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and devout, -her conversation was in who at that time was stationed in the heaven,

South-Shields Circuit. She soon gained Miss Robinson habitually resorted the affections of those among whom to the place where "prayer was wont she was now placed, and commended to be made :” to the humble village herself to them as in every way adapted chapel where, with the poor, she to her respousible position. Her had the Gospel preached unto her, she virtues won the esteem of all classes, was strongly attached. She would and the rich and the poor alike rewalk miles through fields and lanes to garded her as a friend. She shunned be present at a religious service in a every thing that was mean and calcufarm-house kitchen. And often at such lated to make mischief, and few services she engaged in public prayer ventured to bring gossip to her ear. with striking power, though always She heartily entered into all her huswith great modesty. At the recollection band's plans of usefulness, and espeof many of these seasons “of grace and cially did she sympathize with him in sweet delight,” she would exclaim, the trials which are incident to a “Lord, I have loved the habitation of minister's life. In seasons of dificulty Thy house, and the place where Thine she brought the assistance of wise honour dwelleth.” In some respects, counsel, and in all signs of prosperity perhaps, she went into extremes. she greatly rejoiced. She was not able Music, for instance, of which she was to enter upon active work in Glasgow, passionately fond, was entirely dis- whither her husband removed at the carded, because in her early life it had Conference of 1872, but she was preparonly been associated with frivolity. ing Ler plans, and had resolved to spend She afterwards lamented this, and and be spent for God. Little did any acknowledged that it would have been think that the Master was about to wiser to have transferred it from the call for her: yet so it was; and she had service of sin to the service of Christ. to say, “My days are past, my pur. It should have been brought as an

poses are broken off, even the thoughts offering to Jesus, who demands and of my heart.” During the last few deserves “our choicest songs.”

days of her life she meditated much Miss Robinson administered of her on those precious portions of Scripture substance to the poor in a quiet contained in the fourteenth and sevenand unostentatious way. When they teenth chapters of St. John's Gospel: were hungry she gave them meat;

and often did she say, “ The blood of when they were thirsty she gave them

Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanseth us drink; when they were naked she from all sin.” When articulation had clothed them ; and when they were

failed, and she was unable to express sick she visited them. She manifested,

her confidence in God, a bright smile indeed, her love to God by heartily testified that peace and joy and hope entering into all schemes for the reigned within. A little before her furtherance of His kingdom,

Her death, referring to her eldest child, she name is honourably associated with

said, " I'll take Maggie with me," and the erection of the beautiful chapel gently she fell on sleep.” The which now adorns the village of

words respecting the child were almost Lanchester ; for not only was she &

prophetic; for in four days after her liberal contributor, but one of the most

own death her " Maggie" suddenly zealous workers in connection with it. died, and followed her sainted mother Her brief but happy married life

to eternal life. Thank God, began in the summer of 1869, when she people die well!” became the wife of the Rev. F. Crozier,

A. W.

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SEPTEMBER 13th, 1872.-At Etruria, and profound gratitude, of the way in in the Newcastle-under-Lyme Circuit, which she first obtained a sense of Jane Bourne. She was led to give her God's forgiving love. She had been heart to the Saviour through a sermon seeking the Lord with great earnestpreached by the late Rev. Dr. Newton; ness, and many tears, in the diligent and she ever after cherished a high use of all the means of grace, when regard for that eminent minister. she was enabled to trust in Christ for Many times, when referring to the a present salvation, and had a measure time when God brought the truth of peace and joy. Still she had not bome to her heart, she has exclaimed that assurance of forgiveness which she with deep emotion, “O happy day that longed to possess, and without it she fixed my choice!" The life of Mrs. was resolved never to rest. Now it was Bourne, after her decision for Christ, that those words of "the evangelical was one of steady and uniform con- prophet” were spoken to her heart: sistency. Her constant and punctual “O Lord, I will praise Thee: though sttendance at the means of grace is Thou wast angry with me, Thine anger worthy of special notice. She greatly is turned away, and Thou comfortedst loved her class-meeting, and would never me. Behold, God is my salvation ; I be absent from it if possible for her to will trust, and not be afraid : for the be there. Or late years the Bible was Lord Jehovah is my strength and my her constant companion, and she often song; He also is become my salvaexpressed her thankfulness that she tion.” She did not remember, she said lived near the house of God, so that if nearly seventy years afterwards, " that able to be out anywhere, she could go to there were any such words in the its services. It wasindeed the joy of her Bible, but God spoke them to my heart to engage in the worship of God. heart, and I felt it to be so. I feel Ripe in years, and ripe in Christian the same thing now just as clearly as Experience, and with those whom she I did then.” For many years she en. loved best around her, she ended her joyed that perfect love which casteth days in great peace, having attained to out fear, and could testify that “the a good old age.

