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F.- Plats made in the office of the United States surreyor general for California during the

fiscal year 1876–77.

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G.-Statement of transcripts of field notes of public surveys sent to the department at Wash

ington fi om the office of the United States surveyor general for California, during the fiscal yeur 1876–77.


Name of deputy.

Date of con


Number of transcripts

When sent.

Anderson, James M .........

Do.. Brown, D. I


Do.. Bond, L. D....

Benson, John A


Beauvais, A

Do.. Carlton, Willia

Chapman, I. N..

Cox, Arthur L.
Davis, Preston..
Dunn, Alexander..
Foreman, L. W..
Fairchilds, J.C...


Glover. J.R.




Gilerest, John....
Healy, C. T....


Jan. 3, 1876 Sept. 22, 1876 May 22, 1875 July 19, 1875 July 19, 1875 Jan. 5, 1876 Aug. 20, 1875 1 Nov. 14, 1876 Dec. 13, 1876 Nov. 8, 1876 Nov. 8, 1876 Sept. 11, 1876 Sept. 18, 1975 Aug. 11, 1876 Sept. 11, 1876 Nov. 17, 1876 Sept. 11, 1876 Nov. 17, 1876 April 28, 1877 Jan. 12, 1876 Sept. 6, 1876 July 27, 1876 Sept. 11, 1876 Sept. 19, 1876 Jan. 20, 1877 Yor. 12, 1875 June 1, 1875 Sept. 16, 1875 June 1, 1875 Nov. 13, 1876 Oct. 31, 1876 June 1, 1875 Dec. 10, 1876 Oct. 3, 1873 Oct. 3, 1873 Oct. 24, . 1874 Aug. 16, 1875! Oct. 4, 1875 Oct. 1, 1875 Feb. 25, 1876 Sept. 11, 1876 April 7, 1876 Aug. 14, 1875 May 23, 1876

Oct. 2, 1876
May 28, 1877
July 10, 1676
Mar. 22, 1877
May 15, 1877
Oct. 4, 1876
Dec. 18, 1876

Jan. 24, 177 1 Mar. 26, 1877

Mar. 30, 1877

April 7, 1877 2 June 27, 1877

Dec 4, 1876
Dec. 4, 1-76
Feb. 14, 1677
June 9, 1N77

Mar. 23, 1877 3 June 26, 1877 1 June 30, 1577

Aug. 28, 1876 1 Feb. 16, 1877 2 Jan. 27, 1-77

Mar. 2h, 1877 2 Mar. 26, 1877

Mar. 26, 1877
July 11, 1876
July 20, 1076
Feb. 1, 1877
Mar. 12, 1877
Mar. 22, 1377
April 3, 1-77
April 16, 1-77
June 21, 1277
Aug. 15, 1676
Aug. 15, 1876

Aug. 15, 1-76 2 Aug. 15, 1-76 1 Sept. 14, 1876 1 Oct 2. 1876 1 Oct. 24, 1-16 4 April 27, 1877 11 Aug. 14, 1-76 1 Oct 16. 176 1 Dec. 20, 1076

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H.-Statement of descriptive notes, decrees of court, 8c., of private land claims, transmitted to

the Department at Washington during the fiscal year 1876–77.

When sent.

Papers transmitted.

Name of claim.

To whom confirmed.

Ang. 9, 1876 Plat instructions to C. C. Tracy, United Agua Caliente, (part) ... T. M. Leavenworth.

States deputy surveyor; decree dis.
missing case for want of jurisdic-
tion; final decree and order; record
of approval; record of advertise
ment under act of 1860; record of
advertisement under act of 1864 ;
notice to United States attorney to
appear on bebalf of the United States;
testimony of William L. Boggs : ex-
hibit“ Hoopuer No.1, J. A. R.;" ex.
hibit "Boggs No. 2, J.A.R.;'exhibits
Nos. 3, 4, and 5, J. A. R.; two briefs
for T. M. Leavenworth; testimony
taken before J. A. Robinson, United
States commissioner; and surveyor

general's opinion.
Jan, 17, 1877 Brief of J. M. Coghlan, United States

...... do .......

