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A Gem worth Reading !--A Diamond worth Seeing ! Good News for Bee-Keepers!


que escolher

Agents Wanted



Italian Queen Bees at Grange prices. RESTORE your SIGHT,

NOT fail to send to the GREAT


one or more of our pure queens. By reading our Illustra

We will send them by mail-safe ted PHYSIOLOGY AND ANATOMY of the EYE

two queens for $3.75, three queens $5.00, when SIGHT. Tells how to Re

more than three are ordered at one time, we will store Impaired Vision and

send them for $1.50 each. We will also send unOverworked Eyes; how to cure Weak,

warranted queens for $1.00 each. Send on your
Watery, Inflamed, and Near-Sighted orders and we will do our very best to give entire
Eyes, and all other Diseases of the Eyes. satisfaction,

Address, W. M. STEELY, Box 131,
URI.VG YOUR FACE. Pamphlet of 100 pages


California, Moniteau Co., Missouri. Mailed Free. Send your address to us also.

For Sale in Langstroth hives. Warranted

pure Italians; to be delivered early in spring. fientlemen or Ladies. $5 to $10 a day guaranteel.

Prices low. Address, C. F., care of National Full particulars sent free. Write immediately, to

Br Tournal. Des Moines, Iowa. may 74m3 DR. J. BALL & CO., (P. O. Box 957

Every Keeper of Bees No. 91 Liberty Street, New York City, N. Y. AMERICAN should subscribe for the dec73y1

oldest and best scien. BEE JOURNAL nal of Apiculture in the

tific and practical Jour

World. The most suc. We are prepared to furnish Queens this sea

cessful and experienced son from the best Stock in this country. We

Apiarians in America

and Europe contribute to its pages. $2 a year. send out none but tested Queens, warranted pure and prolific. We have a few tested last

Send a Stamp for a Sample Copy:

THOMAS G. NEWMAN, fall that we will send as early as possible, (last of April or 1st, of May) at $8 each. These are of

Room 27, Tribune Building, Chicago. special value to those who intend to rear Queens early. After June ist. one queen, $3: ITALIAN QUEENS FOR 1874 three, $12; eight, $30; thirty, $100. Address, ITALIAN BEE CO.,

Queens bred from mothers of undoubted purity,

and sent purity and safe arrival guaranteed, at the may7411

Des Moines, Iowa. following reduced prices:
Tested Queens,

each, $3.00 CALIFORNIA.

Ten or more....


2.75 Warranted Queens,.

..each, 2.00 200 STOCKS OF ITALIAN BEES Ten or more, ...

..each, 1.75

Queens sent as soon as fertile without any guarFOR SALE.

aptee, $1.00 each.

W. D. WRIGHT, may74m6

Knowersville, Albany Co., N. Y. Frame Hives; bred from his stock, and young Queens introduced into each this year. They will THE PEABODY be delivered free of charge at the Express office in Sacramento on the 1st of October, and can be moved at that time to any location purchasers may select. Bee-keepers who intend to locate in California will find this a good opportunity to start with healthy stocks in good condition. Terms cash, at the following prices per stock.

Any number under 20..


A $15.00 machine and one knife for $12.00 over 20.

To Agents,

10.00 For further information, Address,

Agents wanted. Send for illustrated circular to ulim A. LOVETT, Sacramento, California.

J. L. PEABODY & CO., jul74ntf

Normal, II. $500 REWARD!

"We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves." for a Honey Box that will compete with our Improved Sectional Boxes, in any particular. They

Advocating the prevention are quickly and cheaply made, and sell for three times the first cost

of cruelty to Animals, in order

to secure healthy food for man when filled.

and comfort for our Domestic All that use Boxes, should not fail to see

Creatures. Finely Illustrated them, or they will regret it. Hives cheap,

One Dollar a year in advance. er than the cheapest. Agents wanted

Send stamp for sample copyeverywhere.

Address all letters to
Address, BARKER & DICER,

Marshall, Mich.

THE HUMANE JOURNAL, 275 East Madison St. Chicago. EARLY ITALIAN QUEEN BEES. Italian Queen Bees I WE E can furnish any number of Pure Italian Queen Full Stock, $15.00. Tested Queens, $3.00 each.

Bees or Nuclues or full stocks in April and After July, warranted Queens $2.50; 3 for $7.00, May. Send for Price List. Address,

6 in Aug. and Sept., $12.00. Bred from Imported UNION APIARIAN CO.,

Stock, sent by mail and satisfaction guaranteed.

