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Red Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies, removal of, | Report, &c., Union Pacific Railread-Continued.

414; act making appropriatiou for payment of portance of grazing interests of the plains, 831; employés at, 619.

plans suggested to increase grazing intereste, Red Lake Indian agency, Minnesota, annual report 831; shipment of beet-cattle, 832; defective

of Agent Pratt to Commissioner, 523; location cbaracter of the law regarding reports, recom. and population, 503 ; agriculture, 503: education. mendations, &c., 834; copy of a letter from 503; morality, 503; mission work, 503; civiliza General Crook, 834. tion and progress, 523 ; buildings, 524 ; sanitary Report, Government Hospital for the Insane, 879: conditions, 524 ; suggestions for the benefit oi, officers of, 879; report of board of visitors, 891; 524.

synopsis of operations of the hospital during the Re-establishing lost corners of survey, 76.

year. 881: pumber of patients remaining. 881: Reformed Church, Indian agencies assigned to, 71 number of patients admitted, 881; Dumber of Regulations under the mining laws, 109.

patients discharged, 881; number of patients Religious bodies in charge of Indian agencies, 714. who died, 883; table showing nativity of patients Removal of Red Clond and Spotted Tail agepcies treated. 886: table showing form of diseases

to Missouri River, 414; of Quapaws, 419; of all treated, 887; table showing history of annual Indians in Colorado and Arizopa to Indian Terri. admissions, discharges, and deaths since opentory, 401; of the Poncas to Indian Territory, 417; ing of hospital, 890; table showing proportion of of Northern Cheyenne and Arapaboes to Wind recoveries, 890; agricultural products, and values River, Wyoming, 415.

thereof, of farm and garden, 892: expenditures Removal and outbreak of Southern Apaches, 416. and receipts, 893; estimates for the year ending Renshawe, John H., 789, 799.

June 30, 1879, 894; necessity of increasing the caReorganization and incr-ase of the clerical force of pacity of hospital, 895; estimates for appropria.

the General Land Office, legislation recommended tions, 897. in regard to, 1.

Report of the Hot Springs commission, 807; topoRepayment of purchase-money for lands errone.

graphical survey of reservation, 807; Hot Springs ously sold, or for other illegal exactions by local

Mountain, 808; time allowed to file claims, 80-: officers, embracing cases of deposits by settlers

number of claims filed, 808; cases heard by corto cover expense of survey, legislation recom.

mission, 808; West, or Whip-poor-will Monntain, mended in regard to, 6.

808; North Mountain, 809; reasons for extendiag Report of the Architect of the Capitol, 899 ; Capi.

the government reservation, 809: the law ambig. tol, &99; improvements made, 99; ventilating

uous, 809; duties imposed on the commission ca. commission, report of, 900; changes made in ven.

not be completed in one year, 810; progress made tilating apparatus, 901; names of commission on

in the work, 810; compensation inadequate, 810: ventilation, 901; Engineer of Capitol, 901; Capi.

history of reservation, 811; extract of report of tol grounds, 903 ; work done, 903; air duct, 904;

Dr. G. W. Lawrence, 812; engineer's report, 813; expenditures for the year 1876, 904; stairways

table of springs, 816; appropriation made and needed at the western entrance, 905; amount ex.

expenses estimated. 818. pended on Capitol extension, 906; court-house, 906: Botanical Garden and Bartholdi fountain,

Report on the Yellowstone National Park, 838; su. 906; naval monument, 907.

perintendent of park, 845; assistant superintend. Report of Columbia Institution for the Deaf and

ent. 838: modes of checking vandalism, 838 : er. Dumb, 849; officers of the institution, 845; college

ploration of the Yellowstone River, 8.38; a new faculty, 845; faculty of primary department, 845 ;

pass to the East Fork, 839; injury to Mr. Norris domestic department. 845; number of pupils, 849;

at Tower Fall, 839; additional legislation and cbange of officers, 849; health of the institution,

speedy appropriation needed, 840; remuneration 850 ; death of Frank A. Bronner, 850; course of

should be made for surrender of improvements, study, 850; exercises of presentation-day, 850;

