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Kansas Indian agency, &c-Continncd.

| Lutherans, Evangelical, Indian agencies assigned
on reserve, 516; suggestion on holding lands in to, 714.
severalty, 517.

McKee, R., act for the relief of, 629.
Kanvas ludian lands, act providing for the sale of, Mackinaw Indian agency, Michigan, annual re.

port of Agent Lee to Commissioner, 517; draw.
Kansas Pacific Railroad Company, xxv, xxxvi; backs to agricultural pursuits, 517; dissatisfac.

placed in the bauds of a receiver, XXXV; ils tion of tribes, 518; productions, 517; religion,
failure owing to the action of the Union Pacific 517 : treaty of 1855, 518: character of Indians,
Railroad Company, XXXV.

519: educational interests, 519; statistics of
Kelly, Gen. B. F., superintendent Hot Springs reg. produce, 519; Pottawatomies of Huron, 519;
ervation, xlviii.

condition of Indians, 519.
Kent, M. B., Indian agent, annual report of Great McLaughlin, James, Indian agent, annual report
Vemala agency, Nebraska 537.

of Devil's Lake agency, Dakota, 451.
King, H. G.. Indian agent, annual report of Chip. Mahau, I. L., Iodian agent, anpual report of the
pewa agency, Minnesota, 520.

erior, Wisconsin, 600.
Kiowa and Comanche agency, Indian Territory, 'Malheur Indian agency, Oregon, annual report of

annual report of Agent Haworth to Commig. 1 Agent Rinebart to the Commissioner, 568; loca.
sioner, 483; unfavorable season, 483 ; cattle tion of agency, 568; Snakes, 568; Pi. Utes, 569 ;
issue, 483: school. 483; church attendauce, 484; Indian labor, 569; farms, 569; Idaho Indian
houses, 485, buildings, 485.

war, 569; report of Special Agent Turner, 570 ;
Klamath Indian agency. Oregon, tirst annual re. appropriations, 570 ; suggestions as to policy,

port of Agent Roork to the Commissioner, 567 ;. 571 ; schools, 571 ; issues. 572; spoliation claims,
population, 567; edacation, 567 ; mechanical, 572; Crickets, 572; morals, 572.
arts, 567; agricultore, 567; religions interests, Malheur reserves, Oregon, executive orders en.
567; health, 568: prospects, 568: relations with larging and restoring to the public domain, 640.
government, 568.

Mallery, Col. G., 797.
Klamath Indian reservation, 419.

Mallet, E., Indian agent, annual resort of Tulalin
Klamatb Indians, adju-troent of differences with agency, Washington Territory, 593.
government advised, 420.

Marston, S. W., Indian agent, annual report of
Labor, Indian, despised, 400; snggestions as to Union agency, Indian Territory, 503.
overcoming their repuguance for it, 400.

Mason, Prof. 0. T., 797.
Lakes: Salt, 758, 702; Brar, 759; Gray's, 763; Yellow. Menomonee reservation, act authorizing sale of

stone. 764: Lewis, 764; Shos bone, 764: Utab, 792. logs of, 615.
Land-graat approvals, 40.

Mescalero Indian agency, New Mexico second
Land-grants to Indians recommended, 461.

annual report of Ageot Godfroy to Commis-
Lands, public, in the Southern States, action of sioner, 550; agency and reservation, 550 : diffi.

office in regard to, 49; hearings to establish the culty of convincing Indians of rights of settlers.
character of, 125.

551 ; necessity of controlling trade, 551 ; sug.
Lapsed land-grants, xxiv; the lands should be re gestions as to removal of agency, 551 ; buildings,
stored to the market, xxiv.

531 ; progress, 551; branches of industry, 552 ;
Lapsed railroad-grants, legislation recommended in agriculture, 552; education, 552; sanitary con.
regard to, 12.

dition, 553 raids. 533 ; r lations with the mili-
Larrabee, C. F.,818.

tary, 553 ; recomiendations for stopping illegal
Law for the Indiave, evils resulting from the ab.I trattic, 554.

sence of, described by Bishop Hare, 398; a judi. Metallic cartridges. resolurion probibiting the
cial system desirabl, 398.

supply of, to h stile Indians, 628.
Law library for use of General Land Office, legisla Methodists. Indian agencies assigned to, 711.
tion recommended in regard to, 3.

Michigan certain lands in, act extending time for
Lawrence, A. G., iv.

homestead entries upon, 617.
Lawrence, Dr. George W., 812.

Mil tary bounty-land-warrant division : Summary
Laws and regulations relatiug to mining rights, 109. ot work and condition of business,
Laws for the government of the Indians, 461.

104 : district in Ohio, 106; reservations aban-
Laws relating to public lands, legislation recom. doned and useless, 42.

mended for the codification and revision of, 4 Milroy, R. H., Indian agant, annual report of Pu-
Lee, G. W., Indian agent, annual report of Macki. vailap agt ncy, &c., Washington Territory, 585.
Daw agency, Michigan, 517.