G. A. P. blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son,

cleanseth from all sin.” She was a October 9th. In the eighty-sixth woman of rare gifts and exalted piety, year of her age and the seventieth of who for three-score years and ten was her membership with the Wesleyan- steadfast and unmovable, ever pressing Methodist Society, Mrs. Batters, widow " toward the mark for the prize of the of the late Mr. Virlot Butters, of high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Hibaldstove, in the Brigg Circuit. At The following are some of the expresthe commencement of her Christian sions which fell from her lips at a time life she was subjected to bitter trial in when she believed that her departure consequence of her connection with was at hand.

“The Lord is my porthose among whom she had obtained tion, saith my soul. What a portion ! the salvation of the Gospel ; and when and for one so unworthy. Much of persecution failed, large pecuniary con- imperfection attaches itself to me, but siderations were offered to induce her He loves me. He claims me for His to separate from a people so despised own. I shall be with Him for ever; and disliked as the Methodists then all through the blood of the Lamb.” were. But she was not moved by Then, with tears of gratitude stream. either threatening or reward. Her ing down her face, she exclaimed, position was deliberately taken and “What a mercy! What a wonder ! steadfastly maintained. To the end of How strange! Yet so it is. He has her protracted and eventful life, she said it who cannot lie.” Contrary to was wont to tell, with deep emotion all expectation she rallied, and when


partially recovered was heard to say, ship says, Her clear testimony at “ I have had a sore conflict. I thought class, her abiding trust, her full and I was perfectly resigned, but to-day I settled conviction that all God does is have found it most difficult to be will. right, and her rich experience have ing to stay as long as God wills. I often greatly cheered my heart.” have, however, conquered through Him Not till within two days of her who hath loved me. I am now willing death did the malady from which she to stay,-quite willing, alt gh I de. had suffered for years assume so sire to go. I should prefer to go,-) serious a form as to alarm her friends; am wishful to go; but now God has

from that time she was not able to given me His grace, and I am willing speak much, but all she did say to go or stay, as it pleaseth Him." In proved that she felt her feet to be upon this state of mind and heart she was the Rock, and that she had not been found when the Messenger came, and taken at unawares. A few hours her death was in beautiful accord with before her death her medical friend her life.

W. B. said, “Do you feel Jesus precious to

you now?” to which her prompt and October 21st.–At Dunedin Villa, in cheerful reply was, “ Yes." "How the Brixton Hill Circuit, in her fifty- precious,” he added, “ to have a living ninth year, Jane Middleton Butters. In faith in Christ!" and again she early life she was soundly converted to said emphatically, “ Yes.” “You are God, and obtained a clear sense of His resting on the Atonement of Christ forgiving love. A private memorandum alone ?” he continued, when once more found among her papers after her her reply was, “ Yes.” As the closing death tells how God spoke peace to her

scene drew near she spoke frequently broken and contrite heart by applying of her sainted father, the late Rev. with strange power several words John Waterhouse, and seemed to be of Scripture, among which were, holding communion with the other "Thy sins be forgiven thee.” For world. Her utterance had become some time previously she had ex.

indistinct and feeble, but she was perienced what she describes as heard in broken sentences and faint partial sense of the Divine favour;" whispers many times to repeat such but “now,” she adds, “I can truly words as, “My Father's house "say, 'God is my salvation." This

" Thrones Splendid,” “Let me assurance of pardoning mercy she go ;” and cther expressions of a never lost. During her residence in similar import showed that her Australia, as an efficient secretary of

treasure and her heart were already the British and Foreign Bible Society, in heaven. Once, when evidently in as a kind and sympathizing visitor of great pain, she was heard faintly but the sick and needy, as a diligent and fervently to whisper, “ Saviour, help faithful class-leader, as the friend and me !” “Casting all your care upon counsellor of many when first they Him ; for He careth for you," was one felt "the heart of a stranger in a strange of her favourite texts; and when she was land,” and as the helper of her asked if in her extremity she could husband in every department of his

"cast herself and all her care upon work, she “served her generation her Saviour," with an air of unusual by the will of God."

confidence she replied, “ Yes." "Do Afterher return to England, her culti. you now feel that God eares for and vated intellect found congenial employ. loves you ?” “Yes," was still her disment in a more retired sphere, but her tinct answer; and this was her last spirituality of mind was maintained, utterance to him who watched her and her growth in grace apparent. dying couch, and who now mourns her One with whom for some years past loss.

W. B. she regularly met for Christian fellow


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