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88 University of South Nat. Ilist.. Second year: Inorg, chem. Same as in course in chemCarolina, Colum

Third year: Qual. anal. : istry. bia, S. C.-Contin.

Fourth year: Quant. anal. nod.

Classical.. Third year: Inorg. chem... Same as in course in gen.

science. Latin and Same as in classical course.... Same as in course in gen. Mod. Lang.

science. Eng. Lit... Same as in classical course.... Same as in course in gen.

science. Hist. and Same as in classical course.... Sanie as in course in gen. Phil.

science. 89 University of Ten. Lat.-Liter.- Sophomore: El. chem. Jun-Junior: Physics.....

nessee, Knoxville, Sci. Scien- ior: agr. and org. chem. Tenn.


Sophomore: El. chem. Tan. Same as in lit.-scien, course...
ior: Same as in Lit.-scien.


Sophomore : El. chem. Jun. Samo as in lit.-scien. course...
ior: Agr. chem. Senior:
Quant. anal.

Chem ..... Sophomore: El. chem. Jun. Same as in lit.-scien, course...

ior: Analyses, agr. and org.
chem. Senior: Analyses,

Civil Eng - Sophomore : El. chem..... Junior: Mech., physics. Sen-

ior: Mech.

Mech.Eng. Sophomore: El. chem.....

Sanie as in civil eng. course...

Min. Eng.. Sophomore: El, chem. Jun Junior: Mech., physics.....

ior: Analyses. Senior: Met-
allurgy, analyses.

90 Fisk University, A. B ...... Senior: Chem. (Eliot and Junior: Physics (Gillet and Nashville, Tenn.



91 | Vanderbilt Univer. A. B ...... Junior: Chem., physics, inorg. ! Junior: Doctrine of forces sity, Nashville,

chem., org. chem. (Roscoe, and their applications, Tenn.

Bloxam or Remsen).

sound, heat, magnetism, elec. (Peck's mech., Atkin. son's Ganot). Senior: Uptics.

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Third year: Same as Third year: Miner

First, third and fourth in course in chem. alogy, goolo...

years : Drawing. Fourth year: Physi- Fourth year: Applied ological and crypto- geology and mineralgamic botany, micro- ogy. scopy, bacteriology, physiology. Second year: Struct. Fourth year: Geology. Same as in course in botany, physiology.

gen, science. Third year: Same as Same as in classical Same as in course in in second year in

gen. science. classical course. Same as in classical Same as in classical Same as in course in

gen. scienco. Same as in classical Same as in classical

course. Freshman : Botany, Senior: Afineralogy Sophomore: Ilist. of Freshman: Draw., zoology. Sophomore: and geclouy.

England. Senior: shop work, agr. Jun. Botany or system

Polit. econ., hist. of; ior: Military tactics. atic zoology: Jun.

civilization. ior: Entomology and physiology. Senior:

Elective. Freshman: Bot., zool- Same as in lit.-scien. Same as in lit. -scien. | Freshman : Draw. ogy. Sophomore: tific course.


Junior: Military tacBotany or systematic

tics. zoology. Junior and Senior: Same as in lit.-science course. Freshman: Bot., zool.

Same as in lit.-scien. Freshman : Draw., ogy. Sophomore:


shop work, agr. SophBot., systematic zoö).

omore :

Agr. Jin. ogy. Junior: Bot.,

ior; Agr., mil. tacentomology. Senior:

tics. Senior: Agr., Zoology.

horticulture. Freshman: Bot., zoöl- Senior: Mineralogy, Sophomore: Uist. of Freshman: Draw., ogy. geology. England.

shop work, agr. Sophomore: Draw.

Junior : Mil. tactics. Same as in chem. Sophomore: Hist. _of Freshman: Draw.,

England. Senior: Po- shop work. Sopholit. econ.

more: Draw. Jun. ior: Civiledg., draw., materials, tactics. Senior: Prime niovers, cirileny. Freshman and Soplomore: Draw., Shop work. Junior: Materials, draw., shop work, tactics. Sen. ior: Prime inovers, niachine design, shop work, indicat

or practice. Same as in chem.

