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State divided into five di

First Division-Western Division.

Rank of Second Division-Eastern Division. [The rest of this report altered by report of committee, 18th Dec. 1819. See No. 208.]

ACT of Dec. 21, 1814. Pamphlet edit. 36. 204. Sec, 1. Be it enacted, fc. That from and immediately after the passing of this act, this state shall be divided into five in divisions, and to each division there shall be a major general ; visions and

ten brigades the first of which divisions shall comprehend the districts of Edgefield, Abbeville, Pendleton and Greenville; the second division shall comprehend the districts of Barnwell, Beaufort, Colleton, Charleston, Orangeburg and Lexington, (except the Dutch Fork between Saluda and Broad rivers); one other division shall comprehend the districts of Georgetown, Williamsburg, Horry, Marion, Marlborough, Chesterfield and Darlington ; one other division shall comprehend the district of Richland, Sumter, Kershaw, Lancaster, Chester, and Fairfield ; one other division shall comprehend the districts of Union, York, Spartanburg, Newbury and Laurens, including the Dutch Fork between the Saluda and Broad rivers.

205. Sec. II. And be it enacted, fc. That the rank of the three last divisions created by virtue of this act, shall be ascertained and determined by lot, in the manner following, that is to say :. a joint committee of both houses shall forthwith cause the words divisions 6. Eastern division,” “ North-Eastern division” and “ Northern how deterdivision," to be respectively written on three pieces of paper, which shall be folded up and put into a hat, and they shall then cause a child under ten years of age, to draw out in their presence, two of the said pieces of paper, or lots, and that which shall be first drawn shall be the Third Division of this state; that which is next drawn shall be the Fourth Division ; and the remaining lot, or piece of paper, shall be the fifth Division.

206. Sec. III. And be it enacted, &c. That the rank of the brigades and regiments of infantry shall likewise be determined Ranbod bris. by lot, the First Division having the lowest numbers and highest iments how rank, those of the Second Division shall be next lowest in num-mined. bers and highest in rank, and so on according to the rank of the respective divisions, taking care so to conduct the drawing, that. the lowest numbers of the respective brigades be given to the lowest numbers of the respective divisions; that the lowest numbers of the respective regiments be given to the lowest numbers of the respective brigades, and that the rank of the battalions in their respective regiments, be always determined by the seniority of their respective majors.

207. Sec. iv. And be it enacted, &c. That the districts of Fairfield and Fairfield and Chester shall form and constitute one additional brigade, which shall be numbered according to the rank to which it may be drawn.

Rank of new

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REPORT of Dec. 18, 1819. Pamphlet edit. 58. 208. The committee on the part of the senate, who were or-dered to join a committee from the house of representatives to ascertain the rank of the several brigades and regiments within this state, agreeably to an act passed on the 21st Dec. 1814,* respectfully Report, that they have, according to the provisions of said act, proceeded to ascertain and fix the rank of the several brigades and regiments within this state, which are as follows:

The First Division, commanded by major general Butler, consists of the 1st brigade, slate known as the 4th brigade commanded by general McDaniel, and which brigade consists of the 1st regiment [late 17th regiment] commanded by col. Hodge, the 2d regiment flate 18th] commanded by col. Perry, the 3d regiment (late 15th] commanded by col. Walker, the 4th regiment [late 16th] commanded by col. McMillan, the 5th regiment (late 19th] commanded by col. Flemming ; the 2d brigade [late the 1st] commanded by general Hutton, which brigade consists of the 6th regiment (late 1st] commanded by col. Lomax, the 7th regiment [late 5th] commanded by col. Glasscock, the 8th regiment slate 3d] commanded by col. Scott, the 9th regiment [late 2d] commanded by col. Blocker, the 10th regiment [late 4th] commanded by col. Chappel.

