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supervisors aforesaid shall audit the same, and cause the amount so
audited to be paid out of the monies aforesaid.

CH A P. V.


3. Clerk of the county, his duty with respect to the jury boxes.
1. Jury Diftri&s, county may be divided into two.-3. Jury boxes, four to be provided.

4. jurors to be taken from the diftriĉt where the courts are held.

AN ACT to divide the County of Madison into Jury Districts.

Passed February 20, 1807.

I. D E it enacted by the People of the State of New York, repre I

D sented in Senate. and Assembly, That the judges and assist-

ant justices in the county of Madison, may, in their discretion, at

their next term of the court of common pleas, to be held in and for

the said county, on the first Tuesday in June next, divide the said

county into two districts, as nearly equal as may be convenient, and

shall cause the said division to be entered on the minutes of the

court, which entry shall designate each of said districts.

II. And be it further enacted, That the clerk of said county shall %

immediately after the division of the said county in manner as afore-

said, provide four jury boxes for said county, and shall mark on two

of said boxes the name of one of the said districts, and on the re-

maining boxes the name of the other of the said districts : and it 3

shall be the duty of the said clerk to put the slips of paper contain-

ing the names of persons residing in each of the said districts, who

are or shall be returned to him in pursuance of the act, entitled “ an

act for regulating trials of issues, and for returning able and sufficient

jurors,” into one of the boxes belonging to the districts in which such

persons shall severally reside.

III. And be it further enacted, That jurors for the trial of issues

in the circuit court, court of oyer and terminer and gaol delivery,

and court of common pleas and general sessions of the peace, to be

held in and for said county of Madison, at any time after the first

Tuesday of June next, shall be taken from one of the jury boxes be. .

longing to the district in which either of the said courts is then next

to be held, in the manner directed in and by the act herein recited,

and as if each of the said districts were separate and distinct counties,

any thing in the said act to the contrary notwithstanding.

cluded in the town of Norwich, shall be and the same is hereby an-
nexed to the town of Columbus.

II. And be it further enacted, That as soon as may be after the
first Tuesday in April next, the supervisors and overseers of the
poor of the town of German, in the county of Chenango, and the
town of De Ruyter, in the county of Madison, on notice being
first given for that purpose, shall meet together, and divide the mo-
ney and the poor belonging to the said town of De Ruyter previous
to the division thereof, agreeable to the tax-list of eighteen hundred
and five, and that each of the said towns shall for ever thereafter
respectively maintain their own poor.

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AN ACT to amend an Act, entiiled « An Act to vest certain Powers

in the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Part of the Town of Brooklyn,

in King's County."

Passed February 20, 1807.

I. D E it enacted by the People of the State of New York, repre.

D sented in Senate and Assembly, That the limits of the fire

district in the town of Brooklyn, be extended from the still-house,

along the East-river southwardly, to the public landing, near the

dwelling house of Ralph Patchin ; thencé eastwardly, up the road

leading from the said landing to its junction with Red Hook lane,

to where it intersects the road leading from Brooklyn ferry to Bed.

ford ; thence a northeast course to the head of the Wallabout mill-

pond ; thence, in the original line of demarkation to the place of


II. And be it further enacted, That the supervisors of the county

of Kings, or the major part of them, are herby authorized and di-
rected, at their meeting in October next, to cause to be raised, by
tax on the estates real and personal of the freeholders and inhabi.
tants of the fire district in said town of Brooklyn, one thousand two
hundred dollars, for the purpose of purchasing one large fire-engine
and implements thereto, in the same manner that the contingent
charges of the several towns in this state are raised, levied and col.

lected, and to be collected by the collector of the town of Brooklyn ;

which sum, when so raised and collected, shall be paid over into the

hands of the overseers of the poor of the town of Brooklyn, at the

same time, and under the same restrictions, as the money for the

support of the poor and other contingent charges of the said town

are directed to be paid.

