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of six years.

uary, 1884. The term of office of members of the first class expired March 4, 1881; the successor from Ohio in that class, ex-President Garfield, was elected in 1880. Counting by terms of six years from each of these last two dates, we have 1884, 1886, 1890, 1892, 1896, 1898, the years during the remainder of the present century when the Ohio Legislature will be called upon to elect a Senator.

It is a fact worthy of notice that the lamented Garfield held in his position at one time more official honors than were ever held by any other citizen of the United States at the same time. He was Representative in Congress in 1880, his term expiring in 1881. In January, 1880, he was elected U. S. Senator, and in November of the same year, he was elected President.

JOSEPH REA. The Legislature must, of course, elect two Senators in each period

The times of election are found thus : When Ohio became a State, in 1803, her two Senators were placed, one in the first class, whose term would expire in 1809, and the other in the third, with expiration in 1807. From 1809 to 1887 is 78 years, or 13 times 6 years; and from 1807 to 1885 is 13 times 6 years. Therefore, the Senator in the first class goes out March 4, 1887, and the one in the third class, in 1885. The legislature chosen next preceding the expiration of a Senatorial term must proceed to the election the second Tuesday after organization.

I. W. A. Marietta College.

Q. 2, p. 584.---County examiners do, generally, attend county institutes. If there is an exception, single him out, please, and give his name and address.

OLIVER LARISON. Q. 3, p. 581.-I copy from Whitney & Knox's Elem. Less. in Eng.,

“The ? was first written from the first and the last letter of Questio, which means question. The ! was first written from the word io, which expresses joy. Through carelessness the l has become ? and the has become !

J. E. M. To the same effect C. C. D., who cites Hill's Rhetorie, p. 103. Answered also by B. F. Jackson and Oliver Larason.

Q. 4, p. 584.—The Phænician is the most ancient alphabet known to us. The Egyptian writing may have been more ancient, but that was not alphabetic, being both ideographic and phonetic. The Phcenicians invented writing, but the Assyrians have the credit of great antiquity in the use of the art.

H. H. Bower. New Chambersburg, O.

Question should be stated more clearly. The Phoenician alphabet of 16 letters doubtless was complete, so far as was demanded by their

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language. The original Latin consisted of 21 letters, the remaining five being added by the nations of western Europe. J. S. J.

Q. 5, p. 584.-A cone, circumference of base 200 feet, slant hight 180 feet, has convex surface of 180,000 square feet, and a volume of 188,974+. A cone, circumference of base 2 feet, slant height 180,000 feet, has 180,000 square feet, and a volume of about 4774 feet. There may be many different answers.

R. J. W. B. gives similar answer. Is the problem as given capable of solution?

Q. 6, p. 584.- According to the ordinary use of the term "sound,” there would be no sound without a listener, although, of course, the sound wave exists in either case.

J. S. J. If sound is a sensation, no. If a physical effect, yes.

C. C. D. Q. 7, p. 584.-12 o'clock, 41 minutes, A. M., Monday.

J. W. B. Same answer by E. S. L. 12 o'clock, 41 minutes, P. M., Monday.

E. M, 12 o'clock, 41 minutes, A. M., Sunday.

B. F. E. Is the interational date line involved in this problem?

Q. 8, p. 584.—The maiden family name of Queen Victoria is Guelph. Her present family name, i. e. since her marriage to Prince Albert, is Wettin.

JOSEPH REA. Her maiden name was Guelph, but when she married Prince Albert of Coburg-Gotha, the sovereign took the surname of her husband, Wettin, which has for upwards of 400 years been the family cognomen of the house of Saxony. The Prince of Wales, and all the rest of her children, bear that name.

FLORENCE HARKRADER. Dayton, O. Similar answers from J. E. M. and Dell E. ('. The family name of Queen Victoria is Hazlitt.

C. C. D. We would like to hear further from C. C. D.

Q. 10, p. 584.-An adjective cannot be used as the subject of an infinitive otherwise than as limiting or describing some substantive understood. The same is true of an adjective used as the subject of a finite verb. Note the following:

He desired that each (person) should be present.
He desired each to be present.

E. S. L. Richfield, O.

Q. 11, p. 584.--Since each rod in the perirueter of the farm encloses one acre, or 160 square rods, and there being four equal sides to the field, 4 times 160 rods, or 640 rods, is the length ofone side. The area is 2560 acres, which equals the number of linear rods in the four sides.









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Let x = the length of one side in rods. Then, 4x

the perimeter in rods, x’ = the area in square rods, and x the area in

But, by the conditions of the problem, x? = 4x, from which x= 640. Hence, the length of each side is 640 rods. Magnolia, O.

A. M. BOWER. J. P. Kuhn, G. W. Leahy, B. F. Eberhart, Ed. M. Mills, J. S. J. and E. S. L. all get the same result, with some variety of process.

Q. 12, p. 584. -Captain or Master Jones. See Thatcher's History of Plymouth, pp. 15, 19, and 49.

J. M. S, Providence, R. I. Q. 13, p. 584.--(1) 18 husband's age = his age at marriage. (2) husband's age = wife's age at marriage.


