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Contested pre-emption cases received, decided, and : Chippewas of Lake Superior, Wisconsio, annual
on hand, 94.

report of Agent Mahau to the Commissioner.
Cornoyer, N. A., Indian agent, annual report of, 600; annuity payment, 600; agriculture, 601;
Umatilla agenoy, Oregon, 574.

schools, 602; recommendations, 602.
Courts in Arkansas and other States, act amend. : Cliricahua agency, act making appropriations for

ing certain sections of Revised Statutes relating removal of the Indians of, 616.
to, 624,

Chiricahua reserve, Arizona, Executive order re-
Cragin, Hon. A. H., Hot Springs commission, xlvii, storing, to the public domain, 632.
807, 813.

Cbittenden. G. B., 759.
Cravens, J. F., Indian agent, annual report of, Christian Unionists, Indian agencies assigned to,
('heyenne River agency, Dakota, 447.

Critchlow, J. J., Ludian agent, aunual report of, Cimarron agency, annual report of Agent Thomas
Uintah Valley agency, Utah, 577

to Commissioner, 557; consolidation with Pueblo
Crook, General, possesses the confidence of the agency, 557; number of Indians, 558; condition,
Sioux, iv.

&c., 558.
Crow agency, Mout ina, annual report of Agent Civil and military commission to Nez Percé In-

Frost to Commissioner, 528; location of agency, ! dians, report of, 607.
5:28 ; buildings, 529; condition of Indians, 529; Civilization of Indians not impossible, 398; pre-
game and bunting grounds, 529; farming, E29 ; liminaries es-ential to, 398.
disposition of the Crows, 529; schools, 5:30; "the Claik, F. A., 807.
Home, 530; civilization, 530, Christian influ. Clum, John P., Indian agent, annual report of San
ence, 530,

Carlos agency, Arizona, 430.
Crow ('reek Indian agency, Dakota, annual report Clerical force of General Land Offic, legislation

of Agent Livingstone to Commissioner, 450; cen. , recommended in regard to, 1.
sus-roll, 450 : general behavior, 450; religious ! Clothing Indians, methods of, 401; a new mate.
progress, 450 ; farming, 450; schools, 450.

rial desirable, 401.
Crow reserve, Montana, executive orders enlarg. Clum, Agent, vii.

ing and restoring, to the public domain, 639. Dakota, extension of public sarrers in, 58; reser-
California, extension of public surveys in, 59; res. vations of public lauds for military purposes
ervations of pnblic lands for fishery purposes in, 69.
in, 70; when school-sections pass to, 137.

Dall, W. H., 796.
('amp Verde reserve, Arizona, executive order Danforth, E. H., Indian agent, annual rt port of
restoring, to the public domain, 632.

White River agency, Colorado, 442.
Capitol building and grounds, lii; Architect's re Danilson, W. H., Indian acent, abuual report of


port, lii, 899; veutilation of House of Represent. ! Fort Hall agency, idaho, 474.
atisex, lii; improvements in grounds recom. Davis, J., Indian agent, annual report of Southern
mended by landscape architect, lii.

Apache agency, New Mexico, 558.
Carlin Farms reserve, Nevada, executive order Deat aud dumb, report of Columbia Institution
establishing, 637.

for the, xlviii, 849.
Casey, Col. T. L., United States engineer, commis- | Decisions affecting ra lroad grants: A valid pre-

sion ventilating House of Representatives, lii. emption claim subsisting excepts the tract of
Catholics, Indian agencies assigned to, 714

land from the operation of the grant notwith-
Census Office, lii.

standing patent was issued to railroad coin-
Centennial International Exhibition, xlii, xliii; dis pany, 78; construction of words pablie

posal of the articles on exhibition, xli ; awards Lands" as used in first section act April 21,
received, xlii; reports not published for want of 1876, 80; failure of party to appeal from action
fonds, xliii.

of local officers is conclasive as against his
Centennial Exhibition, act making appropriation right, 81; act of April 21, 1876, does not deprive

for expenses of transportation, cars, &c., of arti a railroad company of right to relinquish under
cles exhibited at, 616.

act of 1874, 63; lands must have been actually
Centra! Branch Union Pacific Railroad Company, restored to bring a claim within the second pro-

viso of first section of act of April 21, 1876, 84;
Central Indian superintendency, Lawrence, Kans., homestead entry of record excepts iract covered

annual report of Saperintendent Nicholson to from operation of a railroad grant a'taching dur.
Commissioner, 511 ; limits of su: erintendency, ing its existence, 85; substitution for canceled
511; number of tribes, 511; schools, 512; Ponca warrants not limited in time, 89; burden of pror.
Indians, 511; Indian labor, 511; quality of sap. ing a fact lies upon the party asserting the
· plies, liquor-traffic, 513; laws needed, 513; pur. affirmative, 91; requirements of second section

chases for agencies, 513; location of office, 513. act of April 21, 1876, 91; rights of aliens under
Contral Pacific Rtilroad Company, xxv-xxxiii. act of July 17, 1862, 92.
Cherokee Indiaus, Eastern Band, act authorizing Decisions affecting pre-emption rights: Io regard

