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This was a wonderful, inspirational book!! I could recommend it to anyone I know. The author, Phillip Keller, wholeheartedly sets out to completely make you understand what each part of Psalm 23 truly means. That passage of scripture is one that we all know by heart, but after reading this book you'll view those 6 verses in a whole new light.
* It reminded me that I belong to Him, even with my sinful downfalls.
* It made me think about how we really are like sheep, trustfully following our Shepherd.
* It taught me to keep pursuing after God's will and to forget my own.
* It made me realize that I am part of His flock, and even when bad times come, He'll always be there to rescue me.
You'll be amazed at how this sheep farmer writes a book to tell you how much like a sheep that you are. I learned many new things about sheep in this book, and loved that part of the spectrum. Excellent choice of book for anyone who is interested!
"He is the owner who delights in his flock..."
-page 35

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The most significant part for me dealt with the Shepherd administering an oil anointing to the sheep that prevented all the irritations of summer's insects around the face and breathing passages. This was likened to the blessing of the Holy Spirit bringing peace and comfort, if only the "sheep" would submit to the voice and touch of his Keeper.
Doug Blair

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