Do. district attorney May 2, 1877 Protest of L. Aldrich, attorney for T. ...... do ........

M. Leavenworth. Sept. 9, 1876 Descriptive potes, copies of decrees, | Bolsa de los Escorpivos . Salvador Espinoza.

and certificate of advertisement. Jan. 3, 1377 Acknowledgment of service of copy of Caslamayomi....... William Forbes.

Commissioner's letter "D" of 26th
December, 1876, requesting that J.W.
Dwinelle be required to state whom
he represents in the case.

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H.-S atement of descriptive notes, decrees of court, fc.-Continued.

When sent.

Papers transmitted.

Name of claim.

To whom confirmed.

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Jan. 5, 1877 Affidavit of J. W. Dwinelle, esq., that Caslamayomi ........... William Forbes.

illness prevents answer to Commis.

• sioner', query of December 26, 1876. Jan. 16, 1877 | Affidavit No.2, as to illness of J. W.

Dwinelle, esq.
Jan. 27, 1877 Affidavit No.3, as to illness of J. W. .................

Dwinelle, esq.
Apr. 6, 1877 | Appeal of Smith and Redington from ................

Commissioner's decision of 2d of Feb).
ruary, 1877, and stipulation as to loca-

tion of eastern line. July 12, 1876 Certified copy of decree of confirmation Corral de Quati ......... M. A. de la G. y Lat

aillade. Apr. 28, 1877 Appearance of Sol. A. Sharp as attor. Corte de Madera del Heirs of Juan Reed.

ney for Reed heirs : protest of A. F. Presidio.
de Silva; objections of S. R. Throck-
morton; diseño of Saucelito espe.
diente, accompanying objections of
Throckmorton; objections of Thos.
Luke Reilly et al. to extension of sur.
vey; deed" from board of tide-land
commissioners to Leonard Storry,
dated 20th May, 1871 ; deed from
board of tide-land commissioners to
Hugh Crockard, dated 20th May,
1871; deed from Hugh Crockard to
John Storry, dated February 26, 1872;
deed from board of tide-land commis.
sioners to Leonard Storry, dated
July 12, 1872; notice from S. A. Sharp
that he intends to move to strike out
objections to survey, June 2, 1875 ;
Inez Reed Deffebach gives notice
that she is not represented by any
attorney in the case, July 27, 1875;
Antonio F. de Silva authorizes J. B.
Howard to appear for him, August 7,
1875; letter from Cutter, Sbanklin,
and Mullan & Hyde in relation to
surveyor general's intention to send
up case on Ransom's compilation;
motion of J. B. Howard to send
up case on Ransom's compilation,
October 27, 1875; Mullan & Hyde's
motion, October 27, 1875; Mullan &
Hyde's aflidavit. October 27, 1375 ;
motion of J. B. Howard to strike out
motion and papers filed by Mullan &
Hyde, October 27, 1875; certified copy
of record of advertisement: affidavit
of Capt. John Mullan, April 7, 1876 ;
letter from Walter Van Dyke, United
States district attorney, stating that
Jno. B. Howard appears in case with
his permission, 20th May, 1876; points
by attorney for the United States,
September 14, 1876; notice that the
United States and pre-emption claim.
ants reserve right to file briefs, &c.,
before Commissioner of the General
Land Office, 15th September, 1876 ;
extract from testimony of S. R.
Throckmorton in case of Bolton v8.
Van Reynegan et al; affidavit of
José de la Cruz Sanchez; six letters
in relation to Peninsula Island, and
small island at extreme end of Point
Tiburon; field notes of Matthew.
son's survey in October, 1858, marked
"Ex. Matthewson No. 2;" field notes
of Ransom's survey in September
and October, 1873; field notes of Ran.
som's survey in November and De.
cember, 1873, with tracing of plat ;
field notes and tabling of Allardt's
survey of west boundary-two
wooden stakes; stipulation to have
testimony printed; record of testi.
mony, volume 1, pages 1 to 418, in.
clusive ; record of testimony, volume
2, pages 419 to 850, inclusive; tracing
plat of Matthewson's survey; tra.