Commissioner of Indian Affairs to receive lands to settlements on swamp-lands in Oregon, 96:
in payment of judgments to, 621.

filing of declaratory statement prior to settle
Cherokee lands, act making appropriations for ment does not invalidate a claim in the absence
commission to appraise, 619.

of an adverse right, 98; suspended entries, 100:
Cherokee lands in Indian Territory, 422.

additional rules, 101 ; under act of March 3, 1875,
Cherokee lands in North Carolina, survey of, 74. grants must be forfeited and granted sections
Cherokee strip, act providing for sale of, 625.

restored to the public domain by reason of fail-
Cheyenne and Arapahoe agency, sixth annual re. ure to build the road for whose benefit lands were

port of Agent Miles to the Commissioner, 477 ; withdrawn, to entitle settler to relief, 102; bat
census statistics, 478; depredations of horse. one pre-emption right is extended to the settler,
thieves, 478; statistics of trade, 478; farming, and only one declaratory statoment can be legally
479 ; stock-raising, 479; transportation of sup. filed by the same party, 103.
plies, 479; industrial school, 479; education, 480 ; Decisioris affecting mining rights: Salt springs
ration-supplies, 480.

and land adjacent are reserved from sale, 141
Cheyenne River Indian agency, Dakota, annual coal-lands are considered as mineral lands, and

report of Agent Cravens to Commissioner, 447 ; are subject to entry with cash only, 143; where
Indian troubles, 448; school operations, 449; formal adverse claims are filed within the time
Board of Foreign Missions, 449; buildings, 449; prescribed by the statutes, the merits of the case
employés, 449; farming-operations, 449; issues, 450. must be determined in the courts, 127; an appli-
Chippewa half-breed scrip locations, 41.

cation for patent is not relieved from suspension
Chippewa Indian agency, Mionesota, annual re. by the abandonment of the portion claimed

port of Agent King to Commissioner, 520; census adversely, unless the soit brought upon the all-
of Indians, 520 ; false reports of Pillagers, 520 ; verse claim has been determined, 192 ; suit must
crops, 520; material prosperity, 520; delay of an. be commenced within thirty days from filing the
nuity-payments, 521; improvements, 521; educa. adverse claim, 132 ; suit commenced by an ad-
tion, 521; White Oak Point Chippewas, 5:21; san. verse claimant must be prosecuted with reason-
itary condition, 522; claim of the Pillagers, 522 ; ! able diligence, 132; publication of notice mas
recapitulation, 522.

be made in the paper published uearest the mine.

Decisions affectiog mining rights &r.-Contd. | Error in description of grant to Holy Cross Mission

133; adverse claims may be sworn to before any under act of March 3, 1875, legislation recom-
person authorized to administer oaths within the mended to correct, 7.
land-district where the claim is situated, 134; Evangelical Lutherans, Indian agencies assigned
protestants have no right of appeal, 135: patents to, 714.
may issue for town sites upon mineral land, and Exhibit of progress of land surveys since 1866, 68.
for mining claims within town-sites, 136; school. Ex parte entries, 94.
sections pass to the State of California upon Expenses of Indian Department for 1876–77, art
survey thereof, if their mineral character is un. making appropriations for, 621; for 1877-'78, 626.
knowi at that date, 137; in Colorado do not pass Flandreau Indian agency, Dakota, annual report
to the State if they are known to contain valoa of Agent Williamson to Commissioner, 454 ;
ble deposits of coal, 138; in Nevada school.sec education, 454; review of agency, 454; crops, 45.
tions which are mineral in character do not pass Flathead Indian agency, Montana, annual report
to the State. 139.

of Agent Ronan to Commissiouer, 530; intelli.
Decisions in land cases, legislation recommended gence and civilization, 531; the Kootenais, 531 :

in regard to, ?; affecting homestead rights, 41; 1 the Pend d'Oreilles, 531; location of agency, 532;
under the timber-culture law9, 47.

Indian police, 532 ; sanitary condition, 532.
Decision of United States Supreme Court affecting Florida, extension of surveys in, 60; reservations
private in New Mexico, 51.

of public lands for military purposes in, 69.
Declaratory starements, filing of, prior to settle. Food for the Indian, 400.

ment, 98; legal filing of, only one allowed by Fort Berthold Indian agency, Dakota, annual re-
same party, 103.

port of Agent Alden to Commissioner, 453 ;
Deficiency appropriation, for Indian service, act names of tribes, 455; condition and habits, 455 ;

making, 628; for survey of Indian reservations, prospects of civilization, 455; farming-interests,
act making, 627.

456 ; brick manufacture, 456 ; school, 456 ; build.
Denominations nominating Indian agents, list of, ings, 456 ; missionary work, 456.