Freshman and Sophocourse.

more: Draw., shop work. Junior: Tac. tics. Senior: Mino

Sophomore: Botany Senior : Geolngy and Senior: Polit. econ.
(Wood). Junior: mineralogy (Dana). (Wayland).
Physiologs (Martin).
Senior: Zoology
Senior: Struct. and Senior: Gen. mineral- Freshman: Hist. ofl..
systematic botany, ogy, physiography, Greece (Smith), Lab-
gen, zoölogy, biology: lithology, historical berton's atlas. Sopb.

and dynamical geol. omore: Hist. of Romo

(Leighton), Labber-
tou's atlas. Junior:
Hist. of Eng. people
(Green), hist. of Ger.
many (Bayard Tailor).
Senior: Polit. econ.
(Mill), int. law (Davis),
hist. of Amer. politics


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91 Vanderbilt Univer. B. S....... Froghman: Chem. Physics, Same as in A. B. course..... sity, Nashville,

inorg. chem., org. chem. SoTeun.-Cont'd.

phomore: Chem. technology
(Wagner), lab'y work. Jun.
ior: Org. chem., lab'y work.

Senior: Metallurgy.
Civil eng.. Freshman: Chem. Physics, Junior: Same as in A. B.

org, and inorg. chem., qual. course, and mech., hydraul-
anal., exp. work. Sopho- ics. Senior: Optics.
more: Quant. anal. Junior:
Chem. tech., application of
chem. to arts and manufac-
tures, quant. anal. (optional).
Fifth year: Lab'y tests of
potability of drinking waters.

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Moch. eng. Freshman and Sophomore: | Junior: Same as in civil eng.

Same as in civil eng. courge. course. Senior: Optics,
Junior: Chem. tech., appli- phys. lab'y, thermodynam-
cation of chem. to the arts ics. Fifth year: Phys. lab'y.
and manufactures, quant.
anal. Senior: Metallurgy,
chem. lab'y.

Min. eng .. Same as in mech. eng. course, Junior: Same as in civil eng.

and, fifth year, metallurgy, conrse. Senior: Phys. lab'y. chem. lab’y.

Fifth year: Optics.

92 University of Texas, A. B .....

Austin, Tex.

Sophomore: El. chem. (Shep. Freshman: Mech., hydrostat-
ard), qual. anal. (Fresenius). ics, pneumatics, elec., mag.
Junior: Chem. phil. (Cooke), netisın. Sophomore: Light,
org.chem. (Remgen), qual. heat, sound. Junior and
anal. Senior: Technological Senior: Pract. physics.
chem., quant. anal., theories
of chem.

B. L ...... Same as in A. B. course

Same as in A. B. Jourse.


Scientific.. Sophomore: El. chem., qual. Freshman: Mech., hydrostat

anal. Junior: Chem. phil., ics, pneumatics, elec., magorg. chem., qual. anal. Sen- netism. Sophomore: Light, ior: Technological chein., heat, sound. Junior: Pract.

quant. anal., theories of chem. physics. Engineer. Sophomore: El. chem., qual. Freshman: Same as scientific ing.

anal. Junior and senior: course. Sophomore and jan. Same as in A. B. course.

ior: Same as in A. B. course. Senior: Elec. eng.

Chemistry. Same as in scientific course ... Freshman, Sophomore, and

Junior: Same as in scientific course. Senior: Elec. eng.

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Sophomore: Same as Sophomore: Same as Freshman: IIist.


91 Senior in A. B. Seniorin A, B.course. Eng. people, hist. of course. Junior: Bot- Junior: Determina- Ciermany, Labberton's any, zoölogy.

tive mineralogy, li- Atlas. Junior: Ilist.
tbology. Senior: of Rome, hist. of Greece.
Applied geology. Senior: Same as in A.

B. course. Janior: Struct. and Junior: Same as Son. Fifth year: Polit.econ., Freshman: Drafting, systematic botany ior in A. B. con

int. law.

wood shup. Sophoand gen. zoölogy (op- (optional). Senior:

more: Drafting,forga, tional). Senior: Same Same as in A. B.

shop, and foundry, an in A. B. coarse. Fifth year :

kinematics of maFifth year: Botany Same as Junior in B.

chinery (optional). and zoölogy with the S. course.

Junior: Materials, microscope.

machine design (opt.), shop work (opt.). Senior: Eng. Fifth

year: Eng., eng. law. Junior: Same as in Junior: Same as in Senior: Polit. econ., int. Freshman: Drafting, civil eng. course. civil eng. course. law.

wood shop. Sophomore: Drafting, forge, shop, and foun. dry, kinematics of machinery Junior: Materials, machine design (opt.), shop work. Senior: Shop work, steam-boilers, Fifth year: Design

ing, shop work, eng., Junior: Struct. and Junior: Same as Sen. Same as in moch. eng... Freshman and Sophosystematic botany, ior in A. B. course.

more: Same as in gen. zoology. Senior: Applied ge

mech. eng. course. ology.

