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Freshman: Latin-Horace, | Freshman: Alg. (Wells),

Latin prosody, exerrises in geom. (Wentworth). Sophwriting Latin; Greek- omore: Trig, and analyt. Gram.” (Goodwin), Leigh

geom. (Wentworth). Sen. ton's Lessons, Xen. Soplio- ior: Astron. (Newcomb inore: Latiu-Horarem, Cic., and Holden). Cæsar, Latin comp.;GreekXen., Plato, Hciod., Greek comp. Junior: Latin-Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius, Latin metres, Roman lit., Tacitus, comp., extemporalia, Terence, and Pliny's letters; Greek-Thucyd., Homer, Greek hist. comp., Æschylus, Sophocles, Lurip., or Aristophanes. Freshman and Sophoniore:

Same as in A. B, course. Same as in A. B. course, except that Greek is elective with physics and chem.

Freshman: Same as in A. B.

course. Sophomore: Trig., descrip. geom., analyt. geom., quaternions. Jun. ior: Dif. and integ. calc. (Taylor). Senior: A stron. (Snell's Olmsted, Newcomb

and Holden). Freshman: Latin-Livy, Cice. Freshman: Geom., alg. Soph.

ro, Horace, comp.; Greek- omore: Trig., analyt. geom. Homer, Herod., Thucyd., Junior: Dif. and integ. calc., Xen., Demos. Sophomo

noro: dif. equations, analyt. geoin. Latin--Horace, Cicero, Plau- of space, conic sections (Sal. tus, Terence, Roman archæ- omon), quaternions, math. ology; Greek-Plato, Æs- exercises in laby. Senior: chylus, Eurip., Sophocles. Any elective, gen. (stron. Junior: Latin-.Cic., Quint., (Newcomb and Holdeu). Juvenal, Tacitus. GreekSophocles, Pluto, Lysias, De

Senior: Latin-Cic., Lucretius, Rom. lit., Virgil, elegiac poets; Greck-De mo8., Eschines, Aristopha

ncs, Greek lit. Latin-Same as in A. B. Same as in A. B course.

Senior: GreekGreek lit.

2 University of Cali- | A. B .....

fornia, Berkeley,


B. L ......


Ph. B .....

B. S. in


Freshman: Latin-Li", (lie., Freshman and Sophomore:

Ilorice, comp.; Greek- 1 Sameas in A. B. course. Jun. llomer, Herod., Thucydi., ior: Dif. equations, conic Ven., Demos. Sophomore: sections, quaternions. Latin--lloraor, Cic., Pl. t18, Terence; Greek--I'lato, Æschylus, Eurip., Sophocles.

Freshman: Geom., alg., trig.,

analyt. geom., dif. cale.,
math. exercises in lal'y.
Sophomore: Irif. calc., int.
calc. Junior: Sur. Senior:

Freshman: Same as in B. S.

course in Agr. Sophomore:
Dif. and integ. calc., analyt.
grom. of space, math. exer-
cises. Junior: Dit. equa-
tions, least squares, analyt.
mech., conic secs., quater.
nioue. Senior: Hydrody.
namics, any elective.

B. S. in


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Fresbman: Gram. and anal. Junior: French -Principia, Fr. Junior: Logic (Jerons-Hill). 1

(Meiklejohn), comp., elocu- reader(Ottoj; German--Gran'. Senior: Ment. phil. (Hation. Sophomore: Comp. and (A hn), reader (Whitney), La- ven), moral phil. (Pearhet. (Raub), comp., higher martine. Senior: French- body). rhet., elocution. Junior: Es- Lacombe; Jolière, Corneille: says, Eng. lit. (Kellogg), Eng. German--Schiller, Goethe, Lesclassics, orations. Senior: sing. Anglo-Saxon (Swoet), Eng. lang. (Gilmore), Eng. classics, orations.

Freshman and Sophomore: Same Same as in 8. B. course. as in A. B. course.

Same as in B. S. course..


Freshman: Eng. prose style. Sophomore: Introductory Junior: Empirical psychol.

Sophomore: Hist. of Eng. lit., courses in French and Ger. ogy, hist. of European Eng. classics. Junior: Shak- inan. Junior: German-lid. phil. Senior: El. cthics, speare, Burke, old English. dle high Ger., Goethe oi Les- ancient idealism, modern Senior: Chaucer and middle sing. Frenc:i-- Adnanced idealism, Kant's pract. English, Longfellow's Danir,

Senior: German- phil. advanced old English, Hilton. Lessing or Goethe ; French

Advanced coul'sl.


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TABLE 28. - Courses of study in colleges

NOTE.-Studies in

Name and location.



Mathematics and astronoiny.

2 University of Cali. B. S. in

fornia, Berkeley, Min. Cal.-Continued.