Mili sites, 123.
Lee, I. M., Indian agent, annual report of Spotted Miles, J. D., Indian agent, annual report of Chey.
Tail agency, Nebraska, 461.

enne and Arapahoe agency, 477. .
Leidy, Prof. J., 782.

Mineral lands, operations under the mining laws,
Lemhi reserve, Icaho, executive orde r establish 108; open to exploration, occupation, and pnr.
ing. 637.

chase, 116: lode claims, status of, located prior
Liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes, to May 10, 1872, 116; lode or veins, patents for,
statement of, 652-602.

heretofore issued, 117; toppel rights, 118; vein
Lightner, I., farmer in charge, annual report of or lode claims, manner of proceeding to obtain
Santee Indian agency, Nr-braska, 543.

title to, 119; adverse claims, 121; placer ground,
Livingston, Henry F., Iudian agen', auntal report quantity of, subject to location, 122; mill-sites,
of Crow Creek agency, Dakota 450.

123; hearings to establish the character of lands,
Location of Indian agencie-, 715-717.

Location of patented, 143.

Mineral resources of the United States, act of Con-
Lode-claims, status of, located prior to May 10, 1872, gress in relation to the, 115, 116.

Mining claims, appointment of deputy surveyora
Lode or vein claims, manner of proceeding to ob. of, charges for surveys and applications, fees of
tain title to, 117.

registers and receivers, 124 ; patents may issue
Lodes or veins, patents for, heretofore issued, 118. for, within town-zites, 136.
Los Pinos Indian agency, Colorado, annual report Mining claimants, proof of citizenship of, 124.

of agent to Commissioner, 439; bnildings, 439; Mining interests in Yellowstone National Park,
education, 439 : prejudice against manual labor, 841.
439; change in issue of ratione, 439; farming Mining laws of the United States an gulations
operations, 440; sanitary condition, 440; difti. thereunder, 109.
culties contended with, 440; recommendation , Mining rights, decisions affecting, 127.
in regard to the relinquishment of a part of the Mionesota, extension of public surveys in, 62.
reservation, 441.

Mission Indian agency, California, annual report
Lost corners, re-establisbment of, 76.

of agent to Comunissioner, 431; number of ln.
Louisiana, extension of public surveys in, 61.

dians, 432; condition, 432; encroachments of
Lower Brulé Ind an agency, Dakota, annual re. whites, 433; suggestions and recommendations,

port of Agent Gregor to Commissioner, 457:
number of Indians, 457: general conduct. 47: Mission Iudian reserves, California, executive or-
disadvantages, 457; buildings, 458 ; cattle corral, der establishing, 634, 635; executive order restor-
438; schools, 458; church, 458.

ing, to the public domain, 634.

Ano, luchty-land bummary

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Missouri River bridge, damage to 820.

Nez Percé Indians, &c.-Continued.
Missouria (see Otoe and Missouria), 43.

description of Chief Joseph, 607: his right to
Models of ruins at Centennial, 785.

Wallowa Valley, 608 ; answer of commission to
Montana, extension of public surveys in, 65 : reser his claim, 608 ; answer of Joseph thereto, CON;

vations of public lands in, for military purposes, cause of trouble with non-treaty Indians, 609;

recommendations for the settlement of, 609;
Monteith, J. B., Indian agent, annual report of Nez non-compliance by government with treaty obli.
Peroé agency, Idaho, 476.

gations, 010; consolidation of agencies, 610 ;
Morford, W. E., Indian agent, annual report of Colville agency, 612; United States law, 612;
Colorado River agency, Arizona, 427.

recapitulation, 612.
Mountains : Rocky, 761, 779, 783 ; Uintah, 781-785, Nez Percé war, iii, vi, 36, 407; canses of, 406 ; his.

791 : Wind River, 756-761, 778; Bear River, 757; tory of, 407; might have been avoided, vi; cap.
Pierre's Hole, 764; Grosventre Range, 764; Salt tives of, moved eastward, vi.
River, 764; Teton, 764 ; Leidy Group, 764, 776 ; Nichols, Dr. C. H., Superintendent Insane Asy-
Sheridan Group, 764 ; Owl, 764; Caribou Range, lum, l.
765; Blackfoot, 765; Putnam Range, 765; Wyo Nicholson, William, Indian snperintendent. ar-
ming, 775; Mount Hayden, 772; Mount Bain. nual report of Central Superintendency, Law.
bridge, 766; Fremont's Peak, 762; Higham's rence, Kaps., 511.
Peak, 767; Toowo-tu Pass, 777; Crowheart Butte, Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoes, removal of,
778; Seminole Hills, 760 ; Henry, 790, 79); Black 415.
Hills, 804 ; Wasatch Range, 792, 600; Book Cliffs, Northern Indian Superintendency, Dakota, annual

report of Superintendent Hammond to Comms-
Navajo Indian agency, Arizona, annual report of sioner, 444; location of agencies, 414; missionary

Agent Irvine to the Commissioner, 554; num. work, 444; drawbacks to civilization, 446; sug.
ber of Indians, 554; occupation, 554 ; agricult. gestions and recommendations for the improve
ure, 554 ; education, 555; recommendation in re ment of the Dakota Indians. 447.
lation to, 555, 556; buildings, 555; difficulties, Northern Pacific Railroad Company, xxvii.
556; condition of Moqui Pueblos, 556; recom. Northwestern Improvement Company, act author.
mendation for removal, 555; suggestion as to izing the, to improve the Oconto River, 619.
reservation, 556.

