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and universities, -PART I-Continued.

italics are elective.


Modern languages.



Same as in A. B. course

Freshman: French-Gram.,

Les Prosateurs français, lect.
Sophomore: German-Gram.,
Billerbuch ohne Bililer,
reader of Ger. lit., Wilhelm
Tell, lect: French-Tableaux
de la Révolution française,
themes. Junior: German-
Hlod. comedy and romance.
Senior: French-Same as in

A. B. course.
Sophomore: Same as in A. B. | Sophomore: French-Same as

course. Junior: Samic as in in A. B. course; Gormar-
A. B. course, omitting the Same as Junior in A.B.course.
electives. Serior: Saino as Junior: German-Same as
in A.B. course.

Junior in B.S. in letters and
science"; French-Same as
Sophomore in B. S. in L. aus.
Senior: French-Same as in

A. B. course.
Same as in A. B. course, with Freshman and Sophomore:

addition of reading Shak- Same as in B. S. course in L.
speare and lectures on Shak. and S. Junior: German-
spearian criticism.

Modern comedy and romance;
French-Les Poetes français,
French prosody.

Junior: Elements of moral

ity (Whewell), Plutarch on the dirine justice, Marcus Lurelius. Senior: Hamil. ton's metaphysics (Bowen), Cousin's metaphysics (Henry), logic, Butler's analogy, Butler's sermons on human nature, moral phil.(Wayland), psychol., inoral sentinients (Smith),

intuitions of the mind. Sophomore: Moral pbil.

(Haven). Senior: Hamil. ton's metaphysics, Cousin’s metaphysics (Henry), logic, Butler's analogy and sermons

on human nature, moral phil., pscby. ology, hist. of moral phil.,

intuitions of the inind. Junior: Jarcus Aurelius.

Senior: Hamilton's metaphysics, Cousin's metaphysics (Henry), logic, elements of morality, Plutarch on the dirino justice, Butler's analogy and sermons on human nature, moral phil., psychology, logic, moral science, intu

itions of the mind. Sophomore: Logic (Jevons

Hill). Junior: Psychology (Sully), logic (Mill), phil.

(Stuckenberg Schwegler). Senior: Hist. of modern phil. (Schweg. ler), evidences of Christi. anity (Row-Fisher), ethics (Porter).



Freshman: Eng. lang. (Trench), | Freshman: German--Gram. el. rhet., declamation. Sopho- (Whitney), reader (Whitney),

Rhet. (Genung), de. or French gram. (Whitney), clamation. Junior: Doclama- La Jeune Sibérienne, La Maro tion, Eng.lit., Eng. comp., the- an Diablo, Millo, de la Seigliory of elocution.

ère, Le Roi des Montagues,
Les Lépreux de la Cité l'Aoste.
Sophomore: German--Goethe,
Trilhelm Tell, linna von
Barnheli; French-- Le Cid,
Andromaque, 1.1 vare, Her-
nani, collatcral reading. Jun-
ior: German-Schiller's Tal-
lenstein, Trilogy, Lursing's Va.
than der Feisse, Goethe's Frust.

Same as in A. B. course

Freshman: German--Grain., Saine as in A. B. course.

reader, or French gram., La
Jeune Sibérienne., Lullare au
Diable, y lle'de la Sciglière,
Le Roi des Montagnes, Les
Lepreux c!e la Cité d'Aostc,
and same as in Sophomore in
A. B. couse. Juniur: Samo

as in A. B. course.
Freshman, Sophomore, and Jun Freslıman: German-liram. Same as in A. B. course.

ior: Same a: in A. B. course. and reader; French-Le Cid,
Senior: Eng. lit.

Andromaque, L'Avare, ller-
nani, collateral readings; or
French-Samo as in A. B.
course; and Gerinan--Goethe,
Wilhelm Tell, Lessing. Sopho-
more: Same as Junior iú A.