Columbia, Tenn. Eggs from Light Brahma Fowls $1.50 per dozen. After May 1st, address Indianapolis, Ind., or Cin. Address, T. G. MCGAW. cinnati, Ohio.

apr74in6 ju174m3

Monmouth, Warren Co., III. Reared from choice mothers; will be sent by mail or express on receipt of the following prices. viz:

Honey Extractor.

The Humane Journal



German Bee-Sting Cure

In order to hasten the introduction of the


Apiarian Implements,

We make the following offer. Standard Hives, including bottom-board, door-step, blocks, and all the stand that we think is needed to keep it from the ground, $2.00 Twenty metal-corner frames for above 534 c.ea. 1.15 Sample frame, by mail..

10 Quilt,

40 Or all complete except painting, for.

3.50 The same in a bundle with nails, hinges, etc., 3.23

Extractor made expressly for Standard frames, (Comb frame 1414 wide, by 10 deep.).......... $9.00

Any deviation from above, be it only 1-16 of an inch, will be only at our regular list prices.

Full directions for making, with diagrams and dimensions, given in GLEANINGS.

A. I. ROOT & CO., Medina, Ohio.

From time immemorial, since man has coveted the sweet nectar gathered and stored by the busy bee, the bee-keeper has feared the poisonous effects resulting from the sting of the honey bee, while many have been deterred from entering the apicultural arena, not a few have abandoned the pursuit for a like cause, while the world at large are cognizant of the fact that the virus from a single bee-sting has resulted in death to persons who have been stung. With these facts in view it need hardly be stated that the bee keeper has sought by all means in his power to discover a remedy for the sting of a bee.

In the language of a recent editorial of the American Bee Journal, “ Any alkali application is good; soda and blue-bags are recommended; a drop of honey, garden soil, spirits of hartshorn, alcohol and tincture of iodine are among the external applications. But, (continues the editor of the American Bee Journal,) we have discarded every other application since becoming acquainted with a German remedy lately introduced. A drop or two will remove all trace and effect of a sting in a very few minutes. It costs but a trifle per bottle, (ind a single bottle will last a bee-keeper for a life-time.

With such evidence'as this, before the reader, we hardly deem it necessary to say one word further in commendation of this remedy. If you would go among your bees without the fear or being stung, use the German Bee Sting Cure,

This preparation (imparted to the proprietor by a German friend, used by his ancestors for over an hundred years, and now for the first time prepared by scientific chemists,) after having been fully and throughly tested, is introduced to Apiarians to supply a want long felt by the fraternity. Its efficacy is thorough and complete when the directions are complied with.

The German Bee Sting Cure is free from all poison, and may be successfully used for all insect bites. Price $1.00 per bottle. Sent only by Express. WM. S. HAWLEY, Proprietor,

116 Miller St., Utica, N. Y.. For Sale also by

D. L. ADAIR, Hawesville, Ky., And at the office of the


We always consider it an especial favor to have customers inform us by postal card whether goods are satisfactory; whether our mode of packing is efficient ; time taken in transit; whether Express or Freight charges were reasonable, etc., etc. Respectfully, jun74tf.


PURE AND PROLIFIC. From the 'original imported stock of Dr. T. B. Hamlin. Prices reduced. For one tested Queen in May,.

88.00 June,

6.00 July,


August or after 4.00 Reduction on larger orders, Untested Queens cheaper. Purity and safe arrival of Queens guaranteed. Fnll colonies for sale. Circulars free.

HAMLIN & BENTON, jun74m3 Edgefield Junction, Davidson Co., Tenn.



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[blocks in formation]


One Queen,
Five and less than fifteen, each, 2.00
Fifteen or more,

1.73 Purity and safe arrival guaranteed. Agent iu Pa. for Farmers' Bee Hive. J. E. KEARNS. juur4m3

Waterloo, Juniata Co., Penu.

SENT FOR 25 CENTS. Edited and published by ELLEN S. TUPPER, jun74m3ex

Des Moines, Iowa,


Get the Latest! Get the Best! GET THE LAST!

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(Patent applied for.)



Manufactured ander Letters Patent, granted Jan. 27, 1873. With Stationary Can, and Metallic Revolving

We present Bee-keepers a new Extractor. For extracting Pure Honey from old or Comb Basket. Geared three to one under the new Combs, without breaking or injuring machine, entirely out of the way. Can open them, which are afterwards returned to the at top and free for fast operation; will take Hive, to be again refille l by the Bees. the largest combs, and has a lid to cover.

It is noiseless and runs very easy.

500 NOW IN USE. This will be the favorite Stationary-Can

(And they give the best satisfaction to all.




We also present a new knife which we have found, from experiment, to be far superior to any straight blade in use for

uncapping for the Extractor. Many combs have depressions that a straight knife will not uncap. This knife is equally good for perfect and imperfect comb.