Ohio, Virginia military district in, patents issued
Naval monument, 907.

for, applications on file for lands within, 106.
Neah Bay Indian reservation, Washington Ter-

Olmstead, F. L., landscape architect, lii.
ritory, fourth annual report of Agent Hunting.

Omaha Indian agency, Nebraska, annual report of
ton to the Commissioner, 583; improvement of Agent Vore to Commissioner, 539; applications
Indians, 5e3; school, 583; tido-lauds, 584; agri:

for employment, 539; condition of Indians, 540 :
culture, 584.

prospects of crop, 510; purchases, 540; improve.
Nebraska, extension of public surveys in, 58; res.

ment, 540; schools, 510; missions, 510; needed
ersations of public lands in, for military por:

legislation, 540.
poses, 69.

Oregon, extension of public surveys in the State
Nevada, extension of public surveys in, 60;

of, 64; decision in regard to settlement on swanp-
school sections mineral in character do not pass

lands in the State of, 96.
to the State of, 139.
Nevada Indian agency. third annual report of

Osage Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual re-
Agent Barnes to the Commissioner, 546 ; loca-

port of Agint Beede to the Commissioner, 496;
tion of reservations, 546 ; agricultural prospects,

Osages, 486; crimes on reservation, 486: irre.
516 ; improvement in habits, condition, &c, 546;

sponsible traders, 486 ; prospects of hostilities,
Indians congregating along the line of railroad,

487; agriculture, 47: statistics, 488 ; govern.
546 : Washoe Indians, 547: schools and mission.

ment, 488; membership rights, 4-9: half-breeds.
ary work ; 547 ; sanitary condition, 547.

489; education, 409; dissatisfaction, 490: haws.
New Mexico, legislation recommended in regard to

settlement of private land-claims in, 26: exten-

Osage Indians, act autborizing expenditure of cer-
son of public surveys in, 66; decision of United

tain funds belonging to, 624.
States Supreme Court affecting private land-

Osage Jands in Kansas, act providing for sale of,
claims in, 51.

New York Indian agency, New York, eighth an-

Otoe and Missouria Indian reservation in Kansas
nual report of Agent Sherman to Coromissioner,

and Nebraska, 43, 421.
558; education, 558; Allegany reservation, 559 ;

Otoe and Missouria tribes, act providing for sale
Massachusetts's claim to lands, 559; pre-emption

of portion of reservation of, 623.
right of Ogden Land Company, 559 ; present pop-

Otoe Indian agency, Nebraska, annual report of
ulation, 560; suggestion as to amendment of act

Agent Griest to Commissioner, 541; progress,
of February 19, 1875, 560; Cattaraugus reserva-

541; buildings, 541 ; purchase of supplies, 341;
tion, 560; treaties made by Senecas, 560 ; prog.

success of enterprise. 541; agricultural opera.
ress, 560; Iroquois Agricultural Society, 560;

tiops, 542; removal, 542; industrial school, 542;
temperance convention of Six Nations, 561;

sanitary condition, 542.
Thomas Asylum, 561; Cor planter reservation,

Otoe reservation, act making appropriation for
561; Tonawanda reservation, 561 ; schools, 561;

survey of, 619.
annuities, &c., 561; Oil.Spring reservation, 562;

Pacific Railroad compapies, what they have paid
treaty of Big Tree, 562; Tascaroras, 562 ; their

the government, xxviii; their ab lity to reim.
removal from Oneida, 563: Onondagas, 563 ; num-

borse the government, xxxi-xxxiii; their sys.
ber of Indians, 563 ; size of reservation, 563; re.

tem of accountability incomplete, xxxiii-XXIV:
ligions progress, 563; Oneidas, 564; Cayogas,

monthly reports necessary, xxxiv; a special
561; Sairt Regis Indiane, 564 ; increase, 564; gov.

bureau for supervising their accounts recom-
ernment, 564.

mended, XXXV.
Newlin, M. II., Indian agent, annual report of Pacific Railroad sinking-fund, xxx.
Kapsas agency, 514.

Packard, Prof. A. S., Rocky Mountain leeasts
Newton, Henry A., 804.

commission, xlsi.
Nez Percé Indians, removal to Indian Territory, Pagosa Hot Springs of Colorada, xlviii.

Parker, Richard C., acting agent, annual report of
Nez Percé Indian agency, annual report of Agent Hoopa Valley Indian agency, 431.

