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Such when those Knights and Ladies all about
Beheld her, all were with amazement smit,
And euery one gan grow in secret dout
Of this and that, according to each wit:
Some thought that some enchantment faygned

Some, that Bellona in that warlike wise

To them appear'd, with shield and armour fit; Some, that it was a maske of strange disguise : So diuersely each one did sundrie doubts deuise. 15

But that young Knight, which through her gentle deed

Was to that goodly fellowship restor❜d,
Ten thousand thankes did yeeld her for her

And doubly ouercommen, her ador'd:
So did they all their former strife accord;
And eke fayre Amoret now freed from feare,
More franke affection did to her afford,
And to her bed, which she was wont forbeare,

Now freely drew, and found right safe assurance



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Lo thus they rode, till at the last they spide
Twoarmed Knights, that toward them did pace,
And ech of them had ryding by his side
A Ladie, seeming in so farre a space,
But Ladies none they were, albee in face
And outward shew faire semblance they did

For vnder maske of beautie and good grace, Vile treason and fowle falshood hidden were, That mote to none but to the warie wise appeare. 18

The one of them the false Duessa hight,

That now had chang'd her former wonted hew: For she could d'on so manie shapes in sight, As euer could Cameleon colours new ; So could she forge all colours, saue the trew. The other no whit better was then shee, But that such as she was, she plaine did shew; Yet otherwise much worse, if worse might bee, And dayly more offensiue vnto each degree.

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