841 : mining interests in the park, 841; new gey. address by J.C. Welling, LL.D., 851 ; conferring

sers discovered, 841; vandalism aud depredations of degrees, 853; compl-tion of college building.

committed, 842; large animals in the park, 343; 853; receipts and expenditures for the year, 853;

proteotion needed of birds, animals, and fish, estimates for next year, 855; catalogue of stu

843; revenne can be produced from sale of hides, dents, 856; regulations, 857.

furs, &c., 843; wagon-road a pecessity, 843; bri. Report of the Freedman's Hospital and Asylum,

dle-paths needed, 844; navigation of the Yellow 859; number of patients, 859; number of pre

stone River, 845. scriptions dispensed, 859 ; number of deaths. Reports, annual, of the United States surveyors. 859; Dativity of patients, 860; diseases of general, Idaho, 295; Utah, 299: Nevada, 311 : patients, 800; estimate for cost of bakery, 861; Arizona, 321 ; Washington Territory, 332: Orerent of hospital buildings and grounds, 861; gon, 342; California, 354; Louisiana, 220 ; Florappropriations, 861; surgeon-in-chief. 861.

ida, 229, Minnesota, 232; Dakota, 240; Nebras. Report of Columbia Hospital for Women and ka, 246, Wyoming, 253; New Mexico, 263; Colo

Lying-in Asylum, 863; officers, 863; medical rado, 274; Montana, 282. staff, 063 ; surgeon in charge. 865; appropriations Reports of construction of railroads. 72. needed for cottages and laundry, $65; cases Reports of work performed in the various divisions treated, 865-867; report of treasurer, 868; 1 of the General Laod Office, 109. amount appropriated for support of hospital, Reports of work performed in the Pension Office, 71, 869 amount appropriated for support of 739-754. hospital 1876, 870.

Reports of Indian snperintendents and agents, 427, Report of the government directors of the Union Reservations, military, abandoned and useless 4*:

Pacifio Railroad, 19; names of directors, 834; Indian, sarvey of, 71; Indian, in Kansas anal inspection of road, 819; expenses for rails, 819; Nebraska, 43. offices needed at Omaha, 819; offices needed at Reservations, Indian, list of, 642-651. eastern terminus of road, 820; damage to Mis. Reservations of public lands for military, towusouri River bridge, 820; damage to property from site, and salmon-fishery purposes in Montana, Missouri River "cut-off" at Omaha, 820; 68; Nebraska, 69; Arizona, 69; Wyoming. 69 express earnings, 821 ; desire to run its own Utah, 69; Dakota, 69; Florida, 70; Colorado, TO, sleepers, 821; operating its own coal-mines,

California, 70. 831; acres of land sold, 821; amount received, Review of laws governing the disposal of public 821, land-grant bonds, 621; number and class of lands, and legislation recommended in regard to employés, 822; floating debt of the company, same, 32. 822; cash assets, 822; debts over cash assets, Revised Statutes, legislation recommended to cor. 822; aid extended to other companies, 823; rect error in compilation of, 5. earnings of the road for the year ended June 30, Revolutionary bounty-land scrip, 105. 1877, 825; snit pending regarding what net earn. Riggs, A. L., missionary American board, Santee ings are, 825; is the road completed, 826; reim Indian agency, report of, 544. bursement of amount advanced in government Riley, Prof. C. V., Rocky Mountain locusts com bonds, 827; controversy between the government mission, xlvi. and the company, 8:27; litigation of the company, Rinehart, W. V., Indian agent, annual report of 827; business management of the road, 831; im.' Malheur agency, Oregon, 368.

lands 501



tawatan Kickan 001; A

Iowa, annation of i

Riv. 18: Green, 756, 757, 758, 760, 790, 798; Big San. | Siletz Indian agency, Oregon, &c.--Continued.