Monteith to the Commissioner, 476; improve. Patent Office, xxxvi; its business during the fiscal
ment of the Indians living on the reserve, 476 ; year, xxxvi; the appropriation for it insufficient,
educational matters, 476 ; progress in mecbani. xxxvii ; photolithograpbing nearly completed,
cal skill and building, 477; condition of the mills, xxxvii ; increase of revenge from trade-marks,
477 ; appropriations inadequate to the needs, 477 ; xxxvii; fees for trade-marks should be paid as
removal of some of the bands interrupted by hos. in other cases, xxxvii; a digest of patente
tilities. 477 : friendliness of the reserve Indians, granted recommended, xxxvii: an appropriation
477 ; religious progress, 477.

ne ded for its library, Xxxvii: duplicates of
Nez Percé Iudians, civil and military commission British patents received, Xxxvii: additional

to report of, 007; meeting at Lapwai, Idaho, 607; 1 office rooin demanded, xxxvii.

Patents, conveying the title of the United States | Pre emptors on public lands or Indian reserva-

to cer ain portions of the public domain, number tions, act extending time to, on account of
of, written, recorded, and transmitted during the grasshopper depredations, 616.
fiscal year, 36; agricultural, total number of, Presbyteriaus, Indian agencies assigned to. 714.
engrossed, recorded, and transmitted from 1793 to Presbyterians, (Uaited,) Indian agencies assigned
June 30, 1877, 37; for lands within Virginia mili. i to, 714.
ary district in Ohio, 106 ; may issue. for town. | Private land claims, xxii; legislation for the more
sites upon mineral land, 136; list of, issued for Speedy settlement of needed, xxiii, 26; the num-
mining claims, 145.

ber of claims settled, xxiii ; recommendations
Patten, J. I., Indian agent, annual report of Sho! concerning the settl ment of, xxiii.
shone and Bannock agency, Wyoming, 603.

Private land-claims division in General Land
Pawnee Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual Ottice, work performed in, 51; in New Mexico,
report of Agent Searing to Commissioner, 491; } decision of United States Supreme Court affect.
location of agency, 491: buildings, 491; condition i ng, 51.

of Indians, crops, 491; schools, 492; scouts, 192. į Protestant Episco palians, Indian agencies as-
Pawnee lands in Nebraska, 421.

I sigued to, 714.
Pawnee reservation, act making appropriation for Protestants in mining cases have no right of ap-

surveys of, 619; act authorizing salo of, 614. I peal, 135.
Peale, Dr. A. C., 757.

Public lands, XV; disposal of, xr; surveys of, xv:
Pension Office, xxxviii, 729; number of claims on in the Southern States, action of office in regard

file, xxxviii, 739 : number of rejected claims re. to, 49: legislation recommended in regard to
opened, xxxviii, 739; number of claims allowed, the codification and revision of the laws govern.
Xxxviii, 740, 742; number of claims rejected, ing the disposal of, 4.
xxxviii, 739; number of claims filed and allowed Publication of notice in mining cases, decision in
since 1862. 745; number of pensioners on the rolly, regard to, 133.
xxxix; number of pensioners on the rolls yearly Publications: Geological survey, Hayden, xliv:
since 1861, 746; amounts paid to peusioners dur! 755; Rocky Mountain survey, Powell xlv, 709;
ing the year, xxxix; number of applications for i Rocky Mountain locusts commission, xlvi.
bounty-land, xxxix; work of the special service | Pueblo and Cinarron Indian agency, annual report
division, xxxix, 747; attorneys debarred from of Agent Thomas to the Commissioner, 557;
practice, xxxix; estimate for pension serice ! number of Ind ans at Puebloagency, 557; charac-
during the ensuing year, xl; suggestions for the ter of Indians, 557 ; occupations, 557; duties of
more prompt payment of pensions, xl, 730; a agert, 557; education, 557; ejectment of settlers.
corps of salaried surgeons recommended, xl, 730 ; 1 557; condition of Indians, 557; consolidation of
amendments of the pension laws urged, xl, 733 ; ('imarron and Pueblo agencies, 557; number of
working of the consolidated pension agencies, Indians at ('imarron agency, 558; condition, 558.
xl, 735; further improvements for paying pen Puyallup Indian agency, &c., Wasbington Terri.
sions under consideration. xli; biennial exami. tory, second annual report of Agent Milroy to
nations, 731, 751 ; reorganization of, 734; state. the Commissioner, 585; limits of agency, 585.;
ment of rates per month and number pensioned, ! Muckleshoot reservation, 585; Puyallup reserva.
743; statement of the ranks and number pen. tion, 586; homesteads and improvements, 586 ;
sioned, 744; statement of number of widows, mi. titles to homesteads, 526; schools, 587; mission
nors, and dependent relatives, 745; list of agencies, ary work, 587; farming and labor, 587; Indians
with locations and names of agents, 742-750; table of Shoalwater Bay reservation, 588; Nisqually
showing number of vouchers received and pay. reservation, 588; Chehalis reservation, 588;
ments made during September 1877, 752-754.

