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Barnes' Inquiry into the Organization and Govern

ment of the Apostolic Church. Reprinted verbatim from the

Author's work. Second edition, 18mo, pp. 270, 2s. cloth. Caryl's Bible Thoughts, on near three hundred por

tions of Holy Scripture. Edited, with a Biographical Notice, by Rev. Ingram Cobbin, M.A. A gem-book for the Pocket.

Royal 32mo, with Portrait of Caryl, 1s. 6d. cloth, gilt. Channing's Self-culture. Royal 32mo, 4d. in a wrap

per; 6d. cloth, gilt. Cobbin's School Hand-book to the Bible. Intended

for the use of Sunday-schools, Bible-classes, and Young Persons

generally. With Fifty Illustrations. 18mo, pp. 234, 2s. cloth. Cobbin's Bible Reader's Hand-book. Combining

many of the advantages of a Dictionary, Index, Concordance, Natural History, Geography, Commentary. Chiefly arranged in

Alphabetical order. Pocket volume, pp. 384, 2s. 6d. cloth, gilt. Cooper's (Rev. Edward) Fifty-two Doctrinal and

Practical Sermons; a Sermon for every Sunday in the year.

Designed for Village and Domestic use. 12mo, 3s. 6d. cloth. Joyce's Scientific Dialogues. Intended for the in

struction and entertainment of Young People, in which the first principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are

explained." 12mo, 185 engravings, 28. 6d. cloth. Joyce's Introduction to the Arts and Sciences, with

original introductory Essays. For the use of Schools and Young

Persons. Enlarged and illustrated. 12mo, 2s. 6d. cloth. Parkes' Elements of Chemistry, upon the basis of the

Chemical Catechism. Illustrations, Experiments, Notes, Engrav

ings of Chemical Apparatus. New and revised Edit. 12mo, 4s.6d. PAUL GERHARDT: an Historical Sketch of the

Lutherans and Reformed in Prussia, under the Great Elector. By C. A. Wildenhahn. Translated by Mrs. Stanley Carr. Dedicated, by special permission, to the Queen of Denmark.

Small 8vo, pp. 552, with Portraits, crimson cloth, 6s. Portwine's Hand-book to the Steam Engine; includ

ing the Electric Printing Telegraph, Atmospheric Railways, and

Screw Propeller. Illustrated with Engravings. 18mo, ls, cloth. Venn's Complete Duty of Man; a system of Doc

trinal and Practical Christianity; with Forms of Prayer and Offices of Devotion for the various circumstances of life. Designed for the use of Families. Copyright Edition, with Memoir and Portrait of the Author. One vol. 12mo, 3s. 6d. cloth.

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