H.-Statement of descriptive notes, decrees of court, Sc.—Continued.

When sent.

Papers transmitted.

Name of claim.

To whom confirmed.

do ........

A pr. 22, 1877 cing of official survey; tracing re. Corte de Madera del Heirs of Juan Reed.

ferred to in surveyor general's re. Presidio.
port; surveyor general's report.
Briefs: briet of contestant S.
Throckmorton, J. W. Shanklin of
coupsel; brief for Reed heirs, Sol, A.
Sharp, attorney; brief of Edwin
Gardner, a grantee claimant, Samuel

L. Cutter, attorney; brief for claim-
ants, B. S. Brooks, attorney; brief for
contestants, Mullan and Hyde, at-
torneys: brief for the United States,
John M. Coghlan, attorney; brief
of Peter Gardner in behalf of him.
self and the public lands; reply
of Peter Gardner to B. S. Brooks
and S. A. Sharp; reply to brief of
John M. Coghlan for United States,
and general review of other briefs,
B. L. Brooks, attorney for claimants;
ten exbibits offered by B. S. Brooks,
attorney for T. B. Valentine; thirty.
five exhibits offered by J. W. Shank.
lin, attorney for S. R. Throckmorton:
seventeen exhibits offered by Mul-
lan and Hyde's clients, eight exbib.
its offered by Edwin Gardner: nine
exhibits offered by P. Gardner ; ten
exhibits offered by Sharp for Reed
heirs ; seventeen exhibits offered by
J. B. Howard; nine exhibits offered

by the United States.
June 14.1877 Notice of appeal from surveyor gen-

eral's decision of April 2, 1877, by
J. W. Shanklin, attorney for Throck-

morton. Apr. 23, 1877 Plat; descriptive notes; seven skele. Cuyama ................ Heirs of C. Latail. ton maps; and certified copy of rec

lade, (deceased.) ord of advertisement. Plat; descriptive notes: five skeleton ...... do .............. Maria Antonia de la maps; and certified copy of record

Guerra y Latail. of advertisement.

July 12, 1877 Plat of survey ; eight skeleton maps; Ex Mission San Diego .. S. Arguello.

tracing of Wheeler's survey ; descrip.
tive notes; certificate of advertise-
ment; copy of mandate supreme
court; copy of decree filing mandate;

fipal decree of confirmation.
Nov. 13, 1876 Huasna diseño; testimony taken by Huasna

J. A. Robinson, United States com.
missioner; deposition of S. W. Fore.
man; affidavit of J. P. Andrews; atti-
davit of S. W. Foreman : deposition
of S. W. Foreman and G. W. Larkin;
affidavit of W.J. Graves; R. C. Hop-
kins's report; affidavit of Johnson in
reference to Hopkins's report; objec-
tions to survey by Thomas Johnson;
translation of the proceedings under
the Mexican government; argument
of John B. Boss; argument of James
F. Stuart; certified copy of final de.
cree and order dismissing appeal;
instructions to B. M. Henry, United
States deputy surveyor, dated Sep-
tember 23, 1858, to survey rancho;
field notes of survey closed February
28, 1859, by B. M. Henry; plat of 5.
M. Henry's survey, approved by sur.
veyor general November 4, 1859;
field notes of Harris's survey in Aug.
ust. 1872: plat of Harris's survey; cer-
tified copy of certificate of advertise.
ment of Harris's survey:instructions
dated May 17, 1872, to Harris to make
en rvey; letter from surveyor general
to Harris, dated April 12, 1873; letter
from Harris to surveyor general,
dated July 1, 1873 ; letter from sur.
veyor general to Harris, dated July
18, 1873 ; field notes of amended sur.
vey by Harris; plat of survey by

H.-Statement of descriptive notes, decrees of court, fc.-Continued.

