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ALLEN J. ELLENDER, Louisiana, Chairman CLYDE R. HOEY, North Carolina

GEORGE D. AIKEN, Vermont OLIN D. JOHNSTON, South Carolina


EDWARD J. THYE, Minnesota CLINTON P. ANDERSON, New Mexico JAMES P. KEM, Missouri JAMES 0. EASTLAND, Mississippi


KARL E. MUNDT, South Dakota C. M. MOUSER, Chief Clerk



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Fernós-Isern, A., Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico.---

Ferris, Josiah, Florida Sugar Producers' Association, Clewiston, Fla-

Goott, Daniel, Labor Adviser's Office, United States Department of


Gorman, Howard W., chairman, resources committee, Navaho Tribal

Council, Ganado, Ariz----------------

Gorman, Samuel W., chairman, traders committee, Navaho Tribal

Council, Chinle, Ariz-------

Greene, Rev. Shirley E., agricultural relations secretary, Council for

Social Action of the Congregational Christian Churches, Merom,

Hayden, Hon. Carl, a United States Senator from the State of Arizona.

Jackson, Gardner, representing the National Share Croppers Fund,

Washington, D. C.---

Larin, Don, Chief, Farm Placement Service, United States Employ- ·

ment Service, United States Department of Labor..

La Tourette, William G., general manager, Garden State Service

Cooperative Association, Inc., Trenton, N. J..---

Magleby, R. T., representing the Northwest Agricultural Labor Asso-

ciation, Walla Walla, Wash..-

Magnuson, Hon. Warren G., a United States Senator from the State of

Mason, Walter J., member of the national legislative committee,

American Federation of Labor, Washington, D. C.--

McCormick, Clarence J., Under Secretary of Agriculture, United States

Department of Agriculture ----

Mets, Keith, president, Imperial Valley Farmers Association of Im-
perial County, Holtville, Calif..

Misler, Albert D., Office of the Solicitor, United States Department of
Mitchell, H. L., president, National Farm Labor Union (AFL), Wash-

ington, D. C'-----
Rainer, John, executive_secretary, National Congress of American

Indians, Washington, D. C--------
Riggle, John J., assistant secretary, National Council of Farmer

Cooperatives, Washington, D. C.--
Robb, Philip, representing the National Consumers' League, Prince-

ton, N.J
Rubottom, R. R., Jr., Officer in Charge of Mexican Affairs, United

States Department of State--



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Statement of_Continued

Stennis, Hon. John C., a United States Senator from the State of


Triggs, Matt, assistant director, Washington office, American Farm

Bureau Federation, Washington, D. C.----

Miscellaneous documents

S. 949, Eighty-first Congress--
S. 984, Eighty-first Congress.---
$. 1106, Eighty-first Congress-
Letter from Secretary of Labor Maurice J. Tobin, dated February 28,

1951, relative to draft of S. 1106 and its analysis -

Report of Federal Security Agency on S. 984, dated March 9, 1951.-

Report of Department of Agriculture on s. 949 and S. 984, dated

March 12, 1951.-----

Letter from Senators Edwin C. Johnson and Eugene D. Millikin, dated

March 8, 1951, relative to amendments proposed to S. 984.--
Letter from John H. Todd, Washington representative of the National

Cotton Compress and Cotton Warehouse Association, dated March

9, 1951, relative to section 508 of S. 984.----
Letter and memorandum from Senator Pat McCarran, chairman of

the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, relative to S. 984.--
Letter from C. J. Bourg, vice president, American Sugar Cane League,

dated March 7, 1951, relative to S. 984.----
Telegram from Cecil Č. Clark, president, Emergency Yakima Farm

Labor Corp., dated February 8, 1951.--------
Statement by Department of Labor on proposed operation of over-

night rest stops for migratory farm workers and their families----
Table showing number of farm workers, World War II lows and 1948

to date.--

List of agricultural labor users represented at hearing before the

Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry -

Statement by Department of Labor on Foreign Labor in Agriculture

in the United States, 1950.-----

Telegram from Kelley, Farquhar & Co., Tacoma, Wash., dated March

15, 1951, relative to S. 1106.-----

Telegram from Ivan H. Moorhouse, Olympia Canning Co., Olympia,

Wash., dated March 15, 1951, relative to S. 1106.--

Telegram from Brady T. Jones, Pictsweet Foods, Inc., Mount Vernon,

Wash., dated March 16, 1951, relative to S. 1106_-

Letter from J. L. Nairn, McAllen, Tex., dated March 11, 1951, relative

to S. 984.----------

Letter from Edward J. Overby, assistant to the Secretary, United

States Department of Agriculture, dated March 14, 1951, relative
to overnight rest camps for migrant agricultural workers and opera-

tion of the farm labor supply program during World War II.-----

Statement filed by John F. McGovern chairman, war manpower

committee, National Canners Association --

Telegram filed by Senator Karl E. Mundt from Kelley, Farquhar &

Co., Tacoma, Wash., dated March 15, 1951.--.
Telegram filed by Senator Karl E. Mundt from Elvin F. Kale, C. S.

Kale Canning Co., Bellingham, Wash., dated March 16, 1951.---

Supplementary statement filed by James E. Curry, National Con-

gress of American Indians.--

Letter and enclosures filed by Hon. Dennis Chavez, a United States

Senator from the State of New Mexico -

Letter filed by Senator Dennis Chavez from Senator Herbert H.

Lehman, dated March 15, 1951.------

Statement' filed by Hon. Samuel W. Yorty, a Representative in

Congress from the Fourteenth District of the State of California --

Statement filed by Hon. Zales N. Ecton, a United States Senator from

the State of Montana..

Statement filed by Felix S. Cohen, general counsel, Association of

American Indian Affairs, Inc., Washington, D. C.---

Statement filed by Jacob S. Potofsky, president, Amalgamated Cloth-

ing Workers of America, and chairman, CIO Committee on Inter-

national Affairs, Washington, D. C.--

Letter filed by Senator Allen J. Éllender from Rev. Arthur C. Churchill,

minister to farm labor, Memphis, Tenn.---.

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