III. And be it further enacted, That John Garrison, John M.

Hicks and Jacob Hicks, be and they are hereby appointed commis.
sioners to purchase the said engine and implements ; and it shall

and may be lawful for the said commissioners, or a majority of
them to purchase one large fire-engine, and the necessary imple-

ments thereto, and to draw upon the said overseers of the poor of

said town of Brooklyn, who are hereby required to pay to the or-

der of the said commissioners, or of the majority of them, the mo-

ney which shall come to their hands by virtue of this act ; and it is

hereby made the duty of the said commissioners to account with

the supervisor and justices of the peace of the said town of Brook-

lyn, when they shall be thereunto required ; and the overplus mo- 4

ney, if any there be, shall be applied to such uses and purposes as

a majority of the inhabitants of the said fire district shall, at their

public meetings, direct.

IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful S

for the freeholders and inhabitants of the said fire district, at their

election, on the second Tuesday of May next, to elect twenty-four

able bodied and discreet men, for firemen, in addition to the num-

ber that is allowed by the act hereby amended; and all the firemen 6

hereafter to be elected by the freeholders and inhabitants of said

fire district, shall be elected to serve for five years ; and that every 7

succeeding election for firemen in said district, shall be held once

in five years for ever hereafter on the second Tuesday in May,

any thing in the act hereby amended contained to the contrary not-


V. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful 8

for the said firemen, at their monthly meetings, by a majority of

votes, to fill all vacancies that may happen in the number of fire-

men within the period of the five years' election, by death, resigna-

tion, or otherwise.

VI. And be it further enacted, That the act, entitled “ an act 9

to regulate the keeping of gunpowder within the fire district in the

town of Brooklyn, in Kings county," passed the fourteenth day of

March, one thousand eight hundred and six, shall be in force within

the whole bounds of the said fire district, as the lines are by this act


A. ACT to divide the Town of Williamstown, in the County of


Passed February 20, 1807.

I. DE it enacted by the People of the State of New York, representa

D ed in Senate and Assembly, That all that part of the town of
Williamstown, known and distinguished on the map of this state
made by the surveyor-general, by the names of Campania, Rhada.
mant, Longinus, Richland and Alkmain, shall be and is hereby
erected into a separate town, by the name of Richland ; and that
the first town meeting be held at the dwelling house of Thaddeus



1. Masons' Society in New-York, incorporated-13. Tocontinue 10 years, with proviso.
2. ...... Name-3. Privileges-9. Powers-4. Estate limited,
15. Act declared public, and to be favorably construed.
11. Funds, if applied to other objects than those contemplated, charter to cease.
10. Members refractory, may be expelled-1). By the votes of 2-3rds of the members

12. And thereafter debarred from the advantages of the corporation.
5. Officerz-.-8. First named---6. Election, manner of.--7. Vacancies how supplied.

AN ACT to incorporate the New-York Masons' Society.

Passed February 20, 1807.

T HFREAS divers persons, inhabitants of the city of New-

V York, being masons, bricklayers or plaisterers, have formed
themselves into an association, under the name and style of “the
New-York masons' society," and have by a petition presented to
the legislature, set forth, that the objects they had in view were to
promote a friendly intercourse and good understanding among one
another, to relieve each other when in distress, to provide for the
education of the children of deceased and indigent members, and to
endeavor to render themselves more perfect in their respective
callings ; for which purpose they have raised a fund, a part of which,
not exceeding one fourth, may be appropriated towards the purchase
of a library to be chiefly composed of such books as may have a
tendency to improve them in their business, and the residue of the
said fund, after defraying the incidental expenses of managing the
concerns of the society, to be exclusively applied towards the relief
of distressed members, as well as of their widows and orphan chil.
dren, and for establishing a school for the education of the children
of deceased and indigent members. And whereas the said society,
in order that they may be enabled more beneficially to carry into
effect their charitable and laudable intentions, have prayed that
the said society may be incorporated for the purposes aforesaid, une

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