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law, methods of ac-
counting, civil govt.
Amer. politics (John.
ston), polit. econ.(Wal-
ker), economic hist.
of U. S. Senior: So-
cial science, polit. econ.
(Mills), Amer. constit.
hiot. (Von Holst, Ban-
cruft), finance. civil
gort., mercantile law
(Parsons), indust. hist.
of U.S., Amer. constit.
hist., polit, econ. (In.
gram), niercantile
practice, statistics,
constit. and Rom. law

Junior and Senior: Freshman and Sopbo. . Fresh man: Draw.
Mineralogy. Post-

Same as in Senior: Mech. draw. senior : Geology. course in pbil. Jun. Post-senior: Prin. of

ior: Economics and mechanism.
social hist. of Europe
since 1789. Senior:
Int. law, polit. econ.

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Junior: Mineralogy, Freshman and Sopho. Freshman: Draw.Jun.

geology, lithology, more: Same as in ior: Draw., mining. palæontology. Sen. course iu phil. Senior: Senior and Post-een. ior: Mineralogy, pa.

Same as in course in ior: Mining eng. læontology. Post. chem. senior : Geology: Senior: Mineralogy. Same as in course in Freshman: Draw. Post-senior: Gool. chem.

Junior: Draw., en. ogy.

gineering, statics. Senior: Draw., arch., engineering. Post. senior: Pract. eng., drawing, modeling,

arch. Same as in course in Freslıman: Draw. chem.

Junior: Statics, kinematics, draw., shop work. Senior : Kine. matics, steam-engine and boilers, shop work, eng. appli.

ances. Same as in civil eng... Same as in course in Freshman: Draw. chem.

Junior: Arch., graphical statics. Senior: Draw., arch., engineering Postsenior: Arch., draw.,

Freshman: Physiol- Senior : Geology (Gei. Freshman: Hist. of

Greece, hist. of Romo,
Roman antiquities.
Sophomore: Hist. of
Rome, antiquities, uni.
versal hist. (Weber).
Junior: Polit. hist. of
recent times (Muller),
hist. of Eng. (Hume),
polit. ecop. Senior:
Int. law (Woolsey),
Roman Empire (Gib-

bou), phil. of hist. Freshman : Physiol. Senior : Geology (Gei. Same as in classical ogy:

kie). Freshman : Physiol. Junicr: Crystallogra Freshman: Hist. of ogy. Junior: "Zoöl.

phy. descrip. mineral. Rome and Greece. ogy (Tenney).

ogy. Souior: Lithol. Sophomore: Hist. of
ogy (Williams), his. Rome, universal hist.
toric, dynamic, and Junior and Senior:
economic gtology. Same as in classical




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Mech. eng. Freshman: El.chem. Junior: Sophomore: Same as in course

in science and letters. Sen.
ior: Thermodynamics, hy.

Metallur. Freshman: El. chem. Sopho- Sophomore: Mech., heat, elec.

more: Qual. anal. (Douglass Senior: Hydraulics.
and Prescott), stoichiometry.
Junior: Assaying (Rick.
etts), chem. phil." (Cooke),
metallurgy, blowpipe anal.,
quant. anal. (Fresenius).
Senior: Metallurgy, blow-

pipe anal., quant. anal.
Mining Freshman: El.chem. Sopho- Same as in course in metal-

more: Qual, anal. Junior: lurgy.
Blowpipe anal. Senior:

Elec. eng.. Same as in course in letters Sophomore: Mech., sound, and science.

heat. Junior: Light, mag. netism, meteorology, elec., static. elec., voltaic elec. Senior: Elec. lightning, telegraph and telephone, applications of elec. io rail. ways, dynamic machines.

Chemistry. Freshman: El. chem., qual. Same as in science and let

anal., stoichiometry. Sopho- ters.
more: Chem. phil., quant.
anal., blowpipe anal. Junior:
Toxicology, quant. anal., org.
chem., metallurgy. Senior:
Metallurgy; assaying, org.
cheinistry, indus.chem., agr.

chem., sanitary chem.
Arch...... Freshman: El.chem. Same as in civil eng. course.

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85 Swarthmore College, A. B ..... Junior Gen. el. chem., laby Sophomore: Gen. physics Swarthmore, Pa.

work. Senior: Chem.

(Gage), mech. (Peck). Junior: Thermodynamics, light.

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Freshman : ogy.

Physiol. Same as in course in Junior: Hist......

letters and science.

Same as in civil eng.

Junior: Hist.....



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Freshman and Sopho-84 more: Draw. Junior: Strength of materials, construction, roofs and bridges. 'Senior : Bridges, hydraulic and sanitary eng. Freshman: Draw. ing, machine design. Sophomore: Machine design, steam engine (Holmes). Junior: Mech. technology, boilers (Wilson), strength of materials, kinematics, machine design, machinery of transmission. Sen. ior: Statics, chine design, kinematics, mechanics of machinery, measurement of power. Freshman: Machine and min.draw. Soph. omore: Draw. Junior: Strength of materials, steam engine. Senior: Mechanics of machinery, graphical statics, projects, min. ing, draw. Freshman: Machine and min. draw. Junior: Strength of materials, steam •engine. Senior: Min. ing, mechanics ofmachinery, draw., projects. Freshman: Drawing. Sophomore: Draw., steam engine. Junior: Strength of materials, boilers, machine design. Senior: Machine design, graphical statics of mechanism, nieustrement of power. Freshman: Draw.....

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Same as in civil eng..

