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Table of statistics relating to population, education,


Warm Springs agency.
Warm Springs.

Indians roaming on Columbia River. Renegades and others..

2,000 * For education.

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fc., by tribes and their respective agencies— Continued.


For other purposes.

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Table of statistics relating to population, education,


Yakama agency.
Yakama, Palouse, Pisquose, Wenatshe.
pum, Klikatat, Klinquit, Kowassa-
yee, Siay was, Skinpah, Wisham, Shy-
ik, Ochecholes, Kamilt-pah, and Seap.

1, 450 2,200
3, 650 15

1 Taken from report of Messrs. Powell and Ingalls, 1873.

fc., by tribes and their respective agencies—Continued.


Number of agenoy-buildings erect

ed during the year.
Whole number of agency buildings.
Number of school-buildings.

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1 l... 3 36 34 * For education.

For other purposes.

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RECAPIT Number of Indians in the United States, exclusive of those in Alaska *

250, 809 Number of Indians who are mixed-bloods..

27, 749 Number of white persons on Indian reservations-employés, 1,532; other white included, 15,598

persons not Number of Indians who wear citizens' dress.

17, 130

112,903 Number of houses occupied by Indians t..

22, 199 Number of Indian houses built during the year-by Indians, 944; for Indians, 159.

1, 103 Number of agency-buildings erected during the year

59 Number of mills.

107 Number of shops. Whole number of agency-buildings...

787 Number of school-buildings upon Indian reservations

366 Number of schools upon Indian reservations—boarding, 60; day, 270.

330 Number of teachers-males, 200; females, 237..

437 Number of scholars belonging to five civilized tribes of Indian Territory attending school one month or more—males, 2,905 ; females, 2,591...

5, 496 Number of scholars of other tribes attending school one month or more-males, 3,295; females, 2,724


a Five civilized tribes in the Indian * Tbe Indians under Sitting Bull and other chiefs who bare declared their intention of remaining in the British possessions are also not included. They are variously estimated to number from 1,500 to 6,000.

+ By error in last annual report the Indians of the San Carlos and Pima, Maricopa and Papago agen. cies were reported as occupying 1,900 houses, and the number of houses occupied by Indians of the fire civilized tribes was reported as 45,272 instead of 12,530. The total of houses occupied by Indians should have been 21,075 instead of 55,717.

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