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Nov. 13, 1876 Harris in August, 1872, as amended i Huasca...

in July, 1873; certified copy of cer-1
tificate of advertisement in 1873;
fundry protests and briefs filed pre.,
vious to commissioner's decision of
March 17, 1875; testimony taken be.
fore county clerk of San Luis Obispo
County; report of R. C. Hopkins,
filed August 26, 1876 ; protest of
James F. Stuart; certified copy of
record of approval ; certified copy
of certificate of advertisement in
1875; notice of selection by owners
of rancho; proceedings before J. A. I
Robinson, United States commis.
sioner, and surveyor general's opin.

Aug. 25, 1876 Translation of grant and judicial pog. Jamal ................ Burton.

session, also affidavit of Mrs. Maria

A. Burton and Henry H. Burton.
Sept. 18, 1876 | Descriptive Dotes, (corrected). ...........
July 8, 1876 | Descriptive notes and decrees, (cor- Jurupa ..

Luis Ronbideau. rected.) Nov. 13, 1876 Certified copy of plats of surver

Do. July 29, 1876 Application to reopen case and take

10. ...

Alel Stearns
testimony, filed by Southern Cal for-
mia Colony Association, Sayward,
president; affidavit of Sayward and
S.C. Evans, in snpport thereof; ap.
peal of Southern California Colony
Association ; appeal of Alfred Robin.
son; appeal of S. C. Evans, attorney i
and agent California Colony; protest
of Southern Pacific Railroad Com :

pany, B. B. Redding, attorney.
Mar. 31, 1877 | Bill of Riverside News for advertising '..... do ..........

Do. notice of hearing as to location of the

Pachappa Hill. Oct. 4, 1876 Report of R. C. Hopkins, and diagram. ...... do ........ Juan Bandini,

(Stearns.) Apr. 17, 1877 Certified cops of record of advertise. La Sierra ....

Sepulveda. ment. Aug. 7, 1876 Plat and descriptive notes, (corrected.)' La Zaca .......... M. A. de la G. y La

taillade. Apr. 6, 1877 | Plat of survey; five skeleton maps, de. | Las Bolsas ......

Maria Cleopa Nieto, scriptive notes ; certified copy decree

wife of J. J. MO. ot confirmation United States district

court; certified copy of order to file
mandate, and certified copy of record

of advertisement.
May 1, 1877 Plat and descriptive notes, (corrected) ...... do ................ Do.
June 29, 1877 Certified copy of certiticate of adver.

Do. tisement." Sept. 11, 1876 Copy of special instructions to John Las Virgenes .......... Maria Antonia MaGoldsworthy, United States depnty

chado. surveyor, and Goldsworthy's account

for survey of rancho.
Mar. 12, 1877 Plat of survey; three skeleton maps :

descriptive notes; certified copies of
record of advertisement, decree of
confirmation United States land com-
mission; juridical possession; petition
of Dona Maria A. Machado; decree
of United States district court, and
extract from minutes of United States

district court. Apr. 14, 1877 Copy of deposition of A. B. Thompson: Mission La Purisimni .. José Ramon Malo,

copy of decree of confirmation of
United States district court; Copy
order United States district contitis.
missing appeal; instrnctions to Dep.
uty W. H. Norway, October 5, 1874 ;
copy of field notes of Norway's sur.
vey, November 1874; letter of sur.
veyor general to Norway to amend
survey; copy of field notes of Vor
war's survey, June, 1875; notice
from A. S. Cooper, attorney for claim.
ants: protest of claimants against
surrey: protest of L. T. Burton.
Jesse Hill, and Hill & Jones, against i

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