The Second Division, commanded by major general Youngblood, consists of the 3d brigade [late 5th] commanded by general Oswald, and which brigade consists of the 11th regiment flate 230] commanded by col. Hay, the 12th regiment [late 20th] commanded by col. Lawton, the 13th regiment [late 24th] commanded by col. Thompson, the 14th regiment (late 22d] commanded by col. Lehre, the 15th 'regiment [late 21st] commanded by col. Bates; the 4th brigade, commanded by general Geddes [late 7th brigade), consists of the 16th regiment [late 28th] commanded by col. Cross, the 17th regiment [late 29th] commanded by col. Hayne, the 18th regiment [late 31st] commanded by col. Mallard, the 19th regiment [late 30th] commanded by col. Pinckney.

The Third Division, commanded by major general Strother, consists of the 5th brigade slate Srh] commanded by general Blair, and which brigade consists of the 20th regiment (late 32d] commanded by col. Capers, the 21st regiment [late 34th] commanded by col. Witherspoon, the 22d regiment [late 35th] commanded by col. English, the 23d regiment late 33d| commanded by col. Kinsler; the 6th brigade, commanded by general Bradley [late 10th], and which brigade consists of the 24th regiment [late 41st] comiranded by col. Davis, the 25th regiment [late 36th] commanded by col. McCreight, the 26th regiment (late 11th] commanded by col. Bradley, the 27th regiment (late 40th] commanded by col. Cherry.

The Fourth Division, commanded by major general Williams, consists of the 7th brigade [late 9th] commanded by

general McIver, and which brigade consists of the 28th regiment [late 39th] commanded by col. Lowry, the 29th regiment (late 38th] commanded by col. Rogers, the 30th regiment (late 37th] commanded by col. Irvine; the 8th brigade (late 6th] commanded by general Godbold, consisting of the 31st regiment (late 26th] commanded by col. Saltar, the 32d regiment [late 27th] commanded by Col. Bingham, the 33d regiment (late 25th] commanded by col Grice.

The Fifth Division, commanded by major general Tucker, consists of the 9th brigade [late 3d] commanded by general Dawkins, and which brigade consists of the 34th regiment (late 13th] commanded by col. Thomas, the 35th regiment (late 10th] commanded by col. Collins, the 36th regiment [late 12th] commanded by col. Duff, the 37th regiment (late 14th] commanded by col. Brenan; the 10th brigade commanded by general Wright [late 2d], which brigade consists of the 38th regiment [late 6th] commanded by col. Griffin, the 39th regiment (late 7th, commanded by col. O'Neal, the 40th regiment [late 9th] commanded by col. Richardson, the 41st regiment (late 7th) commanded by col. Adair. [See No. 110.]

Officers o

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PATROL DUTY. ACT of Dec. 17, 1808. Pamphlet edit.' 53. 209. Sec. vl. And be it enacted, fc. That no officer, either of infantry, cavalry or artillery, shall be excused from the per- the militia to formance of patrol duty, but every officer, either of cavalry, patrol fantry or artillery, and every private, shall be liable to perform patrol duty in the beat, under the captain of said beat withia which such officer or private resides.

PAY OF THE MILITIA. ACT of Sept. 24, 1813. Pamphlet edit. 7. 210. Sec. v. And be it enacted, fc. That from and after the Pav passing of this act, the officers, non-commissioned officers, mu- that of U. s.

Pay same as

troops. sicians and privates of the infantry, artillery, cavalry. and rifle-" men of the militia of this state, when called into service and embodied by the authority of the laws thereof, and whilst remaining therein, shall be entitled to the same pay, rations and forage, with the regular troops of the United States.

211. Sec. vi. And be it enacted, fc. That whenever the militia shall be called into the actual service of this state, by the When pay to authority of the laws thereof, their pay shall be deemed to commence from the day of their appearing at the places of battalion, regimental or brigade rendezvous, allowing to each officer, noncommissioned officer, musician and private soldier, a day's pay and rations for every fifteen miles from his home to such place of rendezvous, and the same allowance for travelling home from the place of his discharge.