B. Course.
Sophomore: Rhet. and rhetori- | Freshman: El. French or Gor- Junior: Logic (Jevons,

cal anal., comp. Juvior: 111- man. Sopliomore: Advanced Fowler), psychology glo-Saxon and earn English French or German. Junior (Lotze, Porter), physio. (Sweet, Morris, and Nkeat), and Sinior: French, German, logical psychology (Laid). hist. of Eng. lang. (Louis- Spanish, Italian.

Senior: Psychology bury), readiny English mas

(Lotze, Porter), ethics ters. Senior: Same as in Jun

(Porter), Theism and evi. ior and 19th century lit.

dences of Christianity, cthics and phil. (Sidu. wick, Martineau, Abbot, Porter, Laurie, Green),


[blocks in formation]

lus, Virgil, Horace, Jurenal,
Liry, Terence, Plautus, Sen.
eca.; Greek- Æschylus, Pla-
to, Soph., Pindar, Demos,
Greek Testament, Socrates,
Eurip., comp., topography
and monuments of Athens,
Greek element in Eng. lang.

descrip. geom., geodesy, descrip. astron., pract. astron., integ. calc, and inech., vector anal., computation of orbits.

8 Sheffield Scientific B. S. in

School, New Ha. Chem.
ven, Conn.

B. S. in
Civ. Eng.

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B. S. in
B. S. in

B. S. in

Nat. Hist.
B. S. in

Biology. 9 Columbian Univer. | A. B....

gity, Washington, D.C.

Freshman: Alg., plane an.

alyt. geom. Freshman: Same as in B. S.

course in Chem. Junior: Analyt. geom., dif, calc., sur., integ. calc., rational mech. Senior: Sph. trig.

and astron. Freshman and Junior: Same

as iu B. S. in Civ. Eng. Same as in B. S. course in

Samo as in B. S. course in

Same as in B. S. course in

Freshman: Synthetic geom.

(Newcomb), alg. (Went-
worth), original exercises.
Sophomore: Trig. (Wells),
analyt. geom. (Wentworth)
Junior: Dif. and integ.
calc. (l'aylor), calc. of prob.
and loast squaros. Senior :
mech. (Smith), astron. (New-

Freshman: Latin - Orid's

Gram., Üloraco, Hist. of
Rome (Leighton); Greek-
Homer, synta s (Buise),
gram., hist. of Greece
(Smith), Heroil.. Thucyd.
Sophomore: Latin-- JIorace,
Cic., comp., gram., Ter-
rence, Tac., Roman lit;
Greek-Xed., comp.,

crates or Thucyd. Junior:
Latin–Tac., Pliny, hist.
of Latin lit., Juronal, Cic.,
Latin gyntax, original exer-
cises ; Greek - Soph., Eu-
rip., hist. of Greek lit.,
conip., Denios.

Latin-Quintilian; Greek-

B. L .....

Same as in A. B. conrse.. Same as in freshman and

sophomore in A. B. course. B.S...

Same as in A. B. course. 10 | Corcoran Scientific B.S.

Freshman: alg., geometry. School, Washing.

Sophomore: trig., analyt. ton, D. c.

grom. Junior: calc., as.

tron. Senior: Astron. C. E

Freshman: Same as in B.S.

course. Sophomore: trig., analyt. and descrip, geom. Junior: calc., sur., descrip. astron. Senior: Pract. as.

tron., geodesy. B. S. in

Freshman: Saino as in B. S. Chem.

course. Junior: Astron. 11 Georgetown Univer. A.B ...... Freshman: Latin - Sallust, Freslıman: Geom. (Went. sity, Washington,

Virgil. gram. (Yenni), worth). Sophomore: Trig. D.C.

comp., prosody; Greek-. (Wentworth), sur.,
reader (Goodwin), Homer, lyt. geoin. Junior: Dif.
gram. (Yeni), themes. and integ. calc. (Taylor),
Sophomore: Latin-Virgil, mech. (Dana). Senior: As.
Livy, Horace, prosody, tron. (Nowcomb and Hol.
Cic., comp.; Greek-Hom- den), mech. (Dana).
er, Demos., gram., themes.
Junior: Latin-Cic., Quin-
tilian, Horace, lect. on
rhet., Tac., Juvenal, comp.;
Greek_Demos., Sopli.,

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Sane as in B. S. course in Chen. Same as iu B. S. course in Chem.
Freshman : Rhetoric (Genung), Freshman: French - Keetel's Sophomore: Logic (Jevon).