dy, 756; Brar, 756, 758, 501; Snake, 756, 763; Joho schools, 573; employés, 573 ; sugg ustions as to
Day's, 756, 758; Salt, 756; Harris Fork, 756, 758; legislation, 573.
Black Foot, 757 ; Portneuf, 757; Wind, 756, 757; Simms, J. A., Indian agent, ancual report of Col-
Little Wind. 761; Sweet Water, 762; Buffalo ville agency, Washington Territory, 582.
Fork, 764; Warm Water, 778; Yampa, 779; Sinnot. P. B., Indian agent, annual report of Grand
Wbite, 779; San Rafael, 790, 799: Sevier, 792,799 ; Ronde agency, Oregon, 565.
Price. 799: Uinta, 799; San Pote, 799, Weber, Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company, xxvi.
801; Jordan, 801.

Rocky Mountain locusts commission, xlvi; pub. Sioux, the, iii-vii; Ogallalla, removal of the, iii

lications issued. xlvi; area visited, xlvi; good Brulé, removal of the, iii ; unwillingness to reaccomplished, xlvii.

move, iii; chiefs visit Washington, iii. Rocky Mountain region, geographical and geolog. Sioux commission, act making appropriation for, ical survey of, 789.

616; ratification of agreement to surrender Black Ronan, P., Indian agent, annual report of Flathead

Hills, 413 : act ratifying agreement of, with the agency, Montana, 530.

Sioux and other Indians, 625. Roork, J. H., Indian agent, annual report of Kla

Sioux Indians of different tribes, act appropriating math agency, Oregon, 567.

$150,000 for enbsistence of, 614. Round Valley Indian agency, California, annual

Sioux war. 410; causes of, 410; sketch of, 411; rereport of agent to Commissioner, 4:35; location,

sult of, 413. 435; change of policy, 435; gardens, 436; im.

Sioux reserves, Dakota, Executive orders enlargprovements, 436: education, 436; sapitary con.

ing. 636, 637. dition, 436 ; religious progress, 436; industry, Sisseton Indian agency, Dakota, annual report of 436.

Agent Hamilton to Commissioner, 439; census. Round Vallay reserves, California, Executive

rolls, 460 ; receipts for supplies, 460 : enforcement orders defining the boandaries of, 635.

of policy. 460 ; progress in civilization, 461; laws Ruins in New Mexico and Arizona, 784.

needed, 461; recommendations for the benefit of, Russell, S. A., Indian agent, annual report of Ibi.

461. quiu agency, New Mexico, 549.

Sites for town purposes in Colorado, 70. Sac and Fox Indian agency, Indian Territory, an.

Sitting Bull, iv-vi; commission to visit, iv; renual report of Agent Woodard to ('ommissioner,

moved from the frontier, vi. 501 ; addition to cultivated lands, 501; build.

Sitting Bull Indian commission, report of, 719 ; let. ings, 501 ; school, 501 ; Absentee Shawnees, 502 ;

tor of instructions from Secretary of Interior, Mexican Kickapoos, 502; location of citizen Pot.

719 : organization of commission, 720; letter of tawatomies, 502.

chairman to Secretary of War, 720; telegram of Sac and Fox Indian agency, Iowa, annual report of

chairman to Secretary of War, 721 ; letter of Agent Free to ('ommissioner. 509 : location of

Adjutant-Gener:) to chairman, 721; letter of reservation, 509 ; adaptation of lands, 509; num.

cbairman to Governor General of Canada, 721; ber oť tribe, 509 ; persopal properts, 510; school, I

route of commission, 722: meeting at Fort Walsh, 510 : tribal relations, 510.

722; propositions submitted by chairman, 723; Sac and Fox Indian lands in Nebraska and Kansas,

reply of Sitting Bull. 724 : details of interview 421,

725 ; letter of Colonel McLeod to commission, Sac and Fox Indian reservations in Kansas and

726; suggestions of commission, 727. Nebraska, 43. Sac and Fox tribes, act providing for the sale of ! S'Kokomish Indian agency, Washington Territory, part of the reservation, 623.

annual report of Igent Eells to the CommisSt. John, Orestes, 763.

sioner, 592 ; buildings, 592 ; loss of employés, Saline lands, act of Congress in regard to, 108.

