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5. There will be no higher prize than No. 15. Should any girl obtain any more than fifteen red tickets, each of the succeeding numbers will be of the same value as No. 15.

6. No prize ticket will be given for any number of white tickets, that is not a complete hundred. If a girl looses any of the hundred she has received, she must return to her teacher such numbers as she has remaining; but she will not receive, instead of them, a prize ticket, or be intitled to any reward.

7. If a girl leaves school with the approbation of the ladies, before she has completed her hundred, she must return the tickets she possesses; and if she has not lost any that she received, she will have, instead of them, a present in proportion to the number of her tickets, and to the value of the prize ticket, to which, had she been able to complete her hundred, she would have been intitled.

8. Should it ever happen that a girl behaves so ill as to be dismissed the school, or that she leaves off attending without the appro bation of the ladies, she will receive in clothing, all the money due to her for her sale work; but her tickets of every sort must be

returned to the ladies, and they will all be forfeited.

9. Every year in the beginning of November, a day will be appointed, on which each girl's progress in reading, sewing, &c. during the preceding year, will be examined; and no other business will that day be done in the school. The following rewards will be distributed to those who appear to deserve them: to those, who have made suitable improvement in reading, spelling, and understanding the meaning of words, a book;-in writing, and accounts, either a pencil, a penknife, pens; paper, or a writing book, &c;-in plain work, knitting with common needles, and a hook, and straw platting, either a pincushion, a workbag, a housewife, a pair of scissors, a pocket, or a pair of mitts, &c. Prizes for the different performances will be provided, as nearly as possible, of the same value; and each girl will be allowed to make her own choice from those allotted to the particular exercise for which she claims a prize. To each girl who has obtained the three prizes, a ticket will be given, entitling the owner to the sum of 2s. 6d. ; the money to be distributed

in the same manner, as that arising from the prize tickets.

10. To shew clearly, what improvement in work a girl has made during the course of the year, she is to give on each examination day, a small specimen ; which will be preserved, and compared with what she produces on the succeeding examination days. For girls under eight years of age, the specimen is to consist of straw platt, of seaming, hemming, stitching, marking the initials of their own names, darning, and making a button hole. Specimens of writing must also be preserved, and a note specifying improvement in reading, spelling, &c. The scholars who have not attended a full year, will on the day appointed be examined along with the other scholars, as to their progress in every branch of their learning. If they produce as good specimens of work, and perform their other exercises as well as can reasonably be expected from the opportunities of improvement which they have had, they will be intitled to the different prizes, and to the annual ticket on the terms abovementioned.

!!. As those girls who have attended the

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school regularly for several years, and behaved well, may obtain a considerable sum of reward

money; and more, perhaps, than is quite necessary for them the first year they go to service, and as some girls who leavé school, do not go to service, or become apprentices; a part of the reward-money will, in such cases, be retained by the ladies, and given to them on their marriage, or when they seem most to need it. If they continue to behave well, they will be allowed 5 per cent. interest for it. Should they not receive the whole of their reward money, before they attain the age of 21, they may then dispose of the remaining part, in what manner they think proper.

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12. Every girl who can read the prayer book, and knows how to make a proper use of it at church, will have one given to her by the ladies; or if she has one already, she will receive from them a present of some other book, about the same price.

13. The day before the anniversary of the Campsall Female Friendly Society, a straw bonnet and a coloured neck-handkerchief, will be given to every girl who has been diligent, earned as much as could reasonably be

expected, and taken care of the clothes she received during the preceding year. The same present will be made to all the new scholars, as an encouragement to them to behave well.

10th April, 1805,

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