B. S. in
Civ. Eng.

Freshman and Sophomore:

Samo as in B. S. course in Meck. Juior: Dif. equations, analyt. mech., conic $CC8., quaternions, sur. Sen. ior: Same as in B. S.

course in Jech. Freshmen and Sophomore:

Same as in B. S. course in Mech. Junior: Dif. equations, least squares, avalyt. mech., sur., cunic secs., quaternions. Senior: Hyelrodynamics, nav., astron., any

elective. Same as in B. S. course in Agr.

B. S. in


3 University of Colo

rado, Boulder, Colo.

Latin-J1ythology, Tibullus, Higher alg. (Bowser, Olney,

Propertius, Horace, Cicero, Todhunter), trig. (Went-
Juvenal, Tacitus, Plaut., worth, W'ells. Chauvenet),
Terence, Lucretius, Catul.

plane analyt. (Briges, 01lus, Virgil, Rom. hist., Rom. ney, Newcom, Salmon), Archaeol., prose. Greck- solid analyt. (Aldis, Frost), Homer, hist. of Greece, calc. (l'aylor, Byerly, Rice Homeric Criticism, Soph., and Johnson, Williamson), Greek lit., Æschylus, determinants (Hanus, Eurip., lyric poetry, Greek Peck, Scott), quaternions art and comely, Aristo- (Hardy, Tait, Hamilton), phanes, comp.,


hist. of math. (Ball, Gow, Socrates, Oratory, Plato, Allman), descrip. astron. Herod., Greek_phil., Thu- (Chambers), pract, astron. cyd., Greek in English. (Lomis, Chauvonet, Duo

little), gen. aniron. (Vewcomb and Llollen, Young), thevret. astron. (Watson), plane enr. (Carhart, Van Auringe, John-on), geod

esy (Gore, Clarke). Freshman: Latin-Liry; Freshman : Sph. frig. and

Greek-Odyssey. Sopio- sur. (Wels), higher quamore: Latin-florace; tions (Howe). Sophomore: Greek-Plato, Thucyd. Jun. Analyt. geom. (Went. ior: Latin-Tacitus, Cic., worth), mechanics (Wood). Terence; Greek-Demos. Senior: Antron. (Newcomb Seuior: Greek-A drama. and blolden). Latiu-Same asin A. B. course. Freshman and Senior : Same

as in A. B. course.

4 | Uriversity of Den. | A. B ....

ver, Denver, Colo.

B. L

B. S......

Fresluman: Sph. tris and

sur., higher equations, math. review. Sophomore : Analyt. Geom , mchanics. Junior: Calc. (Taylor), analyt. mech. (Peck). Senior: Math. astron. and

astion. 5 Trinity College, A. B ...... Fresliman: Latin-Cic., Liry, Freshman: Alg., geom. of Hariford, Conn.

llorare, Pliny, com!).; space, plane and sph. trig., Greek-Iloiner, Il eroil. sir.. nav. Sophomore: comp., hist., hist. of 'lit. Analyt. veom.,

analyt. Sophomore: Latin-Taci. mech.(Peck). Junior: Dij. tus, bist., Catullus, Tilul. anul integ. calc., math, and lus, Propertius, Ovid. Lu- desciip. astron. Senior: can, Virgil, hist. of Rom, Astron. lit.; Greek-Eurip.. hist. of the drama, Plato, Demos., Theocritus, hist. of lit. Junior: Latin-Tacitus, hist., Horace, Lucretive, Quintilian; Greek--Plato, comp., Eurip., IIomer', Lu ciani. Senior: Latin-Cic., or Seneca, Persius and Juve. nal, Quintilian; GreekÆschylus, comp., Eurip., Homer, Lucian.

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Freshman: Same as in B, S, Freshman: German-Gram.,

course in Agr. Sophomore: Ger. Prose. Sophomore: Schil. H18t. of Eng. lit., Eng. clas- lor. Junior: French-Gram., sics. Junior: Same as in A. reading

B. course. Sweet's Anglo Saxon Reader German-German plays, tales, Logic (Jerons), psychology | 3

(Beowulf), Whitney's Life and and conversations, German (Sully), moral phil. (Cal.
Growth of Laug., earl, Eng. historical dramas, giam. and derwood), introduction to
(Morris aud Skeat), hist. of reader (Witney), modern phil, of Kant (Morris's
Eng. lang., study of Eng. fiction, Ger. lyrics and balads, Kant).
authors, criticism, lectures, comp., Schiller, Lessing,
comp., lit., rhetoric, oratory, Goeihe, literaturgeschichte;
English authors of Anerica. French-Gram. (Whitney),

prono antbors, litterature
Française, Alfred de Vigny's
Cing' Mars, La Fontaine's
Fables, modern come lies,
Athalie, L'Avare, Le Cid,
prose of the nineteenth cen.

Junior: English lit., rhetoric German-Freshman: Gram. | Junior: Psychology (Por. 4 (Whately). (Cook's Otto), reading.

ter), ethics (Calderwood), logic (McCosh), Christian evidences (Hopkins).

