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Established in 1861, by the late Samuel Wagner.



The National Bee Journal,


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* THOMAS G. NEWMAN, Manager.

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's the best and most durable Extractor in the marI ket. For further particulars send for Circular. Also I shall have a few Italian Queens to spare after June 1st. Address, R. R. MURPHY, apr74m 6

Fultou, Whiteside Co., III.

Italian Queens for 1874.

F the highest grade of purity and excellence. No

black bees to interfere. No foul brood, dysentery, or bee cholera has ever visited my apiary. Others OFFER queens CHEAPER, but I guarantee satisfaction. Also Full Colonies in Langstroth Hives. Send for price list. Address, W.J. DAVIS, apr74m 6

Youngsville, Warren Co., Pa.




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per gross, .......

Italian Queeen Bees. TMPORTED and Home-Bred. 1 Pure as the purest, and

cheap as the cheapest. Queens 500 HONEY EXTRACTORS,

a specialty. Circulars free.

Address, T. N. HOLLETT,

mar74tf. Pennsville, Ohio. 300 Gerster's Wax Extractors, 2000 Home Bred Queens, IMPORTED QUEENS.

One pound (square) Jars, per gross, ..... $6.50

Two" A PIARIAN SUPPLIES at bottom prices. Circu Corks, lars FREE. Address,

............. 1..20 A. GRAY & CO.. IMPORTERS,

Labels for 1 & 2 1 Jars, apr74tf Reily, Butler Co., O.

" 'address printed to

to order, per thousand, .............. 5.00 EARLY ITALIAN QUEEN BEES.

One Quart Fruit Jars (Mason's Patent,)
per gross,..............

.............. 19.00 W E can furnish any number of Pure Italian Queen Labels for 3 tb Jars, per groes,.......... .65 VV Bees or Nuclues or full stocks in April and

" " " address printed to orMay. Send for Price List. Address,

der, per thousand, ....

........... 4.25 UNION APIARIAN CO.,

One pound flint (white) Glass Jars, 7 gross, $9

Columbia, Tenn. Two" After May 1st, address Indianapolis, Ind., or Cin: LANGSTROTH'S BEE-HIVES, cinnati, Ohio.

Uncapping-knives, Bee-veils, &c.,

At reasonable rates.
For further particulars address,

CHAS. F. MUTH, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1865-1874. THE HONEY HOUSE



The best Bee-Feeder in use. Sample by mail, post paid, 75 cents.

Circular Sent Free Address, C. C. VAN DEUSEN,

Sprout Brook N. Y.

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Pure Tested Queens
Warrated in every respect to give good satisfaction.

Pure Italian Queen Bees

Bred on Kelley's Island, in Lake Erie, twelve der Be not deceived by imitations.

miles from Mainland. Completely isolated from other bees, Also,

FULL STOCKS NOR sale at the office of the AMERICAN BEE JOUR

I NAL. Sent postpaid on receipt of price.

Langstroth on the Hive and Honey Bee. $2.00
Quinby's Mysteries of Bee Keeping,..... 1.50
Adair's Annals of Bee Culture, 1870,....
The American Bee Keepers' Guide. By
E. Kretchmer, Bound in muslin, . 1.00

My small pamphlet, “ The Honey Bee," 128 in paper covers,..................... .50 Bees and their Management,

pages, just out. Send for one, Price 50 cents. 1997 m. se

by Mrs. Tupper... .15 For further particulars, Address, with stamp, Address all orders to T. G. NEWMAN

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. jar 7tf

Bennington, Morrow Co.,.


PATENTS, American and Foreign,



NORTH AMERICAN Price of Quinby's new smoker, $1.50. For 25 cts. in addition I will send it free by mail. It will be in two parts, and screws will be in place showing where it is to be put together. Send for Circular and price. M. QUINBY,

OFFICERS: Seth Hoagland, Mercer, Pa., President: juritf. St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co. N. Y. Abner J. Pope, Indianapolis, Secretary: J. S. Hill,

Mt. Healthy, O., Treasurer; D. L. Adair. Hawesville, TOR SALE.-Italian Bees and Queens, and the

Ky.. Cor. Secretary. With one Vice President in [ Queen Bee-Hive and Honey Extractor. For each State, Territory and Province. terms, address W. A. SCHOFIELD, Nos, 8 and 9 The Society will hold its Fourth Annual Session Brandon Block, southwest corner Washington and at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the second Wednesday, (11th Delaware Streets, Indianapolis, Ind. .

day.) of November, 1874. Agricultural, Mechanical, Chemical, val

The payment of $1.00, annually, entitles to Mem.

bership, and a copy of the Transactions, when pubuable labor-saving PATENTS of every

lished, description, for sale, with any of which A FORTUNE Can easily be made.

