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D.-Statement of surveying contracts entered into by the surveyor general of Louisiana on account of the appropriation of $7,000 for the fiscal year ending

June 30, 1877.

Date of con- Name of deputy sur. tract.


Locality of work.






86, 850 00

1 Oct. 19, 1876 James L. Bradford Townships 1 and 2 north, ranges 2 and 3 west: Southwestern.
and John Kap. townships 2 and 3 south, range 1 west;

townships 1, 2, and 3 south, rauge 2 west;
township 1 south, range 4 west; town-
ships 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 souih, ranges 5 and
6 west, and township 6 south, range 6

2 Jan. 25, 1877 John P. Parsons .... Townsbip 8 south, ranges 2, 3, and 4 east.. Southeastern

$1,462 38 The base-line and guide-meridian completed,

also towusbip I north, range 2 west notes ap-
proved ; maps and transcript transmitted ; time
for completing the surveys was extended to A u.
gust 25, 1877; surveyors returned from the field

and will return their notes shortly.
168 09 Surveys completed in township 8 south, ranges

2 and 3 east ; notes approved; maps and tran

script transmitted.
1, 630 47
5, 369 53

150 00

Balance unexpended applicable to the above contract No. 1.....
Appropriation, (act of Congress July 31, 1876) .......
Total ....

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7,000 00


New Orleans, August 28, 1877.

0. H. BREWSTER, Surveyor General of Louisiana. E.-Estimate of funds to be appropriated for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1879, for survey

ing in Louisiana, for compensation of surveyor general and his clerks, and for contingent erpenses in his office.


Proposed surveys and resurveys: $34,800 is estimated for completing the resurveys of the public lands

in the southwestern district, where on account of the great lapse of time since the original surveys were made, or are supposed to bave been made, viz: 1807, the old lines and corners are generally totally obliterated in the field, and the disposition of land prevented by the inability of settlers and others to describe the land desired to be entered. The number of townships falling under this head in that district is 44; and their resurvey is believed to be necessary to enable the officers of the government to check the destruc ion of timber now going on so extensively, by enabling them to identify the lands despoiled, and thus pave the way to the pounishment of the offenders. This estimate is based on the rate of $12 per mile for townshiplipes, and $10 for section lines; for less than which sums able

and faithful surveyors cannot be obtained for Lonisiana surveying.. $34, 809 $7,850 is estimated for the much-needed resnrvey of a few townships

in the southeastern district, on the Mississippi River above New Orleans, and as far up as Donaldson ville, and for the location of private land claims on the same, and on the bayon Lafourche........ $14,000 is estimated, at rates as above stated, for resurveys in the pipe

timber lands of the south western district, for the original townships and sectional surveys in the southwestern district, of the strip of country situated on the Gulf coast and south of the limit of the old surveys of 1807 and 1830. The townsbip lives should be extended across this region to the Gulf aud the lands found valuable on the ridges, bayous, and lakes within it, should be surveyed under the radiating lot system. These surveys are demanded by the wants of large numbers of settlers cultivating much of this land, and by

the general interest of the government and the State of Louisiana.. 14,000 $1,800 is estimated to finish the original survey of the public lavds op

the southeast pass of the Mississippi and on the bayou Balize, contracted for by Deputy J. L. Bradford in his contract No. 7, of April 8, 1875, but work not executed then for lack of funds....

1, 800 $6,000 is estimated as necessary to survey originally islands in the sey

eral districts, to traverse a part of the Sabine River, and connect the township and section lines thereon, to locate private claims in the several districts, and to tivisb the survey of the rich and heavilysettled townships 4 south, ranges 1 azd 2 east, soutbwestern district, contracted to be surveyed by Depnty J. L. Bradford in his contract No. 3, of July 26, 1875, but left unfinished by reason of insufficiency of existing appropriation.....



Salaries. Surveyor general.......


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Ope chief clerk.

1,800 One clerk and draughtsman .....

1,800 One assistant draughtsman...

1,200 Fourteen clerks for office work in arrear, to prepare plats and field notes, at $1,000 each.


---Contingent erpenses.



Stationery, binding, messenger hire, and all other incidental expenses. 2,000

2,000 Total estimate of appropriation required.........


New Orleans, July 11, 1877.

0. H. BREWSTER, Surreyor General, Louisiana.

B.-Report of the surveyor general of Florida.



Tallahassee, Fla., September 1, 1877. SIR: I have the honor to make the following report of surveying operations in my district for the year ending June 30, 1877, together with tabular statements of the field and office work as follows:

A. Map of the district showing progress of surveys.
B. Showing contracts made during the year.
C. Showing present condition of contracts not closed at date of last annual report.
D. List of township plats furnished the local land office.
E. Statement of special deposits.
F. Estimates of appropriations required for dext fiscal year.