Fort Hall Indian agency, report of A gent Danilson
Denver Pacific Railroad Company, xxviii.

to the Commissioner, 474; number of Indians, 474;
Deposits by settlers to cover expense of survey, subsistence, 474 ; number of Indians engaged in

legislation recommended for repayment of, 7. farming, 474 ; condition of the agency-farm, 475 ;
Depredations of timber on public lands, 16.

suggestions in regard to buildings, 475; mills,
Desert-land act, operations thereunder, 41.

475; shooting of R. Boyd and 0. James, 475.
Desert lands: They should be made a source of Fort Peck Indian agency, Montaua, annual report
public revenue, xX; extract from the report of the of Agent Bird to Commissioner, 533 ; location of
government directors of the Union Pacific Rail. agency, 533 ; number of Indians, 533 ; Indian res.
road concerning, XX; recommendations in rela ervation, 533; farming, 534; civilization, 534 ;
tion to, xxi; act pr viding for the sale of. xxi; Indian labor, 534 ; houses, 535 ; schools and edu.
amendments of the act recommeuded, xxii, 32. cation, 535; buildings, 336; sanitary condition,
Detroit arsenal grounds, 42.

536; missionary work, 536.
Devil's Lake Indian agency, Dakota, annual report Fort Stanton Indian reserve, New Mexico, Execn.

of Agent McLaughlin to the Commissioner, 451; tive order establisbing, 638.
1 cation, 451 ; tribe and number of Indians, 451; Free, T. S., Indian agent, annual report of Sac and
employés, 451; education, 451; sanitary condi Fox agency, Iowa, 509.
tion, 451; missions, 452; agricultural advance. Freedman's Hospital and Asylum, report of, xlix,

meut, 452; recommendations, 453.
Directors of Columbia Hospital for Women, 873. Free. Will Baptists, Indian agencies assigned to, 714.
District land-offices, legislation in regard to, 7. French, W. H., jr., act for the relief of, 629.
Dorsey, Rev. J. O., 797.

Friends, Indian agencies assigned to, 714.
Draagbting division of the General Land Office, Friends (Orthodox), Indian agencies assigned to,
work performed in, 107.

Duck Valley Reserve, Nevada, Executive order Frost, G. W., Indian agent, annual report of ('row
establishing, 638.

agency, Montana, 528.
Datton, Capt. Clarence, 789, 792, 795, 803.

Gallatin, Hon. A., 793.
Education, xli; correspondence of the office, xli; ' Gannett, Henry, 756.

classification of statistics, xli; historical reviews, Gatschet, A. S", 797.
of certain kinds of institutions, xli; its advance. i Gasmann, J. G., Indian agent, annual report of
ment in foreign countries, xli; number of circu. Yankton agency, Dakota, 471.
lars issued, xli; international conference on, cir: General Land Office, legislation recommended for
cular, xli; manual of the common native trees of reorganization of clerical force in, 1.
the United States, circular, xli ; in China, ciren Geographical and geological survey of the Rocky
lar, xli; in Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, W'ür Mountain region, by Maj. J. W. Powell, xli,
temberg, Portugal, &c., circular, xli; contribu 789; field-season of 1876, 789: publications issued
tions to the history of medical education in the in 1877, xlv; number of field-parties vi ganized,
United States, circular, xli: work retarded by 789; area embraced in expansion of primary tri.
the removal of the office, xlii; more office-room angulation, 789; area explored by topographic
required, xlii, liii; government aid to, xlii; statis. parties, xlvi, 790 ; division of the area for map.
tics show improvement iu, xlii; improved meth. ping purposes, 791 ; methods and objects of sui-
ods of instruction in public schools, xlii; of wo. vey, 791 ; geological work by Mr. Gilbert, 791 ;
men more generally provided for, xlii.

geological work by Captain Dutton, 792; ethno.
Education and civilization of Indians, 399; draw. graphic work in Rocky Mountain region, 793 ;

backs to, 399; progress is made, 399; chief hone! photographic work, 793; botany, 793; office work
iu the young, 399; r iles compelling Indian chil. 1 of 1876–77, 794; topographic work, 794 ; instru.
dren to attend school advised, 399 education of 1 ments, 794 ; report on geology of Henry Mount.
advanced scholars, 399; appropriation recom ains. 795; reports prepared on ethnograpbic
mended, 400.

work, 796 ; tribes of Alaska (Dall), 796 ; tribes
Eells, E., Indian agent, annual report of S'Koko. of Oregon and Washington Territory (Gibbs),
mish agency, Waebington Territory, 592.

796 : tribes of California (Powers), 796 ; Ponka
Effect of climate disastrous to northern Indians, language (Dorsey), 797 ; languages of various

North American tribes (Garschet), 797 ; mono.
Endlich, Dr. F. M., 760.

graph on the customs and rites of sepulture
Entries: Under the homestead laws. 41 ; desert-land (Yarrow), 797 ; introduction to the study of the

act, 41; timber-culture act, 40; pre-emption, sus. Indian languages, 797 ; field-season of 1877, xlv,
pended, 100.

