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in both States might not cooperate thereafter for the advantage of each State; and that

(f) We also understand that the opening of the Morganza floodway will have the effect of reducing the volume of water that otherwise would pass through the Bonnet Carre Spillway, and it is believed that, unless the volume of water that will pass through the Bonnet Carre Spillway is reduced, that such a volume will pass through said spillway as to injure seriously the oyster beds in the Mississippi Sound and along the Mississippi Gulf coast to the serious detriment of the oyster industry on the Mississippi Gulf coast, and that this danger has been increased since the last flood, due to the thorough clearing out of obstacles in the Bonnet Carre spillway; therefore, be it

Resolved, That we, the people of Natchez and Adams County, sincerely and earnestly urge upon our Senators in the United States Senate, and upon each and every Member of the Mississippi delegation in Congress that they, to the fullest extent, support the said amendment, H. R. No. 9435, and also similar amendment offered in the United States Senate by Senator Overton of Louisiana to the said Flood Control Act, and do everything within their power to the end that the construction of the Morganza floodway may be undertaken at the earliest possible moment, and that no obstacle be by any of them placed in the way of the immediate construction of the Morganza floodway. We point out, in this connection. that, in the event it should be demonstrated that the Morganza floodway will not adequately solve the flood problem in connection with the Mississippi River, that the right to construct the Eudora floodway still remains in the act, and can be exercised whenever the Government acquires the requisite lands in the Eudora floodway area. Respectfully submitted.

Mayor of Natchez, Miss.,

Board of Supervisors, Adams Co.,

Britton & Koontz National Bank,


Natchez Democrat,
F. D. BROWN, Planter,

Chas. F. ENGLE,
Chairman of Mass Meeting,

Committee on Resolutions.
I certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of “Resolutions adopted
at mass meetings of citizens of Natchez and Adams County, held at Municipal
Building, on Tuesday, February 15, A. D. 1938.”

FLORENCE LEC. EISELE, Secretary, Natchez Association of Commerce, Natehez, Miss. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 26th day of February 1938. (SEAL)

PROFILET COUILIARD, Notary Public. My commission expires July 8, 1940.

Senator SHEPPARD. Governor Leche, we are very glad to have you here and shall be happy to hear your statement.



Governor LECHE. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee, I assure you that it is a pleasure to appear before this committee.

We are here today to urge this committee to render a favorable report on Senator Overton's amendment to the Flood Control Act.

I am here today because this is a matter upon which the people of Louisiana are practically unanimous. We in Louisiana have had a great deal of experience with flood matters, and to a large extent we are guided by the advice of the State board of engineers, various levee boards throughout the State, our flood-control commission, and the Corps of Engineers of the United States Army. As we understand the situation today, all of those agencies favor the Overton amendment.

Just a few days ago in the city of Baton Rouge we had a meeting of public officials, citizens, engineers, and other interested parties from about 40 of the 64 parishes of the State. I have here a roster of those attending that hearing and a certified copy of the resolution which was unanimously adopted at that time. I now ask permission of the committee to file this resolution in the record of this hearing. I do not think it will be necessary for me to take the time to read it.

Senator SHEPPARD. The document will be placed in the record in connection with Governor Leche's statement.

(The document referred to is as follows:) Pursuant to telegraphic call to all levee board members, parish and municipal officials, as well as civic and commercial organizations and certain interested citizens, issued by Hon. Richard W. Leche, Governor of the State of Louisiana, under date of March 14, 1938, to attend a meeting in Baton Rouge, La., on March 17 for the purpose of discussing Senator John H. Overton's bill now pending in the United States Senate for the separation of the Morganza and Eudora floodway projects, the following persons were in attendance:

Richard W. Leche, Governor of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, La.
Harry Jacobs, chief of State board of engineers, New Orleans, La.

Wade 0. Martin, chairman of flood-control and water conservation commission, St. Martinville, La.

Ben F. Young, president of the fifth Louisiana levee district, St. Joseph, La..

