Feudal tyrants; or, The counts of Carlsheim and Sargans. Taken from the Germ., by M.G. Lewis, Volumes 1-2

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Page 1 - The real name is Toggenburg; but as this would have sounded harsh in English ears, I have taken the liberty of softening it a little; and in several parts of this work I have changed the names of places and personages entirely.
Page 301 - The portals sound, and pacing forth With stately steps and slow, High potentates, and dames of regal birth, And mitred fathers in long order go. GRAT. 'iloncon : Piii.teJ by DN SIU'RY, Beiwick Stieet, Soho, FOR JF HUGHES, •WIGMORE sTREET, CAVENDIsH sQUARE. 1807. FEUDAL TYRANTS, / • ^/ Kc. Kc. Kc. Elizabeth, Countess of Torrenburg, tO
Page 88 - Ancient animosity, which had descended from father to son through a long line of...

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