793; triangulation by Professor Thompson, 798;
Entries, ex parte, number of, received and disposed topographic work by Mr. Graves, 798; topographic
of, 94.

work by Mr. Renshawe, 799; hypsometric work,
Episcopalians (Protestant) Indian agencies as. 800 ; cartography, 801 ; classification of lands,
signed to, 714.

801-805 ; geological work hy Mr. Gilbert, 803 ;
Error in compilation of Revised Statutes, legisla geolorical work by Captain Dutton, 80“; geo-
tion recommended to correct. 5.

logical illustration, 804.


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Geological and geographical survey of the Terri. Historical and statistical table of the States and

tories, under Prof. F. V. Hayden, 755; prelimi. Territories, 216.
nary report, 1877, 755 ; line of survey, xliii, 76, Holmes, W. H., 784.
755; area explored by the sorvey, xliii; primary Homestead rights, operations under the laws re-
triangulation party, 755; Green River division, lating to, 41; decisions affecting, 44; laws, leg is-
756 ; area explored by Green River division, 756 ; lation recommended in regard to the, 34.
stations located by Green River division, 757; Hooker, Joseph D., 783.
agricultural advantages of Groen River divis. Hoopa Valley Indian agency, California, annual
ion, 756, 757 ; geology of Green River division's report of agent to Commissioner, 431; state of res.
survey, 757-759; Sweetwater division, 759; area ervation, 431; number of Indians, 431 ; recommen-
explored by Sweetwater division, 763 ; stations dations, 431.
located by Sweetwater division, 760; geology of Hoopa Valley reserve, California, Executive order
Sweetwater area, 760-763 ; Teton division, 763; defining the boundaries of, 633.
area explored by Teton division, 763; stations Hot Springs, table of, 816.
located by Teton division, 763; danger from In Hot Springs commission, xlvii, 807; result of sur-
dians, 764; meteorological observations, 764 ; veys, xlvii; number of claimants, xlviii; super-
geology of area surveyed by Teton division, intendent of reservation, xlviii.
765–778; critical paleontological work of survey Hot Springs Indians declared renegades, vii; raids
by Dr. C. A. White, 779; new fossils collected, by the, vii.
xliv, 781 ; fossil insects discovered by S. H. Hot Springs reserve restored to the public domain,
Scudder, 782; insects discovered by Prof. Jo. vii, 638.
seph Leidy, 782; botany of the survey, 783; Sir Howard, E. A., Indian agent, annual report of
Joseph D. Hooker, director of the Gardens of Ponca agency, Dakota, 492.
Kew, England, 783 ; Prof. Asa Gray. Cambridge, Hughes, W. T. Indian agent, annual report of
Mass., 783; rains of New Mexico and Arizona, Standing Rock agency, Dakota, 467.
785; models of ruins made by Mr. Jackson, pho: Huntington, C. A., Indian agent, annual report of
tographer, 785; materials for map of classifica Neah Bay reserration, Washington Territory,
tion of lands, xlis; geology of the Rocky Mount.

ains, xliv; publications in 1876, xliv ; publica- Huntington, J. W.P., act for the relief of securi.
tions in preparation, xliv ; appropriations re ties of, 629.
quired, xlv.

Idaho, extension of public surveys ic, 56.
Gheen, L. A., farmer in charge, annual report of Indian, Cherokee, lands in North Carolina, survey
Western Shoshone Indians, Nevada, 547.

of, 70 ; scrip locations, 41; reservation, Allegans,
Gibbs, George, 796.

siirvey of, 71; Sac and Fox, and Otoe and Mis-
Gilbert, G. K., 789, 791, 795, 801.

souria in Kansas and Nebraska, 43.
Godding, Dr., superintendent Insave Asylum, l. Indian affairs, iii; the general condition of, not
Godfroy, F.C., Indian agent, annual report of Mes satisfactory, viii.
calero agency, New Mexico, 550.

Indians, the instability of treaties with, ix; good
Government directors of the Union Pacific Rail. faith should be kept with them, x; hunting
road, report of the, xxxv.

should be disconraged, x ; should be supplied
Government Hospital for the Insane, xlix; change with food, x; ought to be concentrated, xi; should
of management, 1.

be encouraged in agriculture and stock-raising,
Grande Ronde agency, Oregozi, sixth annual report xi; heads or families should have small tracts of

of Agent Sinnott to the Commissioner, 565; pros Jand, xi; some should have the benefits of the
perous condition of the Indians, 565; milla, 565 ; homestead act, xi; some should be invested with
schools, 565 ; missionary work, 565; Indians of the privileges of citizenship, xi ; should be or
Alsea agency, 565; rumors as to removal, 565 ; ganized into a police force, si; improvement in
sanitary condition, 560; appropriation needed, their schools recommended, xi.