592; school, 592 ; suggestions, 593 ; sanitary con Salmon-fishery, reservation of public lands in ('ali.

dition, 593 ; missionary work, 593. fornia for purposes of, 70.

Smith, J., Indian agent, annual report of Warm Salt springs an'i laud adjacent are reserved from

Springs agency, Oregon, 575. sale, 141.

Soda Springs, 758. San (arlos Indian agency, Arizona, annual report

Sol liers' additional homesteads, 50. of Agent (lum to ('ommissioner, 430 ; capture of

Solicitor for Indian Bureau, need of, 403. renegades. 430; consolidation of agencies, 430 ; 1

Southern Apache Indian agency, New Mexico, an.

nual report of Agent Davis to the ('ommissionprogress, 430. Sau Carlos reservation, vii.

er, 558; habits of the Indians, 558; sanitary conSantee Indian agency. Nebraska, annual report of

dition, 558; removal to San Carlos reservation, farmer in charge to commis ioner, 543; removal, 543; houses, 543 : civilization, 543 : crops, 543;

Southern Pacific Railroad ('ompany, xxvi. schools, 543; missions, 543; report of mission.

Southern Vie Indian agency. Colorado, annual reary, 544.

port of, to Commissioner, 441; buildings, 441; Schnol.sections in California, 137 ; (olorario. 138 ; !

condition of Indians 441; dissatisfaction, 441. Nevada, 139.

Special land warrants, 106. Schoolcraft, H.R , 793.

Spotted Tail Indiau agency, iii; annual report Schumann, F., commission ventilating Honse of

of Igent Lee to the ('ommissioner. 461 ; changes Representatives, lii.

among the agents, 461 : Spotted Tail's mission Scouts, Indian, act concerning employment of, 621. '

of peace, 462, arrival of the hostile ('heyennes, Serip locations, revolutionary bounty-land, 105;

462 ; end of the Indian war, 462 ; number of In. legislation recommended for patents to issile for

dians at the agency, 462; bands of the Sioux Nalocations with, under sixth section act Jane 2.2,

tion, 463 ; good conduct of the Indians, 463 : 1860, 8; Sioux half-breed, 41.

suggestions for their benefit, 463; agricultural Scudder, S. H., 781.

prospects, 464; educational and missionary work, Searing, C. H., Indian agent, annual report of Paw.

464; crimes, 463; status of whites and mixed

Floods, 465; medical treatment, 466: Iudian sol. Dee agency. I dan Territory, 491. Seneca Nation, act making appropriation for sur.

diers, 466; supplies, 467. veya by, 619.

i Standing Rock Indian agency, annual report from Sherman, D., Indian agent, annual report of New Agent Hughes to the ('ommissioner, 467; census York agency, New York, 538.

of the Indians, 467 : progress of agriculture, 468: Shoshone and Bannock Indian agency. Wyoming, increase of rations advisedl, 469; erection of

annual report of Agent Patten to the Commie buildings. 469 anonity.soods, 469: condition of sioner, 603; buildings. 61'4; number of Indians, the schools, 469 ; sanitary condition. 470; state of 604; education, 604; missionary work, 604; pros. morals, 470; squaw-m. 11 and half-breeds, 470 ; pects, 605; clothing, 603; Indian massacres, 603 ; complaints in regard in the cutting of wooll, 470; recoro mendations in regard to reducing the num. sheds needed for tbe protection of stock, 471 : ber of white settlers on the reservation, 606.

necessity for more oployés, 471; assistance Siletz Indian agency, Oregon, second annual re. from the Army, 471.

port of Agent Bagles to the Compissioner, 573: Statement of trust fur dis and trist lends, 63. improvements, 573: buildings. 37.3; crimes, 373; Statistical table of the State and Territories, 216.


