The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser

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H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1921 - 736 pages

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Page 576 - Why blush ye, love, to give to me your hand, The pledge of all our band ! Sing, ye sweet Angels, Alleluya sing, That all the woods may answere, and your eccho ring.
Page 45 - She was araied all in lilly white, And in her right hand bore a cup of gold, With wine and water fild up to the hight, In which a serpent did himselfe enfold, That horrour made to all that did behold; But she no...
Page 100 - O ! th' exceeding grace Of Highest God that loves his creatures so, And all his workes with mercy doth embrace, That blessed Angels he sends to and fro, To serve to wicked man, to serve his wicked foe...
Page 531 - I know not right : Whom when I asked from what place he came, And how he hight, himselfe he did ycleepe The Shepheard of the Ocean by name, And said he came far from the main-sea deepe.
Page 130 - In her left hand a cup of gold she held, And with her right the riper fruit did reach, Whose sappy liquor, that with fulnesse sweld, Into her cup she scruzd, with daintie breach Of her fine fingers, without fowle empeach, That so faire winepresse made the wine more sweet...
Page 371 - more happie is the state In which ye, father, here doe dwell at ease, Leading a life so free and fortunate From all the tempests of these worldly seas, Which tosse the rest in daungerous disease; Where warres, and wreckes, and wicked enmitie Doe them afflict, which no man can appease; That certes I your happinesse envie, And wish my lot were plast in such felicitie.
Page 8 - But now seemde best the person to put on Of that good knight, his late beguiled guest : In mighty armes he was yclad anon, And silver shield, upon his coward brest A bloudy crosse, and on his craven crest A bounch of haires discolourd diversly. Full jolly knight he seemde, and wel addrest, And, when he sate upon his courser free, Saint George himself ye would have deemed him to be.
Page 5 - Right well, Sir knight, ye have advised bin," Quoth then that aged man : " the way to win Is wisely to advise ; now day is spent : Therefore with me ye may take up your In For this same night.
Page 96 - But huge great yron chests and coffers strong, All bard with double bends, that none could weene Them to efforce by violence or wrong: On every side they placed were along. But all the grownd...
Page 115 - So to his crowne she him restord againe; In which he dyde, made ripe for death by eld, And after wild it should to her remaine: Who peaceably the same long time did weld, And all mens harts in dew obedience held; Till that her sisters...

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