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Alme was the day, and through the trem

Cabling ayre,

Sweete breathing Zephyrus did softly play
A gentle spirit, that lightly did delay
Hot Titans beames, which then did glyster fayre:
When I whom sullein care,

Through discontent of my long fruitlesse stay
In Princes Court, and expectation vayne
Of idle hopes, which still doe fly away,
Like empty shaddowes, did aflict my brayne,
Walkt forth to ease my payne
Along the shoare of siluer streaming Themmes,
Whose rutty Bancke, the which his Riuer hemmes,
Was paynted all with variable flowers,
And all the meades adornd with daintie gemmes,
Fit to decke maydens bowres,
And crowne their Paramours,

Against the Brydale day, which is not long :
Sweete Themmes runne softly, till I end my

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From those high Towers, this noble Lord issuing,

Like Radiant Hesper when his golden hayre
In th'Ocean billowes he hath Bathed fayre,
Descended to the Riuers open vewing,
With a great traine ensuing.

Aboue the rest were goodly to bee seene
Two gentle Knights of louely face and feature
Beseeming well the bower of anie Queene, 170
With gifts of wit and ornaments of nature,
Fit for so goodly stature:

That like the twins of loue they seem'd in sight, Which decke the Bauldricke of the Heauens bright.

They two forth pacing to the Riuers side, Receiued those two faire Brides, their Loues delight,

Which at th'appointed tyde,
Each one did make his Bryde,

Against their Brydale day, which is not long:
Sweete Themmes runne softly, till I end my



To the right worshipfull my singular good Frend,
M. Gabriell Haruey, Doctor of the Lawes.

Hey, he,pping like a poker-on
Aruey, the happy aboue happiest men,


Of this worldes stage, doest note, with critique


The sharpe dislikes of each condition;
And, as one carelesse of suspition,

Ne fawnest for the fauour of the great,
Ne fearest foolish reprehension

Of faulty men, which daunger to thee threat:
But freely doest of what thee list entreat,



Like a great lord of peerelesse liberty;
Lifting the good up to high Honours seat,
And the euill damning euermore to dy;

For Life, and Death, is in thy doomefull

So thy renowme liues euer by endighting. Dublin, this xviij. of July, 1586.

Your deuoted frend during life,


Prefixed to Nennio, or A Treatise of
Nobility, &c.

Ho so wil seeke by right deserts t'attaine, | And, when thou doost with equall insight see
Vnto the type of true Nobility,

And not by painted shewes and titles vaine,
Deriued farre from famous Auncestrie :
Behold them both in their right visnomy
Here truly pourtrayt, as they ought to be,
And striuing both for termes of dignitie,
To be aduanced highest in degree.

The ods twixt both, of both them deem aright,
And chuse the better of them both to thee:
But thanks to him that it deserues, behight;
To Nenna first, that first this worke created,
And next to Jones, that truely it translated.


Upon the Historie of George Castriot, alias Scanderbeg, king of the Epirots, translated into English.

7 Herefore doth vaine antiquitie so vaunt | Their huge Pyramids, which do heauen threat.

And old Heroes, which their world did daunt
With their great deedes, and fild their childrens

Who, rapt with wonder of their famous praise,
Admire their statues, their Colossoes great,
Their rich triumphall Arcks which they did

Matchable to the greatest of those great;
Great both by name, and great in power and

And meriting a meere triumphant seate.
The scourge of Turkes, and plague of infidels,
Thy acts, O Scanderbeg, this volume tels.


Prefixed to The Commonwealth and Government of


TV antique Bubel, Empresse of the East,

"He antique Babel, Empresse of the East, | Yet shewing by their heapes how great they

skie :

And second Babell, tyrant of the West,
Her ayry Towers upraised much more high.
But with the weight of their own surquedry,
They both are fallen, that all the earth did

And buried now in their own ashes ly,


But in their place doth now a third appeare, Fayre Venice, flower of the last worlds delight And next to them in beauty draweth neare, But farre exceedes in policie of right.

Yet not so fayre her buildinges to behold As Lewkenors stile that hath her beautie told EDM. SPENCER.




A THEATRE wherein be repre

fented as wel the miferies & calamities that follow the voluptuous Worldlings, As alfo the greate ioyes and plefures which the faithfull do enioy.

An Argument both profitable and
delectable, to all that fincerely
loue the word of God.

Deufed by S. Iohn van-
der Noodt.

Seene and allowed according
to the order appointed.

Imprinted at London by
Henry Bynneman.
Anno Domini. 1569.


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