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NOVICE. To those who care to know how he is getting along, at this 17th of April 1874, with his “tin corners” “.

* pillow cases "tea kettles, " "manure heaps" etc., he would say with about his usual average of successes and reverses.

In the first place he has succeeded in losing about one half of his bees'in wintering, (* tinkered 'em to death ". P. G." says,) and probably would have gone wild on a project for building a Green House, to be independent of the weather, and to be enabled to build up all strong before the honey harvest, were he not almost prevented from thinking about the matter, by the number of orders received daily for Extractors, Hives, Frames, &c.

He has succeeded in making a remarkably neat, light, Extractor, entirely of tin, cast iron. and steel, and for the sake of encouraging a Standard sized frame and hive, he offers it for $9.00, then the dimensions are for a frame just 1874 wide, by 114 deep outside measure; but where specially adapted to any other sized frame $10.00.

Our Metal Corners are better made, and the inachinery for making them has been much improved, as have also the frames and hives. Novice seriously began to fear in fact, that his reputation would suffer, it more care were not taken in the make of some of our wares, than what has been done in some cases heretofore; and we hope no one will feel backward in complaining if they feel so disposed. Please bear in mind:

We always consider it an'especial favor to have customers inform us by postal card whether goods are satisfactory; whether our mode of packing is efficient; time taken in transit; whether Express or Freight charges were reasonable, etc., etc.

Respectfully, A. I. ROOT & CO. Medina, 0.

German Bee-Sting Cure To the Bee Fraternity:

From time immemorial, since man has coveted the sweet nectar gathered and stored by the busy bee, the bee-keeper has feared the poisonous effects resulting from the sting of the honey bee, while many have been deterred from entering the apicultural arena, not a few have abandoned the pursuit for a like cause, while the world at large are cognizant of the fact that the virus from a single bee-sting has resulted in death to persons who have been stung. With these facts in view it need hardly be stated that the bee keeper has sought by all means in his benever to discover a remedy for the sting of a

In the language of a recent editorial of the American Bee Journal, “ Any alkali application is good; soda and blue-bags are recommended; a drop of honey, garden soil, spirits of hartshorn, alcohol and tincture of iodine are among the external applications. But, (continues the editor of the American Bee Journal,) we have discarded every other application since becoming acquainted with a German remedy lately introduced. A drop or two will remove all trace and effect of a sting in a very few minutes. It costs brit a trifle per bottle, and a single bottle will last a bee-keeper for a life-time.

With such evidence as this, before the reader, we hardly deem it necessary to say one word further in commendation of this remedy. If you would go among your bees without the fear of being stung, use the German Bee Sting Cure,

This preparation (imparted to the proprietor by a German friend, used by his ancestors for over an hundred years, and now for the first time prepared by scientific chemists,) after having been fully and throughly tested, is introduced to Aptarians to supply a want long felt by the fraternity. Its efficacy is thorough and complete when the directions are complied with.

The German Bee Sting Cure is free from all poison, and may be successfully used for all insect bites. Price $1.00 per bottle. Sent only by Express, MR. S. HAWLEY, Proprietor,

116 Miller St., Utica, N. Y. For Sale also by

D. L. ADAIR, Hawesville, Ky.. And at the office of the


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We are prepared to furnish Queens this sea. son from the best Stock in this country. We send out none but tested Queens, warranted pure and prolific. We have a few tested last fall that we will send as early as possible, (last of April or 1st. of May) at $8 each. These are of special value to those who intend to rear Queens early. After June 1st. one queen, $5; three, $12; eight, $80; thirty, $100.

Address, ITALIAN BEE CO., may7411

Des Moines, Iowa.


BEES! BEES! For Sale in Langstroth hives. Warranted pure Italians; to be delivered early in spring. Prices low. Address, C. F., care of National Bee Journal, Des Moines, Iowa. may74m:

Honey Extractor.

Bees and Supplies

All metal, simple in construction, compact, durable, easily turned, the best Machine in the market.

Reduced Prices !
One Extractor and one knife,

$12.00 Five Extractors and tive knives, 50.00 Send for Iustrated Circular to

J. L. PEABODY & CO., mayitin4

Normal, mi.

will be furnished by
St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., New York.

SEND FOR PRICE LIST. New smoker.-Cannot be dispensed with after using it. Price, $1.50.

may7411 10 cente. Address all orders to, H. A. KING & CO., 14 Murray St., York.