6 (3) 18 husband's age + 10 years his age 10 years after marriage. (4) 19 husband's age + 10 years

wife's age 10 years after marriage.

(5) % of (18 husband's age + 10 years) = (% husband's age + 7 years); but this = wife's age 10 years after marriage.

(6) :: 7 husband's age + 7 years = %, husband's age (or wife's) + 10 years. (7) 1 husband's age = 3 years, by subtracting 6 husband's age

, and 7 years

from both sides of equation (6).
(8) 19 husband's age = 10 X 3 years = 30 years.
(9) 1% husband's age (or wife's) - 6 X 3 = 18 years.

30 years = husband's age at marriage.
18 years = wife's age at marriage.

ED, M. MILLS. McComb, O.

At marriage the difference of their ages was of his age, then his age 25 X the difference of their ages. Ten years after marriage, the difference of their ages was 2. of his age; then his age 3 X the difference of their ages. 3} * the difference of their ages minus 2} X the difference of their ages = the difference of their ages, 10 years. If 10 years

the difference of their ages, 12 years the difference. 12 years

difference of their ages at marriage His age then = 30 years, her age 30 years 12 years = 18 years. Or, 12 years

difference of ages 10 years after marriage, = 2 his age.

If 12 years

1. his age, his age = 40 years, her age 40 years 12 years,

C. C. C. Providence, R. I. The author of the above solution is said to be a mere lad,

E. C. will find his question stated and fully answered in “Sniff's Arithmetical Solutions,” p. 14.

B. F. J.



of his age.

3 10

3 10

28 years.


J. Hill, J. P. Kuhn, G. W. Leaby, L. E. S., J. S. J., E. S. L. and others, agree with Ed. M. Mills, the methods of solution varying somewhat. Q. 14, p. 584.- See Webster's unabridged for the term Sterling.

J. E. M. Q. 15, p. 584.-The character for pound in English money is the initial of libra, the Latin for pound. Originally, a Troy pound of standard silver was coined into 240 pieces, each called a penny; from which the term penny-weight. The characters for Sterling money are all the initials of Latin words, viz: Libra, Solidus, Denarius, Quartus. The Troy pound is now coined into 66 shillings, instead of 20, as formerly.

I. W. A. Marietta College.

Q. 16, p. 584. —No fixed number of inhabitants is required, which will admit a Territory into the Union, but the whole question of admission is at the discretion of Congress.

J. Hill. Round-head, O.

Probably the only law fixing the number of inhabitants to a Territory before it could become a State, was the Ordinance of 1787, which specified that any division of the North-West Territory having a population of 60,000, was entitled to admission into the Union.

JOSEPH REA. Q. 17, p. 584.–Our County (Allen) has just framed a course of study for the ungraded schools which will, I think, prove a success. I have not received accounts of the work elsewhere in the county, but in my own vicinity it is used in all, or nearly all the schools. My own success in grading my school under the course, is gratifying to me. If desirable, I will make a report of its workings in a future number of the MONTHLY.

If B. F. R. will send me his address I will mail him a copy of the course.

Bluffton, O.
Give us the report by all means.

Is there a Vice President of the United States at present ?

J. P. K.
How many townships are there in Ohio ?

E. E. S. 3. What are the main points of difference between a Territorial government and a State government?

E. E. S. Cambridge, 0.

What books, after Webster's Dictionary, should be made the nucleus of a country-school library ?

B. F. JACKSON. Townsend, 0.

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5. Why is September 2nd called St. Augustine's Day ?

H. H. BOWER. New Chambersburg, O.

6. How much of the earth's surface is illuminated by the sun at one time ?

A. M. Bower. Magnolia, 0.

7. In “Every Latin word has its function as noun or verb or adverb ticketed upon it,” or “Every Latin word's function as noun or verb or adverb is ticketed upon it,” are the words noun, verb, and ad'verb in apposition with word or function ?

J. E. M. 8. Harvey says “The object of a transitive verb in the active voice is in the objective case.” In what case is the object of a transitive verb in the passive voice ?

R. 9. “He looked as if he had been hurt.Parse italicized words.

J. R. KELLER. Do you know whether he is going or not? Is this a correct sentence?

L. E. S. Who is the author of the following lines, and from what poem are they taken ?

"I saw a visiou in my sleep,
That gave my spirit strength to sweep

Adown the gulf of time.
I saw the last of human mold,
That shall creation's death behold,

As Adam saw her prime."
Berea, O.

L. E. S. What is the diameter of a globe that contains as many cubic inches as there are square inches on its surface ?

R. · 13. What is the diameter of a globe that contains four times as many cubic inches as there are square inches on its surface ? R.

14. What is the diameter of a globe that contains one-fourth as many cubic inches as there are square inches on its surface ? R.

15. Is the relation of the surface of a globe to its volume constant ?


I 2.


16. What is the exact length of the longest board, one foot wide, which can be laid flat on the floor of a room 12x16 feet ? E. S. L.

17. A man bought 50 turkeys in two lots, paying $12 per lot. He paid 20 cents per head more for one lot than for the other. Required the number of turkeys in each lot.

JAS. BARNES. Summerfield, 0.

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