Junior: Hist. of archi. Freshman anıl Sophocourse.


more : Draw. Junior: Strength of materials, craw.. construction, roofs and bridges, arcb. Senior: Roofs and brillges, mechanics of machinery, Toilers, arch., heating, venti

lation, sanitary eug. Freshman: Znölogy, Senior: Mineralngy, Freshman: Hist. of Extras: Drawing, 83 el. botany, physiol. geology (Winchell). Rome (Creighton), painting, phonog ogy. Sophomore:

Rom. antiquities (Wil raphy.

(. Zoology, advanced

kins), development of botany. Junior and

Rom, constit. (Tighe).
Senior : Gen. biology.

Sophomore: Mit diæval
and mod. hist. (Myers).
Junior: Eng. constit.
hist., Amer. polit. and
conftit. hist. Senior:
Polit. econ. (Walker),
int, law.


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B. S.......Freshman: Gen. el. chem., Sophomore : Same as in A.

la b'y work. Sophomore: B. course. Junior: Thermo. Analyt. chem., qual. and dynamics, light. Senior: quani. anal. Junior: Modern

Elec.eng. theory, quant. chen. anal.


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Ph. B Sophomore: Gen.chem., analyt. Same as in A. B. course.....

chem. Junior: Analyt. chen, 88 University of South Gen. Sci... Third yaar: Inorg chem. Second year: Prin. of phys. Carolina, Colum

(Richter), qual. anal.

ics. bia, S. C.

Civil Eng. Second year: Same as in third Second year; Prin. of phys

year in course in gen, sci- ics. Third year: Pract. cnce. Third year: Qual. physics. Fourth year: Theranal.

modynamics. Mech. Eng. Second year: Inorg. chem. Second year: Prin. of physFourth year: Qual. anal.

ics. Third year : Pract. physics, inech. Fourth year: Thermodynamics.

Agricul. Second year: (norg. chem. Same as in course in gen.
ture. Thiri vrar: Org chem., science.
qual. anal.

Fourth year:
Āgr, chem., quant anal.

Chemistry. Second year: Inor. chem. Second and third years :

Third year: Orgchem., Same as in ciyil eng. course.
chem. Preil., qual. nal.
font! Nar: Quint. anal.,
Velletric and org. anal.,

agr. virem.

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Same as in A. B. course. Same as in A, B. course. Freshman: Same as in Same ay in A, B, course.

A. B. course. Sopho.
ipore : Mediaeval and
modern hist. Junior:
Eng. coustit. hist.,
Amer. polit, and con-
stit. hist. Senior:

Same as in A.B.course. Freshnan and Sopho. Same as in A. B. course. Freshman and Sopho- Same as in A. B. course. more: Same as in ..

more : Same as in A. B. B. course. Junior

course. Junior: Eng. and Senior: Gen. bi.

constit. hist., Amer. poology.

lit. and constit. hist.
Senior: Same as in A.

B. course.
Freshman: Physiol. Same as in A. B. course. Elective

Freshman and Sophogy, zoölogy, botany.

omore: Shop-work, Junior and Senior:

drafting, drawing, Gen, biology.

painting, phonog. raphy. Junior: Eng., phon., draw., painting. Senior: Eng.,eng. practice,phon., draw.,

painting. Junior: Physiology Senior : Geology Freshman: Reign of (Huxley), zoölogy (Dana).

Edward III (Hume). (Packard), botany

Sophomore: Reign of (Gray).

Queen Elizabeth
(lume.) Junior: Polit.
econ. (Walker), con.

stit. law (Cooley).
Freshman: Botany Fresb man: Phys. Sanie as in A. B. course.. Freshman: Draw.
(Gray), Sophomore: goog. Junior: Min.
El. biol. comp. anat., eralogy (Dana). Sen-
bot. Junior: Physiol. ior: Geology.
Sophomore: Physiol. Senior: Geology Junior: Gen. hist. of
ogy, botany. Junior: (Dana).

Europe, polit. econ. Zoology. Senior: Agr.

(Walker). Senior: zoölogy.

Constit. and polit. hist.
of Eny. and U. S., int.
law, hist. of polit. econ.,
constit. of European

and American states. Same as in A. B. course. Freshman : Phys. geog. Same as in A. B. course. Freshman: Drawing.

Senior: Geology. Third year: Struct. Fourth year: Miner. First year: Europe and First year: Draw. botany (Gray), alogy, geology.

the middle ages, molern physiology, zoology

European hist. (My (Claus).

ers), hist. geog. Fourth

year: Polit. econ. Same as in course in

First year:

draw., gen. science.

mech. technology. Second and third years: Draw. Fourth

year: Civileng.,diaw. Same as in course in

First year :

Draw., gen. science.

mecu. tech., wood. work. Second year: Mech. tech., and draw., vice-work. Third year: Prin, of mech., draw., mach. work. Fourth year:

Designing, draw., Second year: Struct. Same as in course in

machine work. and systematic botgen. science.

Fourth yoar: Polit. First year: Draw., any. Third year: en


agr., wood-work, tomology, zoology,

mech. tech. Second physiology, veg.

year: Agr., horticul. physiology, crypto

ture. Third year; gamic botany.

Vet. science, animal husbandry, agr. Fourth year: Vot.

science, agr. Third year: Struct. Third year: Miner

First year: Drawing. and systematic bot- alogy. Fourth year: any, zoology, phys- | Geology, appi'a' min iology. Fourth year: eralogy. Physiol. and cryptogamic built, microBCopy, bacloriology.


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