Indian agencies, location of, 715-717 ; nepotism at,
Grant to Holy Cross Mission, 7.

Grants to States and corporations for railroad and Indian agents, lists of, 715-717 ; recommendat ons

wagon road purposes, tabular statement exbibit. as to system of payment of, 402; new classifica.
ing, 188.

tion desired, 403 ; increase of their salaries rec.
Graver, W. H., 789, 798.

ommended, siv; act making appropriation for
Gray, Prof. Asa, 783.

payment of moneys certified to bo due, 616.
Great Nemaha Indian agency, Nebraska, annual Indian Commissioners, Board of, 714.

report of Agent Keut to Commissioner, 537; con. Indian labor to be employed as inuch as possible,
dition of Indians, 537 ; houses, 537 ; survey of xii.
reservation needed, 537 ; Indian police, 537; trib. Indian policy, vili; compared with that prerailing
al funds, 537 ; industrial schools of Iowas, 538; in the British Possessions. ix.
Sacs and Foxts of the Missouri, 538; sugges. Indian service, the temptation to dishonesty in, s:
tione, 538.

what can be done to improve it, s; suspicions of
Green Bay Indian agency, Wisconsin, third annual fraudulent practices in, well founded, xii: dis-

report of Agent Bridgman to the Commissioner; bonest employés and contractors to be punished,
598; Oneidas, 598; agricultural prospects, 598 ; xiii ; the present methods insufficient to prevent
scbools, 598; temperance, 599; Stockbridge frauds, xiii; a secret-service force required, xiii.
tribe, 599; Menomonees, 599 ; education, 599 ; Indian Territory, removals to, 401.
progress, 600.

Insane, Government Hospital for the, 879.
Gregory, H. E., Indian agent, annual report of Investigation of frauds in the Indian service, xii.
Lower Brulé agency, Dakota, 457.

Irvine, A. G., Indian agent, annual report of Na-
Griest, J. W., Indian agent, annual report of Otoe vajo agency, Arizona, 554.
agency, Nebraska, 541.

Irwin, James, Indian agent, andual report (f Red
Hamilton, J. G., Indian agent, annual report of Cloud agency, Nebraska, 438.
Sisseton agency, Dakota, 459.

Jackson, W. H., 785.
Hammond, J. H., Indian superintendent, annual Jeppey, Walter P., 804.

report of Northern superintendency, 444. Jones, H. W., Indian agent, annual report of Qua
Haworth, I. M , Indian agent, appual report of paw agency, Indian Territory, 498.

Kiowa and Comanche agency, Indian Territory, Judicial tribunal, legislation for the establishment
Hayden, Prof. F. V., superintendent United States Judith Basin reserve, Montana, executive order
Geological Survey, xliii.

restoring to the public domain, 640.
Hearings to establish the character of lands, 125. Kansas Indian agency, annual report of Agent
Hearn, James A., act making appropriation for Newlin to Commissioner, 514 ; jurisdiction of
amount due, 616.

agency, 514; Pottawatomies, 514: Kickapoos,
Henry, G. A., Indian agent, annual report of Quin 515; land reserved by treaty, 515 ; ill-feeling of
aielt agency, Washington Territory, 590.

factions, 515; failore of crops, 515; school, 516 :
Henry, Prof. J., commission ventilating House of moral and religious cultore, 516; system of
Representatives, lii.

thorough farming. 516 ; tribal government, 516 ;
Hillers, J. K., 793, 803.

religious and educational interests, 516; timber

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Kansas Indian agency. &c --Contioned.

Lutherans, Evangelical, Indian agencies assigned
on reserve, 516 ; suggestion on holding lands in

to, 714.
severalty, 517.

McKee, R., act for the relief of, 629.
Kanvas ludian lands, act providing for the sale of, Mackinaw Indian agency, Michigan, annual re.

port of Agent Lee to Commissioner, 517; draw.
Kansas Pacific Railroad Company, xxv, xxxvi ; backs to agricultural pursuits, 517; dissatisfac.

placed in the bauds of a receiver, XXXV; ils tion of tribes, 518; productions, 517; religion,
failure owing to the action of the Union Pacific 517 ; treaty of 1855, 518; character of Indians,
Railroad Company, xxxv.

519; educational interests, 519; statistics of
Kelly, Gen. B. F., superintendent Hot Springs res. produce, 519 ; Pottawatomies of Huron, 519;
ervation, xlviii.

condition of Indians, 519.
Kent, M. B., Indian agent, annual report of Great McLaagblin, James, Indian agent, annual report
Neraha agency, Nebraska 537.

of Devil's Lake agency, Dakota, 451.
King, H. G., Indian agent, annual report of Chip. Mahau, I. L., Iodian agent, anuaal report of the
pewa agency, Minnesota, 5:20.

