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other person or persons appointed under any Act of the Legislature of this Province, for making or managing the said improvement, canal or towing-path or any of them.

Public Act. XIX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that this Act shall be deemed a public Act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all Judges, Justices of the Peace and all other persons whomsoever, without being specially pleaded.

A. D. 1827. Anno séptimo Georgii IV. C. 21. $31

autres personne ou personnes nommées en vertu d'aucun Acte de la Législature de cette Province, pour faire ou diriger la dite amélioration, canal ou chemin de halage, ou aucun d'iceux.

XIX. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que cet Acte sera jugé Ac,e public, être un Acte public, et comme tel, il en sera judiciairement pris connoissaiice par tous Juges, Juges de Paix et autres personnes quelconques, sans qu'il soit spécialement plaidé.

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1825. Page.

An Act to continue, for a further limited lime, two certain Acta therein-mentioned, relating to

the Watch and Night Lights in the Cities of Quebec and Montreal. 10

An Act to alter and amend certain parts of an Ordinance made and passed in the twenty-fifth

Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Ordinance to

"regulate the proceedings of the Courts of Civil Judicature, and to establish Trials by Juries,

"in actions of a Commercial nature, and personal wrongs, to be compensated in damages, m

"what relates to the issuing of Writs of Capias ad Respondendum and to a Special Bail." 16

An Act to make certain alterations to the Road Laws. SO

An Act toappropriate a certain sum of Money therein-mentioned, for the purpose of reimbursing

certain costs incurred by the Grantees of the Crown and the Censitaires of La Salle. 30

An Act for the more certain and expeditious distribution of the Printed Acts of the Legislature of

this Province. 32

An Act relating to the Improvement of the Communications with Upper-Canada. 36

An Act to authorize an Enumeration and Return of the Population of the Province of Lower-
Canada. ¿S

An Act to appropriate a sum of money therein-mentioned for re-priating certain Laws in force in

this Province. 52

An Act to appropriate certain sums of Money therein-mentioned, towards the encouragement of

Education. 54

An Act still further to continue for a limited time certain Acts therein-mentioned, relating to

Houses of Correction in the several Districts of this Province. 56

An Act to appropriate a certain sum of Money therein-mentioned for the support of the Emigrant

Hospital, in Quebec. 60

An Act to appropriate certain sums of Money towards the support of Hospitals, and for other

charitable purposes therein-mentioned. 6?

An Act for the further encouragement of Agriculture in this Province. 68

An Act to appropriate a sum of Money therein-mentioned, for defraying the expense of preparing
plans and estimates of a New Gaol, for the District of Montreal. 72

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