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Page 3, note 1,-line last, for his entering, read-for entering. 30, note 1,

Instead of the reference there, read-post, pp. 54,

187, and 225. 34, note 2,

add_Boswell., but see the letter in the Appendix. 49, note 1,-1.8, for etiam is, read-etiamsi. - 72,-1. 9,

for December, read-September. - 87, note 1,-1. 5, for tranquilly, read-tranquillity: 117, note 1,

Perhaps the Scotch nonjuring Bishop Campbell was

the person meant. See vol. iii. p. 53. 127, note 1, . add- Lord St. Helens has since confirmed to the

editor, on the authority of his father, an eyewitness, Dr. Johnson's failure at the Society

of Arts. - 145,-1.35, . This friend was Mr. Cullen, advocate, son of the

celebrated physician, afterwards a judge, by the

name of Lord Cullen. 154, note,

for seat, read-great. 175, note,

for 1824, read - 1822. 178, note 2, add-Colonel Cecil was probably the well-known

Jacobite of that name, - 199, note,

add-[Mr. Malone's note is absurd. Mr. Hallam

very justly observes, that Dr. Johnson clearly meant Dalrymple's description of the parting of Lord and Lady Russel. He great in this last

act of his life, but she greater. 214, note 2, for booksellers, read-publishers. 216,

for Eunosigæum, read-Ennosigæum. 217, 1. 5, and note 1, The gentleman was probably Mr. Fitzherbert, who

terminated his own existence in January, 1772. 227, note 1, for Burnett, read-Barrett. This gentleman was

librarian of his college, and a perfect Magliabechi in dirt and condition, see ante, vol. i. p. 302. It is odd too that Magliabechi's portrait was ex

ceedingly like Dr. Barrett. 257, note,

for 216, read-116. 293, note 2, - 1. last, for Scotarem, read -Scotorum. 318, note,

for Guy, read-Grey. 323, note 1, for 239, read245. 325, note 2, for probably, read-certainly. 346, note 2, for Cushel, read-Cashel. 348, note 1, dele (Ed.) and substitute Boswell. 350,–1. 26, after drawbridge, insert_over. 433, note 1, add- no doubt from the same root as gladius. 478, note 2, The editor sees reason to believe that Edward, the

second viscount, sometimes called “the French Lord Powerscourt," was here meant, and not

his nephew Richard. 182, note 1; 270, note, 1. 9; 271, note; 424, note, add-BOSWELL.

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