J. Martian Hamley, member of flood-control and water conservation commission, Lake Providence, La.

E. D. Coleman, sheriff of Tensas Parish, St. Joseph, La.
Ralph Hebert, senator, Eighteenth District, Innis, La.

Frank Bourgeois, member, New Orleans Association of Commerce, New Orleans, La.

John Klorer, consulting and planning engineer, sewerage and water board of New Orleans, New Orleans, La.

William Tompkins, Second District engineer, New Orleans, La.
Gaston L. Porterie, attorney general, Baton Rouge, La.
Charles A. Phillips, editor and publisher, Jonesville Booster, Jonesville, La.
Charles L. Wurster, owner, Catahoula Grocery Co., Jonesville, La.
Robert R. Rhymes, member, Richland Parish school board, Rayville, La.
D. T. G. Biggs, mayor, Lake Providence, La.
D. W. Gibson, member, Tensas basin levee board, Harrisonburg, La.

J. R. Adams, assistant State engineer, 207 New Orleans Court Building, New Orleans, La.

E. A. Conway, secretary of state, Baton Rouge, La.

Fred Voorhies, secretary, flood-control and water conservation commission, Lafayette, La.

Edgar G. Mouton, trustee of finance, Lafayette, La.
J. Maxine Roy, mayor, Lafayette, La.
Leo Terzia, senator, Twenty-eighth District, Bastrop, La.
Ceorge R. Blum, secretary Lafourche levee board, Donaldsonville, La.
J. W. Plauche, member, policy jury, Pointe Coupee Parish, Morganza, La.
Vernon R. Mayer, member, policy jury, Bossier Parish, Taylortown, La.
Wilbur P. Kramer, senator, Thirteenth District, Baton Rouge, La.
Mrs. E. S. Kilbourne, real estate owner, St. Francisville, La.
W. R. Toledano, president, police jury, Jefferson Parish, Kenner, La.
Geo. E. Beckcom, representative, Bossier Parish, Plain Dealing, La.
H. W. LeTissier, representative, Catahoula Parish, Jonesville, La.
J. E. Murray, president, Bossier levee board, 740 Huron Street, Shreveport, La.
H. A. Mangham, secretary, Tensas basin levee board, Rayville, La.

A. D. Flowers, representative, LaSalle Parish, Jena, La.
E. A. Lee, superintendent, Natchitoches Parish schools, Natchitoches, La.
T. J. Foret, inspector, Pontchartrain levee board, Lutcher, La.
A. I.. Sevier, senator, Thirty-first District, Tallulah, La.
Frank Galmiche, member, Buras levee board, Buras, La.
Jesse S. Cave, commissioner, public finance, New Orleans, La.
J. A. McCurnin, Sr., representative, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, La.
W. H. Todd, Jr., representative, Morehouse Parish, Bastrop, La.
D. C. Golson, alderman, West Monroe, La.
C. C. Bell, mayor, West Monroe, La.
S. D. Kennedy, alderman, West_Monroe, La.
Jules G. Fisher, senator, Tenth District, Cabinash, La.
B. B. Dean, representing Urania Lumber Co., Colfax, La.
Ben R. Simpson, representative, Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Ia.
Ed. T. Randall, sheriff, Franklin Parish, Winnsboro, La.
Leon G. Tryague, president, Orleans levee board, New Orleans, La.
Chas. J. Donner, secretary, Orleans levee board, New Orleans, La.
Walter Parker, economist, Fenner & Beane, New Orleans, La.

I. B. Rennyson, secretary, board of commissioners for the port of New Orleans, New Orleans, La.

J. W. Porter, New Orleans Association of Commerce, New Orleans, La.
C. N. Story, president, police jury, Morehouse Parish, Bastrop, La.
G. W. Hiatt, secretary, chamber of commerce, Bastrop, La.

Ulric Deville, president, Red River and Bayou Des Glaizes levee hoard, Marksville, La.

