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WE to JEHOVAH's altar bring

The incense of these pious lays; May he inspire us, while we sing His greatness, and his goodness praise.

But how shall we exalt his name,
Whose wise, all-comprehending thought
Projected this stupendous frame,

And fashion'd all things out of naught?

Who, 'midst the realm of ancient night,
One undistinguish'd, void abyss!
By his bare fiat form'd the light,
And bade this beauteous fabrick rise.

Celestial hosts of cherubs, say,

Attendants on his awful nod! How issu'd forth the dawning day, Refulgent shadow of the God?

Rais'd with stupendous arch, the skies

Widely their azure mantle spread; On sable wings the tempest flies, New risen from the liquid bed.

The marshall'd waves with headlong course
Retreat from the up-rearing land,

And rally their divided force,
Obedient to the great command.

Nocturnal lamps, their measur'd round

Now leading, radiant blessings shed; With dignity unrivall'd crown'd,

The sun, just lighted, rears his head.

Unbrooded flocks in ether play,

The deep enliven'd shines in scales; There infant eagles brave the day, Here drops commence enormous whales,

But O! what numbers shall we find
Expressing how ourselves began?
When the ador'd Almighty mind

His scheme epitomiz'd in man:

Resemblance of himself imprest,
In reason, sanctity, command;
With wisdom fill'd his stately breast,
With sceptre of the globe his hand.

Ye glorious works of heav'n and earth,
Chiefly, thou last, Hosannah's raise
To Him, whose goodness gave you birth:
Unwearied your Creator praise!

Weekly Amusement.


THROUGH many a land and clime a ranger,
With toilsome steps, I've held my way;
A lonely, unprotected stranger,

To stranger's ills a constant prey.

While steering thus my course precarious,
My fortune ever was to find
Men's hearts and dispositions various,
But women grateful, true, and kind.

Alive to ev'ry tender feeling,

To deeds of mercy always prone,
The wounds of pain and sorrow healing,
With soft compassion's sweetest tone.

No proud delay, no dark suspicion,

Taints the free bounty of their heart!
They turn not from the sad petition,
But cheerful aid at once impart.

Form'd in benevolence of nature,

Obliging, modest, gay, and mild, Woman's the same endearing creature, In courtly town, or savage wild.

When parch'd with thirst, with hunger wasted,
Her friendly hand refreshment gave,
How sweet the coarsest food has tasted!
How cordial was the simple wave!

Her courteous looks, her words caressing,
Shed comfort on the fainting soul;-
Woman's the stranger's gen'ral blessing,
From sultry India to the Pole.



AM unable, yonder beggar cries,
To stand or move; if he say true, he lies.

Dr. Donne.



THOU canst not steal the roses bloom

To decorate thy face;

But the sweet blush of modesty
Will lend an equal grace.

These violets scent the distant gale,
(Beneath, in lowly bed)

So rising worth new merit gains,
By diffidence o'erspread.

Nor wilt thou e'er that lily's white
In thy complexion find;
Yet innocence may shine as fair
Within thy spotless mind.

Now, in the op'ning spring of life,
Let every flowret bloom;
The budding virtues in thy breast
Shall yield the best perfume.

This nosegay in thy bosom plac'd,
A moral may convey:

For soon its brightest tints shall fade, And all its sweets decay.

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