Squaxin reservation, 583; reasons for failure in
Peterson, H, C., act for the relief of. 629.

agriculture, &c., 588; suggestions, 589; allotment
Petoskes, L., act authorizing, to enter a certain titles, 589; Medicine Creek treaty, 590; educa.
tract of land, 629.

tion, 590; civilization, 590.
Pima Indian agency, Arizona, appual report of Quapaw Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual

Agent Stout to Commisioner, 427: nu nber of i report of Agent Jones to Commissioner, 498; situ-
Indians, 427 ; failure of crops, 428; intem perance, ation of agency, 498; names of tribes, 498; num.
428 ; buildings, 428; diseases, 429; Papagos, gen. ber of Indians, 499; agricultural prospects, 500 ;
eral condition of, 4:29; property, 429 ; recommen: 1 educational interest , 500; missions, 500; habits
dations as to the settlement of, 429.

of Indians, 501 ; necesity of liquor law, 501.
Pima and Maricopa or Gila River reserve, Ari. Quapaw Indian reservation, viii.
zona, executive order enlarging the, 632.

1 Quapaw Indians, removal of, 419.
legislation recommended in regard to! Quinaielt Indian agency, Washing'on Territory,
the future disposal of, 16.

annual report of Agent Ilenry to the Commis.
Placer-mining ground, quantity of, subject to loca sioner, 590; number of families, 591 : school, 591 ;
tion, 122.

language of treaty , 591 ; fupds for school, 591 ;
Police force, Indian, recommended, 318; found to farming operations, 591 ; buildings, 59:2; difficul.

be of prime importance, 398 ; its efficiency in ties of transportation, 592.
Canada, 398 ; recommendation as to uniform, 398. Railroad companies, XXIV-XXXV.
Ponca Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual Statement of the condition of the Union Pacific
report of Agent Howard to Commissioner, 492 ; Railroad Company, xxiv; of the ('entral Pacific
removal of Indians, 492 : journal of the march, Railroad Company, xxV; of the Central Branch
493-495; situation, 495 ; success of removal, 496; Union Pacific Railroad Company, XXV; of the
Quapaw reservation, 496; farm, 496 ; settlement Kansas Pacific Railroad Company, xxV; of the
of title, 497; civilization, 497 ; sanitary condi. Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company, xxvi;
tion, 497; deaths, 497; buildings, 498; intoxicat of the Southern Pacific Railroad ('ompany,
ing liquors, 498; police, 498; employés, 498; ! xxvi; of the Northern Pacific Railroad Com.
census, 498.

pany, xxvi; of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad
Ponca Indians, vii; removal of, vii, 417; a delega. Company, xxvii; of the Texas and Pacific Rail.

tion of, visit Washington, viii; dissatisfied with road Company, xxvii; of the Denver Pacific
their new reservation, viii; to be compensated Railroad Company, xxviii; indebtedness of, to
for loss of property, viii : friendly disposition the United States, xxviii-xxxiv.
of, viii; a liberal provision for, recommended, Railroad division of the General Land Office, work
viii; legislation for compensation for property performed in, adjustment of grants, &c., 77.
suggested, 419.

Railroad grants, decisions affecting, 79.
Powell, J. W., superintendent Rocky Mountain Reconstruction of the Interior Department build.
survey, xlv.

ing, liii ; temporary roof, liii ; loss by fire, liii:
Powers, Stephen, 796.

reconstruction necessary, liji; more room needed,
Pratt, R. M., Indian agent, annual report of Red liii: commission to select plan for reconstruc.
Lake agency, 523.

tion, liii.
Pre-emption division of the General Land Office, Red Cloud Indian agency, Nbraska, iii: annual

work performed in, 93 ; rights, decisions affect. report of Agent Irwin to Commissioner, 458;
ing, 96 ; laws, operations under the, 94 ; legisla disturbances, 458 : location of Indians, 458; sug.
tion recon mended in regard to, 34.

gestions regarding removal, 458.

showing ade during

the relief of...

Rod Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies, removal of,

414; act making appropriatiou for payment of

employés at, 619.
Red Lake Indian agency, Minnesota, annual report

of Agent Pratt to Commissioner, 523; location
and population, 503 ; agriculture, 503; education,
503; morality, 503; mission work, 503; civiliza-
tion and progress, 523; buildings, 524; sanitary
conditions, 524 ; suggestions for the benefit oi,
Re-establishing lost corners of survey, 76.
Reformed Church, Indian agencies assigned to, 714.
Regulations under the mining laws, 109.
Religious bodies in charge of Indian agencies, 714.
Removal of Red Clond and Spotted Tail agencies

to Missouri River, 414; of Quapaws, 419; of all
Indians in Colorado and Arizona to Indian Terri.
tory. 401 : of the Poncas to Indian Territory, 417;
of Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoes to Wind

River, Wyoming, 415.
Removal and outbreak of Southern Apaches, 416.
Rensbawe, John H., 789, 799.
Reorganization and incrrase of the clerical force of

the General Land Office, legislation recommended

in regard to, 1.
Repayment of purchase-money for lands errone.

ously sold, or for other illegal exactions by local
officers, embracing cases of deposits by settlers
to cover expense of survey, legislation recom.
mended in regard to, 6.
Report of the Architect of the Capitol, 899 ; Capi.
tol, 899; improvements made, 299; ventilating
commission, report of, 900; changes made in ven-
tilating apparatus, 901 ; names of commission on
ventilation, 901; Engineer of Capitol, 901; Capi.
tol grounds, 903; work done, 903; air-duct, 904;
expenditures for the year 1876, 904; stairways
needed at the western entrance, 905; amount ex.
pended on Capitol extension, 906; court-house,
906: Botanical Garden and Bartholdi fountain.