S. Allen Bordelon, representative, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville, La.
R. S. Wilds, representative, Concordia Parish, Wildsville, La.
Clarence Johnston, levee inspector, fifth Louisiana levee board, St. Joseph, La.
V. V. Lampkin, mayor, Alexandria, La.
Dolsy Guillory, senator, Seventeenth District, Mamou, La.
E. E. Kirby, member, Buras levee board, Buras, La.
Paul Scobel, secretary, Buras levee board, Buras, La.
Louis Cappiello, member, Buras levee board, Buras, La.
John A. Wurster, planter, Jonesville, La.
J. Vernon Sims, district attorney, Fifth District, Oak Grove, La.
C. L. Daniel, Baton Rouge, La.
Philip Rowley, auditor, St. Bernard, La.
Sidney J. Gonzales, Orleans levee board, New Orleans, La.
C. H. Hill, representative, East Carroll Parish, Lake Providence, La.
T. G. Smith, member, police jury, Tensas Parish, St. Joseph, La.
D. Davis, member, police jury, Pointe Coupee Parish, McCrea, La.
Gove D. Davis, senator, Thirtieth District, Olla, La.
L. Bouanchaud, sheriff, Pointe Coupee Parish, New Roads, La.
Charles L. Chauvin, vice president, police jury, Terrebonne Parish, Houma, La.
Carl W. Earle, president, police jury, Richland Parish, Girard, La.
Steve Barbre, planter, New Roads, La.
J. P. Jewell, clerk of court, Pointe Coupee Parish, New Roads, La.
B. C. Crothers, member, fifth Louisiana levee board, Ferriday, La.
A. B. Hughes, member, police jury, Concordia Parish, Ferriday, La.
C. O. Watts, member, Atchafalaya basin levee board, Chenal, La.
W. T. Bradford, representative, Rapides Parish, Alexandria, La.
Ben F. Bradford, commissioner, finance and public utilities, Alexandria, La.
George A. Murray, mayor, Vidalia, La.
W. A. Beard, assessor, Concordia Parish, Vidalia, La.
R. S. Leavy, Empire, La.
Roy L. Huff, sheriff, Catahoula Parish, Harrisonburg, La.
Harry D. Wilson, Commissioner of Agriculture, Baton Rouge, La.
Dan B. Fleming, senator, Thirty-first District, Ferriday, La.
J. A. O'Hara, president, State board of health, New Orleans, La.
S. B. Pearce, superintendent, light and water, Alexandria, La.
German Baker, mayor, St. Joseph, La.
Elliott Jones, member, board flood-control committee, Houma, La.
Horace Wilkinson, Jr., representative, West Baton Rouge Parish, Port Allen, La.

S. E. Huey, member, State board of engineers, 207 New Orleans Court Building, New Orleans, La.

0. R. Wurster, vice president, Catahoula Bank, Jonesville, La. W. P. Foster, mayor, Jonesville, La.


R. L. Carbo, representative, Iberville Parish, Maringouin, La.
A. Sidney Nunez, senator, Ninth District, Arabi, La.
G. E. Rogers, president, police jury, Caldwell Parish, Columbia, La.
L. M. Spencer, Tallulah, La.
L. A. Meraux, sheriff, St. Bernard Parish, St. Bernard, La.
Ovide B. Lacour, member, police jury, Pointe Coupee Parish, Lacour, La.
H. T. Olinde, president, police jury, Pointe Coupee Parish, New Roads, La.
H. D. Larcade, Jr., representative, St. Landry Parish, Opelousas, La.
W. S. Sandeford, Montrose, La.
J. H. Henry, Melrose, La.
Sydney Kaffier, member, Natchitoches Parish school board, Natchitoches, La.
Leon Friedman, representative, Natchitoches Parish, Natchez, La.
C. S. Lagarde, banker, Luling, La.