Eng. bist. (Thompson), elo- Collegiate Course, Erckmann. Junior: Induc. logic
cuition, essays, hist. of U. Chatrian, Molière, Racine, (Fowler), psychology
S. (Eliot). Sophomore: Enn Corneillo; German - Gram. (Sully). hist. of inental
lit., Anglo-Saxon, Shaki. (Shellou), Studien und Plan. phil. Senior: Psycholo-
peara, clor'ution, essa yk. dereion, Das Kalte Herz. gy, polit. phil. (Cooley),
Junior: Eng. proso anil prose Sophomore: French-Gram. hist. of phil., lectures,
writers (liunt), elocution , (Sauveur), Lacombe, Molière, nat. theology (Butler),
essays. Senior: Essays, Racine, Corneille, De Staël; moral phil. (Calderwood),
orations, advanced Anglo- German - Select readings. hist. of moral phil.

Junior: French-Molière,
Corneille, Racine, Saintine,
Pylorlets's Littérature Con.
temporaine; German - Les.
sing, Auerbach, Schiller,
Guethe, Heyse. Senior:
French – Pylodets's Littéra-
ture Classique, Victor Hugo,
Crane; German-Elective
readings, seminary studies,

Samo as in :1B. course
Same as in A, B.

Same as in A. B. course.


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TABLE 28.-Courses of study in colleges

NOTE.-Studies in

Name and location.



Mathematics and astronomy.

[blocks in formation]

Freshman: Latin-Cic., Hor- | Freshman : Alg., geom., ace, comp.,

lectures; trig., sur. (Wentworth), Greuk-Xen., Plato, comp., Sophomore: Sph. trig. and hist. of Greek lit., Homer, analyt. geom. (Went. Herod. prosody, Thucyd., worth), mech. Junior: AsDemos. "Sophomoro: Lat- tron. in-Tac., Juvenal, Quintil. ian, Rom. lit. ; GreekHomer, Greek mythology,

Eschylus, Sopbocles, Greek drama. Junior: Demos.,

the Greek orators.
Freshman: Latin-Leighton's Freshman: Alg. (Olney ),

Latiu ,lessons, Cic., Ovid, geom. (Wentworth). Soph.
Arnold Latin prose comp.; omore: alg., geom. trig.,
Greek-Xen., Herod. proso and log. (Wentworth).
comp. Sophomore: Latin-

Mens., sur., nav, analyt.
Horace, prose comp.; Greek geom., calc. Junior: Analyt.
Xen., tragedy, comp. Jun. geom. (Bowser), calc. (Tay.
ior: Latin-Terence, orig. lor), à escrip. geom.
inal exercises; Greek (Church).
Tragedy, original exercises.
Senior: Latin-Juvenal,
Plautus, Rom. civil law,
original exercises ; Greek-
Ischylus, Plato, Grecian

hist., original exercises. Latin-Sano as in the A. B. Freshman, Sophomore, and course.

Junior: Same as in A. B. course. Senior: Calc., as. tron. (Godfary).


B. Agr


Ph. B.... Latin-Sameas in A.B. course Same as in A. B. course.

or Greek-Same as in A.B.

Freshman: Alg., geom. Soph-
omore: Alg., geom., trig.,
mens., sur., analyt. geom.,
calc.Junior: Sur. Sen-

ior: Descrip. astron. B.C. E....