906; Daval monument, 907.
Report of Columbia Institution for the Deaf and

Dumb, 849; officers of the institution, 845; college
faculty, 845 : faculty of primary department, 845 ;
domestic department. 845; number of pupils, 849;
change of officers, 849; health of the institution,
850 ; death of Frank A. Bronner, 850; course of
study, 850; exercises of presentation day, 850;
address by J.C. Welling, LL.D., 851 ; conferring
of degrees, 853; completion of college building,
853; receipts and expenditures for the year, 853;
estimates for next year, 855 ; catalogue of stu.

dents, 856; regulations, 857.
Report of the Freedman's Hospital and Asylum,

859; number of patients, 859; number of pre-
scriptions dispensed, 859; number of deaths,
859, nativity of patients, 860; diseases of
patients, 860; estimate for cost of bakery, 861;
rent of hospital buildings and grounds, 861;
appropriations, 861 ; surgeon-in-chief, 861.
Report of Columbia Hospital for Women and Asylum, 863; officers, 863; medical
statt, 863; surgeon in charge, 863; appropriations
needed for cottages and laundry, 865; cases
treated, 865-867; report of treasurer, 868;
amount appropriated for support of hospital,
71, 869 amount appropriated for support of

hospital 1876, 870.
Report of the government directors of the Union

Pacific Railroad, 819; names of directors, 834;
inspection of road, 819; expenses for rails, 819;
offices needed at Omaha, 819; offices needed at
eastern terminus of road, 820; damage to Mis.
souri River bridge, 820; damage to property from
Missouri River "cut-off” at Omaha, 820;
express earnings, 821; desire to run its own
sleepers, 821 ; operating its own coal mines.
831, acres of land sold, 821 ; amount received,
821 ; land-grant bonds, 821; number and class of
employés, 822; floating debt of the company,
822; cash assets, 822; debts over cash assets,
822; aid extended to other companies, 823;
earnings of the road for the year ended June 30,
1877, 825; snit pending regarding what net earn.
ings are, 825; is the road completed, 826; reim.
bursement of amount advanced in government
bonds, 827; controversy between the government
and the company. 827 ; litigation of the company,
827; business management of the road, 831; im.

Report, &c., Union Pacific Railrı ad-Continuer

portance of grazing interests of the plains, 831,
plads suggested to increase grazing interests,
831; shipment of beef-cattle, 832; defective
character of the law regarding reports, recom-
mendations, &c., 834; copy of a letter from
General Crook, 834.
Report, Government Hospital for the Insane, 879;

officers of, 879; report of board of visitors, 881;
synopsis of operations of the hospital during the
year, 881 ; number of patients remaining, 881 ;
number of patients admitted, 881; number of
patients discharged, 881; number of patients
who died, 883; table showing nativity of patients
treated, 886; table showing form of diseases
treated, 887; table showing history of annual
admissions, discharges, and deaths since open-
ing of hospital, 890; table showing proportion of
recoveries, 890; agricultural products, and values
thereof, of farm and garden, 892; expenditures
and receipts, 893; estimates for the year ending
June 30, 1879, 894; necessity of increasing the ca-
pacity of hospital, 895; estimates for appropria-
tions, 897.
Report of the Hot Springs commission. 807 ; topo-

graphical survey of reservation, 807; Hot Springs
Mountain, 808 ; time allowed to file claims, so;
number of claims filed, 808; cases heard by com-
mission, 808; West, or Whip-poor-will Mountain,
808; North Mountain, 809; reasons for extending
the government reservation, 809; the law ambig.
uous, 809; duties imposed on the commission cac-
not be completed in one year, 810; progress made
in the work, 810; compensation inadequate, 810:
history of reservation, 811; extract of report of
Dr. G. W. Lawrence, 812; engineer's report, 813:
table of springs, 816; appropriation made and
expenses estimated, 818,
Report on the Yellowstone National Park, 838 ; su-

perintendent of park, 845; assistant superintend
ent, 838; modes of checking vandalism, 838 : er.
ploration of the Yellowstone River, 838: a new
pass to the East Fork, 839; injury to Mr. Norris
at Tower Fall, 839; additional legislation and
speedy appropriation needed, 840; remuneration
should be made for surrender of improvements,
841 : miniog interests in the park, 841; new gey.
sers discovered, 841; vandalism aud depredations
committed, 842: large animals in the park, 343:
protection needed of birds, animals, and fish.
843; revenue can be produced from sale of hides,
furs, &c., 843; wagon-road a necessity, 843; bri.
dle-pat he needed, 844; navigation of the Yellow-
stone River, 845.
Reports, annual, of the United States surveyors.

