturgy” would greatly heighten the interest, and increase the attraction, and usefulness of the Episcopal form of worship. Clergymen, it is believed, will also find it of special service in the conduct of week day worship in Mission Halls and School Rooms. Being entirely Scriptural, there could be, it is thought, no theological or ecclesiastical objection to its use anywhere by them. But in Nonconformist Churches, such a help is perhaps more urgently needed. Complaints against the formality, dulness, and in some cases irreverence, in what are called “free

prayers” in Dissenting congregations, are becoming more general and emphatic every day. Not that the Biblical Liturgysupersedes free prayer, on the contrary, it provides space for it, and supplies the highest considerations to stimulate and direct it. Its object is to stir up the whole assembly to plead, personally and importunately, the Great Father of Spirits.

Nor is the “ BIBLICAL LITURGy” suited for Churches only, it is adapted for Hospitals, Homes, and Schools, Sunday and day, public and private Schools. The compiler can scarcely imagine a more effective way of instructing children in the leading doctrines of the Bible, interesting them in the great subjects of religion, and inspiring their young

hearts with devotion, than the responsary reading and chanting of these Services. Teachers and parents will un. doubtedly find it a valuable auxiliary in their endeavours to promote the spiritual culture of their young charge.

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The service for the Visitation ! nence as well as the former, The of the Sick will, it is hoped, make grandest and most soul stirring this volume a welcome visitor in

passages of the Bible are brought every hospital and sick chamber.

into use. (4). It chants only those The passages were collected by scriptural expressions that are of the compiler when a great sorrow universal and permanent applicaurged him to search the Holy tion. In many of the Psalms as Book for such Divine utterances well as in other poetic parts of the as were suited to administer light Holy Book, there is much that is and comfort, in dying hours, to only local and temporary in meanone who had been the loving and ing, and some utterances that are faithful sharer of his sorrows and questionable in spirit and morality. joys for upwards of thirty years. In most of the chant books, even of

The “BIBLICAL LITURGY" Nonconformist Churches, these oba help to worship, whilst it avoids jectionable utterances are used. the superseding extemporaneous In one of the most popular, for exprayer, all injustice to the sense of ample we have such utterances as Scripture, and all tendency to for- these “That they have been conmality of worship, secures the sumed by the blow of God's hand:” following special advantages:-(1). that “They are a wonder unto It draws at the outset of each many:" that “Their horn is exalted service the mind of the congrega- like the horn of a unicorn :" that tion to the One Great Object of They are anointed with fresh oil;" worship, thus it gives unity and that “Their bones are burned as a depth of impression concerning hearth:" that “They forget to eat God. One idea of the Eternal runs their bread;" that “ They are like through each service. (2). It

pelicans in the wilderness, and owls promotes in the congregation a in the desert:" that “They are Scriptural knowledge of the cardi- like sparrows on the house tops; nals of our faith. It makes and besides much more like this, Scripture the interpreter of Scrip- they are made to pour forth horrid ture, and each service is a scriptural imprecations upon their enemies: exposition of some one theological Let them be confounded and subject. (3). It presents those consumed that are adversaries to elements of Biblical truth which my soul:" "Let them be covered have a special relation to the with reproach and dishonour that Spiritual sensibilities of the soul. seek


hurt.” Where in common The Bible contains two distinct sense or Scripture is the authority classes of truth, the didactic and for chanting in Christian Churches the devotional. In these services such expressions as these ? the latter is brought into promi


Loughboro' Park, London.


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HANTING suitable words of

Scripture is at once the most delightful, instructive, and ennobling act of Divine worship. It is, moreover, the most impressive and the easiest form of public praise in which large congregations can readily unite.

The object of a congregation in chanting the Psalms of the Bible, should ever be the distinct utterance in appropriate musical tone of the sentiment of the words of the Psalm. It will facilitate the attainment of this object to remember thatCHANTING IS ONLY MUSICAL READING. Two opposite extremes should be carefully avoided, irreverent haste, and formal sluggish dragging.

In training a class congregation to chant, much time will be saved by teaching the music correctly before attempting the words. This may

be done by any congregation in two minutes, under a wise teacher, singing each note to the word “all.Then let it be observed that the words and the music are divided by bars ( 1 ) which indicate the note to which each syllable is to be sung.

Having the first tone distinctly in mind, let the words be read off in that tone, CALMLY, DISTINCTLY, SIMULTANEOUSLY, observing the same accent and emphasis as in correct reading.

If the recitative (that is the part of the line before the first bar) be long, observe the stops carefully, but without exaggeration, and pass easily to the cadence (that is the part after the first bar), still observing the same time as in correct reading.

The careful observance of these suggestions will enable a congregation to chant the Psalms as EASILY and as QUICKLY as they could be read, and with an impressiveness and power which the mere reading, either by minister alone or by minister and congregation alternately, can never secure.

O sing unto the Lord, sing

Psalms." I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also,"

S. M.

Considerable reduction will be made to those who purchase by

the hundred, by application to the compiler.

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