E. J. Ellzey, director, Plaquemine Parish, department of public welfare, Venice, La.

G. R. Whitehead, president, chamber of commerce, Natchitoches, La.
J. H. Evans, Morgan City, La.
Marion Fogleman, treasurer, Rapides Parish, Alexandria, La.
Wilton Cambre, member, police jury, Iberville Parish, St. Gabriel, La.
John W. Ward, member, police jury, Rapides Parish, Alexandria, La.
E. F. Mitchell, chief engineer, Texas & Pacific Railway Co., Dallas, Tex.
Phil Arras, senator, Fourth District, New Orleans, La.
Sydney Lacaze, member, police jury, Natchitoches Parish, Montrose, La.
Numa Delouche, member, police jury, Natchitoches Parish, Clautierville, La.
Alphe Conques, Carencro, La.
C. J. Hatten, Columbia, La.
T. L. Sorrells, forester, Grayson, La.
Ira W. Sylvester, city engineer, Alexandria, La.
J. E. McClanahan, planter, Columbia, La.
Robert Lahorde, Hessmer, La.
0. C. Burusider, attorney, southeast Arkansas levee district, Lake Village, Ark.
Cheston Folkes, representative, West Feliciana Parish, Star Hill, La.
E. N. Hudgins, representative, St. Charles Parish, Norco, La.
R. W. Rhodes, senator, T'wenty-eighth District, Farmerville, La.
Edward W. Gardere, vice president, Lafourche basin levee board, Gretna, La.
J. J. Benoit, member, police jury, St. Landry Parish, Arnaudville, La.
Fred L. Bailey, representative, St. Landry Parish, Washington, La.
S. E. Graham, mayor, Melville, La.
W. W. Thom, mayor, Arnaudville, La.
Dohan Ricks, Pontchartrain levee district, Baton Rouge, La.
Ferd C. Claiborne, district attorney, eighteenth district, New Roads, La.
David Hollier, mayor, Opelousas, La.
James H. Ricau, secretary, New Orleans Board of Trade, Ltd., New Orleans, La.
John McKay, president, New Orleans Board of Trade, Ltd., New Orleans, La.
Earl G. Williamson, member, police jury, Caddo Parish, Vivian, La.
J. G. Lawlor, property owner, Opelousas, La.
R. Downes, treasurer, Richland Parish, Rayville, La.
J. D. Hair, assessor, Franklin Parish, Winnsboro, La.
J. A. Johnston, president, police jury, Franklin Parish, Winnsboro, La.
W. F. Powell, member, police jury, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
P. O. Benjamin, secretary, police jury, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
W. H. Hewes, president, police jury, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
R. C. Webb, Sr., member, fifth Louisiana levee board, Delta, La.
Pierre A. Cassagne, representative, St. John Parish, Reserve, La.
A. A. Fredericks, senator, twenty-fourth district, Natchitoches, La.
W. P. Cunningham, representative, Natchitoches Parish, Natchitoches, La.
J. C. Heard, senator, twenty-fifth district, Mansfield, La.

H. P. Mounger, chairman, Pointe Coupee Flood and Protective Association, Lettsworth, La.

Jos. T. Curry, representative, Tensas Parish, St. Joseph, La.
B. R. Joffrion, inspector, R.Å.A. & B.B. levee board, Long Bridge, La.
B. C. Devall, president, police jury, West Baton Rouge Parish, Chamberlin, La.
Roland Bergeron, secretary, Lake Borgne basin levee district, St. Bernard, La.
J. Breton LeBlanc, St. Gabriel, La.
R. B. Kolmke, assistant State engineer, New Orleans, La.
R. G. Ductoe, Avoyelle Parish levee commission, Bordelonville, La.
Pat H. McGrath, representative, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, La.
Wilson J. Pecks, trustee, public property, Lafayette, La.