Sophomoro: Eng. Junior: Freshman: Same as in A. B. Same as in 1. B. course.

Chaucer, Spencer, The Eliza- course. Sophomore : Boisen, bethan Age, lit. of 18th and Guethe, Wilhelm Tell.

19th centuries, rhetoric. Junior: Lit. of 18th and 29th | Freshman: German--Boisen, Same as in A. B. course. centuries, rhetoric.

Goethe, Wilhelm Tell.


Freshman: Study of words Sophomore: French-Gram. | Junior: Joral phil. (Haven). 5

(Tien h), hist. of Eng. lang. (Keetel), Les Prosateurs Senior: Haviilion's meta(Lonbury), elocution. Soph. français (Roch), lectures. physics (Bowen), Cousin's omore: Rhetorio (lienung),


German-Gram. metaphysics (Henry). lectures on discourse, themes, (Cook's Oito), Bilderbuch logic, elements of morality Minto's Manual, rlocution. ohne Bilder (Andersen), (Whawell), Plutarch on Junior: List of Eng. lang. reader of Ger. lit. (Rosenstelle the Divine justice, Butler's (Craik), essays, lectures, hict. gel), Willielm Tell, lect; Analogy, Butler's serof Eng. lit. (Shaw), Lanier on French-Tableaux de la Révo. mons on human natare, the Eng. novel, Taines Eng. lution Française (Crave and moral phil. (Wayland), lit. Senior: Phil. oflit. (Bais. Br in), Theincs. Senior: human and comp. psy. com), lectures, orations, German-Modern comedy and chology (Wilson), logic Sha kwpeare, his Mind and Art romance; Poetes (Jevons, Wilson). hist. of (Dowden), Alulford's The Va- Français (Roche), French moral phil. (Whewell), in. tion. prosody (De Banville).

tuitions of the mind (MCCosh).


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5 Trinity College, | B.S. in L. Latin-Freshman and Soph. Freshman and Sophomore:

Hartford, Conn.- and S. omore: Same as in A. B. Same as in A. B. course. Continued. course,

Junior: Dif. and integ. calc., math. and descrip. astron. Senior: Astron.

B. S. in

Sophomore: Sph. trig., enr.,

nav., analyt. geom., analyt. mech. Junior and Senior : Same as in B. S. course in letters and science.

B.L ...... Latin-Same as in A. B. course. Same as in A. B. course.

6 Wesleyan Univer- | A. B.... Freshman: Latin-Livy, Hor- Freshman: Sol. geom. (Chau. sity, Middletown,

ace, comp. ; Greek-Herod., venet), alg. (Hall and Conn.

Thucyd, Homer, lect. So- Knight), trig. (Wheeler).
phomora. Latin-Plantus, Sophomore: Analyt: geom.
Terence, Cic., Tac., Liry, Sal- (Wentworth), conic sec.
lust, Virgil, comp.; Greek- (Smith), sol. geom. (Aldis).
Æschines and De-mos., Es. Junior: Dif.calc. (William-
chylus, Soph., lect., Plato, son), astrou. (Young), dif.
Greek phil. Junior: Lat- and intcg. calc. (Taylor,
in-Pliny, Tacitus, Tibullus Willianison). Senior: Ana-
Catullus, Tac., Ovid, Lucre. lyt. mech., pract. astron.
tius, Cesar, Propertius, ad- (Chauvenet).
vanced work. Givek-Aris-
tophanes, Echy., Soph., Eu-
rip., Platı, Aristotle, Xen.,
Biblical Grook, Pindar, Lu-
cian, Veo-Hillenic, Pausan-

ias; Hebrew.
Ph. B ..... Latin-Freshmind: Same as in Same as in A. B. COCISO..

A. B. course. Sophomore:
Plautus, Terence, Cic., Tac.,
Liry, Sallust, Virgil, comp.
Junior: Same as in A. B.

B. S.....

Freshman: Analyt. geom.

Sopbomore: Astron., conic secs., sol. geom., dif. and integ. calc. Junior: Analyt. mech., pract. astron.

7 Yale University, A.B .....

New Haven, Conn.

Freshman: Latin-Liry, Cic., | Freshman: Geom. (Chaure

Florace, comp., hist. of Rom. net), plane trig. (Richards), Repub.; Greek-Homer, alg. (Phillips and Beebe). Xenophon, Herod.. Demos., Sophomore: Trig. (Richcomp. Sophomore: Lat- ards), analyt. geom. (Loomin-Cic., Tac., Horace, Plan. is), mech. Dana). Junior: tus, Terence; Greek-Es- Astron. (Loomis), calc., chylus, Soph., Eurip).. Thu- higher trig., analyt. geom.., cyil., Plato, Demos. 'Junior descrip. geom, geodesy. de. and Senior: Latin-Comp., scrip. astron. Senior: Calc., Cic., Quintiliun, Tac., Catul- higher trig., analyt. geom.,

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