For further imformation, send a three-cent stamp, for our 24 page Illustrated Circular and
Apiarian Supply Price List of Honey Extractors and Knives, Wax Extractors, Bee lives,
Glass Honey Jars and Labels, Glass Honey Boxes, Bee Veils, Rubber Gloves, Alsyke and
White Clover Seed, Straw Mats and Blankets, Safety Queen Cages, Imported and Home-Bred
pure Italian Queens, also pure Egyptian Queens from last year's importation.
Address all orders to

Importers and Breeders of pure Bees from the best Imported Stock,

132 Fourth St., CINCINNATI, OHIO.

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OFFICERS: Seth Hoagland, Mercer, Pa., President; Abner J. Pope, Indianapolis, Secretary: J. S. Hill, Mt. Healthy, O., Treasurer; D. L. Adair. Hawesville, Ky., Cor. Secretary. With one Vice President in each State, Territory and Province.

The Society will hold its Fourth Annual Session at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the second Wednesday, (11th day.) of November, 1874.

The payment of $1.00, annually, entities to Membership, and a copy of the Transactions, when published.


Queens in August and Septeni ber, reared from imported mothers, and tested, at $5.00 each; three for $12.00; safe arrival guaranteed.

We believe that the latter part of the season is the time when bees can be most safely Italianized- and reports of success are most encouraging from those who have done it after swarming season was over. We will send full instructions how to do it safely, with each queen sent out.

ITALIAN BEE CO., Des Moines, Iowa.

Labels for Honey. We will furnish labels for honey jars, containing extracted honey-giving name of store selling it-in neat style for $3.50 for 500, or $5.00 for 1,000. AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL,

Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


The coming hive is now among you! Manor Bee-Hive & Trap

Patented April 15, 1873. Gray haired Apiarians smile and exclaim.“ How simple and yet how perfect! Why did some one not think of that half a century ago?” You can divide a colony in three minutes without

their knowing it; Capture all the drones in one afternoon: Winter well on the summer stands in any climate; Italianize a whole apiary in one season with one

Italian colony; Take half a swarm and set on the parlor table to

amuse your bee friends. Two Medals of Honor and not a year before the public. Your Township and a Sample Hive, $15.

Adjoining Townships for $5 each.
Send stamp for Illustrated Circular.

Millersville, Lancaster Co., Pa.

the Queen Bee-Hive and Honey Extractor. For terms, address W. A, SCHOFIELD, Nos. 8 and 9 Brandon Block, southwest corner Washington and Delaware Streets, Indianapolis, Ind.

, in this justly celebrated hive, in the State of Pennsylvania, apply to A. J. Hoover, who deals in Pure Italian Bees and Queens, and all kinds of apíarian supplies. Also, agent for the AMERICAN BEE JOUR

Send for circular and price list for 1874. Address A. J. HOOVER, Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pa. FOUND AT LAST


NUCLEUS HIVES. We will still furnish these hives, in neat form, each containing a choice queen, and four frames of comb and brood, at $12.00. Safe arrival guaranteed, and when two are ordered together, express charges paid.

Those wishing to secure Italians in the best way will find this rare chance. A little care will, in ten days time, build these up into good stock colonies, and the saving in express charges alone makes it much better than to buy full sized hives. We warrant satisfaction to all who order these small hives.

ITALIAN BEE CO., Des Moines, Iowa.



PULLETS AND COCKERELS. Well grown and of choice stock, from premium birds, at $5.00 per pair, until September. Those wishing to make a beginning with these varieties of fowls will find this a rare opportunity. Purity and safe arrival guaranteed. Address, M. C. & M. F. TUPPER,

Des Moines, Iowa,

THE GREAT DESIDERATUM ! Non - Swarming Attachment


Fruit Box and Crate.




This admirable invention is what every bee-keep er ghould have. It is perfect in its workings, and can be attached to any hive.

Patented December 26, 1871, by Mrs. H. A. Farnam, South Bend, Ind.

Ber Send for Descriptive Circular.

For transporting the most delicate fruit safely over any kind of road and any distance.

Cheap, durable, thoroughly ventilated. Will more than pay for itself in one season by bringing the fruit in a better condition to market.

"Ripe blackberries carried in country wagons, without springs, over rough roads thirty miles, without damaging in any respect."

Send for descriptive circular.

Manufacturing licenses and'Territorrial rights for sale by


289 21st Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Please state you saw this in the Bee Journal,

from the best strains, and can't be beat by any. Send for circular and a

single subscribers on all publications). Send for prices offered by my subscription

, Poultry paper in the country, sent at less than their regular rates.


Sparta, Wis.

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