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This Ode is extracted from
See Mr. Evans's

HADI but the torrent's

With headlong rage and w Con Deira's squadrons To rush, and sweep


Too, too secure in youth
By them, my friend, my
Great Cian's son: of M

He ask'd no heaps of ho
Alone in Nature's wealt
He ask'd and had the l

To Cattraeth's vale in

Twice two hundred W


[This Ode is extracted from the Gododin.

See Mr. Evans's Specimens, p. 71 and 73.]

DI but the torrent's might, headlong rage and wild affright Deïra's squadrons hurl'd

■sh, and

sweep them from the world!

too secure in youthful pride, ■em, my friend, my Hoel, died, t Cian's son: of Madoc old sk'd no heaps of hoarded gold; e in Nature's wealth array'd, sk'd and had the lovely Maid.

Cattraeth's vale in glitt'ring row ce two hundred Warriors go:

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Tet Morning smiles t
And new-born ple
The fields to all thei
To warm their lit

I fruitless mourn to
And weep the m

*Son of Lord

in to me the smiling Mornings shine, redd'ning Phoebus lifts his golden fire: rds in vain their amorous descant join; cheerful fields resume their



ears, alas! for other notes repine, Hifferent object do these eyes require : onely anguish melts no heart but mine; ad in my breast the imperfect joys expire.

Morning smiles the busy race to cheer, nd new-born pleasure brings to happier men: fields to all their wonted tribute bear: To warm their little loves the birds complain: uitless mourn to him that cannot hear,

And weep

the more because I weep in vain.

* Son of Lord Chancellor West, of Ireland.


ife of Dr. Clarke, Physician at Epsom, died April 27, is buried in the Church of Beckenham, Kent.]

-e this silent marble weeps, Wife, a Mother sleeps:

hin whose sacred cell

Virtues lov'd to dwell.

rm, and Faith sincere, manity were there. death resign'd,

Wound she left behind.

mage here below,

on a Father's woe:

awaits, while yet he strays nely vale of days?

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