A Volume of Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester in the Sixteenth Century, Volume 63

Front Cover
John Harland
Chetham Society, 1864 - Courts baron and courts leet - 208 pages

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Page 107 - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith etc.
Page 23 - The same oath which your foreman hath taken on his part, you and every one of you, shall well and truly observe and keep on your part : So help you God...
Page 30 - Conjuration, witchcraft, enchantment, and sorcery, to get money, or consume any person in his body, members, or goods, or to provoke any person to unlawful love, was by the 33 Henry VIII.
Page 74 - Philip and Mary, by the grace of God, king and queen of England, France. Naples, Jerusalem, and Ireland ; defenders of the faith ; princes of Spain and Sicily ; archdukes of Austria ; dukes of Milan, Burgundy, and Brabant; counts of Hapsburg, Flanders, and Tyrol.
Page 105 - I. in his parliament holden at Westminster, AD 1197, it was ordained that there should be only one weight and one measure throughout the kingdom, and that the custody of the assize, or standard of weights and measures, should be committed to certain persons in every city and borough ; from whence the antient office of the king's aulnager seems to have been derived, whose duty it was, for a certain fee, to measure all cloths made for sale, till the office was abolished by the statute 11 & 12 W.
Page 12 - Item, that two or three of the best of reputation in the counties shall be assigned keepers of the peace by the king's commission ; and, at what time need shall be, the same, with other wise and learned in the law, shall be assigned by the king's commission to hear and determine felonies and trespasses done against the peace in the same counties, and to inflict punishment reasonably, according to law and reason, and the manner of the deed.
Page 72 - Know ye this, my lord, that I shall be faithful and true unto you, and faith to you shall bear for the lands which I claim to hold of you, and that I shall lawfully do to you the customs and services which I ought to do, at the terms assigned, so help me God and his saints; and he shall kiss the book.
Page 122 - ... to the end neighbourly society might be maintained, and also a common stock raised for the repairs of the church, maintaining of orphans, placing poor children in service, and defraying other charges.
Page 69 - For that so much Dung and Filth of the Garbage and Intrails as well of Beasts killed, as of other Corruptions, be cast and put in Ditches, Rivers and other Waters, and also within many other Places, within, about and nigh unto divers Cities, Boroughs, and Towns of the Realm, and the suburbs of them, that the air there is greatly corrupt and infect, and many Maladies and other intolerable Diseases do daily happen...
Page 122 - Then, when this nippitatum, this huffe-cappe, as they call it, this nectar of life, is set abroach, well is he that can get the soonest to it, and spends the most at it, for he is counted the godliest man of all the rest, and most in God's favour, because it is spent upon his church forsooth.