Lennie Savoy, assessor, St. Landry Parish, Opelousas, La.
A. W. Krotz, Krotz Springs, La.
E. L. Loeb, secretary, Democratic executive committee, Opelousas, La.
Louis A. Moreau, Krotz Springs, La.
Henry Stewart, member, police jury, St. Landry Parish, Krotz Springs, La.
A. J. Manouvrier, secretary, St. Landry Parish, Opelausas, La.
J. I. Beard, president, police jury, St. Landry Parish, Washington, La.
Paul O. Fontenot, registrar of voters, St. Landry Parish, Opelausas, La.
J. L. Moreau, levee engineer, Krotz Springs, La.
W. B. Crosby, Batchelor, La.
T. W. Logan, member, police jury, Richland Parish, Archibald, La.
E. W. Nesom, planter, Winnsboro, La.
M. M. Bloom, member, police jury, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
F. H. Schmeider, Lake Providence, La.
G. C. Deau, planter, Colfax, La.
B. W. Cason, commissioner of labor, Baton Rouge, La.
Sidney C. Dubroca, sheriff, West Baton Rouge Parish, Port Allen, La.

J. A. Thomas, president pro tempore board of levee commissioners, New Orleans, La.

L. D. Dauterive, sheriff, Plaquemines Parish, Braithwaite, La.
E. S. Hardy, mayor, Lecompte, La.

Sol B. Pressbury, secretary, Red River, Atchafalaya and Bayou Boeuf levee district, Alexandria, La.

T. B. Sellers, president, Lafourche basin levee board, Ama, La.
William Wolf, president, chamber of commerce, Baton Rouge, La.
Harry Perkins, commissioner of finance, Baton Rouge, La.
W. T. Gilmore, judge, Sixteenth District, Morgan City, La.
Eileen Moncrief, secretary, fifth Louisiana levee board, Tallulah, La.
J. W. Tummerlin, president, Tensas basin levee district, Rayville, La.
D. E. Burchett, engineer, Bossier Parish, Benton, La.
W. B. Wilbourn, member, police jury, Bossier Parish, Benton, La.
J. H. Mercer, president, police jury, Bossier Parish, Taylortown, La.
A. J. Sevier, sheriff, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
W. T. Duncan, merchant, Colfax, La.
L. A. Barrios, mayor, Colfax, La.
C. M. Dickson, Caddo levee board, Shreveport, La.
John Jolley, Jr., representative, Caddo Parish, Shreveport, La.
J. G. Smith, planter, Colfax, La.
Frank C. Carey, United States engineer, New Orleans, La.
J. W. James, representative, Caldwell Parish, Columbia, La.
Henry C. Sevier, representative, Madison Parish, Tallulah, La.
Frank J. Stich, representative, Orleans Parish, New Orleans, La.
E. R. McDonald, representing Mayor W. W. Burnside, Newellton, La.
A. L. Mongrue, justice of the peace, St. Charles Parish, Luling, La.

Gordon Randolph, unprotected flood area south of Colfax in nineteenth Louisiana levee district, Colfax, La.

Rupert F. Cisco, general manager, Association of Commerce, Lake Charles, La. Ursin Ansardi, president, Lake Borgne basin levee district, Davant P. O., La.

Cilton R. Bordelon, Judge of twelfth district Court of Avoyelles, Parish, Marksville, La.

Samuel Moreau, district attorney, Marksville, La.
G. V. Saucier, sheriff, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville, La.
M. L. Guidry, president, police jury of St. Charles Parish, Ama, La.
E. P. Simon, Lafourche basin, Vachorie, La.
M. L. Lacour, mayor, Simmesport, La.
S. H. Webb, mayor, Waterproof, La.
J. C. Carnahan, member, Natchitoches levee district, Cloutierville, La.
Guy N. Hunter, representing town of Waterproof, La., Waterproof, La.
I. B. Sorrells, deputy assessor, Caldwell Parish, Grayson, La.
J. B. Thompson, assessor, Caldwell Parish, Columbia, La.
W. F. Calhoun, member, Louisiana tax commission, Jena, La.
J. T. Hawkins, farmer, Rivertown, La.
G. E. Erskine, sheriff, Caldwell Parish, Columbia, La.
T. L. Johnston, superintendent of education, Caldwell Parish, Grayson, La.
L. C. Nunn, member, Tensas basin levee board, Columbia, La.
Guy H. Alford, president, Kiwanis Club, Columbia, La.
Milton Covardale, sheriff, Ouachita Parish, Monroe, La.
J. K. Pickett, Baton Rouge, La.

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