Fresbman and Sophomore:

Same as in B. Agr. course.
Junior: Analyt. geom.,

dif. and intog. calc., sur., descrip. geom. Senior: Dif. and intog. calc. sph. and

descrip. astron. B.C.S....

Freshman and Sophomore:

Same as in B. Agr. course.

Senior: Astron. 14 | Atlanta University, A. B ...... Freshman: Latin–Cic., Livy, Freshman: Alg: (Peck), Atlanta, Ga.

prose (Jones); Greek--Gram., plane geom. (Bradbury). first lessons (Boise), Xen. Sophomore: Sol. and sph. Soph.: Latin-Liry, Tac., geom. (Bradbury), trig. Horace; Greek-Sen., Homer, and sur. (Wentworth). Junior: Latin-.Cic.; Greek- Junior: Astron. (Lock

Demos., Testament, Plato. yer). 15 Emory College, Ox. A. B.... Freshman: Latin-Sallust, Freshman: Alg. and geom. ford, Ga.

proso comp., grain., Roman (Robinson). Sophomore: antiquity, hist. of Kome, Trig. and sur. (Robinson). prosody, Virgil, ancient


Junior: Analyt. geom. geog. ; Greek-Testament, (Loomis). Mech. (Snell's prose comp.,Geog. of Greece, Olmsted). Senior: Dif. and gram., nianual of pronun- integ. calc. (Loomis), asciation, Diodorus, Blerod., tron. (Snell's Olmsted). comp.; Sophomore: LatinHorace, pirosody, comp., gram., mythology, (Keightley); Greek-Thucyil., conip., gram., Grecian my. thology, Homer, Demos., hist. of Greek lit. Junior: Latin--Cic., hist. of Biome, comp.gram., Roman antiquities, Tac., Tirance; Greek Plato, gram. Sophoclis, Thucyd., hist. of Greece.

[blocks in formation]

Freshman, Sophomore, and Jun. Sophomore: El. French or Ger Junior: Metaphysics.
ior: Same as in A. B. course. man, Junior: French or Ger-

man prose, comedies, trang-
lations, conversation. Senior:
Reading in prose and poetry,
theses, gram.,

idiomatic exer-
cises, outlines of lit. (French

or German).
Same as in A. B. course... Sophomore: El. French or Ger- Same as in A. B. course.

Junior and Senior :
French and German, as in B.

S. course.
Freshman : Eng. Sophomore: Sophomore: French or German.
Eng. Juunior and Senior: Eng. Junior: French or German.


Same as in B. Agr. course.

Freshman, Sophomore, and Jun. Sopbomore: Same as in B. Agr. ior : Same as in B. Agr. course. course. Junior and Senior:

French and German. Sophomore : Lit., rhet. (Kel. Senior: Gorman gram. and read Senior: Mental phil. (Ha. 14 logg). ing (Whitney).

ven), logic (Jevons), moral phil. (Fairchild), evi. dences of Christianity (Hopkins), natural the.

ology (Chadbourno). Freshman : Rhet. (Hart), decla- Junior: French-Chardenal's Junior: Logic

Logic (Jeron), 15

| mation, comp. Anglo-Saxon first French course, reader, Moral phil. (Peabody). (Sweet). Sophomore : Philol. (Ahn-Henn), conversations. Senior: Evidences ogy of the Eng. tongue German-Gram. (

(Worman), Christianity, mental phil. (Earle), declamation, comp., reader (Abn-Henn), conver. (Mahan). life of Bryant, Bigelow Pa- sations. Senior: Frenchpers, Rape of the Lock. Jun. Chardenal's French exercises, ior: History of Eng. lit. Le Marriage de Gabrielle, (Taine), comp., declamation. Worman's French Echo, conSenior: Rhet. (Welsh), comp., versations. German-Gram. speeches. Senior: Life and Worman's German Echo, growth of Lang. (Whitney). Nathan der Weise, conversa

tions, exercises.


ED 89-78

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