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STATUS (1 January 1961)

Brays Bayou: :
Canals .

October 1963
Relocations 501

March 1962
JUSTIFICATIO: The projeci will prote:t the principal business, industrial, and residential areas of
Houston, Harris County, Texas, against recurring floods on Buffalo, Brays, and thite Oak Bayous. The
flood of December 1935 caused damages amounting to $2,500,000 in the City of Houston and a loss of
eight lives. A recurrence of the December 1935 flood, under present conditions of development in the
flood plain, would cause damages estimated in excess of $35,000,000. Annual flood control benefits
for the project are estimated at $5,291,000. Completion of the project at an early date is needed to
prevent recurring flood losses.

Channel work on Brays Bayou will prevent flood damage to modern residential and commercial property.
Flood protection will be provided for a land area of about 32,800 acres, of which 24,272 are agricultural,
4,592 are residential, and 3,936 are commercial. The total value of all physical property in the flood
plain within the liwit or proposed improvement is estimated at $207,645,000 based on July 1960 prices.
About 88 percent of the total value consists of residential and business property. A recurrence of the
marimon Plood stage of record would, without project protection, cause damage estimated at $3,202,000.
Annual flood control benefits for the Brays Bayou improvement are estimated to be $1,984,000.
FISCAL YEAR 1962: The requested amount of $3,500,000 will be applied to:
Lands and Damages

$ 9,000
Contime construction of Brays Bayou Channel

3,194, 700
Complete relocation of railroad bridges

Engineering and Design

Supervision and Administration



Non-Federal Costs:

The initial investment required of local interests in construction of the authorized project is estimated at $39,700,000 broken down as follows: BUFFALO BAYOU AND TRICUTARIES, TEX. (Cont'a)

[blocks in formation]

Line interests are required to maintain the rectified channels of Buffalo, Brays and White Oak
Bayous upon coropletion. The annual cost for maintenance is estimated at $132,000.

STATUS OF LOCAL COOPERATION: The Harris County Flood Control District on 23 November 1955 adopted a resolution assuring the United States that the requirements of local cooperation would be fulfilled. Construction of the project in FY 1961 and FY 1962 has been limited to the Brays Bayou component. On Brays Bayou, local interests have acquired approximately 80% of the landa, and have completed 78% of the highway bridge relocations and about 81% of the utility changes. Approximately 60% of the lands required for the corrtryet to be awarded in FY 1961 have been acquired. All lands for one contract to be awarded in FY 1962 bave been acquired and approximately 16% of the lands for the other contract scheduled for award in FY 1962 have been acquired.

COMPARISON OFFIDEAL COSL ESTIMATES: The current Federal cost estimate of $54,000,000 is an increase of 52,000,000 over the latest estimate ($52,100,000) submitted to Congress. This increase consists of $466,02 due to higher price levels; $968,000 for restoration of completed and partially completed reaches damaged by heavy rains ad prolonged wet veather conditions; $228,000 due to more detailed planning and design; and $238,000 for Engineering and Design and Supervision and Administration based on a reanalysis of requirements.

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