general. Idaho, 295; Utah, 299, Nevada, 311:
Arizona, 321; Washington Territory, 332Ore.
gon, 342; California, 354; Louisiana, 220; Flor-
ida, 229: Minnesota, 232: Dakota, 240: Nebras.
ka, 246 ; Wyoming, 253; Now Mexico, 263; Colo.

rado, 274; Montana, 292.
Reports of construction of railroads, 78.
Reports of work performed in the various divisions

of the General Land Office. 109.
Reports of work performed in the Pension Office,

Reports of Indian superintendents and agents, 427.
Reservations, military, abandoned and useless. 42:

Indian, survey of, 71; Indian, in Kansas and

Nebraska, 43,
Reservations, Indian, list of, 642-651.
Reservations of public lands for military, towy-

site, and salmon-fishery purposes in Montaua,
68 ; Nebraska, 69; Arizona, 69; Wyoming. 69;
Utah, 69; Dakota, 69; Florida, 70; Colorado, 70 ;
California, 70.
Review of laws governing the disposal of publio

lands, and legislation recommended in regard to

same, 32.
Revised Statutes, legislation recommended to cor-

rect error in compilation of, 5.
Revolutionary bounty-land scrip, 105,
Riggs, A, L., missionary American board, Santee

Indian agency, report of, 544.
Riley, Prof. C. V., Rocky Mountain locusts com-

mission, xlvi.
Rinehart, W. V., Indian agent, annual report of

Malheur agency, Oregon, 360.

Riv: is: Green, 756, 757, 758, 760, 790, 798; Big San- | Siletz Indian agency, Oregon, &C.-Continued.
dy, 756; Brar, 756, 758, 801 ; Snake, 756, 763; Johol schools. 573; employés, 573 ; suggestions as to
Day's, 756, 758 ; Salt, 756; Harris Fork, 756, 758; legislation, 573.
Black Foot, 757; Portneuf, 757; Wind, 756, 757; Simms, J. A., Indian agent, aprual report of Col.
Little Wiod. 761; Sweet Water, 762; Buffalo I ville agency. Washington Territory, 582.
Fork, 764; Warm Water, 778; Yampa, 779; Sinpot. P. B., Indian agent, annual report of Grand
White, 779; San Rafael, 790, 799 ; Sevier, 792,799 ; Ronde agency, Oregon, 565.
Price. 799: Uinta, 799; San Pete, 199, Weber, Sioux City and Pacific Railroad Company, xxvi.
801; Jordan, 801.

Rocky Mountain locusts commission, xlsi; pub Sioux. the, iii-vii; Ogallalla, removal of the, iii ;

lications issued. xlvi; area visited, xlvi; good Brulé, removal of the, iii; unwillingness to re-
accomplished, xlvii.

move, ill; cbiets visit Washington, 111.
Rocky Mountain region, geographical and geolog Sioux commission, act making appropriation for,
ical survey of, 789.

616; ratification of agreement to surrender Black
Ronan, P., Indian agent, annual report of Flathead

Hills, 413; act ratifying agreement of, with the
agency, Montana, 530.

Sioux and other Indians, 625.
Roork, J. H., Indian agent, appual report of Kla.

Sioux Indians of different tribes, act appropriating
math agency, Oregon, 567.

$150,000 for subsistence of, 614.
Round Valley Indian agency, California, annual

Sioux war, 410; causes of, 410; sketch of, 411; re-
report of agent to Commissioner, 4:35; location,

sult of. 413.
435; change of policy, 435; gardens, 436 ; im Sioux reserves, Dakota, Executive orders enlarg-
provements, 436; education, 436 ; sabitary con.

ing, 636, 637.
dition, 436 ; religious progress, 436; industry, Sisseton Indian agency, Dakota, annual report of

Agent Hamilton to Commissioner, 459; census-
Round Valley reserves, California. Executive

rolls, 460 ; receipts for supplies, 460 ; enforcement
orders defining the boundaries of, 633,

of policy. 460; progress in civilization, 461 : laws
Ruins in New Mexico and Arizona, 784.

needed, 461; recommendations for the benefit of.
Russell, S. A., Indian agent, annual report of Ibi.

quiu agency, New Mexico, 549.

Sites for town purposes in Colorado, 70.
Sac and Fox Indian agency, Indian Territory, an.

Sitting Bull, iv-vi; commission to visit, iv; re-
nual report of Agent Woodard to Commissioner.

moved from the frontier, vi.
501 ; addition to cultivated lands, 501; build.

Sitting Bull Indian commission, report of, 719; let-
ings, 501 ; school, 501 ; Absentee Shawnees, 502 ;

tar of instructions from Secretary of Interior,
Mexican Kickapoos, 502 ; location of citizen Pot.