Liberal Literature Children & Youth ITALIAN QUEENS FOR 1874

LITTLE BOUQUET, Illustrated Monthly Magazine


Queens bred froin mothers of undoubted purity, and sent purity and safe arrival guaranteed, at the following reduced prices: Tested Queens,

.each, $3.00 Ten or more,


2.75 Warranted Queens.. .each,

2.00 Ten or more,. .

.each, 1.75 For Children and Youth.

Queens sent as soon as fertile without any guarantee, $1.00 each.

W. D. WRIGHT, may74m6

Knowersville, Albany Co., N. Y. and Youth, food for thought, which shall inspire a desire for knowledge in regard to his own being, his origin, his true mission in this life, his duty and destiny - and yet to be free from all 'dogmatic creeds or

Italian Queen Bees at Grange prices. binding finalities.

NOT fail to send to the GREAT EVERY NUMBER


one or more of our pure queens. WILL BE

We will send them by mail-safe

arrival and purity guaranteed-one queen for $2.00, And will contain the choicest gems of newly devel

more than three are ordered at one time, we will

send them for $1.50 each. We will also send unoped truthe, of deep interest to both young and old.

warranted queens for $1.00 each. nd on your TERMS : $150 Per Year, Specimen Copies 15 cents. orders and we will do our very best to give entire


Address, W. M. STEELY, Box 131, dec73m6

Chicago, Ill. mayim California, Moniteau Co., New York. "We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves."


DO RICHLY ILLUSTRATED two queens for $3.75, three queens for $5.00, when


Sent Free on Application !
The cheapest and best family picture paper in th.


Advocating the prevention
of cruelty to Animals, in order
to secure healthy food for man
and comfort for our Domestic

Agents wanted.
Creatures. Finely Illustrated.
One Dollar a year in advance.

161 La Salle st.,

39 & 41, Park Place, Send stamp for sample copy.


NEW YORK Address all letters to THE HUMANE JOURNAL, 275 East Madison St. Chicago. FRUIT RECORDER A brilliant and attractive

AND COTTAGE GARDNER. ILLUSTRATED Monthly, beautifully Illustrated print- SIXTEEN PAGE MONTHLY, devoted especial

$1.00 per JOURNAL page engravings during year, or with the finest Fruit Chromo ever offered

the year. A magnificent by any paper for $1.25. Send for a specimen copy of Chromo to every subscrib- the paper. Sent to all applicants FREE. It speaks

$2.50 per year. Send for itself. Address A, M, PURDY, 25 cents for Sample Copy, Prospectus, and Pre- mar74m3

Palmyra, N. Y. mium List, or 50 centsfor Sample Copy Chromo, &c. Canvassers wanted everywhere.

The Ladies' Own, Address THOMAS G NEWMAN, Room 27, Tribune Building, Chicago.

a year and two $3 Chromos

for $2.00.



AMPLE Magazine and both Chromos, postpaid, terly Parts, each the size of former volumes, at

for 60c, BEST cash terms to Agents 50 cents each ; $2.00 per volume. The first was issued ever offered. Agents make $30 to $50 a week. December 1, 1873. Prospectus and club terms sent on

Read This: "The Chromos, JUST ONE' and OLD application. Back volumes, except the first, can be

“OAKEN BUCKET,' given with the LADIES' OWN still furnished at 50 cents each, in paper, or the full

“MAGAZINE, are first-class oil chromos, equal in all set, with Progressive Bee Culture, bound in one ele- respects to any $5 chromo in my store."-S. Gottgant volume, for $1.75. D. L. ADAIR,

wals, Wholesale Art Dealer, Chicago. Qov73tf* Hawesville, Ky. Address, LADIES' OWN MAGAZINE,

New York City, or Chicago. TRY IT 3 Months for 10 Cents; or with $3 Chromo, “Putnam at the Plow," 15% x 22 inches, for 50 THE MILLENARIAN. cents; or 6 Months with "Flowers of Paradise," a first-class $6,Chro- The MILLENARIAN advocates the personal return

mo, 154x21 inches. in eighteen colors, of Christ to our earth, his literal reign over Israel for $1.00. The National Agriculturist is a and the nations, the resurrection of the holy dead at sixteen-page paper of 64 columns, handsomely illus- the commencement of the Millenium, and their reign trated in all its departments. One of the best AGRICUL- with Christ during the Millenial day and beyond. It TURAL and Family papers published. Only $1 per also advocates the necessity of a life of trust and year, or $1.23 with best Bee-Book, or $1.65 with obedience in order to a participation in that kingå beautiful

dom which shall stand forever. The literal fulfilThe Bee-Keeper's Mag- ment of Prophecy, and the signs which foreshadow sa me terms, or both for $1.75. Send for Sample Desire of Nations are also specially examined. Copies, and Liberal Terms to Agents, Free. TERMS: $1.00 per year, in advance. Single Copies Write now to

H. V. REED, dec73y1

No. 27, Tribune Building, Chicago, S: V 21e. So'hive a pannbleic: dy is March their advantage to orde: ove. 8. 'east for this purpose.



