The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons from the Restoration to the Present Time ... Illustrated with a Great Variety of Historical and Explanatory Notes ... with a Large Appendix ...

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Page 33 - repugnant to the Refolutions of Parliament, and the gracious Promife from the Throne. The Complaints of your defpairing Merchants, the Voice of England has condemned it ; be the Guilt of it upon the Head of the Advifer ; God forbid that this Committee
Page 58 - point for point, in as full and ample Manner as if the fame were herein particularly inferted, the fame Rules being to be obferved, whereunto the Subjects of the faid United States are obliged, and mutual Offices of
Page 31 - You have heard from Captain Vaughan at your Bar, at what Time thefe Injuries and Indignities were continued ; as a kind of explanatory Comment upon the Convention Spain has thought fit to grant you ; as another infolent Proteft, under the Validity and Force of which
Page 30 - that follows : On the Part of Spain, an Ufurpation, an inhuman Tyranny claimed and exercifed over the American Seas ; on the Part of England, an undoubted Right by Treaties and from God and
Page 30 - you loft, while you were giving Kingdoms to Spain, and all to bring her back again to that great Branch of the Houfe of Bourbon, which is now thrown out to you with fo much Terror ? If this Union be formidable, are we to
Page 32 - of Shame, as a Part even of this Convention. ' This Convention, Sir, I think from my Soul is nothing but a Stipulation for national Ignominy ; an
Page 321 - of January, 1718. • That all Protections and written Certificates of the Members of this Houfe be declared void in Law, and be forthwith withdrawn and called in, and that none be granted for the future; and that, if any
Page 30 - the fatal Influence that framed it, as are due for that low« unallied Condition Abroad, which is now made a Plea for this Convention. To what are Gentlemen reduced in
Page 58 - And for what may concern both the Indies» and any other Parts whatfoever, the King of Spain doth grant to the King of Great Britain, and his
Page 30 - Millions of People in your American Colonies, you will bear to hear of the Expediency of receiving from Spain an infecure,

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