719organization of commission, 720; letter of
tawatomies, 502.

chairman to Secretary of War, 720; telegram of
Sac and Fox Indian agency, Iowa, annual report of

chairman to Secretary of War, 721 ; letter of
Agent Free to Commissioner. 509 : location of

Adjutant-Generil to chairman, 721 ; letter of
reservation, 509; adaptation of lands, 509; num. chairman to Governor-General of Canada, 721;
ber of tribe, 509 ; personal properts, 510; school,

route of commission, 722; meeting at Fort Walsh,
510 : tribal relations, 510.

722; propositions snbmitted by chairman, 723;
Sac and Fox Indian lands in Nebraska and Kansas,

reply of Sitting Bull, 724; details of interview,

725 letter of 'Colonel McLeod to commission,
Sac and Fox Indian reservations in Kansas and

726; suggestions of commission, 727.
Nebraska, 43.
Sac and Fox tribes, act providing for the sale of

S'Kokomish Indian agency. Washington Territory,
part of the reservation, 623.

annual report of Agent Eells to the Commis
St. John, Orestes, 765.

sioner, 592; buildings. 592 ; loss of employés,
Saline lands, act of Congress in regard to, 108.

592 ; school, 592 ; suggestions, 593 ; sanitary con-
Salmon-fishery, reservation of public lands in ('ali-

dition, 593 ; missionary work, 593.
fornia for purposes of, 70.

Smith, J., Indian agent, annual report of Warm
Salt sprivgs and land adjacent are reserved from

Springs agency, Oregon, 575
sale, 141.

Soda Springs, 758.
San Carlos Indian agency, Arizona, annual report

Sol liers' additional homesteads. 50.

Solicitor for Indian Bureau, need of, 403.
of Agent Clum to ('ommissioner, 430 ; capture of
renegades. 430; consolidation of agencies, 430 ;

Southern Apache Indian agency, New Mexico, an.

nual report of Agent Davis to the Commission.
Sau Carlos reservation, vii.

er, 558 ; habits of the Indians, 558; sanitary con.
Santee Indian agency, Nebraska, annnal report of

dition, 558; removal to San Carlos reservation,
farmer in charge to ('ommis-ioner, 543; removal,

543; houses, 543 ; civilization, 543; crops, 543;

Southern Pacific Railroad Company, xxvi.
schools, 543; missions, 543; report of mission.

Southern Ute Indian agency, Colorado, annual re-
ary, 544.

port of, to Commissioner, 441 ; buildings, 441;
Schnol-sections in California, 137 ; ('olorado, 138;

condition of Indians. 441: dissatisfaction, 441.
Nevada, 139.

Special land-warrants, 106.
Schoolcraft, H. R, 793.

Spotted Tail Indian agen cy; iii: annual report
Schumann, F.. coin mission ventilating House of

of Agent Lee to the Commissioner, 461 ; changes
Representatives, lii.

among the agents, 461; Spotted Tail's mission
Scouts, Indian, act concerning er loyment of, 621.

of peace, 462, arrival of the hostile Cheyennes,
Scrip locations, revolutionary bounty-land, 105;

462; end of the Indian war, 462 ; number of In-
legislation recommended for patents to issue for

dians at the agency, 462; bands of the Sioux Na-
locations with, under sixth section act June 22,

tion, 463; good conduct of the Indians, 463 :
1860,8; Sioux half-breed, 41.

suggestions for their benefit, 463: agricultural
Scudder, S. H., 781.

prospects, 464; educational and missionary work,
Searing, C. H., Indian agent, andual report of Paw

464; crimes, 463; status of whites and mixed-
nee agency, I dan Territory, 491.

floods, 463: medical treatment, 466 ; ludian sol-
Seneca Nation, act making appropriation for sur-

diers, 466; supplies, 467.
veys by, 619.

Standing Rock Indian agency, annnal report from
Sherman, D., Indian agent, annual report of New Agent Hugbes to the Commissioner, 467; census
York agency, New York, 558.

of the Indians, 467 ; progress of agriculture, 468 ;
Shoshope and Bannock Indian agency. Wyoming, increase of rations advised, 469; erection of

annual report of Agent Patten to the Commis buildings, 469 annuity-woods. 469: condition of
sioner. 603 ; buildings, 614; number of Indians, the schools, 469 ; sanitary condition. 470; state of
604; education, 604; missionary work, 604; pros. morals, 470; squaw.

m l and half-breeds, 470 ;
pects, 605; clothing, 605; Indian massacres, 605; complaints in regard to the cutting of wood, 470;
recommendations in regard to reducing the num. sheds needed for the protection of stock, 471 :
ber of white settlers on the reservation, 606.

necessity for more employés, 471; assistance
Siletz Indian agency, Oregon, second annual re. from the Army, 471.

port of Agent Bagley to the Commissioner, 573: Statement of trust furds and trust lands, ( 63.
improvements, 573 : buildings. 57.); crimes, 573: Statistical table of the State and Territories, 216.

So Fress,

ervation, selvaska,

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