Chippewas of Lake Superior, Wisconsin, 600.
Kiowa and Comanche agency, Indian Territory, Malheur Indian agency, Oregon, annual report of

annual report of Agent Haworth to Commis. | Agent Rinehart to the Commissioner, 568; loca.
sioner, 48.3; unfavorable season, 483; cattle tion of agency, 568; Snakes, 568; Pi.Utes, 569 ;
issue, 483; school, 483; church attendauce, 484 ; Indian labor, 569; farms, 569; Idaho Indian
houses, 485, buildings, 485.

war, 569; report of Special Agent Turner, 570 ;
Klamath Indian agency. Oregou, first annual re appropriations, 570 ; suggestions as to policy,

port of Agent Roork to the Commissioner, 567 : 571 ; schools, 571 ; issues. 572; spoliation claims,
population, 567 ; education, 567 ; mechanical 572; Crickets, 572; morals, 572.
arts, 567; agriculture, 567; religious interests, Malheur reserves, Oregon, executive orders en.
567 , health, 568: prospects, 568; relations with larging and restoring to the public domain, 640.
government, 568.

Mallery, Col. G., 797.
Klamath Indian reservation, 419.

Mallet, E., Indian agent, annual report of Tulalip
Klamath Indians, adju-troent of differences with agency, Washington Territory, 593.
government advised, 420.

Marston, S. W., Indian agent, annual report of
Labor, Indian, despised, 400; suggestions as to Uvion agency, Indian Territory, 503.
overcoming their repuguance for it, 400.

Mason, Prof. 0. T., 797.
Lakes : Salt, 758, 20:2; Brar, 759; Gray's,763; Yellow. Menomonee reservation, act authorizing sale of

stone, 764; Lewis, 764; Shoshone, 764; Utab, 792. logs of, 615.
Land-graat approrals, 40.

Mescalero Indian agency, New Mexico second
Land-grants to Indians recommended, 461.

annual report of Ageot Godfroy to Commis-
Lands, public, in the Soutbern States, action of sioner, 550 ; agency and reservation, 550 ; diffi.

office in regard to, 49; hearings to establish the culty of convinoing Indians of rights of settlers,
character of, 125.

551 ; necessity of controlling trade, 551; sug.
Lapsed land-grants, xxiv; the lands should be re gestions as to removal of agency, 551 ; buildings,
stored to the market, xxiv.

531 ; progress, 551; branches of iodustry, 552 ;
Lapsed railroad-grants, legislation recommended in agriculture, 552; education, 552; sanitary con.
regard to, 12.

dition, 553; raids. 533 : relations with the mili-
Larrabee, C. F., 818.

tary, 553 ; recomiendations for stopping illegal
Law for the Indiaus, erils resulting from the ab. ! traffic, 554.

sence of, described by Bishop Hare, 398; a judi Metallic cartridges. resolu'ion prohibiting the
cial system desirabl-, 398.

supply of, to hi stile Indians, 628.
Law library for use of General Land Office, legisla Methodists. Indian agencies assigned to, 711.
tion recommended in regard to, 3.

Michigan certain lands in, act extending time for
Lawrence, A. G., iv.

homestead entries upon, 617.
Lawrence, Dr. George W., 012.

Military bounty-land-warraut division : Summary
Lawsaud regulations relatiug to mining rights, 109. of work and condition of business,
Laws for the government of the Indians, 461.

101; district in Ohio, 106; reservations aban-
Laws relating to public lands, legislation recom: doned and useless, 42.

mended for the codification and revision of, 4 Milroy, R. H., Indian agant, annual report of Pu-
Lee, G. W., Indian agent, annual report of Macki. allop agt ncy, &c., Washington Territory, 585.
naw agency, Michigan, 517.

Mill sites, 123.
Lee, I. M., Indian agent, annual report of Spotted Miles, J. D., Indian agent, annual report of Chey.
Tail agency, Nebraska, 461.

enne and Arapahoe agency, 477.
Leidy, Prof. J., 782.

Mineral lands, operations under the mining laws,
Lemhi reserve, Icaho, executive orde r establish 108 ; open to exploration, occupation, and por:
ing. 637.

chase, 116 ; lode claims, status of, located prior
Liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes, to May 10, 1872, 116; lode or veins, patents for,
statement of, 652-602.

heretofore issued, 117; tuopel rights, 118; vein
Lightner, I., farmer in charge, annnal report of or lode claims, manner of proceeding to obtain
Santee Indian agency, Nebraska, 543.

title to, 119; adverse claims, 121; placer ground,
Livingston, Henry F., Iudian agen', annual report quantity of, subject to location, 122; mill-sites,
of Crow Creek agency, Dakota 450.

1-23; hearings to establish the character of lands,
Location of Indian agencies, 715-717.

Location of patented, 145.

Mineral resources of the United States, act of Con-
Lode-claims, status of, located prior to May 10, 1872, gress in relation to the, 115, 116.