212. Compensation allowed by law to the troops of the United States army.

From General Regulations of the Army,” pages 286, 287, 288,

[blocks in formation]


Number of
Rations per
Number o


CT CT er 10 C700

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Major General

Aid to do in addition to pay in line, 24
Brigadier General, - -
Aid to do. in addition to pay in line,
Adjutant General, : -
Inspector General, .
Quarter Master General, -
Quarter Master, - -
Assistant Quarter Master, in addition to 3

pay in line,
Pay Master General, $2500 per annum,
Pay Master, - - - -
Commissary General of Purchases, $3000?

per annum,
Commissary General of Subsistence
Assistant Commissary General of Subsis-

tence, in addition to pay in line,
Military Store Keeper, .
Topographical Engineer, .
Surgeon General, $2500 per annum,
Surgeon, . . . . .
Assistant do. ·

· · Professor of Nattural and Experimental

Assistant do.

Professor of Mathematics,
Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Professor of the Art of Engineering,
Assistant do.
Chaplain, and Professor of Geography,

History and Ethics,
Teacher of the French Language.
Teacher of Drawing,
Master of the Sword,
Colonel of Ordnance,
Lieutenant Colonel,
Lieutenant Colonel of Ordinance,
Major, • • • • •
Major of Ordnance, -
Adjutant, Regimental, in addition to pay ?

in line,
Captain, - - -
Captain of Ordnance, · ·
First Lieutenant, ·
First Lieutenant of Ordnance, .
Second Lieutenant,
Second Lieutenant of Ordnance,
Quarter Master Sergeant,
Principal Musician,

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Sergeant Major.


501.00 Artificer, Artillery, .

1001 010 Armourer of Ordnance,

oij 16 000 Blacksmith, of

16.000 Carriage Maker of Ordnance,

16 .0 1.0 10 Artificer of Ordnance, . .


0 0 0 Labourer of Ordnance. .

9 1 0 1 0 1 0

NOTES. Subsistence.-Commissioned Officers, who command a department or double-ration post, are entitled to an additional allowance of rations equal to the number opposite their rank in the schedule, or money in lieu thereof, at the rate of twenty cents for every ration not drawn in kind.

Servants.-For each private servant, an officer is entitled to, and actually does keep, he is allowed the pay, rations and clothing of a private sol. dier, or money in lieu thereof, the ration to be calculated at twenty cents, and the clothing at the contract price of infantry clothing,

Forage.-When not drawn in kind, is to be paid for at the rate of Eight dollars per month: for each horse an officer is entitled to, and actually does keep in service.

Fuel and quarters allowed to the officers and privates of the army of the United States.

Fuel per. Month.

From 1st From 1

| May to Nov. to

31st Oct. 30 April
Rooms. Kitchen

Cords. Cords.
Major General,
Brigadier General, Surgeon General, P

Master General and Colonel,
Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Quarter Mas- )

ter, Assistant Quarter Master, Pay |

Master and Surgeon,
Captain, Aid de Camp, Adjutant, Assistant i

Commissary, Assistant Surgeon &

All other Commissioned Officers, to each?

Each Mess of Six Officers,
To the Commanding Officer of a depart-

ment or separate post, and to ||
each officer of the Pay and Quar-
ter Master's Departments, for an

All posts where there are less than six offi-?

Every six noncommissioned officers, mu-)|

sicians and privates, including the
authorized number of washerwo-
men and servants,

QUARTER MASTER GENERAL. RESOLUTION of Dec. 20, 1823. Pamphlet edit. 108.

213. Resolved, That the quarter master general be instructed to report to the legislature, at their next session, the number and me kind of arms that have been distributed from that department ral to make from time to time, since the year 1800, and the names of the of arms. persons to whom delivered, together with such information as he may possess or be able to procure, in relation to the present sit

Quarter master gene.

annual report

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