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duty to discourage the practice of inoculation. for the Small-pox; being firmly convinced that it does not present to us one single advantage which cannot be obtained, with equal certainty and without any danger, by Vaccine Inoculation; and that it prolongs the existence and extends the ravages, of a most destructive disease, which Vaccine Inoculation promises ultimately to exterminate.

As an additional reason for this resolution, we think it necessary to state, that it appears from authentic documents and from calculations founded upon them, which were produced in evidence by respectable professional gentlemen, when they were examined on this subject by a Committee of the House of Commons, in the year 1802, that the mortality of the Small-pox has been increased since the introduction of inoculation; and this mortality has prevailed to such an extent, that not less than 34,000 individuals have annually perished by that disease alone, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

For these reasons we give a decided preference to Vaccine Inoculation; and we are determined to use all our influence to promote the practice of it in this town and neighbourhood

as extensively as possible, among all ranks and

classes of society.

John Ball.

Edward Barnes.

Francis Baron.

Oliver Barron, M. D.
W. Barrow, M. D.
S. Beetenson, M. D.
John Bostock, M. D.
Joseph Brandreth, M.D.
Jos. P. Brandreth,M.D.
Jos. Brandreth.

W. Briggs, M. D.

S. Bromley.

Rob. Buddicom.

John Hicks.

L. J. Jardine, M. D.
Thos. Jeffreys, M. D.
Rob. Lewin, M. D.
Jas. C. Lynch, M.D.
Peter Lindsay.
John Lyon, M. D.
J. M'Cartney, M. D.
George Mather.
John M'Cullock.
Patrick M'Dermot.

J. McGowan.

Henry Park.

Rob. Buchanan, M. D. W. Perry.

Christ. Buck.

Jas. Carson, M. D.

Thomas Christian.

Law. Gotham.

J. P. Dale.

Jas. Dawson.

Rob. Fleetwood.
Rich. Forshaw.
Jas. Gerard, M. D.
W. Gresly.
Thos Fairfax Hay.
H. B. Hensman.

Thos. Houghton. 29th April, 1806.

J. W. Pursell, M. D.

W. Lucas Reay.

Thos. Benwick, M. D.

John Rutter, M. D.
John Shaw.

C. Shuttleworth.

Rob. Simon.

O. Thomas.

M. Timons.

T. Stewart Trail, M. D.

Jos. Vigneaux.

C. Worthington.


The following was written by an eminent and respectable Divine of the established Church. The Society has ordered Ten Thousand Copies of it to be printed, and to be delivered gratis by Mr. Hatchard, to any of the Members of the Society.


I. REMEMBER, that the HOLY SACRAMENT is celebrated in consequence of the POSITIVE COMMAND of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, who more than once said, Do THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME.

II. REMEMBER, that every appointment of our merciful Saviour, must be MERCIFUL. CHRIST, who so truly loved all mankind, could not design to appoint a snare for his frail servants. GO THEN TO HIS TABLE WITHOUT FEAR.

III. REMEMBER, that if you really are so very wicked, as to be UNFIT TO RECEIVE THE SACRAMENT, you are yet much more unfit to DIE. And though the one may be put off, the other cannot. Perhaps even to-day, like the rich man in the parable, you may hear those


IV. REMEMBER, that if you die thus unprepared, you will die self-condemned. Knowing yourself to be unfit to approach the table of Christ's mercy upon earth, how shall you be able to stand before the throne of his judgment in HEAVEN? PREPARE THEN FOR THE SACRAMENT, AND THE SAME


WILL FIT YOU FOR THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. V. REMEMBER, that every person who truly resolves, and sincerely endeavours, to amend his life, does thereby, in the best manner, prepare himself for the Sacrament. God forgives imperfection when it is not wilful. Even in the service for the HOLY COMMUNION, We are taught to confess our unworthiness, saying, "We do not presume to come to this thy table, O merciful Lord, trusting in our own righteousness, but in thy manifold and great mercies."

VI. REMEMBER, that wilfully to delay this preparation, even for a day, is TO TRIFLE WITH


VII. REMEMBER, that those persons eat and drink the LORD'S SUPPER unworthily, who do it with an evil mind; NOT THEY WHO GO TO IT



Extract from the Madrid Gazette of the 14th of October 1806, giving an Account of the measures taken by the Spanish Government, to extend the benefits of Vaccination to their foreign dominions, and to other countries.

DR. FRANCIS XAVIER BALMIS had the honour of kissing his Majesty's hand, on his return from a voyage round the world, with the object of carrying to all the possessions of the Crown of Spain, situated beyond the seas, and to those of several other nations, the ines. timable gift of Vaccine Inoculation. His Majesty inquired, with the liveliest interest, into all that materially related to the expedition; and learned, with the utmost satisfaction, that its result has exceeded the most sanguine expectations, that were entertained at the time of the enterprize.

This undertaking had been committed to the diligence of several Members of the Faculty, and subordinate persons, carrying with them twenty-two children, who had never under

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