Mining claims, appointment of deputy surveyors
Lode or vein claims, manner of proceeding to ob. of, charges for surveys and applications, fees of
tain title to, 117.

registers and receivers, 124 ; patents may issue
Lodes or veins, patents for, heretofore issued, 118. for, within town-zites, 136.
Los Pinos Indian agency, Colorado, annual report Mining claimants, proof of citizenship of, 124.

of agent to Commissioner, 439; bnildings, 439 ; Mining interests in Yellowstone National Park,
education, 439; prejudice against manual labor, 841.
439; change in issue of ratione, 439; farming Miping laws of the United States and regulations
operations, 440 ; sanitary condition, 440 ; difti. thereuuder, 109.
calties contended with, 440; recommendation Mining rights, decisions affecting, 127.
in regard to the relinquishment of a part of the Mionesota, extension of public surveys in, €2.
reservation, 441.

Mission Indian agency, California, annual report
Lost corners, re-establishment of, 76.

of agent to Comunissioner, 431; number of in.
Louisiana, extension of public surveys in, 61.

dians, 432; condition, 432; encroachments of
Lower Brulé Ind an agency, Dakota, annual re. whites, 433 ; suggestions and recommendations,

port of agent Gregor" to Commissioner, 457: 43?.
number of Indians, 457; general conduct. 4,7; Mission Iudian reserves, California, executive or-
disadvantages, 457; buildings, 458 ; cattle corral, der establishing, 634, 635 ; executive order restor-
438; schools, 450; church, 458.

ing, to the public domain, 634.

Missouri River bridge, damage to 820.

Nez Percé Indians, &c.-Continued.
Missouria (see Otoe and Missouria), 43.

description of Chief Joseph, 607; his right to
Models of ruins at Centennial, 785.

Wallowa Valley, 608; answer of commission to
Montana, extension of public surveys in, 65 ; reser his claim, 608, answer of Joseph thereto, COM;
vations of public lands in, for military purposes, cause of trouble with non-treaty Indians, 609;

recommendations for the settlement of, 609 ;
Monteith, J. B., Indian agent, annual report of Nez non-compliance by government with treaty obli-
Peroé agency, Idaho, 476.

gations, ol0; consolidation of agencies, 610 ;
Morford, W. E., Indian agent, annual report of Colville agency, 612; United States law, 612;
Colorado River agency, Arizona, 427.

recapitulation, 612.
Mountains : Rocky, 761, 779, 783 ; Vintah, 781-785, Nez Percé war, iii, vi, 36, 405; canses of, 406 ; his.

791 ; Wind River, 756-761, 778; Bear River, 757; tory of, 407; might have been avoided, vi; cap-
Pierre's Hole, 764; Grosventre Range, 764; Salt tives of, moved eastward, vi.
River, 764; Teton, 764 : Leidy Group, 764, 776 ; Nichols, Dr. C. H., Superintendent Insane Asy.
Sheridan Group, 764 ; Owl, 764; Caribou Range, lum. 1.
765; Blackfoot, 765; Putnam Range, 765; Wyo Nicholson, William, Indian snperintendent, ar-
ming, 775; Mount Hayden, 772; Mount Bain. nual report of Central Superintendency, Law.
bridge, 766 ; Fremont's Peak, 762; Higham's rence, Kaps., 511.
Peak, 767; Toowo-tu Pass, 777; Crowheart Butte, Northern Cheyenue and Arapahoes, removal of,
778; Seminole Hills, 760; Henry, 790, 79); Black 415.
Hills, 804 ; Wasatch Range, 792, 800; Book Cliffs, Northern Indian Superintendency, Dakota, annual

report of Saperintendent Hammond to Comms.
Navajo Indian agency, Arizona, annual report of sioner, 444; location of agencies, 444; missionary

Agent Irvine to the Commissioner, 554 ; num. work, 444; drawbacks to civilization, 446; suy.
ber of Indians, 554; occupation, 354 ; agricult. gestions and recommendations for the improve.
ure, 554 ; education, 555; recommendation in re ment of the Dakota Indians, 447.
lation to, 555, 556; buildings, 555; difficulties, Northern Pacific Railroad Company, xxvii.
556; condition of Moqui Pueblos, 556 ; recom Northwestern Improvement Company, act author-
mendation for removal, 555; suggestion as to izing the, to improve the Oconto River, 619.
reservation, 556.

Ohio, Virginia military district in, patents issued
Naval monument, 907.

for, applications on file for lands within, 106.
Neah Bay Indian reservation, Washington Ter-

Olmstead, F. L., landscape architect, lii.
ritory, fourth annual report of Agent Hunting Omaha Indian agency, Nebraska, annual report of
ton to the Commissioner, 583; improvement of Agent Vore to Commissioner, 539; applications
Indians, 583; school, 583; tido-lands, 584; agri: for employment, 539 ; condition of Indians, 540 :
culture, 584.

prospects of crop, 540; purchases, 540 ; improre.
Nebraska, extension of public surveys in, 58; res.

ment, 540 ; schools, 510; missions, 540 ; needed
ervations of public lands in, for military pur. legislation, 540.
poses, 69.