462; enthe agency, or of the Indibitural

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Stearns, Hon. M. L., Hot Springs commission, Trust fund and trust-lands, &c.-Continued. xlvii, 813.

bonds, 675; interest collected, 676; recapitulation, Stout, J. H., agent, annual report of Pima agency, 676; statement of appropriations for 1877, 676; Arizona, 427.

statement of appropriations for 1878, 677-679; re. Stowe, L., Indian agent, annual report of White ceipts and disbursements, 680; investments in Earth agency, Minnesota, 525.

other than stocks of the United States, 681-683 : Suits by adverse claimants in mining cases, 132. population, education, &c., 684-701 ; agricultural Superintendency, Central Indianı, annual report improvements, stock, &c., 702-713.

of Superintendent Nicholson to ('ommissioner, Trust-funds, Indian, act transferring custody of, 511. Superintendency, Northern Indian, annnal report | Trust-lands, Indian, schedule of, 630. of Superintendent Hammond to Commissioner, Tulalip Indian agency, Washington Territory, an

nual report of Agent Mallet to the ('ommissioner, Superintendents, Indian, reparts of, 427.

593; treaty, 593; promises of government. 393; Supervision of surveys, legislation recommended number of Indians, 594; amounts received and in regard to the, 9.

expended, 594; issue of annuities, 595; buildings, Sunnlies for Indian Burean act authorizing pur: 595; health, 595 ; small-pox, 595 : farm, 595: em chase of, in open market, 610, 619, 623.

ployés, 595 ; school, 595; mission, 596 ; underpas. Survey of islands and beds of meandered lakes, ment of agent, 596; suggestions for improve. sloughs, and ponds. 11.

ment, 596. Survey of Cherokee lands in North ('arolina, 70; Tule River agency, California, annual report of

Allegany Indian reservation of ('attaraugus, agent to Commissioner, 437; removal of agency. County, New York, 71.

437: location of reservation, 437; number of tribes, Surveying division of the General Land Office. 438; sanitary condition, 438 ; agriculture, 43o; work performed in, 51.

education, 438 ; missionary work, 438 ; civiliza. Surveyors-general of the United States. 154.

tion, 438. Surveyors-general, xxiv; consolidation of all the Tunnel rights under the mining laws, 118. offices of, recommended, xxiv.

Turner, W.M., special agent, report of, 570. Surveys, xxiv; abolition of the contract system' Tortle Mountain band of (hippewas, resolution suggested, xxiv.

authorizing payment of expenses of delegation Swamp-land division of General Land Office.

work of, 107: grants, legislation recommended in Uintah Valley Indian agency, Utah, seventh an regard to adjustment of, 12.

nual report of Agent (riteblow to the ('omnis Suspended pre-emption entries, 100.

sioner, 577 ; contracts, purchases, &c., 578 ; namTable of reports of construction of railroads, 78.

ber of Indians, and location, 578; outside an. Tabular statement of lapsed railroad-grants, 14.

tagonism, 578; Uintah Utes, 579 ; wealth, prng. Tabular statements; public lands surveyed and rt ss in civilization, 579; health, 579 ; missions

remaining unsurveyed, 135; disposals of public and schools, 580; trading-post and trading, 581, lands under various laws, fees and commissions issue of supplies, 581; government farming. 581; received thereon, 156 ; swamp-lands selected, 186; i suggestion ay to distribution of goods, 582. swamp-lands approved, 186; swamp-lands Umatilla Indian agency, Oregon : annual report of patented, 187; condition of bounty-land busi. i A gent ('ornoyer to the ('ommissioner, 574 : Dumness, 187; land-grants for railroad purposes, 108; ' ber of Indians, 574; wealth, 574; occupation, 574; land grants for canal purposes, 196; attach! size of reservation, 574; schools, 574 ; improve. ment of railruad rights, 197, estimates of appro ments, 574; condition of Indians, 575. priations, 201, 202 ; estimate of amount for sala- ! l'nion Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual ries and commissions of registers and receivere, report of Agent Marston to Commissioner, 503 ; 203; estimates of appropriations, 205, 208, 212; nanies of tribes, 503: Decessity of good laws, 503 ; estimates of balances of appropriations, 215; bis. benefits of establishment of lnited States courts, torical and statistical table of the States and 504 : population of tribes, 504: Cherokees, 504; Territories, 216.

school, 505; buildings, 505; personal property. Terry, General A. H, iv.

