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107 137

John C. JOHNSON, Appellant, v. CHICAGO, Rock ISLAND


Settlement: FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. A settlement for an action 2 for tort is not fraudulent because defendant's attorney represented 3 to plaintiff that he had no cause of action, in the absence of proof

that that was not his opinion. SAME. A representation that a railroad company could show by five

or six witnesses that plaintiff had not been pushed from the car

by the company's brakeman, made to induce the compromise of a 2 suit against the railroad company for injuries received through

such alleged pushing off, is not false where plaintiff testifies that

he and two others got on the train, and other people got on it at 5 the same time, and that there were other parties on the car in front

of him, since the representation is not that the witnesses were eye


*The figures on the left of the syllabi refer to corresponding Egures placed on the margin of the case at the place where the point of the syllabus is decided. VOL. 107 Ia-1


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A settlement of an action by plaintiff with defendant's attor2 ney direct is not fraudulent because defendant's attorney stated

that it could be made in the absence of plaintiff's attorney, where

plaintiff and his mother were the moving parties and went to the 6 town where the attorney was located in order to procure it. RELIANCE. After commencement of a suit for personal injuries

against a railroad company, plaintiff and his mother went to the 2 town where defendant's attorney was, called on him, and, without

the knowledge of their attorney, made a settlement. Held, that 4 such settlement was made without reliance on an opinion as to the

merits of plaintiff's cause of action expressed by defendant's

attorney. PLEA AND PROOF. Under a reply to a plea of compromise and settle

ment that it was procured by defendant fraudulently representing

to plaintiff that he had no cause of action and that the defendant 7 could show that the facts were not as plaintiff claimed them to

be, evidence that one of the representations made to induce the settlement was a statement by defendant's attorney that plaintiff's attorney had offered to settle the suit for a certain sum is inad.

missible, because not set up in the pleading. Striking Pleading: HARMLESS ERROR. Where defendant in an action

for tort pleaded a settlement, error in sustaining demurrers to 1 replies which alleged such settlement to have been procured by

fraud is cured by permitting an averment, which raises the issue of fraud as completely as the averment held bad did, to stand.

Appeal from Valaska District Court.—Hon. D. RYAN,



PLAINTIFF states as his cause of action in substance as follows: That about August 23, 1893, he got onto one of defendant's freight trains, going east, at the city of Des Moines, without a ticket entitling him to ride on said train, and was riding on top of one of the cars; that when nearing Altoona defendant's brakeman ordered him to get off said train, then running at a rapid speed, and immediately rushed at plaintiff in a threatening manner, whereupon plaintiff immediately descended the ladder for the purpose of getting off; that said brakeman followed, ordering plaintiff in an angry and threatening manner to hurry and get

off, and crowded upon plaintiff, and seized his hands, and tore his hold loose from the ladder, by reason of which acts and conduct plaintiff fell, and his left leg was run over by several of the cars, and so injured as to necessitate amputation. Plaintiff alleges that he asked to be allowed to remain until the train stopped, but was compelled to get off at once; also that the acts, conduct, and language of said brakeman were negligent, and with malice and ill will towards the plaintiff, and that said brakeman had no authority to remove persons from said train who were trying to ride thereon without paying, and who had no right to ride thereon. Other allegations are made, going to the amount of damages, and plaintiff asks to recover ten thousand dollars. The defendant answered, admitting its corporate capacity, denying the other allegations of the petition, and alleging contributory negligence. In an amendment to its answer, defendant alleges that about the day of October, 1895, plaintiff and defendant had a full settlement of all matters involved in this action, and that defendant then paid plaintiff one hundred and fifty dollars in full of all demands claimed to have been incurred by said accident, and that it was agreed that this case should be dismissed at plaintiff's costs. Plaintiff filed a lengthy reply to said amendment to the answer. Defendant moved to strike said reply upon these grounds: First, that it is not a pleading authorized to be filed; and, second, that the matter is irrelevant, and redundant, and immaterial. The court overruled the motion as to the first ground, and sustained it as to the second, and thereupon plaintiff filed an amendment to his reply, to which defendant filed a motion and demurrer. No ruling appears to have been made upon the motion, but the demurrer was sustained, to which plaintiff excepted. Plaintiff then filed a second amendment to his reply, to which defendant demurred, and the demurrer was sustained, except as to a part thereof, which is as follows: "Comes plaintiff, and by leave of court amends his reply, and says: That he

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