Queens in August and September, reared from PATENTS bought and sold. Special agents imported mothers, and tested, at $5.00 each; three wanted in every town.

for $12.00; safe arrival guaranteed.

We believe that the latter part of the season is the time when bees can be most safely Italianized and reports of success are most encouraging from those

who have done it after swarming season was over. Procured for inventions, designs, trade marks

We will send full instructions how to do it safely, and copyrights.

with each queen sent out. Rehearings obtained in rejected cases. Infringe

ITALIAN BEE CO., Des Moines, Iowa. ments prosecuted and defended. Preliminary examinations and searches made. Trade inarks patented in Russia.

Labels for Honey. Correspondence solicited and promptly answered

We will furnish labels for honey jars, containing in all matters appertaining to Patent business.

extracted honey-giving name of store selling it C. MAXWELL BUEL,

in neat style for $3.50 for 500, or $5.00 for 1,000. ju174m6 289 21st. Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.


Cedar Rapids, Iowa. THE BEST NORTH and SOUTH LINE

We will still furnish these hives, in neat form, IN IOWA.

each containing a choice queen, and four frames of

Coolb and brood, at $12.00. Safe arrival guaranteed, BURLINGTON, CEDAR RAPIDS AND and when two are ordered together, express charges


Those wishing to secure Italians in the best way MINNESOTA RAILWAY.

will find this rare chance. A little care will, in ten

days time, build these up into good stock colonies, PASSENGER TRAINS and the saving in express charges alone makes it

much better than to buy full sized hives. We warEACH F1Y DALLY,

rant satisfaction to all who order these small hives. Except Sunday.

ITALIAN BEE CO., Des Moiner, Iowa. Connecting with trains of the Chicago and South Western Ry. at Columbus Junction,

HOUDAN AND WHITE LEGHORN Chicago, R. I. & P. at West Liberty, Chicago & North Western at Cedar Rapids, Illinois PULLETS AND COCKERELS. Central at Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Milwau

Well grown and of choice stock, from premium kee and St. Paul at Austin, making a direct

birds, at $5.00 per pair, until September, Those route to all points in

wishing to make a beginning with these varieties Northern Iowa and Minnesota. of fowls will find this a rare opportunity.

Purity and safe arrival guaranteed. Miller Couplers and Westinghouse Air


M. C. & M. F. TUPPER, Brakes on all passenger trains. .

Des Moines, Iowa. Sleeping Cars on all night trains. Tickets, Time Cards and all information given by Fruit Box and Crate. Agents of connecting lines. W. W. WALKER, Wu. GREENE.

[SECOR'S PATENT.) Geu'l Sup't. Gen'l Manager. C. J. IVES, Gen'l Pass. & Ticket Agt,


Cedar Rapids, lowa.

For transporting the most delicate fruit safely over

any kind of road and any distance. FOR SALE,

Cheap, durable, thoroughly ventilated. Will

more than pay for itself in one season by bringing On account of departure for California, the fruit in a better condition to market.

* Ripe blackberries carried in coun'ry wagons, without springs, over rough roads thirty miles,

without damaging in any respect," In Langstroth and Simplicity hives, 30 new empty Send for descriptive circular, hives, about 1.000 new empty combs, extractors, &c.

Manufacturing licenses and Territorrial rights for Also an improved farm of 2.33 acres, prairie and

sale by timber, in whole or part to suit; must be seen to be

C. MAXWELL BUEL, appreciated. A bargain, sure. For further particulars apply to or address, F. H. HARKINS.

259 21st Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. aug74m3

Home, Brown Co., Minn. | Please state you saw this in the Bee Journal.

An Apiary of 125 Stocks of Bees,

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The coming hive is now among you ! Manor Bee-Hive & Trap

Patented April 16, 1873. Gray haired Apiarians smile and exclaim. " How simple and yet how perfect! Why did some one not think of that half a century ago!" You can divide a colony in three minutes without

their knowing it; Capture all the drones in one afternoon: Winter well on the summer stauds in any climate; Italianize a whole apiary in one season with one

Italian colony; Take half a swarm and set on the parlor table to

amuse your bee friends. Two Medals of Honor and not a year before the public. Your Township and a Sample Hive, $15.

Adjoining Townships for $5 each.
Send stamp for Illustrated Circular.