503: Delawares, 5C5; ('reeks, 505 ; education, 305 ; Texas boundary, 74,

politics, 506; ('hoctaws and tbeir schools, 506: Texas and Pacific Railroad Company, xxvii.

('hick asaws and their schools, 506 : freedmen, Thomas, B. M., Indian agent, annual report of 507 : Seminoles, 507; personal property of SemiPueblo and Cimarron agencies, 357.

noles, 507; religious affairs, 507. Thomas, Prof. C., Rocky Mountain locusts com: 1 Union Pacific Railroad ('ompany. xxiv-xxxvi. mission, xlvi.

I Union Pacific Railroad, report of the government Thompson, Prof. A, H., 789, 794, 798.

Į dir. ctors, 9. Timber-culture laws, decisions under the. 47.

Unitarians, Iuuian agents assigned to, 714. Timber depredations on the public domain, 16. i United Presbyterians, Indian agents assigned to, Timber-lands of the United States, legislation rec: 714.

ommended in regard to future disposal of, 25, T'seless military resorvations, operations under the XV-XX; depredations on, Xv-xix; too rapid ex. į laws relating to abandoned and, 42. hanstion of, xvi; discontinuance of the stumpage Utah, extension of public surveys in, 62 : reservasystem, xvii; extract of a letter to the Attorney. tion of public lands for military purposes in, . General about, xvii; suits for depredations on, Ute reserves, ('olorado, executive orders enlarging xvii; recommendations in regard to, xix; setting and establishing, 636. fire to, xix; recommendations for punishing burn. Valleys: Bear Lake, 759, 757: Blue ('reek, 737; ers of, xy.

('ache, 757 ; Malade, 757; Portneuf, 757; Black Town-siter, 94; entries patented, 95; patents may foot, 765; Lincold, 767.

issue for mining claims within, 136; reservations | Vein or lode claims, manner of proceeding to ob

of public lands for purposes of, in ('olorado, 70. tain government title to, 119. Traders, Indian Commissioner to bare sole power Veins or lodes, mineral, patents for, heretofore is. to appoint, 623.

sued, 117; manner of locating, after May 10, Traderships, Indian, consideration of, 404: difficul. 1872, 117.

ties resulting from establishing, 404; monopoly Ventilating commission, report of, 900. of the business will not be favored, 405.

Virginia military district, Ohio, 106. Treaty stipulations with Indian tribes, act making Visiting committee of Columbia Hospital for 1 appropriation for fulfilling, for 1876-'77, 621; for men, 874. 1877-'78, 626.

Vore, I., Indian agent, annnal report of Omaba Trust-fund and trust-lands, 663: statement of in: agency, Nebraska, 539.

vestments in stocks of tribal funds, 664; redemp Wagon-roads, grants for military, 193. tion of bonds since November 1, 665; names of Wallowa Valley reserve, Oregon, executive order tribes for whom stock is held in trust, 665; stock restoring to the public domain, 641. account in detail, 666, 669; stocks held by Treas. | Ward, L. F., 793. urer United States, 670; funds held in trust by Warm Springs Indians, vi government, 670, 671; interest collected on Warm Springs Indian agency, Oregon, adunare United States bonds, 672, 675; interest on State port of Igent Smith to the ('ummissioner 575. 577.