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MURPHY'S HONEY EXTRACTOR ! IS 's the best and most durable Extractor in the mar

ket. For further particulars send for Circular. 300 Gerster's Wax Extractors, Also I shall have a few Italian Queens to spare

after June 1st. Address, R. R. MURPHY, 2000 Home Bred Queens, apr74m6

Fulton, Whiteside Co., IlI. IMPORTED QUEENS. PIARIAN SUPPLIES at bottom prices. Circu


A. GRAY & CO., IMPORTERS, apr741f

Reily, Butler Co., 0.

the most important subject that can interest the human race, should subscribe for the



Allars FREE.


Religio - Philosophical Journal,



Corner Lake and Market Sts.,


A Large Eight-Page Weekly Paper,
It has constantly increased in circulation and ability

and is now universally acknowledged to be the Leading Exponent of Modern Spiritualism in the World, and as an advertising medinm it alfords facilities for reaching a large and liberal class of people who cannot be as well approached through any other means.



Chicago, Ill. Italian Queeen Bees. IMPORTED and Home-Bred, cheap as the cheapest. Queens a specialty. Circulars free.

Address, T. N. HOLLETT, mar74tf. Penngville, Ohio.

de" Be not deceived by imitations.

E have made arrangements for the manufacture

and sale of Improved Langstroth Hives, The frames are 10 inches deep and 16 inches long, inside, and the width of the hive 14 inches in the clear. Each story has 10 frames and a capacity of 2320 cubic inches inside.

Price List of Hives shipped from Chicago. 1874 ITALIAN QUEENS. 1874

Hives are made of good, and well seasoned lumber, and are well painted.

SINGLE STORY WITH 10 FRAMES. From 1 to 3 Hives,

$2.30 5 to 10

2.25 10 to 20

2.20 20 to 50

2.15 50 to 100


THIRTEEN years experience in rearing Italian

Queen Bees. Average sale each season, 700. Our prices are as low as any other breeder. All Queens warranted pure, and safe arrival guaranteed. Send for Price List. Agents wanted. mar74m8*

H. ALLEY, Wenham, Mass.

TWO STORY HIVES WITH 20 FRAMES. From 1 to 3 Hives,

$3.30 5 to 10

3.25 10 to 20

3.20 20 to 50

3.15 50 to 100



Breeder of

Material for Hives by the Quantity. I have been engaged ir breeding Pure Ital. No order fler for material for less than five bives. Circular at the Great Western Apiary.

ian Queers for the last twelve years. Send for The material will be good lumier. well seasoned, con

WM. H. FURMAN, to fit, ready to roi tozeher with all wimmings, esanrioyi

Cedar I.apids, Lion Co., Iowa. cept hardware and paint. MATERIAL FOR TWO-STORY HIVES.

RAPE AND RAPP. From 5 10 10 hives,

er, h $2.80 " 10 14 50


E herewih teruer orr :hanks ío Eee-Keepere

W 50 (1 :00


"o: D 8: iai a'u paraj'.9''v'o furnish A complete rearly-inade hive is the heri samnle ,

Tonearů fann at jr. 21). 10 20. To ee sounds work from; and aù win maierial will ane it

*81. tpying on"3 ci'ue, withof, i teie leg wat. All orders must be accomvapierl by the cash: agu

wivu Till be cat FCEE, U ijose ordering over addressed to THOMAS G. NEWMAN,

3.:; 'To all oihers. 10 cenis. Addiese, Room 27, Tribune Building, Chicago. ieb74m5


The newly introduced

PLUMS FOR ALL. Safe Arrival and Purity Guaranteed. Curculio-Proof Native Plums E. M. JOHNSON,




Italian Bees for Sale.

BREEDER OF Furnishes good fruit in abundance from

June to November. DE CARODENCE,

Ripens in JUNE.
WILD GOOSE, Ripens in JULY and AUG.

Mentor, Lake Co., 0.
NEWMAN, Ripens in AUGUST and SEPT.