Millersville, Lancaster Co., Pa.



an illustrated paper only 50 cents a year, with two beautiful chromos free.-Agents get 25 cents in cash for every subscription they send 118. Send a three cent stamp for a sample copy or 25 cents for a complete outfit.

Boys' and Girls' Own, sept3mex

Chicago, Ills.



TUHOITUUDU is now permanently established at

208, 210 & 212 GRAND ST., near Broadway, where I am fully prepared to pay cash on delivery of goods. jan74y1


UEEN BEE-HIVE.-For hives, and rights in

this justly celebrated hive, in the State of Penn. sylvania, apply to A. J. Hoover, who deals in Pure Italian Bees and Queens, and all kinds of apiarian supplies. Also, agent for the AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL. Send for circular and price list for 1874. Address A. J. HOOVER, Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pa.


Imported Queens from the best districts in Italy, Having at last fully succeeded in the importation of Italian bees we offer Imported Queens, just received, at the following prices:

One Queen, $10.00 Two Queens, $18.00 Orders filled immediately on receipt of price. Safe arrival guaranteed. The queens are all young. Also home-bred queens for sale. References given if required. CH. DADANT & SON, septi

Hamilton, Hancock Co., III.



FOR 50 CENTS we will send The Na. tional Agriculturist, a large, live, 16 page illustrated family paper, six months on trial, or with large first class chromo Flowers of Paradise, 154 x 21

inches, for $1.00, and extend the time six months free to agente sending subscribers, besides large cash commission or premiums. The Bee-keepers' Magazine, same terms. Terms to Agents, sent free.

Address, H. A. KING & CO., aug74m4

75 Barclay st., New York.

Keokuk & Des Moines Railway. No. 132. TIME TABLE. 1874. WESTWARD. Taking Effect EASTWARD.

BEE Without cost. No more pain or

swelling. This is a new discovery, and we have just issued a s

ment to the Busy Bee, explaining CURED how the dreaded sting can be made harmless by any one.

The BUSY BEE treats on scientific and practical Bee Culture, Reproduction of bees fully explained, and a new system of management outlined. Every bee-keeper wants a copy.

Busy Bee and supplement containing bee-sting cnre, 10 cents post-paid; 7 copies. 50 cents; 15 copies, $1. Address,

THE BUSY BEE. aug74m3

Lavansville, Pa.


as good as any. Single kuife, 50 cents. Per dozen, $4.50. ang3m Address, C. F. MUTH, Cincinnati, O.

May 17.

No. 3. No, 1.

No. 2, No. 4. 7:40 p.m. 7:30 a.m. Keokuk ....4:00 p.m. 4:15 a.m. 8:58 9:05 " Farmington 2:33 * 2:25 " 9:38 * 9:55 * Summit ....1:42 “ 1:28 is 10:22 10:52 “ Eldon .....12:40 12:30 11:00 " 11:50 " Ottumwa.. 12:00 m. 11:45 " 11:47 " 12:35 p.m. Eddyville.. 10:53 p.m. 9:55 " 11:50 " 12:40 16 Transfer... 10:48 " 9:50 " 12:10 a.m. 1:00 * Oskaloosa 10:25 " 9:30 12:55 * 1:45 " Pella .......6:38 * 8:10 ** 2:38 " 3:30 66 Altoona .


4 3:10 * 7:00 " Des Moines. 7:15 1 6 :15 16 12:00 m. 7:45 " Grand Junc. 4:00 a.m. 1:00 " 10:15 " Ft. Dodge le

10:30 a.m. ARRIVE.

LEAVE. CONNECTIONS, At Keokuk with the Toledo, Wabash & Western Railroad: Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railroad: Chi. cago, Burlington & Quincy and Mississippi Valley Western Railways, and the Packets on the Mississippi River.

At Farmington with the Burlington & Southwestern Railroad. At Eldon with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, (Southwestern branch.) At ottunawa with the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, and St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern Railroad. At Eddyville transfer with the Central Railroad of Iowa. At Des Moines and Altoona with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacitic Railroad. At Des Moines with the Des Moines & Fort Dodge Railroad. At Grand Junction with the Chicago & Morthwastern Railroad. At Fort Dodge with the Illinois Central Railroad.

Fare as low as the lowest. Sleeping cars on all night trains. Geo, H. Griggs, Gen'l Supt.

JOHN Given, Gen'l Ticket Ag't.

Apiary For Sale.

Having concluded to sell and move further west, I will give anyone a bargain that wants to buy a well-established trade,

A large Stock of Bees and Poultry, and one of the best bee-hives in America. For further information send for circular to

SD, BARBER, sep3m

Mattoon, Coles Co, Ill.

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