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Encyclopædia metropolitana;
or, System of universal knowledge







system of Tlniuersal Kuawledge.


HISTORICAL DIVISION. A good work on General History has long been a great desideratum in our literature. The summaries of Tytler and Russell are too brief, and the Universal History, independently of the heavy manner in which it is written, is too long. It is presumed that the Historical Department of the ENCYCLOPÆDIA NIETROPOLITANA will be found to meet this want in an efficient man

The articles are written by men of the highest attainments in different classes of historical knowledge. They exhibit the history of the world, at first in a series of Biographical sketches, and then in a continuous History of each remarkable country, combined with an Ecclesiastical History remarkably full and rich in the most interesting epochs of the Christian Church. Dissertations of great importance in a philosophical point of view, such as those on Ancient Philosophy and Literature, on the Crusades, the Feudal System, and the Scholastic System, are introduced, at the most convenient periods, for the illustration of the respective subjects.

In preparing this department of the Encyclopædia for publication in the CABINET Edition, the greatest care will be taken to render every section of it as complete as the present state of historical knowledge will permit. Every Treatise will be compared with the recent works of eminent Historians, Geographers, and Archæologists; additions will be made where necessary, and new Histories, of particular Countries or on special subjects, will be introduced when required to complete the plan that is sketched in this Prospectus.

It is intended also to enrich the Cabinet Edition with AN EXTENSIVE SERIES of ILLUSTRATIONS, consisting of Portraits and Statues of Eminent Persons, Pictures of celebrated Events, Views of remarkable Places and Buildings, Coins, Medals, and other subjects of archæological interest; taken from the most authentic sources, and Drawn and Engraved on Wood by eminent Artists.

Subscribers, who wish to do so, can receive the HISTORICAL DEPARTMENT of the Encyclopædia without the other Departments.

PLAN OF THE UNIVERSAL HISTORY. The Volumes to which a Price is affixed are Published.


Two Dissertations: I. On the Uses of History as a Study. II. On the Separation of the Early Facts of History from Fable. By Sir JOHN STODDART, Knt., LL.D. Second Edi

tion, Re-written. Price 5s, cloth. CHRONOLOGY AND HIEROGLYPHICS. By the Rev. THOMAS HART

WELL HORNE, B.D., St. John's College, Cambridge, Prebendary of St. Paul's, &c., the

Rev. G. C. RENOUARD, B.D., Fel. of Sydney-Sussex Coll. Cam., and other Contributors. TABLES OF UNIVERSAL CHRONOLOGY, from the Earliest Period to

the Present Time; so arranged as to show the Contemporaneous Events in all Countries at one view, with an extensive Alphabetical and Classified Index. Veurly healli's

one large Volume, closely printed. ARCHÆS

uumerous Illustrations.

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