One Queen, tested,

$3,50 One Tree of each sent by Express for $2.25 Six


3,00 One warranted,

2,50 Six and upwards, each

2,00 The two UTAH DWARF HYBRIDS, (Red and Black) said to be a cross between the Plum

ALL QUEENS WARRANTED AS REPRESENTED OR AXand Cherry, which form small trees 6 or s feet

OTHER ONE SENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. high, and produce an abundance of fine fruit, 75

E. M. JOHNSON, cents each.-Scions for grafting of 12 improved

feb731 native varieties can be furnished. Address for

Mentor, Lake Co., O. circular and price list.

Hawesville, Ky.

10,000 lbs. Extracted.

3,000 lbs. In boxes or frames. Address,

G. Baumeister & Co, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Honey, jan7401

231 W. Randolph St., Chicago, Ils. A

of several patents and inventions, so as to render them the most valuable hives in the market, arranged to hold from one to eighteen frames, rendering them a complete queen-breeding hive, aleo the best for increasing bees and extracting honey (if extracted honey is desired), or twelve glass sides, or sectional boxes Home-Bred Tested Queens, Daughters of Import. may be used at the end of the frame, arranged to

ed Stock. Full stock of Italian Bees. double the yield of box honey. Contains the best arrangement for wintering.

As good as the best. As cheap as the cheapest.

CH. DADANT & SON, aug78tf

Hamilton, II. The cheapest and most perfect acting feeder for te doar de ventilates the hive at pleasure, from the GF, 75 cents per year. Sample Copy Free. center.

Address, A. I. ROOT & CO..

Medina, Ohio.
Admits a view of both sides of every comb, ren-
ders box-honey more convenient and valuable.

The latest standard work on Bees, just issued, 350 For binding Magazines and Papers, pp. illustrated, price 50 cts., paper cover; muslin, $1. Champion Bee-Hives. IS in appearance, precisely like the cover of a

regularly bound book, and is the only FILE Are the old, standard, movable.comb hives, that them in a perfect vise, and when full, serves as a

that binds periodicals as received, and holds have given general satisfaction to the general Bee. complete binder, as firm and durable as a regKeeper: over 50,000 in use. For liustrated Pamphlets and Price List of the

ularly bound book. above, and every kind of Bee-keepers' Supplies, We are prepared to furnish them for Address, H. M. CAMERON,

16 Kentucky Block, Chicago, I!). BINDING THE BEE JOURNAL, or, E. KRETCHMER & CO., jap 74tf Coburg, Montgomery Co., Iowa. Lettered on the back with title in gold. Sent by

mail, post paid. on receipt oi price. Size of Bind.

er for the Bee Journal, 674X1094. ITALIAN BEES and QUEENS. Cloth and Paper,..

50 cents each. ('ioth,....

60 I AM prepared to illa mited number of orders for

Leather and Cloth,..

75 pure tested Queens and iuli colonies, a reasonable prices. Also pure Berkshire Pigs er sale, bred from

Address, mported stock, Address,


Manchester, St. Louis Co., Mo. sep73tf Room 27, Tribune Building, Chicago.



Get the Latest! Get the Best! GET THE LAST!

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(Patent applied for.)



Manufactured under Letters Patent, granted Jan. 27, 1873. With Stationary Can, and Metallic Revolving

We present Bee-keepers a new Extractor. For extracting Pure Honey from old or Comb Basket. Geared three to one under the new Combs, without breaking or injuring machine, entirely out of the way. Can open them, which are afterwards returned to the at top and free for fast operation; will take Hive, to be again refille i by the Bees. the largest combs, and has a lid to cover.

It is noiseless and runs very easy. 500 NOW IN USE. This will be the favorite Stationary-Can And they give the best satisfaction to all.



WINDER'S We also present a new knife which we have found, from experiment, to be far superior to any straight blade in use for

uncapping for the Extractor. Many combs have depressions that a straight knife will not uncap. This knife is equally good for perfect and imperfect comb.

For further imformation, send a three-cent stamp, for our 24 page Illustrated Circular and Apiarian Supply Price List of Honey Extractors and Knives, Wax Extractors, Bee Hives, Glass Honey Jars and Labels, Glass Honey Boxes, Bee Veils, Rubber Gloves, Alsyke and White Clover Seed, Straw Mats and Blankets, Safety Queen Cages, Imported and Home-Bred pure Italian Queens, also pure Egyptian Queens from last year's importation. Address all orders to J. W. WINDER & Co., Importers and Breeders of pure Bees from the best Imported Stock,

132 Fourth St., CINCINNATI, OHIO.

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