Oregon, extension of public surveys in the State
Nevada, extension of public surveys in, 60; of, 64; decision in regard to settlementon swamp-
school sections mineral in character do not pass

lands in the State of, 96.
to the State of, 139.
Nevada Indian agency, third annual report of

Osage Indian agency, Indian Territory, annual re-
Agent Baroes to the Commissioner, 546 ; loca-

port of Agint Beede to the Commissioner, 486;
tion of reservations, 546 ; agricultural prospects,

Osages, 486; crimes on reservation, 486: irre.
516 ; improvement in habits, condition, &c, 546;

spousible traders, 486 ; prospects of hostilities,
Indians congregating along the line of railroad,

487; agriculture, 4c7; statistics, 488; govern-
546: Washoe Indians, 547; schools and mission.

ment, 488; membership rights, 4-9; half-breeds.
ary work ; 547 ; sanitary condition, 547.

489 ; education, 489; dissatisfaction, 490; Kaws.
New Mexico, legislation recommended in regard to

settlement of private land-claims in, 26 ; exten-

Osage Indians, act authorizing expenditure of cer-
son of public surveys in, 66; decision of United

tain funds belongiug to, 624.
States Supreme Court affecting private land-

Osage Jands in Kansas, act providing for sale of,
claims in, 51.

New York Indian agency, New York, eighth an.

Otoe and Missouria Indian reservation in Kansas
nual report of Agent Sherman to Commissioner,

and Nebraska, 43, 421.
558; education, 558; Allegany reservation, 559 ;

Otoe and Missouria tribes, act providing for sale
Massachusetts's claim to lands, 559 ; pre-emption

of portion of reservation of, 623.
right of Ogden Land Company, 559 ; present pop.

Otoe Indian agency, Nebraska, annual report of
ulation, 560; suggestion as to amendment of act

Agent Griest to Commissioner, 541; progress,
of February 19, 1875, 560; Cattaraugus reserva-

541; buildings, 541; purchase of supplies, 311;
tion, 560; treaties made by Senecas, 560 ; prog.

success of enterprise. 541 ; agricultural opera-
ress, 560; Iroquois Agricultural Society, 560;

tious, 542; removal, 542 ; industrial school, 542;
temperance convention of Six Nations, 561 ;

sanitary condition, 542.
Thomas Asylum, 561; Cornplanter reservation,

Otoe reservation, act making appropriation for
561; Tonawanda reservation, 561 ; schools, 561;

survey of, 619.
annuities, &c., 561; Oil Spring reservatiov, 562;

Pacific Railroad companies, what they bave paid
treaty of Big Tree, 562; Tascaroras, 562; their

the government, xxviii; their ab lity to reim-
removal from Oneida, 563 ; Onondagas, 563 ; num-

borse the government, xxxi-xxxiii; their sys-
ber of Indians, 563 ; size of reservation, 563; re-

tem of accountability incomplete, xxxiii-xxxv:
ligions progress, 563 ; Oneidas, 564; Cayugas,

monthly reports necessary, xxxiv; a special
561; Saint Regis Indians, 564 ; increase, 564; gov.

bureau for supervising their accounis recom-
ernment, 564.

mended, xxxv.
Newlin, M. H., Indian agent, annual report of Pacific Railroad sinking-fund, xxx.
Kapsas agency, 514.

Packard, Prof. A. S., Rocky Mountain lcensts
Newton, Henry A., 804.

commission, xlsi.
Nez Percé Indians, removal to Indian Territory, Pagosa Hot Springs of Colorada, xlviii.

Parker, Richard C., acting agent, annual report of
Nez Percé Indian agency, annual report of Agent Hoopa Valley Indian agency, 431.

Monteith to the Conmissioner, 476 ; improve. Patent Office, xxxvi; its business during the fiscal
ment of the Indians living on the reserve, 476 ; year, xxxvi; the appropriation for it insufficient,
educational matters, 476 ; progress in mecbani xxxvii ; photolithograpbing nearly completed,
cal skill and building, 477 ; condition of the mills, xxxvii, increase of revenne from trade-marks,
477; appropriations inadequate to the needs, 477; xxxvii; fees for trade-marks should be paid as
removal of some of the bands interrupted by hos in other cases, xxxvii; a digest of patents
tilities, 477; friendliness of the reserve Indians, granted recommended, xxxvii; an appropriation
477 ; religious progress, 477.

ne ded for its library, xxxvii: duplicates of
Nez Percé Iudians, civil and military commission British patents received, xxxvii: additional

to report of, 007; meeting at Lapwai, Idaho, 607; office-rooin demanded, xxxvii.

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