I have made contract with Charles F. Smith, an experienced surveyor, to finish up the work on the Gulf coast to and inclnding Charlotte Harbor. When this and the resurvey of the Georgia boundary is finished, the work in the field in this district will be exhausted unless it be thought desirable to extend the surveys southward from their present terminus on the Gulf coast. It is true, that these lands are mostly of the character donated to the State as swamp lands, but there is no provision of law for their conveyance to the State until surveyed,

The acts donating these lands to the State contemplate their survey, and the State bas a rigbt to expect it.

Tbe estimate herewith for surveys is intended for the extension of the surveys southward from their present terminus. Some of these lands are the most valuable of any in the State.

The State is enjoying a season of remarkable prosperity, in striking contrast to the depression in other parts of the country.

The records of the State and local land offices show a large and continually increasing tide of immigration, and we are favored with a climate and soil which will render its present prosperity permanent.

The free-school system is carefully sustained. The financial condition of the State is excellent, and law and order as vigorously enforced and maintained as in any State in the Union,

The recept enactments opening the public lands to pre-emption, and other entries as recommended in the last report from this office, will prove of much benefit to the . State and people. I am, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant,


Surreyor General. Hon. J. A. WILLIAMSON, Commissioner General Land Office,

Washington, D. C.

B.- Report of surveying operations in the district of Florida, showing contracts entered into during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1877.

Names of deputies.

No. of contract.


Locality of work.

Time allowed.

When re-


[blocks in formation]

Dec. 11, 1876 Islands in Denter's Lake, township 16 south, June 10, 1877, extended
range 29 east.

to November 1, 1877.
26 May 8, 1877 Island in Halifax River, in sections 8 and 17, July 1, 1877 ........... July

township 15 south, range 33 east.
27 June 22, 1877 Unsorveyed lands and islands on the Gulf coast, April 1, 1878 ....

from township 6 south, range 5 east, to and
including Charlotte Harbor ; also subdivisions
of townsbip 26 south, range 20 east, and town.
ship 39 south, range 23 east; east of Pease

Not returned. 1, 1877 Not forwarded.

Not returned.

Charles F. Smitb.

LE ROY D. BALL, Surveyor General.

SURVEYOR GENERAL'S OFFICE, Tallahassee, Fla., September 1, 1877.

C.-Statement showing present condition of contracts not closed at date of last annual report.

Name of deputy.

No. of contract.


Location of work.

Time allowed.

When re-


John P. Apthorp ......... John A. Henderson .........

May 20.1875 Islands on the Gulf coast, from township 26 May 1, 1876 ........... Apr. 26, 1876 Part of the work forwarded; bal.
south to Casey's Key.

alice not yet ready.
Dec. 23, 1875 Islands on the Gulf coast, from township 50 June 30, 1876 .......... Jay 5, 1876 Work forwarded April 27, 1877.

south, range 25 east, southwardi; also main.
land, from same point southward and west.

22 Jan. 31, 1876 Island in Lake Jessup, in township 20 south, Extended to August Aug. 13, 1876 Work not forwarded.
range 31 east.

15, 1876.

Walter Gwynn .....

LE ROY D. BALL, Surveyor General.

SĽBYEYOR GENERAL'S OFFICE, Tallahassee, Fla., September 1, 1877.

D.-- List of tovonship plats furnished the local land office.

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52 and 53.... 35 and 36...... 33, 34, and 35.. 52.... 52...... 26, 29, and 30.... 26, 27, 29, 30, and 32..

26 and 27.... 26.... 17..... 16...... 25............ 27......... 14... 15..... 16..... 25. ....


Nov. 11, 1876

Jan. 6, 1877
2 Mar. 17, 1877
3 Mar. 17, 1877
1 Apr. 12, 1877
1 Apr. 12, 1877

3 Aug. 4, 1877
• 5 Aug. 4, 1877

1 Aug. 4, 1877
1 June 19, 1877

Survey of John A. Henderson.
Survey of John P. Apthorp.

Survey of John A. Henderson.

Survey of Jolin P. Apthorp.


Do. Islands in Lake Harris; survey of W.J. McEaddy.






Total ...



Surveyor General.


Tallahassee, Fla., September 1, 1877.

E.-Statement of special deposits for the survey of public lands in the district of Florida during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1877.

[blocks in formation]

Dillard & Underhill.. Oct. 5, 1876 | U.S. assistant treasurer, Washington...
D. B. Rogers ......... Dec. 20, 1876 | U.S. assistant treasurer, New York.....
Charles D. Taylor.... Apr. 21, 1877 U. S. assistant treasurer, Washington...

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I-land in Lake Dexter ...... E. E. Ropes .........

Not returned.
Island in Halifax River..... D. D. Rogers .... Not forwarded.
Deweeg grant.....

A.C. Hughey ... Contract disapproved by

Commissioner of Gen.

eral Land Office. Island in Saint John's River Charles F. Hopkins. Not returned.

William E. Bird ..... May 11, 1877



Surveyor General.


Tallahassee, Fla., September 1, 1877.

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