Warm Springs Indian agency, &c.-Continued | Wichita Indian agency, &C.-Continued. trials and discouragements, 575; weather, crops, 508; stock.raising, 508 ; school, 50%; religious &c., 576; number of Indians, 576 ; health, sick i meetings, 508; depredations, 509 ; crops and snp. ness, and death, 576; schools, 576, religious in. plies, 509; intemperance, 509;, 509; terests, 576; grain and provisions, 577; game,' dissatisfaction, 509. 577; crimes, 577; houses, &c., 577; employés, Williams, A. (., Indian agent, annual report of

Wichita agency, Indian Territory, 508. Warrants, military bounty-land and special, 104. Williamson, John P., Indian agent, annual report Washington Territory, extension of public sur of Flandrean special agency, Dakota, 451. veys in, 57.

Winnebago Indian agency, Nebraska, annual re. Weaver. F. 11., Indian agent, annual report of port of gent White to Commissioner, 544; treaty Southern Ute agency, Colorado, 441.

stipulations, 514; claim on government, 545 Western Pacific Railroad ('ompany, xxviii-xxxi.

chauge of reservations, 545; grasshoppers, 545 : Western Shoshone Indian agency, Nevada, an !

buildings, 545; industrial school, 545; census of nual report of farmer in charge to Commissioner, i

tribe, 546. 347; improvement during the year, 547 : par

Wilson, A. D., 755. chase of farming-utensils, 548; suitability of

Woodard, L., Indian agent, annual report of Sac Duck Valley as a reservatioa, 548; increase of and Fox agency, Indian Territory, 501. disease, 548; superstitions regarding removal,

Wyoming Territory, extension of public surveys 549; false report of combination with Vez

in, 63 ; reservation of public lands for military Percés, 549. Wheeler, O. D., 790, 798.

purposes in, 69.

Yakaina, Indian agency, Washington Territory, Wheeler, W.D., Indian agent, annual report of Los

annual report of Agent Wilbur to the CommisPinos agency, Colorado, 439.

sioner, 596; progress, 596 ; crimes, 596; farming, White, Dr. C.A., 756, 779.

597; shops, 597; mills, 597; education, 597; White, H., Indian agent, annual report of Winne.

churches, 598; sanitary condition, 598. bago agency, Nebraska, 544.

Yankton Indian agency. annual report of Arrent White Earth Indian agency, Minnesota, annual | report of Agent Stowe to Commissioner, 525;

Gasmann to the Commissioner, 471 ; number of location of reservation, 525 ; condition, 325;

Indians, 471 ; their condition and babits, 471 ; vil.

lage life detrimental to progress. 471 ; cattle rais. habits and dispositione, 526 ; progress, 526 ; edu. cational, 526 ; religion, 526; work of past year,

ing, 472; progress in agriculture, 472; sheep-cult. 527.

ure, 473; industrious habits, 473 ; schools and White Mountain reserves, Arizona, executive or !

churches, 473 ; need of legislation, 474 ; injurious ders restoring, to the public domain, 633.

practices, and prospects, 474. White River agency, ('olorado, annual report of

it of Yarrow, Dr. H.C., 797. agent to Commissioner, 442 ; number of Indians,

Yellowstone Park, li; P. W. Norris, superintend. 412; relations with whites, 442; Indians absent,

ent, li ; report, li; appropriation needed, li. 442 ; progress, 412; school, 443 ; stock, 443; agri Yellowstone National Park, report of the superin. culture, 443; health, 444.

tendent, 3. White River, Dakota, iii; removal of the Sioux Yellowstone River, exploration of, 838; navigation to, iii.

1 of 845. Whitney, Prof. W. D., 797.

Young, John, Indian agent, annual report of BlackWilbur, J. H., Indian agent, annual report of Yaka. feet agency, 527. ma agency, Washington Territory, 596.

Zicarilla Apache reserve, New Mexico, Executive Wichita Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual order restoring, to the public domain, 638.

report of Agent Williams to Commissioner, 508 ; i Zuni Pueblo reserve, New Mexico, Executive order enumeration of tribes, 50%; cultivation of lands, establishing, 639.

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