Selections from the dispatches and general orders of Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington

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J. Murray, 1851 - Biography & Autobiography - 939 pages
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Page 157 - I would sacrifice Gwalior, or every frontier of India, ten times over, in order to preserve our credit for scrupulous good faith, and the advantages and honour we gained by the late war and the peace ; and we must not fritter them away in arguments, drawn from overstrained principles of the laws of nations, which are not understood in this country.
Page 290 - ... Nothing can be worse than the officers of the Spanish army ; and it is extraordinary that when a nation has devoted itself to war, as this nation has, by the measures it has adopted in the last two years, so little progress has been made in any one branch of the military profession by any individual, and that the business of an army should be so little understood.
Page 618 - Tormes, we came up with the enemy's rear of cavalry and infantry near La Serna. They were immediately attacked by the two brigades of dragoons, and the cavalry fled, leaving the infantry to their fate. I have never witnessed a more gallant charge than was made on the enemy's infantry by the heavy brigade of the King's German Legion, under Major-General Bock, which was completely successful; and the whole body of infantry, consisting of three battalions of the enemy's 1st Division, were made prisoners.
Page 626 - It is impossible to describe the joy manifested by the inhabitants of Madrid upon our arrival; and I hope that the prevalence of the same sentiments of detestation of the French yoke, and of a strong desire to secure the independence of their country, which first induced them to set the example of resistance to the usurper, will induce them again to make exertions in the cause of their country, which being more wisely directed, will be more efficacious than those formerly made.
Page 203 - House has conferred upon my honorable friends and myself is justly considered by the Officers of the navy and army as the highest which this country can confer : it is the object of the ambition of all who are employed in His Majesty's service, and to obtain it has doubtless been the motive of many of those acts of...
Page 615 - Salamanca on the evening of the 22d instant, •which I have been under the necessity of delaying to send till now, having been engaged ever since the action in the pursuit of the enemy's flying troops. In my letter of the 21st I informed your lordship, that both armies were near the Tormes ; and the enemy crossed that river with the greatest part of his troops in the afternoon by the ford's between Alba de Tormes and Huerta, and moved by their left towards the roads leading to Ciudad Rodrigo.
Page 205 - I shall do my best to insure its success ; and you may depend upon it that I shall not hurry the operations, or commence them one moment sooner than they ought to be commenced, in order that I may acquire the credit of...
Page 269 - We all know that the discipline and regularity of all armies must depend upon the diligence of the regimental officers, particularly the subalterns. I may order what I please ; but if they do not execute what I order, or if they execute it with negligence, I cannot expect that British soldiers will be orderly or regular.
Page 396 - I had done, and intended to do, and that, instead of endeavoring to render all further defence fruitless, by disturbing the minds of the populace at Lisbon, they would have done their duty by adopting measures to secure the tranquillity of the town ; but I suppose that, like other weak individuals, they add duplicity to their weakness, and that their expressions of approbation, and even gratitude, were intended to convey censure.
Page 709 - I knew that the column composed of the 3d and 7th divisions, under the command of the Earl of Dalhousie, had arrived at the station appointed for them.

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