Junior: Materials, machine design, shop work. Senior: Eng., machinery. Fifth year: Mining, structures, ventilation,

drainage, eng. law. Senior: Physiology Junior and Senior: Freshman: Hist. of Junior and Senior: 92

(Flint, Gray, Fos- Geology (Geikie). Greece (Smith), hist. Graphics.
ter), botany.

of Rome (Merivale).
Sophomore: Hist. of
Middle Ages (Gibbons).
Junior: Hist. of mod-
crn Europe (Lodgo).
Senior: Hist. of Eng.
(Green), polit. econ.

Same as in A. B. course Freshman: Same as in Same as in A, B.

A. B. conrse. Sopho- course.
more: Hist. of middle
agos. Junior: Hist.
of modern Europe.
Senior: Same as in A.

B. course.
Janior and Senior: Sophomore, Junior, and Same as in A. B.

Senior: Samo as in A. course.
B. course.

eng. law.

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Same as in A. B.course. Same as in A. B. course. Freshman: Hist. of Freshman: Draw.,

Greece, Hist. of Rome. field practice, graph. Sophomore, Junior ics. Sophomore: and Senior: Same as Draw., highways, in A. B. courso.

railroads, and canals, drainage, and sewerage, graphics. Jun. ior: Graphics, stereotomy, strength of materials, Ang. structures. Senior: Grapbics, machinery, eng.

structures. Sophomore: Biology .. Junior:Geology. Sen. Same as in engineering Same as in eng. course ior: Geology. course.



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92 University of Texas, Physics ... Same as in Eng. course.... Freshman and Sophomore: Austin, Tex.-Con

Same as in scientific course. tinued.

Junior: Pract. physics.
Senior: Pract. physics, elec.

Geology... Sophomore and Junior: Same Freshman and sophomore:

as in scientitic course. Sen- Samo as in scientific course. ior: Same as in A. B. course.

Sophomore: El. chem

93 University of Ver. Arts

mont, Burlington, Vt.

Junior: El. mech. and el. pbysics (Daniell).

Lit -Scien. Sopbomore: El. chem

Same as in A. B. course.

Engineer- Freshman: Gen. principles of Sophomore: Physics (Stew.
chem., lab'y work.

art). Junior: Mech. (Weig.
bach). Senior: Mech., hy.
drostatics, hydraulics.

Chemical.. Freshman: Same as in Eng. Sophomore: Physics.....

course. Sophomore: Qual.
anal., quant, anal. Junior:
Quant anal. stoichiometry,

Senior: Org.
chem., lab'y work, hist. of

cliom., indust, chem.
Agr.... Freshman and Sophomoro: Junior: Physics, meteorology

Sarno as in chem. course. (Loomis).
Junior: Quant. anal., blow-
pipe anal., anal, of manures.
Senior: Anal, of foods, anal.

of soils, animal chem. 94 Middlebury College, Classical.. Junior: Chem. (Greene and Sophomore: Mechanics Middlebury, Vt.


(Dana). Junior: Physics (Atkinson's Ganot), elec., heat, light.

Lat.-Scien. Same as in classical courso.... Same as in classical Contrae....


95 Randolph - Macon Ph. B ..... Inorg.chem. (Shepard), chem, Mechanics (Dava), theoret. College, Ashland,

phil., chem. anal., org. chem. physics (Daniell, Jevons). (Youman), chem, of carbon

compounds. A.B

Same as in Ph. B. course..... Mechanics...... 96 Hampden-Sidney

Junior: Chem. (Youman, Senior: Physics (Ganot), College, Hampden

Wurtz), chem. phil. (Cooke), Mech. (Bartlett). Sidney, Va.

technology (Wagner), agr.

chem. (Johnstou). 97 Washington and

El. chem. (Remsen, Cooke), Prop. of matter, hydrostatics, Lee University,

inorg. chem. (Richter), org. pneumatics, aconstics, heat, Lexington, Va.

and theoret. chem. (Remsen). light, elec., magnetism

(Gage), el, mechanics (Dana), hydraulics, analyt. mechan

ics (Michie). 98 | University of Vir. A. B...... Gen. chem. (Fowne), chem. Sound, light, heat, . elec., ginia, Charlottes

technology (Wagner). (Smith), math. physics. ville, Va.

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